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Astroflower Software updates AstroShare, AstroView

updated 02:20 pm EDT, Mon June 13, 2005

Astroflower update

Astroflower Software has released . The two applications let any two computers connect to each other and use various networking tools. These tools include Remote Control, File Transfer, Voice over IP, Instant Messages, and 2-D Collaboration. The new version adds camera support. Once activated, the camera can be viewed by the other side of the network connection. If both sides of the connection have a camera, users can have a 2-way video conference. The new version also introduces several bug fixes.

Bugs fixed with the version 1.5 update:

  • If you tried creating a new user and then immedietely clicked "Share" that user's password would not be saved and therefor could not be used to connect to AstroShare. If you quit AstroShare immedietely afterwards the entire user would be deleted because it appeared you didn't put a password for the new user. This bug only happens in Version 1.49.

  • In AstroShare for all platforms you can now "Make a User An Administrator" or "Disable a User" and the change is immediate. Before this fix the change would take place after you created your next user, clicked share, or quit AstroShare and relaunched.

  • In AstroShare and AstroView for all platforms some system messages could be lost during high volume data transmission. An example of this is when you pause the desktop or send an instant message. The pause command may never get to AstroShare because the network is too flooded with data. The same is true with instant messages, they could be dropped. Now this is all fixed. If data needs to be dropped it's the remote screen refresh, file transfer, or video cam data that slows down instead.

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