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Telestream Flip4Mac MXF Import for Final Cut Pro 5

05/31, 7:35pm

Flip4Mac MXF for FCP 5

Telestream today released its Flip4Mac MXF Import Component for Mac OS X platform. The company says that the component is the first file-based solution to enable broadcasters to ingest MXF content directly from Sony XDCAM Professional Disc production systems into Final Cut Pro 5 for native IMX editing. The Flip4Mac MXF Import Component allows Mac users to browse and import MXF content from Sony XDCAM systems for quick, easy access to either DV or MPEG IMX media. Sony systems supported include the XDCAM Camcorder, PDW-1500 Compact Deck, and eVTR IMX MPEG video tape recorder. Content is automatically transferred to the Mac, then re-wrapped to a .mov file for Final Cut Pro editing. It is available now for $500.

Firm details possible changes to iPod lineup

05/31, 6:50pm

iPod line changes

American Technology Research weighs today sent a note to its clients regarding recent speculation and rumors about future models of the iPod. The firm believes flash memory pricing has "not dropped to a point where 4GB flash [iPod] is economical to put in an MP3 player." ATR analyst Shaw Wu said, "We could see 2GB flash, however we think it needs to be priced very competitively versus existing 4GB micro drive iPod mini at $199, potentially at $149 to minimize product overlap." Regarding recent rumors that Apple might introduce a 2GB flash iPod, ATR said there are two possibilities. The first is that Apple may introduce a device similar to the iPod shuffle, but with a small screen for navigation. The other possibility, according to ATR, is that Apple might introduce a thinner, more compact version of the iPod mini, with 2GB of flash storage, priced below the 4GB microdrive-based model.

ATR rates AAPL \"Hold\" on slowing growth

05/31, 6:50pm

Slowing growth

In a report issued today, American Technology Research said it believes Apple "remains the best-positioned to capitalize on the MP3 opportunity with arguably the industry's most powerful and complete stack of hardware, software, and service." ATR also thinks the core Mac business "could see good growth with new product momentum and as more 'switchers' convert to the Mac platform." However, the firm now rates AAPL shares "Hold" with a $40 price target. "We find its shares fairly valued at these levels and remain concerned with slowing growth and high investor expectations." ATR also commented on recent rumors of new iPod models. The report looks at future flash players, as well as possible changes to the hard drive-based iPod mix.

Apps: StickyBrain, Sleep Monitor, Snapz Pro, PDFpen

05/31, 6:30pm

StickyBrain, Sleep Monitor

    StickyBrain 3.6 ($40) updates the third-generation note manager for Mac OS X. This new version adds drag and drop import/export of folders and documents, including text, rich text (RTF), MS Word documents (.doc), or web (HTML) files (under Mac OS X Tiger) as well as a dozen small improvements and bug fixes. It is a free update. [Download - 17MB]
    Sleep Monitor 2 (20) watches, remembers, and charts any Mac's power use. It can create charts showing how long the Mac was in use, asleep, and switched off as well as provide charts for battery levels and critical power messages. [Download - option-click]
    Quark Action Pack 1 ($35) is a set of Automator actions that work with QuarkXPress and Mac OS X Tiger to streamline time consuming desktop publishing tasks, including apply/retrieve Quark Box names, open documents in Quark, place text/images in a Quark document, retrieve Quark Box names, save a Quark document, and more. Demos of all actions are available for download. [Download - options]
    Snapz Pro X 2.0.2 ($30/$60) brings full Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" compatibility, support for hardware acceleration, a new Uninstaller, Traditional Chinese localization, and other bug fixes. The system utility offers both advanced screen shot and video capture technology: "Think of it as a digital video camera for your screen." [Download - 9.5MB]
    PDFpen 2.2 ($50) updates the PDF-editing and form-filling utility with support for secure and password-protected PDFs, multi-stroke imprints, polylines, remote links, and improved drawing performance. PFDpenPro ($95) supports adding URL and page links in PDF documents. A 30-day free demo. It is a free update and requires Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later. [Download - 3.0MB]
    ChronoPhoto 1.1 (20) is a digital photograph viewer that allows users to quickly view digital photographs and select those you want to keep and get rid of the others. It adds contact sheet printing, more import options, faster graphical interface, and offers a new lower price. Other features include an instant slideshow, large thumbnails, and fast photo import. [Download - 916KB]

