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iClock, KnowledgeMiner, CopyPaste updated

06/28, 6:35pm

Script Software updates

Script Software has released updated to iClock, CopyPaste, and KnowledgeMiner. New features in iClock -- a menubar clock, calendar, stopwatch, and calculator -- include: a new calculator, updated help file, changes for To Do items, and more. New feattures in KnowledgeMiner -- a datamining tool which uses AI for making predictions -- include: extended and updated AppleScript support, a tool for quick installation of GMDH models , and a menu item for name based auto-sizeing of columns. New features in CopyPaste -- which offers multiple clipboards, editing, tools and typing acceleration -- include: Tiger compatibility and further cleanup of the AutoCorrectorData file and the Spellchecker.

Boris FX to acquire Final Effects Complete

06/28, 6:10pm

Boris FX acquires FEC

Boris FX and Media 100 today announced that Boris FX has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Final Effects Complete from Optibase. Boris FX will acquire all associated trademarks including Studio Effects, Next Effects and ICE FX. The company says that the products will continue to be offered with Boris FX providing maintenance, support and future development. Final Effects Complete (FEC) delivers a comprehensive collection of more than 100 plug-ins for Adobe After Effects , Final Cut Pro and other leading nonlinear editing solutions, offering graceful blurs and edges as well as radical warps and particle generators.

Briefly: OpenBase SUMMIT, Flip4Mac for Tiger, ....

06/28, 4:45pm

OpenBase SUMMIT 2005

In Brief: Telestream, the provider of Flip4Mac digital media tools for the Macintosh, today announced official Flip4Mac WMV compatibility with Apple Tiger OS X 10.4 and QuickTime 7.... Early registration has been extended to July 1st for the SUMMIT 2005 OpenBase Developers Conference, which take place in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire from Sept. 14-18.... Small Dog Electronics today announced "Fetch It," an online forum service for customers who are looking for hard-to-find products or want products that do not exist yet.... Insider Software, Adobe, and Kapra Consultants are hosting a free font management seminar at the Adobe Systems Market Center in New York City on June 29th (call 866-527-7269 for free registration)... Peachpit is offering free passes to the upcoming Macworld Expo (July 12-14) to anyone who sends an email message to freepasses[at] with their name and postal address.

GeeThree updates Stealth Serial Port, offers discount

06/28, 4:20pm

GeeThree Stealth Serial

GeeThree has released a new version of the Stealth Serial Port ($50) for the latest G5 tower systems. The Stealth Serial Port provides a fully compatible serial port for new Macs. Unlike USB-to-serial adapters, the Stealth Serial Port works with Localtalk, MIDI, any serial printer and virtually any other Mac serial peripheral. "We have received numerous requests for this product from folks needing serial connections for MIDI, deck control, kernel debug and other things." GeeThree is also offering a deal on the Sweet Multiport for users with G4 systems. The company has reduced pricing to $30 and is offering short Firewire cables for $5 (or 3 for $10).  

Microsoft releases Virtual PC 7.02 update for Tiger

06/28, 3:45pm

Virtual PC 7.02 for Tiger

Microsoft today released Virtual PC 7.02, a free update to its emulation environment that allows users to run Windows and other operating systems. The update addresses issues with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, including fixes for Virtual Switch, Zero Configuration Printing and the Dock Start Menu. The MacBU also announced a limited-time promotion, offering a $30 rebate on qualified Virtual PC 7 purchases through the end of September. Additionally, the company is currently working on the next versions of Office and Virtual PC for Mac as well as finishing development and testing on Service Pack 2 for Office 2004 and Messenger for Mac Version 5.0. Both the service pack and new version of Messenger are due later this year.

QuickerTek offers long-distance network kits

06/28, 2:55pm

QuickerTek kits

QuickerTek today launched two new Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint network product bundles to help users build long distance wireless networks. These "Do-It-Yourself" product bundles were created to ease concerns over assembling the exact equipment for creating wireless networks spanning more than a mile. The hardware is both Windows- and Mac-compatible and "are priced at far below the market rate of several thousand dollars." QuickerTek has created two bundles that include all the necessary products to install, test and use wireless networks that stretch for miles outdoors line of sight and from building to building distances.

Apple offers free iPod to students who purchase Macs

06/28, 1:40pm

Apple offers free iPod

Educational customers who buy a Mac through September 24th will get a free iPod mini and a chance to save up to $480 when combined with their student discount. "Choose an iBook, PowerBook, iMac or Power Mac, then select your favorite 4GB iPod mini." Alternatively, stuents can apply the $180 savings toward the purchase of a higher priced iPod. With the student discount, iBooks are available starting at $950, PowerBooks at $1400, and iMacs at $1200. (Find this story and other iPod news every day on iPodNN -- the best resource for iPod news.)

