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iPodNN: new cases, more accessories, London crime,...

05/26, 11:50pm

iPodNN roundup

iPodNN roundup: iPodStyles today announced a series of power and sync accessories for the iPod.... River, a manufacturer of MP3 players, says "Thank you" to Apple for increasing the overall music player market.... Echoing a similar report in New York late last month, the popularity of iPods and new mobile phones has fueled a sharp rise in street robbery in London.... Hong Kong-based itzkitz today launched a new range of iPodkitz leather cases and acessories for the iPod Photo 30GB as well as new styles.

iPodStyles debuts power, sync accessories for iPod

05/26, 7:35pm

iPod chargers, batteries

iPodStyles today announced a series of power and sync accessories for the iPod. The sleek and compact design of each accessory matches that of the iPod, including the iPod Car Charger ($13) for charing via a 12V car lighter jack; a iPod PowerStick ($21) for charing using four AA batteries; a iPod Travel Charger ($17, pictured at right) that allows you to simultaneously charge and play your iPod from any wall plug; a iPod USB Sync Cable ($17) allows you to charge and sync iPod music; and a Retractable iPod USB Sync Cable ($15).

iRiver says \'Thank you\' to Apple

05/26, 7:05pm

Apple expands music market

iRiver, a manufacturer of MP3 players, is far from bitter about the iPod's overwhelming success, according to the company's spokesperson who said that Apple has increased the overall music player market. "In a lot of ways, we have to say thank you to Apple. They have generated so much interest in this category. As the saying goes: 'A rising tide lifts all boats.'" Copley News Service says that the iPod phenomenon has taken on a life of its own: "Whether it's lack of competition, Apple's marketing hip-notism or something about the look and feel of the iconic little gizmo, it's hard to pinpoint precisely why such devotion is showered on the iPod. Danika Cleary, a senior marketing manager for Apple, guesses it has to do with 'the iPod being so small -- hand-held. And it has rounded edges and circles. [Users] kind of covet it, in a way. We've seen people caress them." The article also notes that users have gone so far as to give their iPods names as well.

London crime rates up due to iPod, cell phone thefts

05/26, 6:55pm

iPod spurs crime in London

Echoing a similar report in New York late last month, the popularity of iPods and new mobile phones has fuelled a sharp rise in street robbery in the country's capital because of its distinctive white-colored earphones, according to Britain's most senior police officer. "Sir Ian was speaking as new figures showed a 26.4 percent increase in robbery - which includes street crime and the theft of personal items - in London in April compared to the same month last year.... 'In street robbery our concern has been around the smaller portable pieces of kit - the new generation of mobile phones and iPods. They have different coloured leads, it is very obvious when someone is wearing an iPod. That is what is fuelling this.'"

Expanded iPodkitz line available in new stylings

05/26, 6:50pm

Expanded iPodkitz line

Hong Kong-based itzkitz today launched a new range of iPodkitz for the iPod Photo 30GB. The company has expanded the range of its iPodkitz products to include the iPod photo 30GB model as well as the new "eye-catching" Red Viper & Purple Python models. Made from Snakeskin-patterned leather, the cases offer a "high fashion alternative to the myriad of standard leather cases currently available in the market." Each iPodkitz, also available in black, red, or white/grey styling, contains a hardshell leather case with a cushioned interior & a detachable belt clip system. It also includes a retractable sync charge cable and an innovative "Smartwrap" for headphone cable management. It is available for pre-order now and will ship on May 30th for $40.

Mac mini storage solution integrates USB/FireWire hub

05/26, 5:20pm

Macway minipartner

French storage reseller Macway today began shipping minipartner, its external hard disk and port extender with backup button designed to provide Apple's Mac mini with up to 400GB of 7,300 rpm storage as well as a USB/FireWire combo hub. The hub provides four (4) USB 2.0 ports, and three (3) FireWire ports. The minipartner matches the design of the Mac mini. "Now, Mac mini owners benefit from an ultra-fast and secure backup solution" said Vincent Lugnier, MacWay's Product Manager. "Our innovative backup button offers peace of mind with Dantz Retrospect Express (Mac & PC). The minipartner expands Mac mini connectivity as an attractive workstation." It is available in 80GB (108), 160B (133), 200GB (150), 250GB (183), and 400GB (334) capacities.

Apps: Pro Tools TDM, CubeMovie HD, Shoebox, Clone X..

