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Red Hat founder offers to license \'Tiger\' to Apple

05/03, 11:00pm

\'Tiger\' license offered

Robert F. Young, a founder of Linux distributor Red Hat and now owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Canadian football team, has offered Apple a quick way out of its lawsuit over the use of the Tiger moniker, according to The Globe and Mail. Apple was sued by retailer Tiger Direct over the use of the Tiger moniker for the latest version of its Mac OS X operating system. "Young has offered to license the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' historical use of the word Tiger to Apple free of charge. The Hamilton Tigers Football Club, established in 1869, continued to be known as the Tigers (with its colors of yellow and black) until 1950, when the Tigers merged with the Hamilton Wildcats to become the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. '136 years ago we were called The Tigers,' Mr. Young said. 'If anyone owns the exclusive rights to the word 'tiger' with that much history and tradition, it's gotta be us.'"

Adium X 0.80 updates multi-protocol IM client

05/03, 7:30pm

Adium X 0.80 released

The Adium team has released Adium X 0.80, a major update to its multi-protocol instant messaging application. Adium 0.80 brings a completely new status system with available messages and invisibility on supported protocols, built-in secure encrypted messaging via Off-the-Record Messaging, file transfer progress interface, customizable built-in Growl notification system support, blocking, customizable service and status icons, full Mac OS X 10.4 compatibility, and more. Version 0.80 is now officially multilingual with support for Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. (The update may not be compatible with display/theme preferences, requiring a reconfiguration.)

Apps: Retrospect, Growl, Yummy FTP, iTaskx, xScope

05/03, 7:15pm

Retrospect, Growl, xScope

    Retrospect 6.0212 (free) brings Tiger support to the Server, Client, and Express editions of the backup software, while a new RDU 6.3.102 update adds additional device/media support. The 6.0.204 version, for all non-Tiger users, can be used to backup 6.0.110 clients running Tiger. The pages note that Restrospect does not backup/restore metadata or Access Control Lists. [Retrospect, Client, Express]
    Growl 0.62 (free) is a global notification system for Mac OS X, allowing any application to send a notification to display an "attractive" message on your screen. Notifications are centralized and customizable from a single preference pane and can be verbal, displayed, or emailed to any user. [Download - 1MB]
    Yummy FTP 1.1 ($25) updates the FTP client with Tiger compatibility, new icons, improved FTP browsing, Growl notification, link navigation, server-to-server transfers, suffix mapping, repeating/single-event schedules, a built-in editor, filters, and more. [Download - 3.3MB]
    iTaskX 2 (65€) is a project management application that offers custom views, multiple printing options, definable text styles, task splitting, linking of summary tasks, effort-driven scheduling, and import/export of several project formats, including MS Project XML, MPX, OPML, CVS, TXT, etc. It also supports assignable tasks, templates, and more. [Download - 4MB]
    xScope v1.1 ($15) updates the tool that screen designers can use to measure, compare, contrast and get info on page layouts, screen sizes, html colors and much more. Version 1.1 includes new ruler info/nudging, synchronized frame moves, new frame aspect ratios, increased usability with Exposé and Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger", and more. [Download - 1MB]
    FuzzMeasure 1.2 ($85) is a tool that enables users to measure the impulse response and transfer function of rooms, loudspeakers, electrical components, and more. It allows users to evaluate speakers by analyzing their frequency response, or pinpoint a room's acoustical shortcomings for precise equalization. [Download - 896KB]
    Other Tiger-compatibility updates include: SafariSpeed 1.2.2 (freeware for improving Safari speed), iMage 1.0b1 (beta image editor using Tiger's new imaging features), EarthBrowser 2.5.5 ($24 shareware that earth with live weather, clouds, earthquakes, webcams, etc), Ultralingua 5.09 ($30 translation dictionary software), Mellel 1.9.1 ($40 word processor), and Grammarian PRO X 1.6.1 ($40 grammar, spelling, dictionary, thesaurus, etc.)

ezGear offers carShare power socket splitter

05/03, 6:35pm

ezGear offers carShare

ezGear today debuted its carShare car power socket splitter, which allows users to charge both their iPod, while providing another outlet to charge another device. The carShare fits in all car power sockets and has two sockets for your car chargers. Shipping in "iPod-white," it is available immediately for $19. According to Charlie Bernstein, President of ezGear "The carShare is a simple product that solves a basic problem. Many iPod users also have cell phones. With the carShare, you can now charge your iPod and your cell phone at the same time."

