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Mozilla releases Camino 0.83 browser update

03/31, 7:50pm

Camino 0.83 released

The foundation has released Camino 0.83, an update to the alternative browser for Mac OS X. The Camino browser uses the Gecko rendering engine, the same engine used in the Mozilla suite and the popular Firefox web browser. Version 0.83 brings security fixes as well as updates the location bar to better display the page's security, adds support for HTML <"OPTGROUP"> tag in select widget drop-down menu, properly fills passwords in websites utilizing frames, now uses the Mac OS X Language setting as the primary language for requesting web pages, leverages the latest Mozilla 1.7.6 rendering engine, and has other bug fixes. It is available in a multilingual version as well.

Apple\'s iMac G5 wins Bottom Line Design Award

03/31, 7:40pm

iMac G5 wins another award

Apple's iMac G5 was one of thirteen winners in The First Annual Bottom Line Design Awards presented by Business 2.0: "Apple created a desktop computer in the iPod's image that's likely to be seen by a much wider audience. It then spoke to that audience by pointedly marketing the flat-panel iMac G5 as 'from the creators of iPod,' capitalizing on the cool factor [of the iPod]....This iMac reinforces rather than changes the company's direction, but cramming a powerful G5 processor into a slim space proves that minimalism can make high technology more human and easy to approach." A panel of nine expert judges, chosen in conjunction with the strategic design firm Frog Design, evaluated "everything from a product's success in the marketplace to its impact on a corporate culture."

Griffin ships AirClick Remote for iPods

03/31, 7:10pm

Griffin ships AirClick

Griffin Technology today announced that it is now shipping its AirClick Remote, a unique wireless remote control for the iPod and the iPod mini. "Unlike conventional remotes, the AirClick Remote uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology, which allows users to control their iPod from up to 60 feet away. Users will not have to be in the line of sight for it to work, making it a perfect solution for using your iPod while in your car, hiking or exercising. RF signals also pass through walls, so you can control your iPod throughout your home." The AirClick remote is compatible with all iPods that have a dock connector. The Griffin AirClick package is now shipping for $40.

FileWave 2.0 manages, distributes software

03/31, 7:05pm

FileWave 2.0 ships

FileWave today began shipping a significant update to its flagship software suite: FileWave 2.0 allows businesses of all sizes to distribute Macintosh and Windows software as well as System Updates easily and rapidly across their multi-platform distributed networks. "Patch Installer is the most automated and reliable way to deliver OS updates to Windows and MacOS computers. With just a few drags, a system administrator has the ability to have a Security Update or System Update installed on all their Macs and Windows computers across the Enterprise." The FileWave Client Manager allows the import of clients from any Directory systems such as LDAP, Active and Open Directory (as well as a text file). It is available free of-charge to qualified academic customers that sign up for a two-year support contract.

FileWave ships Asset Trustee 7.0

03/31, 6:05pm

Asset Trustee 7.0

FileWave today announced that it is shipping Asset Trustee 7.0, its cross platform software and hardware Asset Inventory system. Asset Trustee 7.0 Inventory Database incorporates an SQL back end database with a Web based PHP front end. This combination gives Asset Trustee a robust enterprise class back end with a simple to use cross platform front end. Complex queries can be built and saved for reuse. Results of all queries can be saved as text or in Microsoft Excel format. Asset Trustee is designed for deployment on Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows based client computers.

Briefly: PSP doesn\'t match iPod, New icons, ...

03/31, 5:55pm

PSP vs iPod

In brief: "While the PSP makes an excellent games machine with a superb colour screen and brilliant graphics, the device does not match rivals such as Apple's iPod and Windows-based portable multimedia devices when it comes to video and music".... MacMonkies has released its Friday Icon Edition featuring 3 new icon sets from Lisa Cunningham, Afterglow, and elpincho Designs.... FastIcon has announced a newly redesigned format for its Web site.... IBM has released a preliminary Mac OS alpha version of its History Flow Visualization Application that shows how collaboratively created documents evolve.... has announced its MacEnterprise Day in San Francisco (Sunday, June 5) in which the company will be discussing topics relating to all aspects of deployment of macs in the enterprise.

