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TurboCAD 2D for Mac OS X marks return to Mac market

06/06, 8:55pm

TurboCAD for Mac OS X

IMSI today announced the release of TurboCAD for Mac OS X. The new version of TurboCAD includes over 250 design and drafting tools with tips and customizable keyboard shortcuts. TurboCAD can import of fifteen and export of eleven different CAD and graphics formats. The TurboCAD Explorer includes an intuitive Layer Manager and Symbol Palette with drag and drop access to over 8,000 symbols and parts; it also includes a conversion tool which automatically allows you to create precise 2D wireframe and hidden line drawings from imported 3D components or assembly drawings, including AutoCAD DXF and DWG files. IMSI says it plans to release a second, 2D/3D version of TurboCAD for Mac OS X later this year. TurboCAD runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later and is available for $100.

e2Sync Tiger 2.0 syncs MS Entourage data thru iSync

06/06, 8:45pm

e2Sync Tiger 2.0 released

e2Sync Tiger 2.0 brings your Entourage Contacts, Tasks and Calendar items to over 60 cell phone models, as well as multiple Macs, your iPod, PDA, iCal, AddressBook and .Mac. It syncs your Entourage Contacts, Events, and Tasks with iCal, AddressBook and all iSync compatible mobile devices including over 60 mobile phones, Palm PDAs, the SonyEricsson P900/910, even the new Motorola Razr V3. It also nows allows users to Sync Contacts, Events and ToDos by category, or choose contacts individually, offering more control. The full version is $40, while upgrades are free.

Revolution 2.6 supports Tiger, Spotlight, Core Image

06/06, 8:35pm

Revolution 2.6 available

Runtime Revolution today released Revolution 2.6 for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger", an upgrade to its multi-platform development tool. "With Revolution developers can write software once and deliver quickly and easily without modification on every major platform." Version 2.6 delivers seamless integration with Tiger including support for Spotlight and Core Image. It also contains support for Deep Masks and will work on previous versions of Mac OS X. Developers can use Spotlight to search within Revolution stacks, leverage any Core Image transition effect to provide real-time GPU visual effects, and can create animated translucent windows and effects in all versions of Mac OS X. Revolution is available three versions: Dreamcard ($100), Studio ($300) and Enterprise ($900).

Apple releases WebObjects 5.3 as part of Xcode 2.1

06/06, 8:30pm

WebObjects 5.3 released

Apple today released WebObjects 5.3, Apple's suite of tools and object-oriented frameworks for creating and deploying scalable, reusable web and Java applications for the Internet and intranets. WebObjects supports the development, deployment, and extension of standards-based web services without the need to write low-level SOAP, XML or WSDL code. "With this release, WebObjects is now part of the Xcode 2.1 Developer Tools distribution. You can now create and edit an entity-relationship model using either Xcode's EO Model design tool or EOModeler--a separate development tool packaged with WebObjects. This release also provides an updated WebObjects Builder, HTML/XHTML compatibility, Java Collection Classes support, updated WebServices, and Oracle 10g support."

Briefly: WWDC stream, ad parody, new iPod products...

06/06, 6:10pm

WWDC stream

In brief: Apple has posted a QuickTime stream of Steve Jobs' WWDC 2005 keynote speech from Monday morning.... Notebooks have for the first time outsold desktops in the United States in a calendar month.... Blank Park Zoo has started a new iPod/iTunes-inspired advertising campaign for its zooTunes concerts.... Apple has reportedly chosen to force end users who wish to install QuickTime to also install iTunes.... Speck Products has announced the HandSkin, an iPod case for the active or athletic iPod user.... LAPD detectives are looking into last Wednesday's multi-million dollar heist involving iPods.... Rivet today announced the availability of its Rivet GRAB for iPod.... DLO today introduced the Flexible Dock for iPod shuffle.... [updated]

Plantronics offers multipurpose USB stereo headset

06/06, 5:30pm

Plantronics USB headset

Plantronics today announced .Audio 85, a foldable, multipurpose USB-based stereo headset that provides high quality listening for the iPod and Apple's Macintosh computers. The company says it can be used with iChat and GarageBand, as well as online gaming, speech recognition and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication applications. "The .Audio 85 features advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for superior noise canceling in the microphone -- improving speech recognition accuracy and providing excellent voice transmission -- and brilliant full-range stereo sound. The QuickAdjust microphone boom ensures correct placement for speech applications and the inline volume and mute control enables effortless control." The .Audio 85 headset offers an adjustable headband, soft swivel-mounted ear cushions, and a leatherette carrying pouch; it is available for $80.