equinux debuts VPN Tracker 4.0

05/03, 5:30pm

VPN Tracker 4.0

equinux has announced the newest version of its VPN client software, VPN Tracker 4.0. The "Smart VPN" technology helps keep the VPN connection going by automatically tracking network configuration changes and restarting the VPN service when necessary as well as skipping unneeded VPN connections. It also allows dynamic configuration from the server-side simplifying large scale VPN rollouts and includeds a network trafffic indicator for the VPN. Additionally, it brings support for Cisco PIX (with easy VPN support) and Cisco VPN Concentrator, adding to the more than 250 major commercial firewalls/gateways already supported. Both Personal ($90) and Professional ($200) editions are available. (It is not compatible with Mac OS X Tiger, suffering from the same networking bug affecting many enterprise applications.)

Briefly: BTO RAM pricing, new MS file format...

05/03, 5:25pm

BTO RAM pricing

In brief: Along with the new iMac and eMac updates, Apple today dropped the price of its built-to-order RAM upgrades (upgrading to 512MB is $50, while upgrading to 1GB is now $225), ... AFP548 has posted an overview of Mac OS X 10.4 Server, "We are also happy to see Apple further embracing the Open Source community," ... Microspot today announced the release of MacDraft 5.5.7 Professional and Personal Editions, adding a Spotlight plug-in for Mac OS X Tiger, ... SpiderWorks today announced the exclusive book release of the "Mac OS X Technology Guide to Automator" by Ben Waldie, ... The next version of Windows will include a new document format that rivals Adobe's PostScript and PDF.

Apple releases Panther security update

05/03, 4:35pm

Panther security update

Apple today released Security Update 2005-005 for both Client and Server versions of Mac OS X Panther. The updates address more than 20 security flaws in Mac OS X 10.3.9 (both client and server versions). The update brings fixes for Apache, AppKit, AppleScript, Bluetooth, Directory Services, Finder, Foundation, Help Viewer, LDAP, libXpm, lukemftpd, NetInfo (Server only), sudo, Server Admin (Server only), Terminal, VPN, and X11. A detailed list of the vulnerabilities and their impact can viewed online at Apple's support site. Apple also posted Fibre Channel Utility 2.0, which provides the ability to configure the Apple Fibre Channel PCI Card and Common Criteria Tools for 10.4, an internationally approved set of security standards which provides a clear and reliable evaluation of the security capabilities of Information Technology products.

Aspyr adds features, special offer to GameAgent 1.2

05/03, 4:15pm

Aspyr GameAgent 1.2

Aspyr Media today updated GameAgent 1.2, its free utility that allows you to easily match your computer hardware with the system requirements of Aspyr's game titles. Version 1.2 adds suggested retail prices for all games, allows you to track game titles (including those that have yet to ship), options for daily or weekly notification on games/updates, and more. In addition to new features, Aspyr is offering GameAgent users a three-title bundle for $20. The special promo includes Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, 007 Nightfire and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and is only available through the application. Game Agent will automatically identify which games will run on your current system, or allow you to create a customized Apple configuration.

DanLabGames releases Jammin\' Racer racing game

05/03, 4:05pm

Jammin\' Racer for OS X

DanLabGames has released Jammin' Racer, a fast-paced arcade racing game. "It's exciting and colorful 3D arcade racing game with very cute graphics and extremely addictive game-play.... This is not a simulation game with realistic physics, you won't need to change oil or check the tires' air pressure. Just floor it and try to finish all races in the first position!" The demo offers 4 free tracks, while the full version comes with a total of 24 tracks distributed among 6 cups (beach, mountain, pre-historical, space-age, desert, and urban). It offers OpenGL-acceleration and force-feedback support as well as single-player, two-player, and training modes. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. The game is distributed online only and can be purchased for $25.

