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History 2.0 adds innovative panel to InDesign, InCopy

07/12, 9:15pm

History 2.0 for InDesign

DTP Tools has released its Adobe InDesign and InCopy plug-in: History 2.0 brings the useful History panel known from Photoshop to InDesign, with added and improved features. "It represents simple, yet invaluable solution which shortens the time of undoing actions and simplifies orientation in history. Using History 2.0 also decreases the risk of loosing work, thanks to the separate database of version states, which doesn't get deleted by certain actions (e.g. Save as), unlike the In Design's database of past actions. Versions saved using History plug-in remain in the document even after closing." Version 2.0 now saves selected history states as Versions within a document, allowing users to revert to represented state regardless of elapsed time, number of steps made or closing and reopening the document. It also now offers support for InDesign and InCopy CS2. Upgrades are free, while a new license is $40.

Open Door ships DoorStop X 1.0 firewall utility

07/12, 6:50pm

DoorStop X 1.0 ships

Open Door Networks today began shipping DoorStop X 1.0, its firewall system utility for Mac OS X 10.3 and later. Previously available as a public beta release, DoorStop X provides Internet security features beyond those of the firewall built into Mac OS X: "To secure their machines, Mac users simply download DoorStop X and double-click the application. A built-in setup assistant walks the user through the basics of configuring and activating firewall protection." The company says that by default, the setup assistant blocks and logs all service-level access attempts to the user's machine. Users can also allow or deny service-by-service access from specific machines, Internet address ranges, or all of a user's home network; it also offers default settings for any service not specifically configured by the user, full logging of allowed and/or denied access attempts, and optional blocking and logging of low-level "UDP" and other access attempts. A free trial of the $40 (introductory pricing) software is available.

Firefox 1.05 update addresses security issues

07/12, 5:45pm

Firefox 1.05 update posted has released Firefox 1.05, which fixes several security vulnerabilities in the popular open-source browser. The update is recommended for all users: it brings improvements to stability as well as fixes a several security issues, including fixes for spoofing via XHTML/JavaScript, code execution through shared objects, execution of arbritrary code through browser by standalone applications, and more. [updated with correct security fixes]

Educational tool supports England National Curriculum

07/12, 5:30pm

English National Curriculu

A new resource is available for schools following the English National Curriculum. "Apple Solution Expert Education Lincs has now mapped Mac OS X software from the leading education suppliers to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, QCA Schemes of Work and the Numeracy Strategy." The Education Lincs web site provides a useful, time saving planning resource for busy teachers. By selecting a curriculum area, Key Stage and choosing a specific Program of Study teachers access an online planning resource in which ICT opportunities, activities and OS X software are clearly identified.

Custom Solutions Book Speed Reader 1.0

07/12, 5:00pm

Book Speed Reader

Custom Solutions of Maryland has released eBook Speed Reader 1.0, which helps users practice speed reading using plain text eBook files. Reading speed can be adjusted from approximately 50 words per minute to 1500 words per minute. The display shows twenty lines of text; the text of one-half of one line has normal black text and the rest of the text is dimmed. The user can select automatic or manual scrolling. The reader can start at the beginning or at any line. The display indicates the current line number and the total number of lines in the text. The user can pause and continue reading at any time. eBook texts can be downloaded from the Internet and the application assists in parsing the text for reading (removing unnecessary tabs, carriage returns, line feeds, spaces, etc.).

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.2 update

07/12, 4:55pm

Mac OS X 10.4.2 update

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.4.2, which the company says delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for Mac OS X v10.4 and is recommended for all users. It includes fixes for file sharing, authentication, autologin, AirPort/wireless access, several graphics updates, .Mac fixes, Apple's core applications, and more. The company also included security fixes for a TCP/IP denial of service attack and Dashboard, which may install widgets that override Apple-supplied widgets. It is available via the Software Update for Mac OS X Tiger users. Both a Delta update for Mac OS X 10.4.1 users and a Combo Update for Mac OS X 10.4 users is available on the Web as well.

OpenBase previews REAL connectivity module

07/12, 3:55pm

OpenBase module

OpenBase today announced an open beta for a new REALbasic connectivity module for the OpenBase SQL database. In addition to providing compatibility with the existing database API, the module is suitable for console, CGI and other headless REALbasic applications. OpenBase SQL is currently the only database to support headless REALbasic applications. The new database connectivity module is also compatible with Code Builder, a database application code generator for REALbasic. Code Builder generates a complete database access layer for databases that encapsulates database operations in REALbasic objects. Details will be discussed at the SUMMIT 2005 Developers Conference.