PGP Desktop 9.0.1, PGP Universal 2.01 support Tiger

06/06, 4:30pm

PGP Desktop 9.0.1

PGP Corporation today announced PGP Desktop 9.0.1 and PGP Universal 2.0.1, which bring full support for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger", German localization, and internationalization for different character sets and encodings. Made available as a public beta in early May, the final version of PGP Desktop 9.0.1 leverages Apple's Network Kernel Extensions (NKE) to deliver enhanced encryption performance; is fully compatible with Tiger's built-in IP firewall; ensures transport-level security for all email by using Transport Layer Security (TLS, formerly Secure Sockets Layer [SSL]) between Tiger and the email server; double-byte character support; and more. (Pricing and other information on PGP v9.0 is available from our early May report.)

Apple Developer Transition Kit

06/06, 4:05pm

Transition Kit

Apple announced the Developer Transition Kit, which brings together "all the components you need to create Universal Binaries that run on Macintosh computers using Intel microprocessors." The Kit contains the information, sample code, software, and hardware you'll need to develop a Universal Binary. The Developer Transition Kit costs $1,000, and is only available to Apple Developer Connection members.

Adobe, Microsoft pledge support for Intel, PPC Macs

06/06, 4:00pm

Adobe MS support Intel

Both Adobe and Microsoft today said they plan to update their applications for the Intel version of Mac OS X. Moreover, both companies have committed to maintaining support for PowerPC Macs for the foreseeable future. "We plan to create future versions of Microsoft Office for the Mac that support both PowerPC and Intel processors," said Roz Ho, general manager of Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit. "We have a strong relationship with Apple and will work closely with them to continue our long tradition of making great applications for a great platform." Meanwhile, Adobe's CEO Bruce Chizen said that the Intel-transition "is a really smart move on Apple's part and plan to create future versions of our Creative Suite for Macintosh that support both PowerPC and Intel processors."

Apple delivers preview of QuickTime 7 for Windows

06/06, 3:50pm

QuickTime 7 for Windows

Apple today delivered a preview release of QuickTime 7 for Windows, the industry's first mainstream H.264 solution for streaming and playback of High Definition (HD) video on the Windows platform. Ratified as part of the MPEG-4 standard, the H.264 video codec delivers "pristine quality" video across a broad range of bandwidths, from 3G for mobile devices to iChat AV for video conferencing to HD for broadcast and DVD. The H.264 standard has been adopted by both the DVD Forum and Blu-ray Disc Association for the next generation of high definition DVDs. Apple is offering Pro version from the Apple Store for $30 and also a web-based form for feedback. The final release is expected this summer.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard due at the end of \'06

06/06, 3:35pm

Mac OS X 10.5

Steve Jobs today announced Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" during his keynote presentation at the World Wide Developers Conference today. Jobs made the announcement prior to revealing that Apple would switch to Intel x86 processors. Leopard is due at the end of 2006, alongside Microsoft's Longhorn release. It will be available at the height of Apple's transition to Intel processors. Apple has not published specific details of the new operating system.

Speck ships HandSkin case for iPod

06/06, 3:00pm

HandSkin case for iPod

Speck Products today announced the HandSkin, an iPod case for the active or athletic iPod user. Featuring an adjustable, removable hand strap and ribbed 'grippy' shape, the HandSkin is easy-to-hold and offers sporty protection for both the clickwheel- and photo-based iPods (20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 60B). "Holding your iPod in your hand might feel easier and more natural than strapping on an armband or a waistpack. The HandSkin offers a comfortable and secure alternative to the sport cases already in stores." The HandSkin features screen and scroll wheel protection, removable hand strap, and a durable rubberized design. It is available in two color combinations: Black/Grey and Blue/Grey. The adjustable strap fits a wide range of hands comfortably and securely. It is available now for $35.