Briefly: MacIT, Core Data, Dual-voltage iMacs

05/03, 3:30pm

MacIT, Core Data

In brief: Apple's new iMac G5s are now dual-voltage, allowing them to be used both inside and outside the U.S., ... Macworld Conference & Expo Boston announced the schedule for the MacIT Conference, featuring more than 20 sessions in the following four tracks: Servers and Services; Advanced User Topics; Mac OS X Troubleshooting; and Mac OS X Management and Administration, ... The all-new Lasso Master Class by Brian Dunning, a 2-day intensive training course for Lasso 8 using FileMaker Server 7 Advanced, is coming to Denver, Washington, and Ft. Lauderdale, ... Cocoa Dev Central has launched two new tutorials that explain how to use Tiger's new Core Data technology in Cocoa applications.... Tech Superpowers is hiring for two full-time positions open in its Boston location: Apple Onsite Service Technician and Mac Corporate Salesperson: "Why be a Genius when you can be a Superpower?"

Apple offers AirPort Express promo, iMac G5 refurbs

05/03, 2:40pm

AirPort Express promo

The Apple Store has launched new promotion on its AirPort Express BaseStation, offering a offering a $30 iTunes gift certificate with the purchase of an AirPort Express Base Station ($130) through May 23, 2005. In addition, Apple is offering refurbished versions of its previous-generation 17-inch iMac G5 for $900 (1.6GHz/Combo) or $1000 (1.8GHz/SuperDrive)--both have 256MB of RAM and 80GB drives. New versions of both 17-inch models are $100 more. A refurb 20-inch model (1.8GHz/SuperDrive/160GB) is $1,400, while a new version of the same model has been discounted to $1,600. Apple is also offering refurbished first-generation 4GB iPods for $170 (Blue, Pink, Gold, and Silver with both FireWire and USB cables) and 12-inch Books for $800--either its 1.2GHz/CD or 1GHz/Combo drive models. For $50 more, users can buy a 12-inch model with built-in AirPort Extreme networking ($850) or upgrade to a 1.33GHz 14-inch model (SuperDrive/60GB) for $1,300.

K-werkx relaunches apps as shareware

05/03, 1:45pm

K-werkx shareware

K-werkx today released LockSecret 1.1, a batch-based file encryption/decryption utility. Version 1.1 features interface and workflow improvements and is also now available as $7 shareware. K-werkx yesterday released Front End Digital Media Workshop 2.0 as shareware, available for $7. Front End Digital Media Workshop is a multimedia presentation and authoring suite. K-werkx also recently released Fast File Saw and Joiner 3.1 ($6) under its new shareware initiative, an update to the file distribution and storage management utility that allows users to break up a large file and rejoin the pieces. Also available as freeware is Front End Digital Media Player 2.1, a playlist-based play back and presentation application for QuickTime-compatible media.

Bugs, incompatibilities in Tiger affect enterprise

05/03, 1:00pm

Tiger bugs affect software

Some enterprise software developers have discovered that their products are not compatible with Tiger and are recommending that their customers hold off on upgrading to Tiger, according to an eWEEK report. Microsoft says a patch for its Virtual PC software is due in 2-3 months, while Thursby says that a bug within the Tiger kernel will need to be repaired before it can issue its fix (due in August) for ADmitMac, which provides Active Directory integration, and DAVE, an SMB file/print-sharing product. "While most developers point to dramatic changes in Tiger's kernel as the reason, several claim that part of the problem is one or more bugs in the kernel of Mac OS X 10.4, bugs that they say Apple has acknowledged and has promised to repair....Incompatibilities with Tiger exist for a large variety of network software, including VPN clients from a variety of vendors," Thursby products, and PGP Desktop.

Apps: Widget Browser, TV Tracker, FuzzMeasure...

05/03, 12:05pm

Widget Browser, TV Tracker

    Amnesty Widget Browser is a utility for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger that allows Dashboard widgets to run directly on the Desktop via a convenient icon in the system menu bar. Widgets loaded in Amnesty Widget Browser run completely independent of Apple's Dashboard environment. [Download - 514KB]
    TV Tracker is the latest in MonkeyBusinessLabs' series of widgets for Mac OS X Tiger. TV Tracker makes it easy to keep track of what's on television by downloading current show listings from the Web. [Download - 621KB]
    FuzzMeasure 1.2 ($85) is a tool that enables users to measure the impulse response and transfer function of rooms, loudspeakers, electrical components, and more. Version 1.2 now allows users to compare multiple transfer function curves and save measurement record collections for later comparison. [Download - 896KB]
    Globe Trotter ($5) is a background window application for Internet searching. "Hit your hotkey combination and the Globe Trotter window springs into action. Search among the 50 included search engines, or add your own." [Download - 382KB]
    LaunchBar 4.0.2 is a productivity utility that provides instant access to thousands of files and folders, contacts and bookmarks, applications and preference panes just by entering short abbreviations of the item's name. [Download - 472KB]
    Burning Monkey Solitaire 2005 3.1.1 ($25) is the latest version of the popular game from Freeverse. It now offers "Spider" and "Tri-Towers" bringing to 32 the number of different game variations in Burning Monkey Solitaire. [Download - 3.2MB]