US Modular debuts 100GB ultra-portable combo drive

06/28, 1:05pm

100GB Dragon Drive

US Modular today began shipping its largest-capacity ultra-portable external hard drive, the Dragon Drive. The 100GB Dragon Drive model is a USB 2.0 bus-powered portable external storage drive system that features both USB 2.0 and FireWire connectivity. The drive is less than an inch high and weighs only 4.6 ounces: "this ultra-slim, high-performance hard drive requires no messy AC power cords (it is 100 percent powered through an included two-port USB 2.0 cable or FireWire cable) and, because of its slim size, is the perfect laptop or desktop companion. With both Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and FireWire connections, setup is a snap and data transfer is blazing fast." The 100GB Dragon Drive model will be available in July for $280 and includes 3-ft FireWire and USB cables along with a one-year warranty.

Findex ships QuickVerse Mac, offers discount

06/28, 1:00pm

QuickVerse Mac

Findex is now shipping QuickVerse Mac, a Macintosh edition of the best selling QuickVerse Bible study software. Findex also announced a 15 percent discount for MacNN readers using Priority Code QNR605. QuickVerse Mac is available in two editions. One edition includes 9 Bibles and 40 reference titles and will be available for $50; the other includes 12 Bibles and 56 Reference titles and will be available for $100. Both editions include a sophisticated search engine, automatic book synchronization, devotionals, daily Bible reading plans, commentaries, dictionaries, morphological references, audio pronunciations, Bible maps, pictures, and graphs.

Briefly: Tiger at Macworld, iPod software update....

06/28, 12:55pm

iPod software update

In Brief: Apple's 'Choose Your Perfect Printer' promo offers a $100 mail-in rebate with the purchase of any Mac through September 26, 2005.... Following the iTunes 4.9/podcast support announcement this morning, Apple has posted the iPod Updater 2005-06-26, which includes new iPod Software 1.2 for iPod with color display, new iPod software 3.1 for iPod with Click Wheel and new iPod software 1.4 for iPod mini (software for other models remains the same).... Mac OS X Tiger will play a prominent role at Macworld Boston (July 11-14), including several sessions at each of the Power Tools, MacIT and Users Conferences..... Native Instruments has launched an online User Library for PRO-53, which allows registered users to freely exchange their own sound creations.... The Iconfactory has released a freeware set of add-on 'Tiger Extras' icons for use with its Candybar system icon utility, including replacements for Tiger's new Smart Folder and Burn Folder as well as Dashboard replacement icons and others.

Radeon X850 XT available on BTO Power Macs

06/28, 12:10pm

Radeon X850 XT

Alongside iPod updates, Apple this morning added the Radeon X850 XT graphics processor as an option on Power Mac G5 orders from the Apple Store. The X850 is a $350 upgrade over the Radeon 9650 that comes standard with the top-of-the-line Power Mac G5. "The Radeon X850 XT graphics processor provides a significant step up in graphics processing horsepower. Featuring a 16-pixel pipeline architecture and a large 256 MB DDR SDRAM frame buffer the performance metrics delivered by the X850 XT are impressive; memory bandwidth is 34.6 GB per second, over 700 million vertices and over 8 billion textured pixels per second." The Radeon X850 XT occupies a single slot and can support a single 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display on the DVI port. The second port on the Radeon X850 XT is an Apple Display Connector (ADC port) for direct connection of Apple flat panel displays with ADC connectors.

Keyspan 4-Port Print Server breaks the $100 barrier

06/28, 10:45am

Keyspan 4-Port Server

Keyspan today announced its new 4-Port Print Server that makes it easy to turn a USB printer into a network printer. Priced at $100, the print server provides four USB 2.0 full speed ports for connecting to printers from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, and other leading vendors. Unlike other low-cost print servers, the Keyspan 4-Port Printer Server provides bi-directional communication with connected printers. It not only transmits print jobs to the printer -- it also delivers printer status information (such as ink and paper levels) back to the PC. For use with USB laser, inkjet, photo, and label printers as well as plotters, the Keyspan 4-Port Print Server lets you print from a PC or Mac on an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. It supports static IP, DHCP, and Apple's Rendezvous.