Apple announces transition to Intel chips

06/06, 2:00pm

Intel transition

At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference today, CEO Steve Jobs announced plans to deliver Macs using Intel microprocessors by this time next year, and to transition all of its Macs to using Intel microprocessors by the end of 2007. Apple previewed a version of Mac OS X running on an Intel-based computer to the over 3,800 developers attending CEO Steve Jobs' keynote address. Apple also announced the availability of a Developer Transition Kit, consisting of an Intel-based Mac development system along with preview versions of Apple's software, which will allow developers to prepare versions of their applications which will run on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. During his keynote, Jobs revealed that Mac OS X has been "leading secret double life." Every release of Mac OS X has been built secretly for both Intel and PowerPC-based Macs. For the last 5 years, Mac OS X has been "cross-platform by design."

Apple to deliver 2 millionth copy of Tiger

06/06, 1:55pm

Tiger 2 million

Apple today announced it expects to deliver over two million copies of Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger" by the end of this week, including copies sold at retail, copies delivered under maintenance agreements and copies bundled with Mac systems shipped, making Tiger Apple's fastest selling OS release ever. Developer support for Tiger is also setting new records with hundreds of developers including Microsoft and Adobe announcing support for Tiger. To date third party developers have released more than 400 Dashboard widgets, 550 Automator actions and 40 Spotlight plug-ins for Tiger. "The response to Tiger is off the charts," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Critics are raving, customers are delighted and developers are creating hundreds of widgets and applications that take advantage of Tiger's incredible innovations like Spotlight, Dashboard and Automator."

The Sims 2 for Mac in stores June 17th

06/06, 11:25am

Sims 2 ships

Aspyr Media today announced it is set to begin shipping The Sims 2 for Mac, with the title on retail shelves nationwide by June 17th. In The Sims 2, players pick one of five aspirations that will take them through an entire lifetime, from the cradle to the grave. Players will be able to choose from Popularity, Fortune, Family, Knowledge and Romance which will determine how each Sim will lead their life. Every choice that is made has a relevant and dramatic effect on the life of a Sim. The Sims 2 for Mac will be available for $50. Last week, Aspyr released Body Shop for The Sims 2 as a free download. This character-creation tool allows users to create a wide variety of unique Sims by choosing skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, facial hair, makeup, clothes and more.

LA $1.2M iPod heist, Boston iPod thefts

06/06, 11:10am

LA iPod heist

LAPD Commercial Crimes Division detectives are looking into last Wednesday's multi-million dollar heist involving iPods. Authorities say one of the suspects involved entered a freight forwarding business at the eleven-hundred block of La Cienega and somehow used fraudulent means to take over the delivery of over 12,000 iPods. Investigators are seeking the public's help in identifying the suspect who was caught stealing the cargo on a surveillance camera. The value of the stolen MP3s is estimated at just over $2.5 million. Meanwhile, The Boston Globe says Apple's portable music players are so popular, and so valuable, that muggers have taken to "jacking up anybody wearing those distinctive white headphones."

Apple switch unlikely to hurt IBM

06/06, 11:00am

IBM to be unaffected

S&P analyst Megan Graham-Hackett said a switch by Apple to Intel processors will not significantly impact IBM. "We do not view Apple as a critical customer for IBM's chips, and note that over the past year, and again at IBM's analyst meeting in May, the company has emphasized its focus on supplying chips to the video game console market. No change to our estimates. We view IBM shares as worth holding, trading at a price/sales ratio of 1.3 times, in line with peer average." S&P also reiterated a hold rating on Apple. The firm believes a move to Intel "would be potentially positive for Apple's PC market share opportunities if it is able to negotiate lower chip prices from Intel. We await details on timing and product lines involved at Apple's developers conference, which starts today."

smsZap 1.0 sends text as SMS message to mobile phones

06/06, 10:40am

smsZap sends SMS messages

Bayham Systems today released smsZap 1.0, an application that allows users to quickly send text (as an SMS message) to any mobile phone. Users can simply highlight text, press a key combination (Shift + Command + 'W') and send the next to a number from the Apple Address Book (or other custom number). Users can also manually enter SMS messages; smsZap provides realtime message tracking (with information on delivery status): the messages are sent via the Internet to the smsZap Service Centre, where they are then passed to any one of 471 mobile networks across 165 countries. The application is free and runs on Mac OS X Panther/Tiger. Pricing starts at $26 for 500 credits (a single SMS can be sent for 3-5 credits).

