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Camino 0.84 fixes security bugs, supports Tiger

04/28, 6:25pm

Camino 0.84 updated's Camino 0.84 is the latest version of the open-source browser effort. It fixes a critical issue with Mac OS X 10.4 when opening a new tab when viewing a page with a plug-in, improves display of tooltips, fixes several security issues, and fixes a few bugs. "It is recommended that all users upgrade due to the nature of the security bugs fixed."

Apple sued over use of \'Tiger\', injunction sought

04/28, 4:05pm

Apple sued over \'Tiger\'

Apple has been sued by Tiger Direct, Inc. for allegedly infringing its trademark with the Mac OS X 'Tiger', according to Bloomberg. Tiger Direct sells computers and related products on the Internet; it says the Apple's software package, marketing, and use of Tiger in the company's forthcoming operating system, threatens to dilute its trademarked 'Tiger' name. It also accused Apple of deceptive and unfair trade practices in the federal lawsuit filed in a Miami court. "Apple Computer has created and launched a nationwide media blitz led by Steven Jobs, overwhelming the computer world with a sea of Tiger references," according to the lawsuit. Bloomberg says that court injunction, if granted, could halt the rollout of new Mac OS X Tiger operating system, which will be officially released tomorrow.

Unsanity updates FontCard, FruitMenu, WindowShade,...

04/28, 2:40pm

FontCard, FruitMenu, ....

Unsanity today released Tiger-compatibility updates for all of its products: FontCard 1.3 ($17) offers support for inactive fonts in FontAgent Pro sets, supports and other similar Cocoa applications, a new installer, and more. FruitMenu 3.4 ($10) updates the haxie that gives you the ability to customize the Apple Menu and contextual menus. WindowShade X 3.6 ($10) offers more options for minimizing and/or organizing windows; Xounds 2.3 ($10) brings back Appearance Sounds to Mac OS X; Application Enhancer 1.5 (and APE SDK) is an update to the free system framework used in Unsanity's (and others') products to enhance Mac OS X (required by many apps); and ClearDock 1.3 (free) removes the semi-transparent white Dock background and more.

Tiger updates: iPulse, DayLite, Picture Arena, ...

04/28, 2:10pm

iPulse, DayLite,

Tiger updates: Iconfactory has released iPulse 2.1.2 ($13), which lets users monitor memory and CPU usage, network activity, available hard disk space and much more.... Vara Software has released Wirecast 1.2.1 ($450) for creating dynamic webcasts and Videocue 1.0.5 ($100), a teleprompting application for creating movies.... Expected tomorrow, Both of the The Omni Group's diagramming and drawing program, OmniGraffle and its outlining and organizational tool, OmniOutliner, will include support for Spotlight.... Marketcircle's DayLite 1.7.4 ($150) updates the business relationship manager, while its DayLite Mail Integration Module 1.1 ($40) is designed to tightly integrate DayLite with Tiger's Mail application.... LiveDictionary 1.1.5 ($25) is a Safari extension that adds fast, convenient dictionary lookups to the web.... Picture Arena 1.3 (20) brings Spotlight, Core Image and Quartz Composer as well as performance improvements to the sophisticated picture browsing, image-processing and presentation application.

NYT, Ars explore Mac OS X Tiger features, changes

04/28, 1:05pm

NYT, Ars Tiger reviews

David Pogue of The New York Times takes a look at some of the "lesser hyped" features in his review of Mac OS X Tiger as well as Tiger's 'Spotlight' search technology, which he says is the cornerstone of the new upgrade: "Now, if it weren't for that brilliant Spotlight feature, Tiger wouldn't be as important an upgrade as, say, last year's Panther edition. In fact, without Spotlight, you could make the case that Tiger is overpriced....But with apologies to Mac-bashers everywhere, Spotlight changes everything. Tiger is the classiest version of Mac OS X ever and, by many measures, the most secure, stable and satisfying consumer operating system prowling the earth." Meanwhile, Ars Technica's John Siracusa takes Apple to task for some minor changes in his in-depth Tiger review, but concludes that Tiger worth the long wait: "Tiger's longer gestation doesn't mean that the rate of change has slowed, however. Tiger includes updates that are at least twice as significant as any single past update."

