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Apple releases WebObjects 5.3 as part of Xcode 2.1

updated 08:30 pm EDT, Mon June 6, 2005

WebObjects 5.3 released

Apple today released , Apple's suite of tools and object-oriented frameworks for creating and deploying scalable, reusable web and Java applications for the Internet and intranets. WebObjects supports the development, deployment, and extension of standards-based web services without the need to write low-level SOAP, XML or WSDL code. "With this release, WebObjects is now part of the Xcode 2.1 Developer Tools distribution. You can now create and edit an entity-relationship model using either Xcode's EO Model design tool or EOModeler--a separate development tool packaged with WebObjects. This release also provides an updated WebObjects Builder, HTML/XHTML compatibility, Java Collection Classes support, updated WebServices, and Oracle 10g support."

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  1. jsbowers

    Joined: Dec 1969


    $50K to zero

    So let me get this strait - - WebObjects developer used to cost $50,000, then $700 (actually less with an ADC membership), and now they're giving it away?

    Let's hope that more people using it will increase the health of the WebObjects developer community.

    It's really a brilliant platform, but it's too bad Apple never got behind marketing it in a big way.

    Few people know that one of their most popular web applications - iTMS runs on a webObjects back end.

  1. blindmouse

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Platform support?

    WebObjects 5.3 seems to drop support for authoring on Windows and deploying on Windows or Solaris (except via servlets). The low ($0) pricing is great, but to drive the wider growth and use of WebObjects, Apple really needs to maintain the ability to develop w*** applications on Windows as well. If in fact they are discontinuing w*** authoring on Windows with 5.3, this will prompt a big exodus among many of the remaining w*** developers that do exist.

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