Apple brings \"The Studio\" to more retail stores

05/31, 5:50pm

Apple Store The Studio

"The Studio" is a new feature that will make its way to several dozen Apple Stores in the near future. Like the Genius Bar, The Studio will provide one-on-one consultation with an Apple expert. Unlike the Genius Bar, however, The Studio helps customers with creative projects, rather than technical questions. "It's a place where our team of Creatives -- filmmakers, musicians, photographers, and designers -- work one-on-one with you to make your creative projects a reality. Whether you're making a movie, a photo album, a song, or a logo, we can help you make it amazing." The Studio is already open at Apple's North Michigan Avenue location in Chicago and was first introduced at Apple Store Shadyside in Pittsburgh. Apple is also offering a premium service at its Studio Training Center. "If you're looking for hands-on training for anything Apple, consider signing up for a paid Studio Series. The small, progressive classes are taught by Apple experts in our specially equipped Studio Training Center." [updated]

eWeek impressed with Mac OS X Client/Desktop, Server

05/31, 4:55pm

eWeek on Mac OS X

Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 is a "slick desktop operating system with a slew of useful new features," says eWeek in a review published Monday. "These include the Spotlight desktop search tool and the Automator application workflow creator. Mac OS X 10.4, aka Tiger, can play nice in Windows-centric network environments, and it competes well with Linux as a platform for running most open-source applications." A second review looks at the server version of Mac OS X 10.4, which "impresses with the way it integrates open-source components under well-made management and monitoring front ends.... Mac OS X 10.4 Server ships ready to offer a broad set of network services, from the basics of directory, mail, file and print, to blogging, chat and streaming." eWeek only faults Mac OS X for "hardware support," presumably because it only runs on Apple hardware.

iEmulator offers high performance PC emulation

05/31, 2:45pm

iEmulator for Mac OS X

iEmulator is a PC emulator for Mac OS X that allows users to run Windows on their Macs. The latest version (1.7.6) provides the ability to access Mac files, folders and volumes directly from the emulated Windows environment. iEmulator includes the ability to assign up to 1GB of RAM to each emulated PC, virtually instantaneous PC state saving and loading, full-screen as well as windowed mode, printing support, support for international keyboards and support for running multiple instances of iEmulator simultaneously. iEmulator, which first became available in November, costs $24 for new users.

QuickTime 7.01 brings security fix

05/31, 2:45pm

QuickTime 7.01

Apple today released QuickTime 7.0.1, an update to its system playback component for audio/video. Version 7.01 provides several important bug fixes, a security enhancement, and improved compatibility with Final Cut Studio. Apple said that the update fixes a security issue where a QuickTime movie containing a maliciously crafted Quartz Composer object could leak data to an arbitrary web location. "Quartz Composer objects can be wrapped in a QuickTime track and delivered as a QuickTime movie. With QuickTime 7.0, a Quartz Composer object can gather local data and send it using an encoded URL to an arbitrary web location. The QuickTime 7.0.1 update modifies the QuickTime Quartz Composer Plugin to prevent access to remote web locations." QuickTime 7.01 is available via the Mac OS X Software Update preference pane. [updated]

MindVision ships VISE X 2.0 with Tiger support, more

05/31, 2:20pm

MindVision ships VISE X 2

MindVision Software today relesed VISE X 2.0, a major upgrade to its Mac OS X installer product. This version can export installer project data as XML, which allows developers to compare and modify the data with the tools of their choice. After working on installer projects outside of VISE X, developers can use the program to create new projects from the data in the XML files. Other features including compatibility with Mac OS X Tiger (Install locations and Gestalts) as well as the ability to automatically create bundle updaters; to set a domain for Copy, Move or Alias actions; and to read a .plist entry and store it in a variable. Pricing is $250 per year (non-commercial) or $650 per year (up to 20,000 copies).