Qt 4: cross-platform development environment

06/28, 10:30am

Qt 4 development suite

Trolltech today launched Qt 4, a new version of its popular cross-platform development software that delivers a framework for building cross-platform applications. New features and functionality throughout Qt 4 extend Qt support to the development of the most complex, advanced applications as well as powerful back-end server software. Qt enables development organizations to write applications once and deploy on any major operating system, including Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, all from the same code base. "Qt 4 is the most significant version of Qt we've ever released, firmly establishing it as a comprehensive framework for cross-platform development throughout an organization," said Eirik Chambe-Eng, Trolltech president. "Developing software for multiple platforms is becoming increasingly important, and Qt enables high-performance, native applications that can run virtually anywhere."

ThinkFree offers Office-compatible alternative

06/28, 10:05am

ThinkFree Office

ThinkFree today announced the release of ThinkFree Office 3, a cross-platform, high-performance office suite offering compatibility with Microsoft Office. The easy-to-use, affordable software suite features a Microsoft-like user interface, critical feature support, and seamless interoperation with existing Microsoft Office files -- all for a price that is a fraction of a standalone copy of Microsoft Office. ThinkFree's Java architecture allows for interoperability between Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems, as well as flexibility that makes it an ideal home, education or small-business "Office" complement or alternative. ThinkFree Office 3 is now available for $50.

New iPod lineup from Apple features photos, color

06/28, 8:45am

New Apple photo-iPods

Apple today announced new photo capabilities for its entire line of iPods, creating "a single line of white iPods that all feature color displays with the ability to view album artwork, photos and play slideshows in stunning color." The "simplified" white iPod photo lineup features a 20GB model, holding up to 5,000 songs priced at $300 and a 60GB model, holding up to 15,000 songs priced at $400 as well as a color iPod U2 Edition. Apple also said that, starting today a software update for Click Wheel iPods will deliver an easy-to-use Podcast menu to the new podcasting features in iTunes 4.9 (released early Tuesday morning). The menu will feature bookmarking within a Podcast and the ability to display Podcast artwork in color. Apple also reduced pricing by $20 on the iPod U2 Edition and the 1GB iPod shuffle.

iTunes 4.9 \"taking Podcasting mainstream\"

06/28, 8:35am

Podcasting mainstream

Apple today announced it is "taking Podcasting mainstream" by building everything users need to discover, subscribe, manage and listen to Podcasts right into iTunes 4.9, the latest version of its digital music software released this morning. iTunes users can now easily subscribe to over 3,000 free Podcasts and have each new episode automatically delivered over the Internet to their computer and iPod. "Apple is taking Podcasting mainstream by building it right into iTunes," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Podcasting is the next generation of radio, and users can now subscribe to over 3,000 free Podcasts and have each new episode automatically delivered over the Internet to their computer and iPod."

Etnus ships TotalView 7.0 with Mac OS X support

06/28, 8:25am

TotalView 7.0 ships

Etnus today released TotalView 7.0, which brings support for Mac OS X as well as C++ and F90 expression evaluation tools and graphical interface enhancements to the scalable debugger, capable of handling huge amounts of code, thousands of processes, and enormous quantities of data. "Mac OS X is fast becoming a desired computing platform for high performance and commercial computing. Software engineers writing complex parallel and threaded code look to Etnus to provide the debugging solution, and today that solution is available on Mac OS X, for both Panther 32-bit and Tiger 32-bit, 64-bit, and mixed 32-/64-bit programs." A free 15-day trial is available; pricing starts at $1,000.

Jobs invited to join Motion Picture Academy

06/28, 8:15am

Jobs to join Academy

Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs is among the 12 executives who have been extended membership invitations to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy has extended membership invitations to a total of 112 artists and executives who "have distinguished themselves in the field of theatrical motion pictures." It also said that the group will be the only new voting members invited to join the organization in 2005. New membership rules instituted last year allow the Academy to grow its membership by up to 30 members each year; however, even if all the invitees accept their invitations, the total number of Academy members will actually shrink from 2004, according to a statement by Academy President Frank Pierso. The new members will be welcomed into the organization at an invitation-only reception on Wednesday, September 21, at the Academy's Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study in Beverly Hills.

Magic Bullet Editors 2 offers Motion, NVIDIA support

06/28, 8:05am

Magic Bullet Editors 2

Red Giant Software today announced Magic Bullet Editors 2, a plug-in for editing applications that enables moviemakers to add film treatments directly from the timeline. Using NVIDIA graphics technology, Magic Bullet Editors now runs up to 12x faster than the CPU alone, allowing users to perform realtime film look treatments on the desktop in standard definition. Magic Bullet Editors 2 also adds support for Apple's Motion 2 video application (in addition to Avid AVX 1.5 systems and Final Cut Pro). Based on The Orphanage's award-winning Magic Bullet technology, Magic Bullet Editors delivers film stock emulation, diffusion filters, and 65 customizable film-look presets that alter shading, contrast, and tints of scenes to mimic the elusive look of film.