Column: Apple wants Pentium D for DRM

06/06, 10:35am

Pentium DRM

Apple may have lost the "office era" to Microsoft, but it's trying to get the jump on the entertainment/creativity era, according to columnist Leander Kahney, "and it's going to drag it users, even if they're kicking and screaming, with it." Kahney speculates that the reason Apple plans to switch to Intel chips is that "Apple -- or rather, Hollywood -- wants the Pentium D to secure an online movie store." Intel's DRM scheme has been kept secret, "but the company has said it will allow content to be moved around a home network, and onto suitably-equipped portable devices." Meanwhile, blogger Tom Yager says "the timing for Apple's surrender to hardware mediocrity is right." Ultimately, Yager agrees "processors don't matter."

OPN System for enterprise IM supports iChat 3.0

06/06, 10:30am

OPN supports iChat 3.0

Antepo today announced that its flagship product, Open Presence Network (OPN) System, offers native support for iChat 3.0, the instant messaging client bundled with Mac OS X Tiger. According to the company, when used in conjunction with the iChat client, the OPN System Server platform adds critical IM security, compliance, and other business functionality to enterprises with Mac workstations. "Because both products support the XMPP industry-standard messaging protocol, the integration between OPN System and Apple iChat is seamless -- right out of the box. Now, traditional Mac-centric enterprises can continue to utilize core industry applications designed for the Apple Mac OS platform, while benefiting from the enterprise-grade IM functionality and control provided by Antepo's OPN System."

SolidWorks offers eDrawings for Mac OS X

06/06, 10:15am

eDrawings for Mac OS X

SolidWorks today released a Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger version of its eDrawings software, which allows users to review and comment on 3D models via e-mail. eDrawing operates on popular CAD software platforms, including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge, and Unigraphics/ NX. It also allows Mac users to read native DWG and DXF files. "eDrawings for Mac OS X bridges the communication gap between product design teams and graphic teams who are using the Mac to create conceptual designs, marketing materials, product instructions, and other collateral. It eliminates the potential errors and reduces the time graphic designers spend re-creating images from scratch because the designs were completed on a different operating system." eDrawings, now in beta, is free to users who want to generate design files that recipients can rotate and view from any angle with the eDrawings Viewer. eDrawings Professional is $1000.

MacTech Magazine offers free sampler

06/06, 10:10am

MacTech Magazine

MacTech Magazine today announced the MacTech Sampler, a free PDF with sample content from the publication. "The sampler is designed to give the community not only a great selection of articles, but an idea of what the new MacTech is about. Completely free of charge." At 167 pages, the Sampler will "show you what MacTech is all about." Recent MacTech articles include: Creating a Cocoa AppController Class, Python for AppleScripters, Creating a NoCode Browser, Remote Control, Finder Scripting, Podcasting, Using PDF Forms within HTML, and more. MacTech is offering an 8-issue subscription for $30.

Apps: MojoWorld, iCab, pearLyrics, Allgood Solitaire

06/06, 9:35am

MojoWorld, iCab, ...

    MojoWorld 3.1 (free) improves productivity and responsiveness as well as brings three new features to the advanced rendering and animation product. Version 3.1 features native e-frontier Poser support, a new MorphGrid primitive type that lays a network of handles over an area of a planet surface, and improved Multimaterial previews. MojoWorld 3 is available in both Standard Edition ($200) Professional ($480) editions.
    iCab 3.0b ($30) is an update to the small, alternative web browser that brings support for Unicode, new security settings for International Domain Names (IDN), a new forms manager, improved bookmark import, and more. The browser supports HTML 4, image filtering, cookie filtering, bookmarks, Java and JavaScripot, search modes, importing of web archives from Explorer, a download manager, and more; it runs on Mac OS 8.5/9/X and is available as a free trial. [Download - Classic, OSX]
    pearLyrics 0.1 (free) is a small application that looks up song lyrics on the web as you play a song in iTunes (and can also search for lyrics for any song). It consults up to four different web-based services to identify and display lyrics. It is available as a standalone application as well as a Dashboard widget for Tiger. [Download - Panther, Tiger Widget]
    Allgood Solitaire v4.0 ($15) updates the solitaire package with a new graphics engine powered by Apple's Quartz technology, offers more games, features smarter double clicking, and supports drag-and-drop of background images. The package offers 73 different variations of Solitaire, from the well known Klondike, Pyramid, Gaps, and Canfield, to the more eclectic Will O Wisp, and Monte Carlo. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later. [Download - 3.4MB]
    TaskTime3 v3.5 ($15) brings rounding suport, higher-resolution graphics support, and more to the application for tracking time spent on client jobs. It can generate personalized invoices which can be emailed, printed, and saved to disk. Other features include: project status tracking, Address Book integration, linking of related resources, expenses tracking flat-rate billing, and both scheduled and manual data backup. [Download - 3.0MB]
    Marquee 1.01 (free) is a Dashboard Widget for finding showtimes for local movie theaters. Version 1.0.1 allows you to view showtimes that were previously cut off due to space constraints. The Widget, which requires Mac OS X Tiger will download the showtimes for all of the theaters in your area (US Only). The open-source software can also be used to create new Widgets. [Download - 363KB]