SimuTerra 1.1 offers digital terrain modeling

05/31, 1:00pm

SimuTerra 1.1

COMPUneering has released SimuTerra 1.1, an update to its digital terrain modeling program for architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects and other AEC and design professionals. Compatible with 3D modeling and CAD programs, SimuTerra can import data, create a terrain model, and export the final surface in three steps. "With SimuTerra, a design professional can take raw topographic data, manipulate the data while viewing the resulting digital terrain model (DTM) in real time (in both 2D and 3D), and then export the DTM for use in a 3D modeling or CAD program." SimuTerra Standard is $100, while the Pro version ($200) adds both Proposed DTM's and Cut & Fill DTM's.

Briefly: iPodStyles, AMD dual-core, Xbox 360 price...

05/31, 12:00pm

Xbox price, iPodStyles

In brief: Microsoft's Xbox 360 will be priced around $300, according to Corporate Vice President J Allard.... CanadianDriver has published a look at the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class, which offers iPod integration.... iPodStyles is now offering PowerGuard and WheelFilm protectors for the iPod and iPod mini that guard the back and clickwheel from scratches, dirt, and grime.... AMD is launching its first dual-core microprocessors at the Computex trade show in Taiwan.

Stylish iPod back and clickwheel protectors

05/31, 11:50am

iPodStyles iPod protectors

iPodStyles is now offering PowerGuard and WheelFilm protectors for the iPod and iPod mini that guard the back and clickwheel from scratches, dirt, and grime. PowerGuard acts as a protective layer for the back of the iPod, maintaining the mirror-like surface in excellent condition, while WheelFilm acts as a protective layer for the front clickwheel of the iPod, keeping it clean. Both products come in a range of colors and patterns, each uniquely designed and engineered. Make your fashion statement today with a PowerGuard and WheelFilm.

iPod integration in Mercedes-Benz B-Class

05/31, 11:35am

Mercedes iPod integration

CanadianDriver has published a look at the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class, which offers iPod integration. "Once the iPod is plugged into the car, it's automatically linked to the audio system and the driver navigates around the iPod menu ... using buttons on the standard-fit multifunction steering wheel. The central display on the dashboard, between the major instrument dials, provides the driver with all relevant menu and music track information - song title, artist and play mode. Songs can be skipped or repeated and volume is also operated from the steering wheel. Incidentally, hooking up the iPod does not cut out the existing CD changer because the interface kit is connected separately to the audio system."

Power Game Factory ships

05/31, 11:10am

Power Game Factory

Power Game Factory, a software package for creating side scrolling action games without any programming, is now available. The game development environment costs $44 and is bundled with the Greenland Invasion game project, which demonstrates the capabilities of the software. An included 6-step beginner's tutorial will help users get started with their own game design projects, while an exhaustive 190 page user's manual provides a complete reference. Also included with Power Game Factory are collections of extra level background graphics and game music. Power Game Factory, which lets users create royalty-free games with "realistic physics with authentic old school gameplay," was announced earlier this month.

Intel to unveil working Mac mini competitor

05/31, 10:55am

Intel Mac mini competitor

Intel is set to show a prototype this week that openly borrows from Apple's popular Mac mini. The prototype is to be unveiled here at the Computex trade show, which runs May 31 through June 4. Working prototypes of the Mac mini look-alike running Microsoft Windows have already been built by Taiwan PC maker AOpen. In March, Intel unveiled a "Concept Entertainment PC," that looked similar to the Mac mini, but was not a functioning computer. The prototype to be shown this week is reportedly fully functioning. Ken Huang of R&D at Shuttle, a Taiwanese manufacturer, said, "The PC is more powerful and popular than Apple systems because of its open architecture -- you can upgrade it. When the PC gets similar to the Mac mini, you have no space to upgrade, and you will lose this advantage."

\"X2: The Threat\" available for purchase/download

05/31, 10:25am

X2: The Threat\"

Virtual Programming this morning announced that X2: The Threat is now available for online purchase and download. The CD version of the space simulation game will be available beginning June 17th at retailers and the Apple Store. "It's a dangerous universe, but someone has to kick its butt! From the freezing hell of the prison world of Artur to the pirate filled space-lanes of the deep black, X2: The Threat will take you as far as noble, (or craven), ambition will carry you. Command a freighter and trade your way to wealth and power, or become an admiral of your own fleet of mile-long destroyers and sweep your enemies before you. Maybe both? The choice is yours!" X2 features dozens of interlinked missions, 70 different ship types, a host of weapons, and more. Freeverse is offering free shipping on X2: The Threat pre-orders in the U.S.