PhoneValet 2.2 supports Tiger\'s Spotlight search

04/28, 12:15pm

Parliant PhoneValet 2.2

Parliant today released PhoneValet Message Center 2.2, an update to its Mac telephony product that brings integration with Apple's new Spotlight desktop search in Mac OS X Tiger. Version 2.2 places voice mail messages alongside email messages in Tiger's Spotlight search results. Voice mail messages can be located on the basis of caller's name, telephone number, full-text comments and transcriptions (if entered) plus many other PhoneValet data fields. The company says that call recordings also indexed as well as results from PhoneValet's call log of inbound/outbound calls. PhoneValet ($200) turns any Mac into a telephone communications hub using a hardware and software solution to provide multi-line multi-mailbox voice mail, conversation recording, a searchable call history, talking caller id, caller-activated AppleScripting, a fax controller, voice dialing, and more.

Intel, Genetech support Apple\'s subpoenas for info

04/28, 12:10pm

Apple gains Intel support

Apple yesterday gained the support of the Intel and Genentech in its effort to make online publishers disclose their sources of confidential information about new Apple products, according to Bloomberg News. The report says that Intel and Genentech filed papers in a San Jose state court to support a ruling permitting Apple to subpoena two online news sites and an e-mail service provider. "What happened here wasn't any kind of protected journalism," said Steven Hirsch, a lawyer for Genentech (whose chairman sits on Apple's Board). "It was the posting of raw, unmediated stolen property to a Web site. Companies need to be able to take reasonable and limited steps to find out who is stealing their trade secrets and essentially destroying their value by having them posted to the Web." The online sites have argued that Apple has not exhausted other possible alternatives for revealing their own leaks and seek protection under various state and federal laws, including the First Amendment.

Audio Hijack Pro 2.5 adds new features, Tiger support

04/28, 12:05pm

Audio Hijack Pro 2.5

Rogue Amoeba Software has released Audio Hijack Pro 2.5, its $32 audio utility that brings the ability to record and enhance any audio on your Mac. Version 2.5 brings several major new features in addition to Tiger compatibility. Audio Hijack Pro's timers are now much smarter, alerting users to overlaps, as well as being exportable to iCal for calendar viewing. In addition, Audio Hijack Pro now offers a "Radio" input option with custom support for the Griffin RadioShark and D-Link DSB-R100 USB radios, as well as a new "System Audio" input to allow recording of all audio being played. It also features full AppleScriptability, a new Disk Status window showing available disk space on all volumes, and the new Application Mixer plugin. Rogue Amoeba also recently updated its other applications for Tiger-compatibility and other bug fixes.

Apple offers refurb iPods, iBooks, Power Macs

04/28, 11:45am

Refurb iPods, iBooks, G5s

Apple is offering several refurbished iPods and Macs, including its previous-generation 4GB iPod. Available in Gold, Green, Pink, Blue, and Silver versions, the $170 iPod includes both the FireWire and USB 2.0 cables. Apple is also offering a dual-1.8GHz Power Mac G5 (PCI/256MB/80GB drive/SuperDrive) for $1,500) and a dual-2.5GHz model (512MB/160GB drive/8x SuperDrive) for $2,300. In addition, Apple is offering two configurations of its 12-inch iBook for $800 (1.2GHz/CD or 1GHz/Combo) and three configurations of the 14-inch iBook for $1,050 (1.2GHz/Combo), $1,100 (1.33GHz/Combo), and $1,300 (1.33GHz/SuperDrive). Finally, Apple is offering discounts on new versions of its previous-generation Power Mac G5 models for $1,700 (dual-1.8GHz), $1,900 (dual-2GHz), and $2,700 (dual-2.5GHz). [updated links]