Briefly: iTunes phone launch?, Yahoo mail overhaul...

06/28, 7:50am

iTunes phone launch?

In Brief: French newspaper giant Le Figaro reports that the iTunes phone--jointly developed by Apple and Motorola--will launch on Tuesday, with at least one American phone carrier agreeing to support it.... Lehman Bros. raised its fiscal 2006 earnings estimates for Apple to $1.32 from $1.30 per share, citing continued expansion of distribution with HP on the iPod and Wal-Mart, but told clients it believes Apple will be temporarily locked in a trading range "until a meaningful new product cycle emerges or proof that PC is growth is coming from "halo" effect rather than price point expansion and channel fill.".... Yahoo is planning to overhaul its free Web-based e-mail, which expected to be available as a private beta later this month.... AMD has filed a wide-ranging antitrust suit against Intel, accusing it of maintaining its monopoly in the PC processor market.... Executives from Apple's retail division are reportedly looking at locations in Berlin for the company's first German retail store, which could open within a year.

Apps: iRemember, TypeFitter, Downsize, PDFpen

06/28, 4:35am

iRemember, TypeFitter

    iRemember 1.0 ($50) is described as "the first" commercial Mac application designed specifically for scrapbooking. iRemember includes clip art, templates, borders, backgrounds, and a clip art browser; it also features drag & drop support with iPhoto, photo resizing/cropping, single- or multi-page layouts, personalization options, and more.
    Downsize 2.3 ($20) updates the image compression and watermarking utility for Mac OS X 10.3 or later. Version 2.3 adds a new preview window, can apply multiple watermarks, and offers the ability to add drop shadows to resized images. It also adds support for rotation (during resizing), rounded corners on re-sized images, custom opacity for watermarks, better watermark positioning, improved file management, and other improvements. [256KB]
    TypeFitter 1.0 ($60) is a new multi-functional InDesign plug-in that fits text without compromising quality typography. The plug-in fits type by adjusting settings in InDesign's justification algorithms, delivering better results than just adjusting tracking or scaling. The plugin can create type-fit styles that can be later re-used. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [form]
    NewsMac Pro 1.03 ($25) adds new features and offers many fixes in RSS reader for Mac OS X. Version 1.03 adds new search features that offers headline/channel searches, better organization, an improved interface, and improved speed/responsiveness. A free update as well as a 30-day trial is available online; it runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later. [2.6MB]
    PDFpen 2.2.1 ($50) updates SmileOnMyMac's PDF-editing and form-filling utility with improved workflow (i.e., a new "Open with PDFpen" directly from the print dialog). It also brings improved compatibility with off-spec PDF files, and minor bug fixes. PDFpen can help users out PDF forms and edit PDFs as well as split, combine, reorder, sign and augment PDFs with text, image overlays, and watermarks. The Pro ($95) can also create PDF forms. [3.2MB]

Apple releases iTunes 4.9 with podcast support

06/28, 4:10am

Apple releases iTunes 4.9

Apple today released iTunes 4.9, a major update to its audio application for organizing/sharing music, purchasing songs, and managing iPod music. "With iTunes 4.9, you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts from within the iTunes Music Store. Podcasts are frequently updated radio-style shows downloadable over the Internet. You can also transfer podcasts to iPod, for listening on the go." It is available via the Mac OS X software update. Readers note that once iTunes 4.9 is installed, a new "Podcasts" heading appears under Source; however, there are not any Podcast Directories currently appearing.

Buena\'s Depth Cue v1.1 includes new AE plugins

06/28, 4:05am

Buena\'s Depth Cue v1.1

Buena Software today released Depth Cue v1.1, an update to its set of 3D plug-ins for Adobe After Effects 6 and later. The update brings two new plug-ins: Camera Mapper, which turns 2D footage into a 3D scene, and Flipside, which maps one layer onto the back side of another 3D layer. The set of plugins adds realistic depth effects to 3D layers. Each effect works on a 3D layer and changes based on the location of the layer, lights, and cameras in 3D space, according to the company. The $170 package includes 3D Composite (2D footage with a depth channel), Camera Mapper (turns 2D footage into a 3D scene), Depth (displays the depth of each layer), Falloff Lighting (adds lighting to any layer), Fog, and Rack Focus (realistic depth of field effects and focus pulls).


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