Gartner warns about Mac OS X spyware potential

03/31, 4:30pm

Mac OS X security warnings

Gartner has become latest firm to warn about vulnerabilities in Mac OS X, warning users that a single exploit could cause problems for businesses. CNET says that the research firm warned businesses reliant on the Mac to guard against "spyware infestations--only days after Symantec caused an uproar by warning that Mac OS X was becoming a target for hackers and viruses. Citing the possibility of a hybrid worm that could affect both Mac/PCs, the firm said that a single vulnerability may go unnoticed and could cause problems for the relatively small user base: "The Macintosh installed base is relatively small, with only about 3 percent of systems in use today running the Mac OS,' Reynolds wrote in a research note. 'The Mac OS is also a harder target...However, it only takes one exploited weakness to cause trouble," he added.

Apps: Bubblomania, Edo, RSS Menu, TunesTimer...

03/31, 2:50pm

Bubblomania, Edo

    Bubblomania X 1.1 ($15) is a fast action arcade game "featuring subtle gameplay, flashy graphics and great music." Version 1.1 features a full-screen mode, fade effects, new hints, and more. [Download - 15.1MB]
    Edo 1.0.9 (free) is a high-performance image compositing application that lets users combine and manipulate video files, 3D sequences and still images in a non-destructive way using a powerful node graph visual interface. New features include native plug-in support, nested compositions, keyframing improvements, new color correction and flow control tools, better text layout tools, and more. [Download - 2.6MB]
    RSS Menu 1.2.1 is a maintenance update to the menu-based RSS reader. It has some noticeable improvements and has a couple of new features like the most requested Growl support. [Download - 232KB]
    TunesTimer 2.0 is a new version of the iTunes-based timer that no longer needs to use the script to change the time. ScriptTimer is similar to TunesTimer, except without the music component. [Download - TunesTimer 2.0, ScriptTimer]
    Safari Prairiefire ($6) cleans up Safari's bookmarks and reports dead or expired links. The user can quickly delete, verify, edit, and update the bookmarks. "This is a process that is so tedious to do in Safari that it has become easier to create new bookmark when the old ones go dead." [Download - 1.7MB]
    Mac Remote Control 1.1 is an application that gives users remote access to their Mac. It allows users to quit or launch applications, as well as sleep or wake up the Mac with the new version. [Download - 178KB]

QuickVerse Mac bible study software for Mac OS X

03/31, 2:50pm

QuickVerse Mac for OS X today announced QuickVerse Mac, a Mac edition of its QuickVerse Bible study software. QuickVerse Mac, designed for Mac OS X, provides intuitive Mac features to anyone interested in Bible reading or study, sermon preparation, and teaching. The company says it will release two editions ($50 and $100)--both of which will include a sophisticated search engine, automatic book synchronization, devotionals, daily Bible reading plans, commentaries, dictionaries, morphological references, audio pronunciations, Bible maps, pictures, graphs, and access to many more of the most popular Bibles and reference works on the market. The company expects to release the software in late Spring. [ship date corrected]

Sony aims to create iTunes-like service for movies

03/31, 2:05pm

iTunes for movies

At the US Digital Hollywood conference, Sony says its wants to create an "iTunes" for movies and will release its top 500 films available digitally in the next year. The BBC reports that films will be put onto flash memory for mobiles over the next year and that Sony will develop its digital download services for films: We want to set business models, pricing models, distribution models like (Apple chief Steve) Jobs did for music, but for the film industry," Mr Arrieta told CNET news." Sony and other movie studios are looking to prevent Apple or other single entity from taking a leadership/power position in the digital film world. The Sony partnership includes Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

FileMaker releases ODBC Update for Mac OS X

03/31, 1:55pm

FileMaker ODBC for OS X

FileMaker has released a new ODBC Update for Mac OS X for use with FileMaker Pro 7, Developer 7 and Server 7 Advanced. This update includes the FileMaker ODBC Client Driver for Mac OS X (10.3.x or 10.2.x). The software update, previously available only on the Windows operating systems, gives Mac customers the ability to use FileMaker products as an ODBC data source for sharing information with a wide range of Mac desktop, database or web applications. The company notes that this release includes the Mac ODBC Client Driver software only and that the xDBC Plug-in for Mac OS X and associated JDBC Client Driver were released previously and are available on the FileMaker downloads site as well.

\"Tiger\" progresses towards final release

03/31, 1:20pm

Tiger progress

eWEEK says Mac OS X 10.4, also known as "Tiger," is proceeding on schedule towards a mid-April release, as Apple has dropped the prerelease tag from the latest build of the operating system, indicating that it has moved to final candidate stage. "It is understood that Build 8A425 was distributed both internally and to selected key developers last Tuesday, and unless major new issues are discovered it will be the last significant milestone before the product goes gold master ... Assuming that no major issues appear, this means that the product is on track for release about mid-April, although it could be pushed back by up to a week if required."

