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New Didi N\' Ditto, Creatures games

updated 12:15 pm EDT, Thu May 19, 2005

New Creatures games

, producer of the popular Mia "edutainment" software series, has announced the launch of three new game titles. The titles are Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King, Creatures: Exodus, and Creatures: Village. All three games come as hybrid CDs, meaning they contain both Macintosh and Windows versions. Didi & Ditto, and both "Creatures" games, will sell for $20 each. The games will be available in September.

Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King

"This time around we find the two zany beavers, Didi and Ditto, fighting to save their land from the Wolf King and his evil Lieutenants." This new title catches and keeps children's attention with fun activities related to math, reading & writing, science & technology, music, social studies and art. Didi and Ditto are part of a very special, wacky world where spiral trees, comical characters and purple wolves abound. A special feature of the title is that children can play the game as either the female character (Didi) or the male character (Ditto).

Each title in the Didi & Ditto series is designed to strengthen and reinforce what children are learning at school and covers multiple subjects for a single grade level. At the start of each game there is a choice of three difficulty levels giving the CD-ROMs a great deal of longevity. This second title in the series is designed for the first grade level, targeting children ages five to seven.

Creatures: Exodus

Players try to successfully breed their own population of "Norns." Creatures' Norns, model "real biological systems inside your computer" and come complete with their own "biochemistry, brains and Digital DNA." You have to "hatch and teach your Norns how to survive but remember; they make their own choices, and ultimately learn from their mistakes."

Exodus introduces two new types of Norns and a "Docking Station." This is where players will be able to connect through the Internet to other players and become a part of an online network of connected worlds through which Norns can wander at will.

Creatures: Village

The Creatures: Village world is a dynamic, living environment complete with weather and seasons that affect your Norns' daily activities. For example, flowers bloom in the spring and trees lose their leaves in the fall. In the summer you can plant and grow lots of fruits and vegetables but you need to make sure to stockpile enough food to get your Norns through the cold season.

Creatures: Village is a "true game for the young gamer" where players will be introduced to some of the notions of genetics, biology and ecosystems, they will also experience the responsibilities that go along with taking care of another being. "This game is open-ended, allowing children to make up their own stories and to create their own goals. It really is a playground for their imaginations," said Richard Vincent, Kutoka's CEO and Creative Director.

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