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Apple to open eighth retail store in Florida

04/14, 11:30pm

Apple store in Florida

Apple has announced that it will open a new retail store location in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. As the eighth store in Florida, the Apple Store The Gardens Mall will open on Saturday, April 23 at 10 a.m. As usual, The first 1000 people to visit the store will receive a free Apple Commemorative T-shirt and Apple will hold a grand opening sweepstakes. Apple ended the March quarter with 103 retail stores--with its retail segment accounting for $42 million in profit on revenues of $571 million or about $5.6 million per store, a 60 percent increase from the year-ago quarter (based on an average of 102 store open during the quarter). During its quarterly conference call this week, Apple also said that foot traffic was 9,800 people per store per week.

Flip4Mac tools integrate WMV, QT for Mac users

04/14, 6:25pm

Flip4Mac integrates WMV/QT

Telestream today announced its new Flip4Mac digital media tools for the Mac. The company's new Flip4Mac components enable Mac OS X users to make, edit, and play Windows Media from within QuickTime-based media applications, bridging the gap between Microsoft Windows Media format and the Mac OS platform. The Flip4Mac WMV Player is a new QuickTime component enables Mac users to play Windows Media files directly in the QuickTime Player. It is available for an introductory price of $10. Flip4Mac WMV Player Pro ($50) adds the ability for Mac users to import Windows Media files for editing in their QuickTime applications, including Final Cut Pro HD, Final Cut Express HD, QuickTime Pro and iMovie.

TiVo CFO: Mac integration unlikely

04/14, 5:55pm

TiVo/Mac integration

TiVo chief financial officer David Courtney said although TiVo and Mac enthusiasts have a lot in common, the overlap of users of Apple and TiVo has not been enough to strike any chemistry between the companies. Courtney said the reasons behind a lack of Mac integration are financial: "We haven't committed to any plans to because of the cost" he said. He added that being able to watch media on Apple computers using TiVo seems unlikely "unless we find a way to record it under the current platform, and I don't think that will happen in the next few years." In February, shares of TiVo rose amid speculation that Apple was be mulling a takeover of the company. [updated]

Shares of AAPL fall despite record earnings

04/14, 5:15pm

Shares of AAPL fall

Shares of Apple fell for a second day Thursday on concerns that the company might not be able to produce another blockbuster product, according to the Associated Press. Apple shares fell $3.78, or 9.2 percent, to close at $37.26 in Thursday trading, after losing $1.62 on Wednesday. The stock also continued to fall in Thursday after hours trading, losing nearly 5 percent to $36.85. "Stocks of several technology bellwethers, including Microsoft, Intel, Sun, HP, and Google, suffered at least slight declines Thursday amid Wall Street's concerns over steeply rising oil prices and a broader economic slowdown. But Apple's drop was more drastic and came despite the company's report of record quarterly revenue and profit that surged more than six-fold from the same period last year." Apple's stock has fallen since its 52-week high of $45.44, set on February 17.

Apple updates iMovie HD, iPhoto, iDVD

04/14, 4:35pm

Apple updates iApps

Apple has released iMovie HD 5.0.2, iPhoto 5.0.2, and iDVD 5.0.1. The iMovie HD 5.0.2 update addresses issues related to video and audio synchronization for DV projects and other issues. These include: audio in PAL widescreen, sharing (exporting) HDV to videocamera tape, synchronizing with HDV 720p content, placing titles over DV content, and more. The iPhoto 5.0.2 update addresses issues with application performance on older Macs and improves the stability of book layout, slideshows, and more. The iDVD 5.0.1 update addresses issues related to general stability and compatibility with iPhoto slideshows and iMovie HD.

Apps: Interarchy, MacVCD, Tag, iListen...

04/14, 3:35pm

Interarchy, MacVCD

    Code Stylist PHP Studio ($30) uses designer HTML themes to rapidly generate complete source code for a Web site using MySQL or PostgreSQL, with pages to view, edit, add, list, search and delete database records. Code Stylist is designed to be used by both novice and professional PHP users, for rapid prototyping, intranets, personal sites and more. [Download - 1.9MB]
    Interarchy 7.3.3 ($20) is the latest version of the FTP, SFTP, and SSH client application. Version 7.3.3 includes the following: bug fixes, a Japanese language translation, support for SFTP servers that do not send UID/GID information, and more. [Download - 4.0MB]
    Meridian 2.1 ($22) is a free update to the versatile clock utility for Mac OS X. Version 2.1 adds Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" compatibility, finer control over transparency, and a powerful "ignore clicks" option that lets timepieces always remain visible, yet stay out of the way. [Download - 1.6MB]
    MacVCD X 4.4.1 ($20) is an easy-to-use video player that plays VCD, SVCD, AVI, DivX, MPEG, video, Quicktime movies and Karaoke VCD. Version 4.4.1 adds Photo VCD playback. [Download - 4.1MB]
    Tag 1.2 ($20) is an intuitive XHTML editor with "tons of features to keep your eyes on what's important, your code." It offers integrated FTP and previewing. Changes in version 1.2 include ColdFusion Auto Complete, ActionScript Coloring and Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" support. [Download - 2.3MB]
    iListen 1.6.6 is now available in a German localization from MacSpeech and Application Systems Heidelberg. The German version is 1.6.6 and has all the improvements introduced in the latest English version, including a new registration procedure, and vastly improved capacity for the number of commands in an individual command set.