Corel offers Painter IX update, new upgrade promo

07/12, 3:30pm

Corel Painter IX v9.1

Corel today kicked off the "Summer of Painter" with two Corel Painter IX announcements, including the release of Corel Painter IX v9.1, a free update to its digital art studio. The update delivers new Art Pen Brushes, enhanced Dab Type Support for 'Rotation' Expression, Targa Channel support, enhanced Support for Mac OS X Tiger with better overall performance, and more. Corel also announced a the new Corel Painter Open Upgrade Program for customers in North America and the UK. Through the end of August, the Corel Painter IX upgrade policy has been broadened to include any graphics or imaging software package from Adobe, Macromedia, ACD Systems, Corel (including Corel Painter Classic, Painter Essentials, and any previous version of Painter), Microsoft, and Apple. During the promotion, Corel Painter IX is available for upgrade pricing of $230, a savings of $200 off the full $430 retail price. [links not yet active]

MCE adds DVD-R DL to SuperDrive PowerBook upgrade

07/12, 3:15pm

SuperDrive for PowerBook

MCE Technologies today announced a new slot-loading 8X DVD-Recordable internal SuperDrive upgrade with both DVD+R DL ("Double Layer") and, for the first time in a PowerBook drive, DVD-R DL ("Dual Layer") support for all Apple PowerBook G4 systems. In addition to recording to 4.7GB DVD-R/RW and 4.7GB DVD+R/RW media at up to 8X speed, the MCE 8X SuperDrive can write to both DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media, recording up to 8.5GB of information at up to 4X speed on a single side of this media. The MCE 8X SuperDrive upgrade with Dual/Double Layer is available now, starting at $200.

Verbatim ships inkjet-printable dual-layer DVD media

07/12, 2:35pm

Dual-layer DVD+R media

Verbatim Corp. today announced that it is now shipping white inkjet-printable DVD+R Double-Layer (DL)-certified media for 2.4X to 6X DL drives. Packaged in 20-disc spindles, the 8.5GB, 240-minute discs feature an advanced inkjet-printable surface that provides "remarkable ink absorption and excellent drying properties." According to the company, the discs also users to print full-color of text, logos and graphics directly onto the media using compatible inkjets. The discs are compatible with the DVD+R DL specification endorsed by the DVD+RW Alliance and can be played back by most of the DVD players on the market today, when recorded using a DVD+ DL burner. The media has also been tested and qualified for use with some DVD+R DL drives, inkjet CD/DVD printers, and auto-loading duplication systems. Verbatim high-speed, white inkjet-printable DVD+R DL media is available immediately in a 20-disc spindle for $170.

Shuffle owners report some iTMS songs incompatible

07/12, 2:35pm

Shuffle/ iTMS problems

A online discussion on Apple's support forums details an issue where certain tracks purchases from Apple's iTunes Music Store will not play on an iPod shuffle. Several Shuffle owners report being affected by the problem. One user wrote: "I have purchased songs from itunes but they will not play on my shuffle. They appear as if they are loaded on the iPod; they play in iTunes on the PC." Another Shuffle owner said, "The unit plays the songs I loaded into itunes from CD fine. Ironically, the songs I purchased from itunes don't work on the shuffle." Yet another iPod shuffle notes that "when my shuffle tries to read the offending songs it needs to be reset by turning it off/on." In most cases, "the offending songs simply refuse to play on my Shuffle." Apple has not provided a fix for the issue.

SG Cowen sees halo effect boosting Apple sales

07/12, 1:55pm

SG Cowen on Halo effect

SG Cowen analyst Richard Chu said Tuesday that a survey of 1,400 U.S. consumers has caused him to "become more positive" about Apple Computer's shares, reports MarketWatch. In a research note, Chu said there is "evidence of a significant halo effect" and strong market share for the iPod that is helping boost sales of Apple's Macintosh computers. Chu also said strong sales of the new Tiger operating system have helped Apple's overall revenue. Chu currently estimates Apple will earn 31 cents a share on $3.33 billion in revenue when it reports third-quarter results tomorrow.

SketchUp 5 offers new UI, new tools, more

07/12, 12:25pm

SketchUp 5 now available

 @Last Software (Booth No. 526) today released SketchUp 5, a design solution that enables virtually anyone to design and communicate in 3D. Version 5 offers new terrain tools called The Sandbox, which creates easy ways to model terrain and similar organic shapes, add roads, building pads and parking lots. The Sandbox allows the projection of 2D geometry onto complex 3D surfaces. @Last has also expanded its components library (from 145 items to over 3,000), enhanced sketching tools, an improved user interface with new toolbars and icons, and improved import/export functions with support for 3DS/DEM import, OBJ/FBX/XSI/3DS/VRML export, and DWG/DXF handling. SketchUp 5 is available now for $500 with upgrades starting at $100.