LuxPro \"Super Tangent\" resurfaces

03/31, 12:50pm

LuxPro Super Tangent

LuxPro appears to be moving ahead with its iPod shuffle look-alike digital music player, despite resistance from Apple and the Mac community. The manufacturer has renamed the device -- which it had previously called Super Shuffle -- to Super Tangent. The company has also changed the appearance of the navigation buttons on the device to avoid infringing on Apple patents. The device offers MP3 playback, FM radio, and audio recording. A prototype of the device, which looked like a carbon copy of Apple's iPod shuffle, was shown at this year's CeBIT technology expo. Jack Campbell from DVForge recently called the LuxPro device a publicity stunt.

HP desktop offers built-in iPod dock

03/31, 12:00pm

HP iPod dock

The first computer with a built-in spot for an iPod is not a Mac, but HP's new Media Center m7000 desktop PC, reports CNET The computer doesn't have a dock itself, but rather features a molded area that fits Apple's standard dock. By some accounts, Apple itself had been planning to include some kind of built-in dock in the Mac Mini, but pulled the feature before the product was announced in January. "The move signals that HP has not lost interest in the iPod ... HP has been criticized for not doing enough to capitalize on the iPod's success." Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey says "HP's iPod sales are likely to decline markedly over the next few quarters unless HP is able to bring out new iPod models in a more timely manner."

HealthWare ships iDental 1.0 for Mac OS X

03/31, 11:45am

HealthWare ships iDental

HealthWare today announced that is now shipping iDental 1.0 for Mac OS X. The iDental suite is a unique dental office management system that includes billing, insurance and reporting. iDental utilizes Caché, the revolutionary, post-relational database used by more than 3,000,000 health care users at the present time. iDental and iMedical are being developed with Apple's Cocoa set of object-oriented application frameworks, and Caché and ObjectScript from InterSystems. Pricing starts at $3,000. Future versions, due this year, will include Scheduling and Chairside Charting. The company also says that its iMedical software will be available late summer.

Freeverse ships KnightShift in North America

03/31, 11:35am

KnightShift ships in NA

Freeverse is now shipping KnightShift, which offers the best of conventional role-play and and realtime strategy games in a mystic world, full of fantasy, humor and imagination "Choose the Archer, the Amazon, the Sorcerer, Priestess, Barbarian or Spearman and set forth to battle in the RPG mode. Protect your village with Wizard Towers in RTS mode. Combine both and win back your Kingdom in the daring Campaign mode." During the campaigns the player develops his or her characters and gains access to new weapons, special armor and magic items. Players can also create new characters and build new structures and work to gain experience and level-up, increasing their combat potential and magical abilities. The $40 title, now available in North America, runs on Mac OS X 10.2.4 or higher.

BumperCar 2.0 kids\' browser rewritten

03/31, 10:35am

BumperCar 2.0

Freeverse has released BumperCar 2.0, an update to its Mac OS X web browser designed for kids. It offers "unparalleled content-control and customization features" that earned it a Best of Show Award at Macworld San Francisco. BumperCar 2.0 has been completely re-written using Apple's WebKit allowing for enhanced stability, speed, and compatibility. We've also designed new homepage options for a wider age range of children. Safety settings are now available across all accounts on the computer, so a parent who is logged in can change their childs account settings without logging out.. BumperCar 2.0 costs $30 and runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Apple availability increases, products top lists

03/31, 10:15am

Apple availability

Research firm Piper Jaffray says it believes Apple's product availability is "improving as evidenced by the shorter lead times, particularly for both versions of the iPod Shuffle and Mac mini." On the online Apple Store, wait times for the 1.8GHz Power Mac, Mac mini, iPod shuffle, and Power Book G4 have all decreased significantly. The firm also noted in a report published this morning that Apple Products continue to be top sellers on "In the latest check of's Top Seller list for computers, 4 of the top 10 computers were made by Apple ... we believe this shows that Apple continues to hold a significant computer market presence." For MP3 players, 8 of the top 10 were versions of the Apple iPod. "In another check on's lists of Top Sellers, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger operating system software [available for $95 after a $35 rebate], which has not been released yet, was the number 1 seller in the Software Top Seller category."

Bruddy ships ShuffleMate for iPod shuffle

03/31, 9:50am

ShuffleMate for Shuffle

Bruddy today announced that it has begun shipping the ShuffleMate, its accessory product for Apple's iPod shuffle that combine the functionality of a case with clips and wire management. The small plastic device snuggly fits both the 512MB or 1GB versions of the Shuffle, offering protection and convenience--without hiding the elegant design of the Shuffle itself thanks to its clear, polycarbonate construction. The $17 accessory includes an industry-standard "bull-dog" clip. Bruddy is offering a limited-time discount offer of $3 (per unit) for purchases of two or more. It is expected be available in select retail and on-line stores in April.