Jumsoft releases Keynote Animations 3.0

04/14, 3:00pm

Keynote Animations 3.0

Jumsoft today released Keynote Animations 3.0, a collection of 100 animated objects with transparent backgrounds for Apple's Keynote presentations and Pages documents. Jumsoft's revised and "supersized" animations package contains 60 new movie clips for layering over or under Keynote theme layouts or electronic text files generated in Pages. The full collection now includes animated illustrations applicable to the fields of business, science, education, engineering, law and many more. It is compatible with the old Keynote 1, iWork (Keynote 2 and Pages) and Final Cut Pro/Express as well as other QuickTime-compatible applications. It is available as a $25 upgrade or $45 for the full version.

Confidence in halo-effect up as Apple beats estimates

04/14, 12:30pm

Halo effect confidence

Financial research firm Piper Jaffray today expressed confidence in the iPod's so-called "halo-effect," following the release of Mac sales numbers for the March quarter yesterday. Apple shipped over one million Macs in the second quarter of fiscal 2005, a 43 percent increase from the year-ago quarter. Apple sold 1,070,000 million Macs, beating Piper Jaffray's estimate of 930,000 units. "We believe the halo effect is the primary driver of upside to Mac units. We expect the halo effect to accelerate in 2005 as the total installed base of iPods increases." The firm estimates the number of iPod users to reach 35 million by the end of calendar 2005, up from 10 million at the end of 2004. "iPod unit sales were 5.3 million for the quarter, we had been modeling for 3.8 million total units." (Earlier today, Merrill Lynch said it felt there was now "quantitative proof of the halo effect.")

Print accounting and document analysis solution

04/14, 11:35am

X2 Print Accounting

The X2 Print Accounting family of products offers a complete, flexible, customizable, multi-platform client-side print accounting and document analysis solution. X2 Print Accounting is offered in two versions -- checkBox and logSheet -- and introduces features such as; Detailed Print Job Information, Billing ID or Project Code Tracking via PopUp, Support for Network and Local Printers, Internal & External Database Support, Advanced User and Group Control, Advanced Printer and Cost Control, Multiple Analysis and Tracking Modes, Open Interface for Custom Add-ons via SOAP, and Advanced Reporting Interface.

Apps: MenuCalendarClock, iPresent It, izi-Event

04/14, 10:15am

iPresent It, izi-Event...

    MenuCalendarClock 2.01 ($19) adds a new search feature that instantly shows all forthcoming iCal events and to-do items matching any phrase typed (requires Mac OS X 10.3). Users can also copy the current date to the clipboard. MenuCalendarClock adds a handy calendar with links to iCal (as well as a customizable clock) to the menubar. The basic feature set is free, while advanced features require registration. [675KB]
    izi-Event 1.5.1 ($225) is a FileMaker-based software solution designed for arranging a seminar, conference, festivity or other event. It offers tools to invite guests with personalized mailings, subscribe them to the sessions they're interested in, organize attendance lists and badges and invoice them if needed. Version 1.5.1 improves the application's search functions. [3.5MB]
    Accordance 6.5 updates the Bible software with significant enhancements to the interactive Atlas, additional export options for Greek and Hebrew text, upgrades to the Workspace window with tabs, and improved browser in the Tools window, as well as minor bug fixes. Pricing starts at $50 with a variety of packages available.
    palmTunes Express ($10) a Mac OS X utility for copying MP3 files from iTunes playlists to Palm Handhelds. It can transfer MP3 files to the HotSync directory for syncing with the handheld, or directly to an SD card if one is connected through a card reader. (Only MP3 are supported by RealOne Player for Palm OS.) [site not accessible]
    spinControl:VR (free) is a QuickTime movie can control the QTVR's pan, tilt and zoom without any coding (when embedded in a Web page with a QuickTime VR). The spincontrol:VR controller uses inter-movie communication and the power of QTLists to enable the QTVR producer to provide intuitive controls for her QTVR presentation. [several options]
    iPresent It 1.2 ($18) is a free update that adds preferences for including builds with Keynote 2 and turning off image optimization as well as improves PDF processing; it also ensures that Keynote 2 processing works with non-English versions of Keynote and OS X. iPresent It will convert PowerPoint, PDF and Keynote presentations into slideshows that are synced with your iPod photo. [914KB]