Wolfram releases Mathematica 5.2 with 64-bit support

07/12, 12:15pm

Wolfram Mathematica 5.2

Wolfram Research today announced Mathematica 5.2, the 64-bit multicore release and the latest version of the science and technology software system. Version 5.2 brings 64-bit technology to all supported platforms-an industry first, allowing more than 4.3GB of memory--the 32-bit address limit--to be addressed, and processing of high-precision or large numbers in 64-bit for faster computation. Mathematica 5.2 also supports automatically threaded numerical linear algebra on all mainstream platforms, enabling linear algebra operations to automatically run in parallel on all available processor cores whether multiple or multicore CPUs. Other improvements include vector-based performance enhancements, automatic binary installation selection, bundled notebook indexing for desktop search, SSH support for secure remote kernels, vCard and RSS import, new algorithms for symbolic differential equations, and more. It is available $1880 with one year of Premier Service.

Alien Skin announces Eye Candy 5: Impact

07/12, 11:55am

Eye Candy 5: Impact

Alien Skin Software today announced Eye Candy 5: Impact, a set of 10 plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop and other compatible host programs. Impact creates chrome, bevels, glass buttons, perspective shadows, and more. The third of three upgrades to Eye Candy 4000, Impact features three all-new filters and seven rewritten Eye Candy classics. Graphic designers, digital photographers, and Web content creators will appreciate Impact's versatile and beautifully rendered effects. Impact is expected to ship in July. The estimated street price for Impact is $100. Registered users of other Alien Skin Software products will receive discount pricing when ordering direct.

MetaCommunications debuts Digital Storage Manager

07/12, 11:30am

Digital Storage Manager

 MetaCommunications (Booth No. 414) today announced the availability of Digital Storage Manager 1.0, a new intranet search and archive management system for creative workgroups. Digital Storage Manager offers a single solution for finding, tagging and archiving files used in the production process. It leverages a unique database file system that represents a centralized view of an entire network's online and offline production files, features realtime indexing of the files' uses, incorporates customizable metadata tags, features online and offline file search and retrieval, and delivers one-step archiving and backup.

LaCie Ethernet Disk integrates ExtremeZ-IP

07/12, 11:05am

LaCie Ethernet Disk update

LaCie today announced a partnership with Group Logic, a developer network workflow software. The companies will integrate ExtremeZ-IP v4.0.5 File Server software into the LaCie Ethernet Disk for increased Macintosh file sharing support. ExtremeZ-IP is billed as "the first and only" Windows-based file server that fully supports Mac OS X: "Combined with ExtremeZ-IP, LaCie Ethernet Disk offers the best performance, compatibility, ease of use, and reliability of any network attached storage for small and medium businesses on the market." LaCie Ethernet Disk with Fast Ethernet 10/100 is available in 400GB, 500GB, 800GB, and 1TB capacities--each of which ship with integrated Windows XP Embedded and new ExtremeZ-IP software. Older Ethernet Disks can be upgraded for free via the LaCie Support page.

ThinkFree lets iPod users view presentations

07/12, 11:05am

ThinkFree for iPod

ThinkFree today announced the initial beta release of ThinkFree Office 3 Show, iPod Edition, a unique program that allows anyone with an iPod (or compatible MP3 device) to create, edit and transport full-blown PowerPoint presentations. ThinkFree Office 3 Show, iPod Edition comes with over 130 PowerPoint compatible drawings and AutoShapes, 17 animation effects and 40 transitions. In addition to the standard .ppt file format, it can save documents as HTML, the World Wide Web standard format, as PDF file or as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphix) format. ThinkFree Office 3 Show, iPod Edition is currently in beta and it will ship into retail in August at a retail price of $40.

CrystalMaker 7.0 visualizes crystals, molecules

07/12, 11:00am

CrystalMaker 7.0 released

CrystalMaker Software today announced CrystalMaker 7.0 for Mac OS X, a new version of its crystal and molecular structures visualization program. CrystalMaker 7.0 is based around a flexible new high-performance engine, allowing virtually unlimited numbers of atoms and bonds to be displayed and manipulated on screen. It allows users to visualize and explore large protein molecules, solid-state catalysts and chemical sieves, and the output from computer simulations. Version 7 also offers new keyboard shortcuts, improved speed, reduced memory usage, and the ability to visualize "thermal ellipsoids": showing the extent of atomic vibrations, which can be displayed in many different photo-realistic, translucent, or stylized representations, and extensively customized. It is available staring at $430 (single-user education version).

Briefly: iPod car systems, Little Mac Book, ....