4-Sight FAX v6 fax server solution ships

03/31, 9:05am

4-Sight FAX v6 ships

Soft Solutions has released 4-Sight FAX v6, bring dramatic performance gains and improved reliability for this cross-platform enterprise faxing solution. "REALbasic provides a significantly faster and improved development environment for us. We are now able to respond to new feature requests and problem resolution in a fraction of the time that it took under Java." It has also integrated QuickFax directly into the client, has added a new 4-Notify program to automatically informs users of new fax arrivals (when the 4-Sight FAX client isn't running), and auotmatic notification/download of software updates.

Apple, Microsoft prep new OS upgrades

03/31, 8:55am

New Apple, MS OS upgrades

Columnist Mike Wendland talks about upcoming operating system upgrades from both Microsoft and Apple, saying that Microsoft, who has been relatively quiet about the new features of the OS, is expected to deliver the first concrete look at the long-delayed "Longhorn" OSand the end of March and ship the product almost a year after Apple: "But Longhorn will be competing with Apple's new Tiger operating system -- and Tiger is about ready to pounce. Apple won't confirm reports that Tiger is now pretty much complete. But its worldwide developers conference June 1-10 in San Francisco is expected to focus almost entirely on Tiger. And with Chairman Steve Jobs doing the keynote speech, speculation is strong that he will announce its public release at that time. Analysts are predicting a halo effect for Tiger, with the system basking in the stunning popularity of the iPod and the slew of new products Apple has been releasing, like its $499 Mac mini."

Briefly: iPod camera connector ships, Viruses on OS X

03/31, 8:50am

iPod camera device ships

In Brief: One MacNN reader reports receiving shipment confirmation of his iPod photo Camera Connector.... BeLight Software has announced an April Fool's Day Contest, offering an iPod mini for the most original, funny or unusual story or sample of business cards.... One developer takes Symantec to task for its recent claim that Mac OS X is at risk for malware, saying that the "real" issue is that it is much harder to run executable code from a buffer overflow on the PowerPC than it is from an x86 chip.... XrackHosting is now offering Dedicated Mac mini hosting packages starting at $200 pe rmonth and is offering a free iPod shuffle to all customers who sign up for the service.

Cadmus debuts 3Path Digital Content Delivery System

03/31, 8:30am

3Path for Mac OS X

Cadmus today released a Mac-compatible version of its 3Path Digital Content Delivery System. Compatible with both Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar and Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, 3Path is a digital communication channel, which the company claims delivers content more effectively than email or by website. "3Path provides secure delivery of high-value, digital communications that are organized in a publisher-branded channel directly on the recipient's desktop. By utilizing 3Path to deliver content directly to readers, publishers and other organizations create branded information portals on the user's desktop for ready access to such content. Publishers can leverage the 3Path solution to provide end users with an interactive, rich media experience that enhances the affinity relationship."

Ambrosia releases new Darwinia RTS game title

03/31, 8:25am

Darwinia RTS game

Ambrosia Software has released Darwinia, a new realtime strategy game title that combines fast-paced action with strategic battle planning. It offers "state of the art fractal generated landscapes with iconic arcade sprites, an intuitive control mechanism, and a story concerning a tribe of video game sprites trapped in a modern 3D game world. The world of Darwinia is a virtual themepark, running inside a computer network built by a computer genius named Dr Sepulveda. Darwinia is populated by a sentient evolving life form called 'Darwinians.'....Unfortunately, the systems of Darwinia have been overrun by an evil red Viral Infection. This Virus has multiplied out of control and must be stopped. Your task is to destroy the Viral Infection and save the Darwinians from extinction." Darwinia costs $30 and requires Mac OS X 10.2.

QuickerTek offers Mac Mini Antenna

03/31, 8:25am

Mac Mini Antenna

QuickerTek has extended its line of wireless Macintosh products with a new omni-directional antenna for the Mac mini product line. The new Mac Mini Antenna offers 5.5dBi of RF power, which means that wireless networking distances can be as much a three times further than when using the stock antenna. A three-foot coax cable comes with the antenna for easy mounting and works with both AirPort (802.11b) and Airport Extreme (802.11g) networks. The $80 antenna matches the mini case and is compatible with both Mac OS 9/X. It is available for order immediately.


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