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Hilton\'s iPod-ready alarm clock, virtual download

updated 01:15 pm EST, Tue March 29, 2005

Hilton iPod alarm clock

Hilton has announced its that offers 100 winners of a $10 iTunes Gift Certificate (Phase 1), 100 winners of a Hilton Family Alarm Clock with MP3 jack (Phase 2), 250 winners of Apple's iPod mini (Phase 3), and 10 winners of a Two Night Stay at a participating Hilton Family hotel (Phase 4).

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  1. sluxx

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Other features

    Th clock has an Easter egg where you can also download nudes of Paris Hilton, as well as get you on a night out with Paris (phase 5)! You just need to know the password (Tinkerbell).


    Ok, I'm done being mean, but this was too easy.

  1. eldarkus

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    Why doesnt iTunes have an alarm clock feature? Seems like a simplistic thing to have. In fact, I cant remember the name of the app, but it's the one that Apple bought and made iTunes with. Anyways, that app had a killer alarm clock on it.. why did they trash it?

  1. eswinson

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    "Hilton" and "Family" should not be used together in the same sentence. It makes me think of the "Osbornes." While Paris is making a great name for herself in pop culture (oh god!, did I just give her that much credit?) She is steadily eroding her family's good name in hotel business. A few years ago if you said "Paris Hilton" I would have expected Champaign and a view of the Eiffel Tower. Now I think of p*** movies and the scrawny mis-porportioned girl in the Guess ads.

    Aside from that, this is just one more indication that Apple will continue to dominate the portable digital music player market for sometime now. How many companies are advertising "Brand X" compatible accessories, alarm clocks or car stereos? Anything that can be plugged into a headphone jack is being molded in white plastic and labeled with a lowercase "i" in front of the name. Seems like the inverse of the software world were every thing is windows first and mac as an afterthought. Now if Yahoo would only update their freaking IM client.

    PS. I give real credit to those companies that are actually building hardware that interfaces with and controls the iPod.

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