05/26, 4:00pm

Pro Tools TDM, Clone X

    Pro Tools TDM 6.9.2 adds support for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" to the Pro Tools 6.9 feature set. Pro Tools TDM 6.9.2 software supports the Avid Mojo interface on Mac OS X 10.4. However, the Avid Media Station|PT companion application is not yet compatible with Mac OS X 10.4. [Download - options]
    CubeMovie HD 3.0.2 ($12) is a Mac OS X "rolling cube" slideshow application. CubeMovie HD takes pictures from your iPhoto collection or from the Finder and creates a vibrant slideshow in a couple of clicks. The release features support for new 16:9 and HD formats introduced in iMovie 5.0, as well as Keynote export capabilities. [Download - 773KB]
    Shoebox 1.2 ($30) lets you use Spotlight to search photos by content. It uses Knowledge Base technology to categorize your photos according to who, what, where, and when. Shoebox 1.2 can now create smart folders, allowing you to browse your photos by category right in the Finder. [Download - 2.0MB]
    Clone X 2.0.1 (EUR 70) can copy an entire disk to another disk, or to a set of CDs or DVDs. Copies are fully functional. Clone X provides restoration features as well, and bootable CD creation. This version provides new features and enhancements, among which: can create Tiger's bootable CD, add Widgets when creating a minimal System, and skip Spotlight data base when copying a volume. [Download - 1.5MB]
    PasswordWallet 3.1 ($12) is a convenient, easy to use, safe, secure place to store all your usernames, passwords, PIN numbers, combinations and notes. The new release adds a default browser option for each password, includes more configurable password generation, and fixes problems with flat file systems. [Download - Mac, Palm component]
    GLMStat 6.0 ($25) is a statistical program for analysing generalized linear models. It provides a Macintosh interface using menus and dialogs rather than a command-line interface. Changes in version 6.0.0 include: creation of Matrix graphs using a tabbed dialog, 95% confidence intervals to estimates, storage of data columns and results in double precision rather than single precision, bug fixes, and more. [Download - 900KB]

Kanguru DVD Duplicator offers 16x writing

05/26, 2:35pm

Kanguru DVD Duplicator

Kanguru Solutions has released a new DVD Duplicator with 16x write speed. The device can create 11 CDs or DVDs at once, and features a 200GB KanguruDisk --capable of storing up to 40 full DVDs worth of images. Kanguru say its duplicator can produce 111 full sized DVDs, or 220 full sized CDs per hour. It includes built-in Copy, Test, Compared, Load, and Erase features. Compatible formats include DVD + R, DVD -R, DVD +RW, DVD -RW, CD-R, and CD-RW. It comes packaged with burning software for both Mac and Windows.

G5 Macs power UK brain research center

05/26, 1:55pm

G5s in research center

Images from the scanners at one of Europe's most important centers for the study of the human brain, are analysed using a powerful cluster of Apple Power Mac G5 computers. The York NeuroImaging Centre, located at the University of York, opens Friday. The Centre's 1.1 million MagnetoEncephaloGraphic (MEG) scanner, the first of its kind in Europe, provides a non-invasive way of mapping the magnetic fields created by electrical activity in the brain.The Center is devising research programs for studies of autism, epilepsy, dementia and stroke and is actively encouraging collaborative projects.

Briefly: Aspyr logo, giveaway; Crabby Awards; iGuy...

05/26, 12:00pm

Aspyr logo, giveaway

In brief: Aspyr today unveiled a new corporate logo and announced a contest offering an iPod, iPod shuffle, five copies of The Sims 2, and new Aspyr t-shirts.... Organizers of the Mac Design Conference & Digital Photography Expo are extending the entry deadline for its annual Crabby Awards to 5:00 p.m., June 6.... Speck Products today announced iGuy, the first "bendable, posable" iPod "friend" and docking station.... Two major news divisions -- ABC and NBC -- yesterday announced they would issue podcasts.

Analyst raises AAPL estimates on based on Tiger sales

05/26, 11:45am

\'Solid\' quarter for Apple

Piper Jaffray today reiterated its "outperform" rating on Apple and raised its June quarter estimates based on expectations of strong Mac OS X Tiger sales. The firm said that it expects the fiscal third quarter numbers to be up slightly from the second quarter. Forbes reports that the firm also reiterated its $52 target price on Apple: "The bottom line from our checks is that while we are not expecting significant upside to June [third] quarter numbers, Apple's business appears to be solid in what is typically a seasonally slower period." The firm raised the fiscal 2005 and 2006 earnings-per-share estimates on Apple to $1.32 and $1.48, respectively from $1.27 and $1.38 as well as expects a slight increase in iPod sales numbers for the June quarter (5.5M vs. 5.3M last quarter); however, it said that Apple's numbers will likely be driven by strong Mac sales.

iGuy a \"bendable, posable\" iPod holder

05/26, 11:40am

iGuy iPod \"friend\"

Speck Products today announced iGuy, its latest iPod accessory. iGuy is the first "bendable, posable" iPod "friend." It is also fully functional, featuring rubberized protection, docking capability and scratch-resistant screen for the iPod and iPod Photo. iGuy's white, rubberized case features arms that bend to pose, and legs that fold and stretch outright to sit on the dock and recharge. The case includes a tough, removable screen protector, and enables full access to the control, headphone plug and hold switch. The iGuy is designed to fit all 4G and photo iPods, including 20, 30, 40 and 60GB, and retails for $35.

