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Intel-transition could harm Mac market in short term

updated 12:20 am EDT, Tue June 7, 2005

Intel transition effect

Apple's move to Intel-based Macs . Developers say that both Mac hardware sales as well as developer software sales could suffer in the short term, according to those interviewed by eWEEK: "Either way, there's a lot of work to do. Applications might not be as easy to port to the new hardware as Jobs promised, some developers warned. Others said that although the move would serve Apple well in the long run, the action could hurt the company's sales, and by extension their own, in the interim. 'It's certainly the right decision in the long run. In the short term, there's the worry that hardware sales will drop off,' said Leonard Rosenthal, Chief Innovation Officer of Apago Inc., in Alpharetta, Ga."

by MacNN Staff




  1. Jedlink

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I can see a drop in the short and long term.

  1. devilla101

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    I agree with the 'short' version of the article above. I was planning to purchase a new imac next year to supplement my ibook but since the intel announcement, I'll wait until Apple releases the new computer and then wait until all the problems have been sorted out by the early adopters and then wait until software I've used on the Mac are proven reliable on the Mactel. A long, long wait indeed. Oh well, at least it allows me to save lots of 'dough' until my next Mac upagrade

  1. kw99

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    Feel better...

    Although I was horrified at the thought of "Intel Inside," I feel better about it now. Watch the QuickTime stream of the keynote over at As usual, Steve Jobs explains it all very well.

    The bit about the "secret double-life of Mac OS X" was amusing and indicative of Apple's long term "contingency plan" in case IBM did not come through. Then the revelation that the Mac being used to present the keynote "Keynote" was actually an Intel-based Mac brought the point home.

    It appears all the pieces fell into place at THIS time for Apple to make THIS move. It's obvious that Mac sales will be hurt during the next 12-18 months, but having the iPod around sure helps...

  1. slider

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Oh no

    Why didn't Apple think of this. God these people are brilliant, simply brilliant.

    An Apple bought now is not a bad apple tomorrow, in fact, Apple itself plans to release many more PowerPC based Macs. You'll see the PowerPC Mac around for many years to come, they are, after all, running Mac OS X.

    We are planning on three new machines this year, this announcement changes nothing.

  1. e2Sync

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    Oh puhleese...

    Enough of the FUD already.

  1. trevc

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    re: Oh no


    If I buy an iMac like I was thinking and the INTEL machines start coming out within a year I question whether I should wait it out another year. I'll get a machine that essentially WILL serve me longer.

    Also I HATED when classic started up on my OSX and rejoiced when I went OSX clean. This Rosetta will be somewhat similar ... I just went through this. I really don't want to go through that "I can't wait until all the apps are Intel" again.

    Not looking forward to that aspect of it....

  1. jsbowers

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    High end will remain PPC

    .... for the short run. People who really want performance will stick with PPC machines.

    For the time being, anyway - until all the kinks and ports to x86 are worked out, the high end will remain PPC.

    Apple will introduce an all-Intel line at the low end and in the portables (where the power savings and marketing glitz hit best) first, while splitting the pro line down the middle.

    My question is -- what about those at the very top end (think the Virginia Tech supercomputer) -- don't they feel abandoned? Apple was/is providing great power/performance with the G5.

    What lies ahead for those of use who need that performance? how much longer will a dual CPU mac universe remain in effect?

  1. :dragonflypro:

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    Servers not affected…

    I see no reason why Apple could not continue to use PPC/Power 6 etc in server materials or offer both.


  1. Duncan3

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    All my apps are ported (during lunch at WWDC), how about yours :)

  1. DannyMac

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    Me too!

    kw99: I agree! Watch the keynote if you can! I felt 100% better about the transition. Apple must be using top-knotch subliminal messaging in this one. ;)

    I liked the part when the Intel President guest spoke about the history of Intel. I was actually feeling the pride I feel whenever I watch a keynote.

    Anyway... I think most people are in agreement about this affecting Mac sales. I know I won't buy a PPC Mac until the Intel models come out (and I don't currently have the money for a Mac anyway). I guess the next Mac I'll buy will be PowerBook with a Centrino processor. ;)

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