BBEdit 8.2 supports Tiger\'s Automator technology

04/28, 11:35am

BBEdit 8.2 released

Bare Bones Software today released BBEdit 8.2, the latest version of the award-winning HTML and text editor. Version 8.2 now includes support for Automator, the new personal automation assistant in Mac OS X Tiger that simplifies repetitive or time-consuming tasks. BBEdit 8.2 provides customers running Tiger with integrated Automator Actions that facilitate the incorporation of BBEdit's text processing abilities into any Automator multi-application workflow. BBEdit 8.2 is also a maintenance release to fix reported issues and add minor refinements and is a recommended update for all BBEdit 8 customers, including those running Mac OS X 10.3.x.

iPod demand outstripping supply in New Zealand

04/28, 10:25am

New Zealand iPod Supply

Apple's inability to match demand of its popular iPod portable music players with supply is once again frustrating its resellers in New Zealand, writes the New Zealand Reseller News. By last week local Apple distributor Renaissance had 8,000 outstanding iPod orders on its books, worth over $3.2 million. "The shortage has struck all iPod models, but is less severe on the Shuffle. The 20GB and Mini models are in highest demand." In the interim, Murray Wood, a local New Zealand reseller, says local shoppers are buying from Apple's web stores overseas, which do not give prior warning of stock limitations. "The sites say delivery will be in one or two days, but after the customer has placed the order and paid they are told shipment will be delayed," he says."We [resellers] are paying for our honesty as we do not take money from customers for placing back orders." Steve Ford, Renaissance Apple division general manager, confirmed the shortage is a result of demand outstripping supply.

Apple Stores to host Tiger launch events

04/28, 10:05am

Tiger launch events

Apple today announced that Mac OS X "Tiger," will go on sale Friday at 6:00 p.m. at participating Apple Authorized Resellers and Apple retail stores worldwide. The company said that all 105 Apple retail stores will host "Tiger World Premiere" events from 6:00 p.m. to midnight offering workshops and hands-on demonstrations of Tiger's hottest features as well as giveaways at every store including a chance to win a PowerBook G4, iPod and more. "Starting tomorrow night, features like Spotlight and Dashboard will change the way millions of people use their computers," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "Our competitors will be trying to copy Tiger's more than 200 new features and innovations for years to come."

NYC police: iPod, phone thefts on the rise

04/28, 10:00am

NYC iPod thefts

Yesterday New York City police reported that an increase in subway crime this year was driven almost entirely by a sharp rise in robberies and thefts of cellphones and iPods. Ellison Emmett, 26, a lawyer who lives in the West Village, has rules for riding the subway while listening to her iPod. "You keep it in your bag," she said. "You keep your bag in front of you. You keep your hand on it." Sarit Sela, 27, an administrator at Goldman Sachs who lives in Astoria, Queens, said she kept her iPod in a handbag, secured by a clip. "When I'm on the subway, I try not to change the music," she said. Both women had heard about recent thefts of iPods, the digital music players that retail for $100 to $550, depending on the model.

iTunes allows Australian credit cards?

04/28, 9:40am

iTunes Australia?

Following much speculation and a series of unconfirmed reports about the launch date for Apple's Australian iTunes store, it appears Apple may now be ready to announce the service. At least one song has already been downloaded in Australia, by a computer enthusiast in Wangaratta, and paid for with an Australian credit card - something that was impossible 24 hours ago, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Earlier this morning we noted that actor/musician Russell Crowe has hinted the Australian store would open today. Last week, we reported that the Australian store would launch within a month. Today is the second anniversary of the iTunes Music Store.