\"Quantitative proof of the halo effect\"

04/14, 10:00am

halo effect

Merrill Lynch today said that Apple beat its "best-case scenario" estimates for second quarter earnings, and showed "quantitative proof of the halo effect." Mac revenue increased by 29 percent year over year, "clearly gaining share in a PC market showing little dollar growth." The iPod is bringing new to the platform, "benefiting not only Mac sales but also peripherals and software." Investors "need to stand back and consider whether Apple has created a pattern of introducing creative products to a consumer hungry for easy-to-use technology." Apple could be "building a sustainable consumer franchise ... iPod and now Mac success has been underestimated by the market." Yesterday, when asked about Apple's "consumer franchise," Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said, "I don't think Apple could ever be out of ideas."

DVForge ships latest iPod accessories

04/14, 9:40am

iPod accessories

DVForge today said it is now shipping The Clips, JamPod, and JamPlug FM. The Clips provides three completely different clip-on mounts for the iPod shuffle as alternatives to the standard lanyard. The three mounts sell for $15 as a package. JamPod plugs into the top of any dock connector style iPod or iPod mini, lets users play an electric guitar or bass along with songs on an iPod. JamPod is $40. The JamPlug FM is an FM transmitter for electric guitar or bass players that plugs into the instrument, and enables users to use any FM stereo radio as an inpromptu amplifier. JamPlug FM sells for $50.

RealViz to add SMART engine to MatchMover Pro

04/14, 9:30am

MatchMover Pro update

RealViz will debut SMART ('Scalable Matching Architecture for Tracking'), a powerful new automatic tracking engine at NAB 2005 next week. The company says that an updated MatchMover Pro, due in June 2005, will be the first product powered by SMART and that it will demo SMART, MatchMover Pro, MatchMover Pro MoCap and StoryViz at booth No. SL4065 next week. "SMART is the distillation of many years of technological research and long-standing experience of the effects industry," said Luc Robert, REALVIZ CTO. "For some years now, our 3D tracking technology has been singled out by leading software vendors and studios as the best available. SMART is the continuation of this tradition of excellence, with a new generation of algorithms."

Briefly: Tiger on DVD only, EVDO on PB, Tiger eval

04/14, 9:10am

Tiger ships on DVD only

In Brief: Mac OS X Tiger will ship on DVD-only; however, Apple's Media Exchange Program allows users to receive the new OS on CD for $10 via a mail-in form (after purchase)... has posted a tutorial on getting the Novatel V620 highspeed data card to work with PowerBooks (and the Verizon network).... BusinessWeek says that Bluetooth support on the Mac is much better than on Windows, although Microsoft is a 'promoter member' of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, noting that the new PowerBooks support the faster Bluetooth standard.... Apple is offering a special invite-only Tiger Evaulation program for education customers.... Apple's Knowledge base describes a kernel security issue resolved in the Mac OS X 10.3.8 update.

Automatic Duck to debut Pro Export FCP 3.0 at NAB

04/14, 8:50am

Pro Export FCP 3.0 at NAB

Automatic Duck next week at NAB will announce Pro Export FCP 3.0, an update to its popular Avid-compatible OMF export plug-in for Final Cut Pro. "With Pro Export FCP 3.0, Automatic Duck gives you even more flexibility when working in Final Cut ProŽ. Not only will you be able to send your offline to an Avid system for finishing, but you'll be able to send your sound mix (via OMF) to Pro Tools for sweetening. The key is that your mix will arrive into Pro Tools with your audio levels, even keyframes!" Pro Export FCP 3.0 is expected to ship this summer.

Sonnet announces new Tempo-X eSATA, firmware update

04/14, 1:35am

Tempo-X eSATA

Sonnet has announced the Tempo-X eSATA 4+4 8-port Serial ATA PCI-X host controller. The $200 device replaces the Tempo-X SATA 4+4, adding features while retaining the same price. New features include eSATA connectors used in the external ports, drive activity LEDs, and hot-swap drive connection support. Sonnet also announced the addition of hot-swap functionality to the Tempo-X family of SATA PCI-X host controllers. Customers who have already purchased and installed a Tempo-X host controller may now upgrade their card's firmware to add this new feature.


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