iPods, music to remain key at Apple: Merrill Lynch

06/06, 9:20am

Music key at Apple

After meeting with Apple management in California, Merrill Lynch concludes that music remains extremely important to Apple, despite slowing iPod growth and increasing Mac sales. Store surveys still show over 40 percent of Macs sold are to new Apple users. Still, "Apple doesn't want to get distracted from music," the investment firm said. "Only 5% of paid music is online today; the company says many youths will never buy a CD." Although moderately profitable, Apple "doesn't seem optimistic" that the iTunes Music Store will be a major profit contributor.

DirectControl gains Mac OS X Tiger support

06/06, 9:00am

Centrify DirectControl

Centrify Corporation today announced that it has added Mac OS X Tiger support to its DirectControl, its identity, access and Group Policy management solution that extends the capabilities of Microsoft Active Directory for mixed Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Tiger, UNIX and Linux environments as well as Java- and web-based applications. DirectControl allows administrators to use one method and application to set policies, administer rights and provides a single sign-on to all users. Centrify features unique zone technology, which allows administrators to control which computers a user can log into, based on collections ("zones") of computers. It will be available on June 15, 2005 for evaluation with general availability scheduled for mid-July, 2005. Pricing begins at $50 per workstation and $300 per server.

Rivet unveils new GRAB iPod, iPod mini cases

06/06, 8:45am

Rivet GRAB cases

Rivet today announced the availability of its Rivet GRAB for iPod, allowing users the freedom to attach their iPods wherever they want -- belt loop, backpack, purse and even a car dashboard. Rivet's "patented, aircraft-quality alloy" and stainless steel E-Clip one-touch release system lets users easily switch the way they wear their iPod. The GRAB attaches with the Rivet hook that provides "more versatility and much more style than a standard belt clip." Users can attach their iPod to virtually anything with a D-ring, loop or strap, and the iPod can be transferred to a car dashboard within seconds. Users can also show their style by wearing the iPod mini around their neck with the Rivet GRAB Lanyard.

Briefly: Mac software numbers, DLO Flexible Dock

06/06, 8:35am

Mac software numbers

In Brief: The new DLO Flexible Dock (pictured at right) allows the iPod shuffle to fit into tightly spaced USB ports and displays the Shuffle for easy access; StrataStock, which offers an online library of almost 200,000 images, is a new low-priced ($9 per month), royalty-free stock photography and stock graphic art site.... LightWork Design has announced an update to the 64-bit version of the LightWorks rendering engine for G5 processors running Mac OS X that brings increases in performance and efficiency.... OpenOSX has released an updated version of its "OpenOSX GrassPro" ($50), which brings Mac OS 10.4 "Tiger" support to the open-source "GRASS 6.0.0 GIS" software.... Macintosh owners buy 30% more software than their Windows counterparts (US News and World Report); Mac software comprises over 18% of all software sold (Software and Information Industry Association); and 16 percent of computer users are on Macs (SPA)... Apple's .Mac will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST on Monday, June 6th, causing the iDisk to be intermittently unavailable, according to the .Mac support site.

FileMaker Datagraph Widget, Automator Actions

06/06, 8:15am

FileMaker Widget

FileMaker has announced the availability of the new FileMaker Datagraph Widget for Mac OS X Tiger. It provides bar graph views of FileMaker Pro based data. For example, a tech support manager can check on customer service call transactions in real time (how many customers currently being served and how many customer cases have been closed) using the new FileMaker Datagraph Widget. The company also announced the immediate availability of a set of new FileMaker Automator Actions for use by FileMaker users and developers to easily create a Workflow of FileMaker scripts. FileMaker is introducing both FileMaker Datagraph and FileMaker Automator Actions as Technology Previews.