Intel CEO: If you want security now, buy a Mac

05/26, 10:45am

Intel chief on security

During this week's Wall Street Journal "D: All Things Digital" conference, Intel chief executive Paul Otellini was pressed by Walt Mossberg about security on the Wintel platform, to which he offered a startling confession: He spends an hour a weekend removing spyware from his daughter's computer. Asked whether a mainstream computer user in search of immediate safety from security woes ought to buy a Mac instead of a Wintel PC, he said, "If you want to fix it tomorrow, maybe you should buy something else."

Consumer Reports on Mac reliability, clock speeds

05/26, 10:15am

Consumer Reports on Macs

Consumer Reports looks at the best personal computer offerings in its June 2005 issue. Apple's 17-inch iMac was ranked best for reliability and support. "Apple provides top-notch reliability and support. Its computers are currently less vulnerable to viruses and spyware than Windows-based models." On the downside, the review notes that the iMac has limited expandability. The June 2005 issue also touches on processor clock speed. According to the magazine, Intel now assigns "processor numbers" to its chips, de-emphasizing clock speed. The architecture of some families of chips, such as those from IBM, "allows them to be as fast as or faster than others with higher clock speeds, so speed comparison by the numbers can be misleading."

FileMaker honored with Codie Awards

05/26, 10:00am

FileMaker awards

The Software & Information Industry Association has honored Apple subsidiary FileMaker with three Codie Awards. FileMaker Pro 7 won a Codie Award for Best Database Management Product or Service and FileMaker Server 7 Advanced won a Codie Award for Best Administration System for Education Enterprises. The company was also presented a Codie Award for Excellence in Giving from the SIIA and Gifts In Kind International. FileMaker Pro 7 is a major update to the database software that began shipping in March 2004. The SIIA Codie Awards "showcase the industry's finest products and services and honor excellence in the software and information industry."

ABC, NBC to offer news podcasts

05/26, 9:50am

ABC, NBC podcasts

Two major news divisions -- ABC and NBC -- yesterday announced they would issue podcasts. ABC News launched its podcast via its Web site, It offers a mix of new and rerun material. NBC News podcasts will be available in June through the MSNBC Web site. It will feature hourly updates from NBC, clips from TV shows including "Today" and samples of interviews on "Hardball." Forbes says "the allure of such TV-to-radio news transmogrification is still up for debate." While "news junkies" may "prize any portable info delivery system," skeptics say "it's as thrilling as watching TV with your eyes closed."

Columnist looks at music subscription services

05/26, 9:45am

Subscription services

"There's a reason Apple Computer dominates the legal 99-cents-a-download digital music scene: It does it right," writes USA Today columnist Edward C. Baig. However, Baig admits the subscription service model is growing on him. "Now, with the addition of RealNetworks Rhapsody To Go service -- and especially with the debut this month of Yahoo Music Unlimited -- I imagine it'll grow on others, too." The article describes some problems with the Microsoft software that underpins both Rhapsody and Yahoo Music. "I had to reinstall Microsoft's software." Overall, Baig picks Yahoo as the best subscription service. Still, he doesn't expect Apple to "slip off the online music throne anytime soon." However, "Yahoo and Real are at least giving digital music fans plenty to think about."

Gefen release new DVI-1000 ST video extender

05/26, 9:30am

Gefen DVI-1000 ST

Gefen has released the DVI-1000 ST, the successor to its popular DVI-1000 HD video extender. The new version is equipped with more durable fiber optic cable connectors to accommodate the rental and staging markets with its extensive handling demands. The DVI-1000 ST uses the same methodology to extend high definition digital video up to 500 meters (1640 feet) from source to display. Small sender and receiver units link the source to the extended display with multimode fiber optic cables, available from Gefen in lengths ranging from 33 to 330 feet. The DVI-1000 ST supports high resolutions up to and including 1080p or 1920x1200 for computers, and is equipped with DVI inputs and outputs to connect its sender and receiver units to the source and the extended display.

Briefly: Century City opening, Nokia \"iPod killer\"...

05/26, 9:25am

Nokia \"iPod killer\"

In Brief: Apple announced the grand opening of its Century City retail store (located on 10250 Santa Monica Blvd) in Los Angeles on June 4.... Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, plans to launch an "iPod killer" and "digital camera alternative" this summer.... iPod Agent is multi-purpose utility for copying songs from an iPod to a Windows PC, and for managing the iPod's content.... SpeakerCraft, a manufacturer of in-wall speakers, has announced a solution to control and distribute audio throughout the home from the iPod using the company's MZC-66, a six-zone, six-source audio/video switcher.... XtremeMac and Future Sonics haved announced a joint agreement to develop and market advanced consumer earphones and earphone products.