iWoodKiosk: wood iMac G5 kiosk enclosure

05/03, 10:30am

iWoodKiosk for iMac G5

iWoodKiosk is a wood enclosure for the iMac G5 that provides a complete kiosk solution. It is constructed of natural lime wood, and is available in several colors. It is also available in company colors, with a logo or company artwork. It is designed for the 17" iMac G5, and offers an ergonomic location for Apple's wireless keyboard. Also integrated is a touchpad with scroll and click functions. A touch-screen option is coming soon. According to the manufacturer, iWoodKiosk is ideal for hotels, museums, schools, banks, and more. iWoodKiosk is made in Hungary by Tactus Multimedia Studio.

Briefly: iMaginator Contest, Missing Sync for Tiger

05/03, 9:45am

iMaginator Contest

In brief: Stone Design today announced the iMaginator Contest 2005 in which contestants must "apply some effects to the Tiger image included in iMaginator and send us the Effects Chain,"... Microsoft is not waiting for the next major version of Windows to ship before it makes changes to improve the security of some key components such as Internet Explorer, ... BakBone Software and Exabyte today announced codeveloped integrated data protection solutions for Mac OS X, ... Mark/Space today announced that its current release of The Missing Sync for Palm OS supports Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger," and that future Missing Sync releases will take advantage of exciting new technologies introduced in Apple's latest operating system.

iAdvertise announces new server/player suite

05/03, 9:40am

iAdvertise server/player is a Mac OS X software solution that combines i@dvertise.server and i@dvertise.player. Using the package, users can remotely collect and manage a wide range of media files, and deliver media to multiple screens in one or more locations. i@dvertise.server is designed to allow users to collect and manage multi-format media files on a Mac OS X server, organize files into playlists, schedule playlists on various screen layouts, distribute playlists to player stations, and monitor the player stations. i@dvertise.player checks i@dvertise.server to establish which media files are to be displayed, when they are to be displayed and in what order the media files should be played.

Apple updates iMac G5, eMac desktop lines

05/03, 7:55am

Updated iMac G5 desktops

Apple today unveiled a new iMac G5 line with faster G5 processors, more memory, built-in AirPort Extreme (in all models) and faster Bluetooth 2.0+EDR wireless connectivity and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. The new iMac G5s also include faster ATI graphics, a new 8X SuperDrive with double-layer support, built-in Gigabit Ethernet for faster networking, and 512MB of memory across the product line. Three models are available, including two 17-inch models: $1,300 (1.8GHz/Combo) and $1,500 (2.0GHz/8x DL SuperDrive)--both feature 160GB drives and 512MB of memory. The 20-inch model is $1,800 and features a 2.0GHz G5, an 8x SuperDrive, 512MB of RAM, and a 250GB drive. The new iMacs, which feature Gigabit Ethernet and an ATI 9600 GPU with 128MB of memory, have an estimated ship time of 1-3 days from the Apple Store. In addition, Apple also quietly updated its eMac line, with two new models: $800 (1.42GHz/256MB/Combo) and $1000 (1.42GHz/512MB/SuperDrive)--both of which ship with Mac OS X Tiger.

Briefly: Jobs on Top 25 list, Gates takes jab, ...

05/03, 1:20am

Jobs on CNN Top 25 list

In Brief: Steve Jobs is No. 16, while Bill Gates is No. 11 on the Top 25: Fascinating people list compiled by CNN and TIME editors.... Microsoft's Bill Gates took a dig at Apple in response to questions about the rave reviews about Tiger: "You can always tell if you're working on a Mac or a PC. Just take your applications and stick them in there and see if they run," he said, moments after calling Apple "the super-small market share guy.".... is a weblog and file archive devoted to Apple's Developer Tools software that allows for the creation of interactive, dynamic, motion graphics without the need to write a single line of code.... Dr. Bott is now distributing H2O Audio products, including the SV-iMini, the first fully waterproof and submersible housing and headset for iPod mini.


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