Roxio offers Xingtone Ringtone Maker

06/06, 8:15am

Xingtone Ringtone Maker

Sonic Solutions' Roxio today introduced Xingtone Ringtone Maker, a software solution which it has licensed from Xingtone; Roxio will sell the software at retail stores across North America. Xingtone Ringtone Maker enables consumers to quickly convert and transfer portions of an audio file from their computer or a CD to their mobile phones using cable-free, over-the-air transmission. The desktop application offers a straight-forward workflow for quickly preparing music or audio voice recordings. Xingtone Ringtone Maker supports more than 100 handsets and works with all major US carriers, including Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, Cingular (including AT&T Wireless), and T-Mobile. (Consumers can test their phone's compatibility online). It is availalbe for $20 and runs on Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.

DLO ships Flexible Dock for iPod shuffle

06/06, 8:10am

Flexible Dock for iPod

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today introduced the DLO Flexible Dock for iPod shuffle. The DLO Flexible Dock is a 7-inch adjustable USB dock that allows an iPod shuffle to connect to any computer, includin those with recessed or closely spaced USB ports. It also positions a USB port to easily charge and sync an iPod shuffle--without "having to reach around the back of the computer to do so. The DLO Flexible Dock frees up adjacent connectors that would otherwise be blocked by the extra-wide iPod shuffle. It plugs into any free USB port with a standard size plug, then bends out of the way and offers a super-handy connection port, providing easy in-and-out access for the shuffle." The DLO Flexible Dock for iPod shuffle is available immediately for $20.

Jobs to deliver WWDC keynote, Intel announcement

06/06, 8:00am

Jobs delivers WWDC keynote

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will deliver the opening keynote at its Worldwide Developers Conference today. The keynote, expected to start at 1 pm ET, will begin a the five-day event, which features in-depth technical sessions, powerful hands-on labs, and special events. As noted Friday by CNET and subsequently confirmed by The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Apple will announce a 2-year transition plan to Intel-based Macs. The WSJ this morning reported that Apple has already begun briefing some partners about its transition plans, with some Macs expected to ship with Intel chips as early as next year. "Such a move could help Apple ensure that its Mac systems remain competitive with rivals like Dell Inc., of Round Rock, Texas. It could be a prelude to collaboration with Intel in developing new devices for homes and offices. And it might help Apple reduce its prices, a longstanding disadvantage; an industry executive suggested that the computer maker sought, and won, more-attractive chip prices from Intel than it could get from IBM, of Armonk, N.Y."

iEarTest 1.1 offers professional hearing testing

06/06, 1:35am

iEarTest 1.1 for Mac OS X

Hopelore has released iEarTest 1.1, an update to its automatic professional hearing testing application. Developed as both an education and pratical solution, iEarTest provides Hearing Screening as a quick check or Hearing Testing for a detailed evaluation at the user's selected response rate. It evaluates users according to the ISO-8253-1 standard and displays results on a standardized audiogram with international symbols showing the user's hearing degree and more. The audiograms are automatically saved, store in a hearing history for each user, and supports multiple-language. It is available for $50.

SoftRAID 3.2 supports Tiger, 4-pentabyte volumes

06/06, 1:30am

SoftRAID 3.2 ships

SoftRAID today announced it is shipping SoftRAID 3.2, an update to its disk driver utility that offers RAID 0 (striping) and RAID 1 (mirroring) functions. Version 3.2 brings full Mac OS 10.4 compatibility, can now create startup DVDs with Mac OS X Tiger, and can update previous versions of the SoftRAID startup CD to the latest version. "Now that all Mac OS 10.4 based computers and Tiger Install DVDs include the SoftRAID driver, volume creation and management with SoftRAID is easier than ever." It also now better supports XServes and XServe RAIDs with its new 4-petabyte volume capacity and an enhanced algorithm for rebuilding Mirror volumes on Servers. SoftRAID says the new algorithm is more efficient and also makes rebuilding Server volumes a higher priority, offering "much faster rebuilds" on heavily loaded servers. It is a free upgrade to the $130 drive utility.


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