Roadtrip+ charger/FM transmitter combo for iPod

04/28, 9:25am

Roadtrip+ for iPod

Other World Computing (OWC) and NewerTechnology today announced the RoadTrip+, a new version of its FM transmitter for the iPod. It allows consumers to take their tunes on the road and charge their iPod at the same time. The RoadTrip!+ provides "clean, dynamic audio to a user's FM stereo while also charging the iPod's internal battery... Users simply hook the RoadTrip!+ to the 12-volt power source in their car, plug the dock connector into their iPod, tune their radio to 87.9MHz and enjoy." It is compatible with third- and fourth-generation, photo and mini versions of the iPod. The RoadTrip!+ combination FM transmitter and iPod charger is immediately available for $28, while the original RoadTrip! FM transmitter-only models are also available for $15.

Terra Soft releases 64-bit Yellow Dog Linux

04/28, 9:20am

64-bit Yellow Dog Linux

Terra Soft Solutions has released a 64-bit version of Yellow Dog Linux, its distribution of the open-source operating system for Mac (PowerPC) hardware. "With Tiger 'unleashed' in 48 hours and even Microsoft caught-up in the 64-bit wave, we give into peer pressure and release this interrum set of ISOs. A compilation of our work to date as we move toward the early summer release of v4.1, Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.90 is built upon eighteen months in-house and customer experience with 64-bit," states Kai Staats, CEO Terra Soft Solutions. In addition to the expected double-precision, support for 16GB RAM, and native runtime environment for both 32- and 64-bit code, v4.0.90 offers: a bi-arch (32/64) toolchain, core 64-bit libraries, and updated to correct Aluminum Cinema display issues.

Columnist \"not optimistic\" about impact of Tiger

04/28, 9:15am

Tiger review USAToday

Edward Baig for USAToday has published a positive review of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, but maintains a guarded outlook for the future. "Much as I admire the new operating system, I'm not optimistic that Tiger will lift the Mac's fortunes past its puny single-digit market share. Apple loyalists hate to hear it, but it's true: Macs continue to be mauled in the software habitat by Microsoft, whose next major overhaul of Windows (dubbed Longhorn) is due out next year ... It's a shame. Like its predecessors, Tiger more than earns its stripes, even if I find the single-user upgrade price of $129 a bit steep."

CompUSA \"Tiger World Premier\"

04/28, 8:45am

CompUSA Tiger Premier

CompUSA stores across the U.S. will hold special "Tiger World Premier" events tomorrow, with giveaways and discounts 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The retail giant will be offering $30 rebates to purchasers of the new operating system who spend at least $400 at the store. Drawing will take place at 9:00 p.m. with a 1GB iPod shuffle up for grabs at every store nationwide. CompUSA is also offering $40 of .Mac memberships and Photoshop Elements, as well as $30 off Microsoft Office for Mac. Many accessories will also be on sale. Purchasers of iPods will receive a $30 car charger for free (the offer does not include the iPod shuffle). The reseller is also offering 12 month no-interest financing on any "Total Apple Purchase" of $700 or greater.

Netopia gets Timbuktu Pro ready for Tiger

04/28, 8:40am

Timbuktu Pro for Tiger

Netopia has released Timbuktu Pro 8.1, an update to its remote control software for Macs. The update adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger." The update provides support for Tiger's significant new features such as Spotlight desktop search and "high-definition video technology." Other New features include upgraded keyboard fidelity and key mapping, improved cross platform keyboard mapping when controlling a Windows host, quicker and more efficient screen data, and faster screen sharing and file exchange over secure connections. Version 8.1 includes System Authenticated Users, leveraging Mac OS X security to authenticate connections. It also features integration with Apple's Bonjour (formerly Rendezvous) technology.

Netherlands tax could devastate iPod sales

04/28, 8:30am

Netherlands iPod tax

A Netherlands proposed tax on MP3 players could devastate sales of hard disk players, such as Apple's iPod. The tax is set to become law in the Netherlands in a few short months unless the European Commission finds a reason to intervene. "The idea of all levy based legislation is that some form of copyright collections agency collects tax by imposing a surcharge at the point of sale for any storage devices that could possibly be used to store pirated works," reports The Register. "Because of the fact that the great bulk of iPods are used to store legitimate iTunes files which are Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected, this means that copyright is being purchased twice over for these devices if a levy is also paid." If this legislation comes into play, the surcharge will be as much as 3.28 ($4.3) per gigabyte. This might put 180 ($235) to the price of a top end iPod.