07/12, 10:35am

iPod car system

In Brief: Harman Kardon today unveiled the Harman Kardon Drive + Play, an integrated iPod docking system designed as a all-in-one car solution, while Digital Lifestyle Outfitters announced the TransPod for iPod shuffle, its all-in-one car solution for Apple's flash-based MP3 player.... Radical Breeze today cut prices on its software by 50 percent to commemorate national minimum wage anniversary.... Peachpit has announced the release of The Little Mac Book (Tiger Ed.), by Robin Williams for $15.

Harman Kardon Drive + Play for docking iPods

07/12, 10:20am

Harman Kardon Drive + Play

Harman Kardon today unveiled the Harman Kardon Drive + Play, an integrated iPod docking system specifically designed for automotive use. It offers complete iPod control, including full browsing capability, while minimizing distractions for drivers. The system features a backlit LCD screen with five lines of iPod menu text that can be used with the pivoting mount in any of three positions; a five-button navigation control unit with universal mounting options mimics the iPod's user interface and can be mounted on the center console or other location; and the "the brain", which serves as an information processor, FM transmitter for playback through the care stereo, and connecting port. It is compatible with all docking iPods and will ship in September for $200.

WiebeTech announces new 500GB drives

07/12, 10:20am

WiebeTech 500GB

WiebeTech today announced storage enclosures based on Hitachi's new 500GB IDE and SATA drives. "500GB drives have been frequently requested by users, and we're pleased that they are now shipping from WiebeTech," said James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech. "We have stocked both IDE and SATA configurations of these new drives and have made them available throughout our product line." For instance, a 500GB version of our popular ToughTech drive is priced at $670." The availability of 500GB drives also allows WiebeTech to increase top capacities on its reloadable RAID products. For example, a TrayDock eSATA enclosure is priced at $2600 with an unformatted capacity of 2 terabytes. Most of WiebeTech's new 500GB configurations are already in stock.

Newer introduces iPod mini battery upgrade

07/12, 9:40am

Newer iPod mini battery

Newer Technology has expanded its iPod battery line with the addition of a 600mAh battery for the iPod mini that offers 50 percent more capacity than the battery shipped by Apple Computer, according to the company. NewerTech's NuPower iPod mini replacement battery boasts the highest capacity available, 600mAh, and a "bargain" price of $25. All NuPower battery kits are user installable with included tools and online viewable installation videos. However, professional installation is recommended for iPod mini and fourth-generation iPod models. "All the NuPower batteries rock and will let you rock on longer," said Larry O'Connor, President of NewerTech. "We already offer the best iPod replacement batteries for first-, second-, third- and fourth-generation iPods. Now add the mini to that line up."

Newer introduces iPod mini battery upgrade

07/12, 9:30am

iPod mini battery

Newer Technology has expanded its iPod battery line with the addition of a 600mAh battery for the iPod mini that offers 50 percent more capacity than the battery shipped by Apple Computer, according to the company. NewerTech's NuPower iPod mini replacement battery boasts the highest capacity available, 600mAh, and a "bargain" price of $25. All NuPower battery kits are user installable with included tools and online viewable installation videos. However, professional installation is recommended for iPod mini and fourth-generation iPod models. "All the NuPower batteries rock and will let you rock on longer," said Larry O'Connor, President of NewerTech. "We already offer the best iPod replacement batteries for first-, second-, third- and fourth-generation iPods. Now add the mini to that line up." Continued on iPodNN. . .

SmileOnMyMac updates pagesender 3.5

07/12, 8:55am

pagesender 3.5

pagesender 3.5 is an update to SmileOnMyMac's full-featured fax software with an Automator action to fax files, Send2Fax support, and a number of requested features and fixes. In addition to the new Automator action, version 3.5 adds Send2Fax support, the abillity to "send via E-mail with no addresses," expanded support for image attachment formats, and the option to rename faxes including slashes. Additionally, in the new version, fax header is suppressed if Station Name is empty, support for Growl notifications is included, and there's improved support company-only Address Book vCards. pagesender is priced at $30 with site licenses at $1750. Version 3.5 is a $10 upgrade for registered users.

DLO debuts Transpod car solution for iPod shuffle

07/12, 7:50am

Transpod for iPod shuffle

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (Booth No. 329) today announced the TransPod for iPod shuffle. The all-in-one car solution enables Shuffle owners to transmit, charge and display their iPod shuffles in their cars using a single device. Like the version for the iPod and iPod mini, the TransPod for iPod shuffle broadcasts music to any FM radio frequency (between 87.9 to 107.9). It also includes a separate input and output that allows it to interface with other iPods and audio devices. It is available immediately at Best Buy and on the web for $60.


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