MMEmail 1.0 FileMaker Pro plug-in

05/31, 10:10am

MMEmail 1.0

Comm-Unity Networking Systems, creators of SMTPit, has released MMEmail 1.0, a $35 dialog-based FileMaker Pro email plug-in. MMEmail has a built-in email window that allows the end-user to compose an email message as if they were using a normal email client. From within the email window, you can set the To, Subject, and Body, as well as Attach files. A special Auto-enter Hierarchal Menu of predefined email addresses can be used to populate the To field. The Subject and Body of your message can contain Merge Fields to grab information from the current record before sending the message. Merge Fields can be inserted easily with a Contextual Menu. Users can select Attachments via a file dialog as well as selecting Container Fields from a menu.

iPod sales stabilizing, Mini a top seller

05/31, 9:40am

iPod sales data

iPod sales remain steady heading into the June quarter, with research firm PiperJaffray predicting 5.5 million total iPod sales this summer, up from the 5.3 million Apple shipped last quarter. The perception among many resellers is that sales of iPods are falling, but numbers indicate growth is simply slowing. Through its checks, PiperJaffray determined the iPod mini to be the current leader in the iPod family. " In our recent conversations with Apple specialist stores, iPod mini was cited as the most popular iPod by 50% of stores in our sample, shuffle and 20GB iPod were pointed to as the highest demanded products at 20% and 15% of stores, respectively," the firm said. PiperJaffray believes strong iPod mini sales indicate the Shuffle is not cannibalizing demand for the Mini.shuffle sales are not significantly cannibalizing demand for the other products in the iPod family.

Concerns over security drive Mac switchers

05/31, 9:40am

Mac switchers

Although Apple's June quarter is typically weak, the company appears to be headed for a strong summer this year. Studies show an increasing number of "switchers" heading to the Mac platform, with concerns over security with Windows computers driving switchers to the Macintosh. Apple specialists at independent resellers told researcher PiperJaffray that 16 percent of customers who buy a Mac are switchers. At the Apple Store, about half of all purchasers are PC switchers. Apple specialists also said about 70 percent of "switchers" make the move due to security and stability concerns with Windows. The majority of Apple specialists feel Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger has had some effect on Mac sales. The iMac G5 is said to be the strongest seller among switchers and repeat customers, with PowerBooks being second in line. iPodNN reports that iPod sales are stabilizing, and the iPod mini is the top seller at the Apple Store.

Citrix working on Mac version of GoToMyPC

05/31, 8:45am

Citrix GoToMyMac

Citrix Systems' GoToMyPC remote PC access software division is mulling the launch of a Macintosh version, which could enable users to access Macintosh computers remotely, even from non-Macintosh machines, according to Computer Business Review Online. The product manager said the company is working on a version that would support Mac hosts, and the functionality could find its way into the next major upgrade, version 6, expected some time next year "GoToMyPC currently enables users to gain remote access to Windows PCs. It enables a user to access their remote PC as if they were sitting in front of it, including the ability to run applications hosted on the remote PC and transfer files between the remote PC and the client they happen to be sitting in front of... In conjunction with the possible Mac support, Randall said the company is working on support for 24-bit color."

Jobs drops to No. 99 on executive pay survey

05/31, 4:20am

Jobs drops to No. 99

Apple CEO Steve Jobs fell to No. 99 on The Los Angeles Times' executive pay survey, after being No. 1 on the list last year. Jobs is next to last on the new list after his compensation plunged from $74.8 million to just $1, according to the report. "But according to federal filings, Jobs still owns 10 million shares of the Cupertino, Calif., computer and gadget maker -- worth about $406 million at Friday's market close.... Despite Apple's banner year in 2004 -- when its share price more than tripled -- Jobs did not get any additional stock grants.... The 2003 grant was the first for Jobs in five years." Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel topped the list with a $145 million compensation package.


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