New Nokia phone offers 4GB music storage

04/28, 8:15am

Nokia music phone

Electronics giant Nokia hopes to challenge the iPod with its new N91 mobile phone. The device offers 4GB of storage space, positioning it against the iPod mini, rather than Apple's high-capacity iPods. Nokia claims the device can hold up to 3,000 songs, but would hold closer to 1,000 by Apple's measure. Besides functioning as a phone and music player, the device offers digital camera and e-mail functions. "Our research shows that people prefer to leave the house with just one device," Nokia director Bob Shallow says. The N91 claims to offer around 12 hours of battery life, about the same as Apple's claim for a 20GB iPod. The phone will allow users to download music on the go, rather than having to sync it to a computer. Nokia hopes phones that combine music playing will give a boost to slowing sales of handsets. The mobile phone industry's annual growth rate has slowed from 44 per cent at the beginning of last year to 10 per cent now. The N91 is expected to sell for $500.

Delicious Library 1.5 supports Spotlight, Dashboard

04/28, 7:55am

Delicious Library 1.5

Delicious Monster Software today released Delicious Library 1.5, a free upgrade to its $40 application for cataloging and sharing personal libraries of books, movies, music and video games that adds support for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger". Delicious Library is now integrated with Spotlight and also features a new mini-bookshelf Dashboard widget, giving users immediate access to information from their multimedia library. Version 1.5 also adds full support for scanning and importing international items, an internally translated interface, and many other features and bug fixes. Delicious Library 1.5 has been fully localized, featuring an interface translated for French, Spanish, German and Japanese users.

Briefly: iMovie Missing Manual, iTunes AU, MenuStrip

04/28, 7:45am

iMovie Missing Manual

In brief: O'Reilly has released "iMovie HD & iDVD 5: The Missing Manual" ($30) by David David Pogue, who warns "iMovie may be simple, but it isn't simplistic," ... While discussing song pricing, Russell Crowe recently hinted that iTunes Australia would launch today, but officials remain tightlipped, ... MacNN readers continue to report regular shipments of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger beginning yesterday and today, expected to arrive Friday.... MacPowerUser Software today updated MenuStrip, its popular control strip utility, to include support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, offer better auto-hiding, and allow AppleScript execution.

FontAgent Pro 3.0.1 supports Bonjour for font sharing

04/28, 7:00am

FontAgent Pro 3.0.1

Insider Software today released FontAgent Pro 3.0.1, a free update to its native Mac OS X application that provides integrated font management, diagnostics, optimization and repair. The release features improved verification of font integrity prior to activation, refined startup set activation, improved performance of Font Compare view and font display, simplified options for importing fonts, better searching of font comment details, and support for Apple's Bonjour technology, which offers zero administration, zero configuration serverless font-sharing. The full version is $100, while the Workgroup Edition with serverless font sharing is $130.

VolumeWorks 1.3 supports Tiger, improves performance

04/28, 6:40am

VolumeWorks 1.3 for Tiger today released VolumeWorks 1.3, the latest version of the first Mac OS X counterpart to the popular Partition Magic for Windows. The new version incorporates improved performance, Tiger compatibility, and a built-in lite version that includes the ability to add and delete partitions without erasing your drive. The lite version includes working features such as add and delete existing partitions without formatting, move partitions, and hide partitions. The drive utility offers several features to manage drive partitions, including the the ability to resize partitions on-the-fly, temporarily hide partitions for greater privacy, partition map reconstruction for better access to lost space, and more. The $50 utility ships on a bootable CD-ROM supports machines ranging from first generation iMacs to the latest PowerBooks.


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