Nokia to launch \"iPod killer\" phone with 4GB

05/26, 9:00am

Nokia \"iPod killer\"

Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, plans to launch an "iPod killer" and "digital camera alternative" this summer. According to Nokia's vice president, Asia Pacific, Mauro Montanaro, the N90 would be the first to the market by July, followed by both the N70 and N91 before the year-end. The N91 is the most feature-rich model, with an integrated 4GB hard disk and play music for 12.5 hours at a stretch. It also boasts of an MP3 and ACC playback, in addition to remote controlled earphones and an FM tuner. Other features include shock proof hard disk, a 2 mega pixel camera, Web browser and integrated Wi-Fi. The N91, however, is not likely to compete directly with any iPod model. It offers the same storage as iPod mini, but will costs nearly $700.

iPod Agent copies songs from iPod to PC

05/26, 8:45am

iPod Agent

iPod Agent is multi-purpose utility for copying songs from an iPod to a Windows PC, and for managing the iPod's content. It can transfer contacts, appointments, e-mail, tasks, and notes from Microsoft outlook to an iPod. It also downloads weather forecasts from the Web and put it on your iPod. iPod Agent can fetch RSS feeds, as well as podcasts, movie listings, and horoscopes. iPod Agent will automatically break any text file up into 4k size pages. iPod Agent is shareware. You are free to try a fully functional version for 15 days. Registration of iPod Agent costs $15.

Apple employees optimistic about company\'s future

05/26, 8:25am survey on Apple

Apple employees are optimistic on their company's future, although many are voicing serious concerns about existing micromanagement and excessive turnover, according to New York research firm Vault, who conducted a series of employee surveys to give investors and jobseekers insight into the company's business operations. The surveys are available today on One former customer solutions specialist writes: "The business of the company is doing great especially with the iPod and their innovative designs. However just as any large corporation the large scale structure, the organization gets lost at the lower levels. The micromanagement needs to be but to a minimum and something needs to be done to increase retention and lower the turnover rate which is substantial."

iPod interface kit for in-wall home stereo system

05/26, 8:15am

iPod interface kit

SpeakerCraft, an American manufacturer of in-wall speakers, has announced a solution to control and distribute audio throughout the home from the iPod using the company's MZC-66, a six-zone, six-source audio/video switcher. The keypad-based system allows users the flexibility of selecting and controlling multiple audio and video sources in up to six indepensent zones throughout the house. Leveraging the iPod codes embedded in the MZC system, the MZC/iPod Interface kit allows an iPod to become one of the six sources. The kit supports all iPod models with Dock Connector and includes an infrared naviPod for remote control of the system.

XtremeMac, Future Sonics to develop new earphones

05/26, 8:00am

New XtremeMac earphones

XtremeMac and Future Sonics haved announced a joint agreement to develop and market advanced consumer earphones and earphone products. These products will combine XtremeMac's brand awareness and distribution channels in the digital multimedia and consumer electronics markets with Future Sonics' focus on the professional audio, sound reinforcement and musical instrument markets. The first product to be released will feature newly developed technologies for high-quality audio in a new earphone. (The companies did not say when the product would be released.) Future Sonics Ears ($100), currently available, offers 20MHz-20KHz response, AND (Ambient Noise Technology), and other features.

Apple\'s Ive, iPod, Display receive design awards

05/26, 2:25am

Design and Art Direction

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Apple's head of industrial design Jonathan Ive were in London on Wednesday night to receive four coveted design awards from Design and Art Direction (D&AD), according to Macworld UK. Apple took home Silver Awards for both the fourth-generation iPod and iPod mini in the 'Products for the Home' category (Yellow Pencil) and a Silver Award (Yellow Pencil) for the Cinema Display in the 'Product for Work and Industry' category. The report also notes that Ive received a special award in recognition of his world-class achievements in design: the D&AD president's award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry. The award, chosen by the D&AD president himself, was described as "perhaps the biggest professional recognition" for Apple's design guru.

OmniGraffle 4 brings outline view, Bezier curves

05/26, 1:20am

OmniGraffle 4 public beta

Following our exclusive sneak peek, The Omni Group today released the first public beta of OmniGraffle 4. The new version is a major update to the diagramming and drawing application; it offers a streamlined user interface as well as many new features for brainstorming, drafting, import and export, and document management. Version 4 features a new dynamic outline view, diagram styles, a Bezier curve drawing tool, and greatly improved import and export options. OmniGraffle Professional 4 adds master canvases, notes, tables, document scale, improved Visio XML import and export, and SVG export, and more.


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