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Griffin debuts iVault aluminum case for iPod shuffle

03/29, 5:55pm

iVault for iPod shuffle

Griffin Technology today announced the iVault aluminum case for the iPod shuffle. Griffin, in collaboration with designer Greg Gutierrez, has created a "stunning enclosure that incorporates maximum protection with an elegant design. Machined entirely out of aluminum, the iVault safely encloses your iPod Shuffle, while still allowing total access to the control wheel, audio jack, on switch, USB port, and LED. The front and back halves of the case are joined together by 4 small screws, so your iPod Shuffle is guaranteed to be secure. Lightweight yet strong, the iVault and the iPod Shuffle together weigh less than 1.5 ounces." The $30 case is expected to begin shipping in May in four distinctive colors: silver, blue, red and purple. Pre-orders are available now.

Apps: Maquarium, PictureSync, iSpeak It, Archive

03/29, 2:00pm

Maquarium, PictureSync,...

    Maquarium 2.0 ($24 full; $10 upgrade) adds 50 new requested features and additions to the aquarium manager that allows users to track chemicals, schedule tasks, keep notes, and manage the inventory of their aquariums. Version 2.0 brings a new UI, support for profiles (plant, coral, fish, etc.), AppleScript support, expense tracking, and improved converter and more. [1.4MB]
    PictureSync 1.2 ($10) is convenient Mac OS X 10.3 utility that simplifies uploading of photos and video clips to websites--directly from iPhoto or other application. Features include resizing, compression, metadata customization, direct upload to albums/photosets, support for multiple accounts (Buzznet, Flickr, FotoTime, Vimeo and Webshots). It now supports EXIF auto-rotation, ColorSync sRGB conversion, image upload order customization, and more file formats. [398KB]
    iSpeak It 2.0 ($15) adds full podcast download support, provides a history for all RSS feeds, and many usability enhancements, including those for RSS/Web pages. It takes any document or web feed and converts it into an MP3/AAC track in iTunes using your Mac's built-in text-to-speech capabilities; iSpeak It supports Word, PDF, RTF, AppleWorks, text and HTML documents. [200KB]
    Swatch Buckler 1.0.1 ($25) is a plugin for Adobe After Effects 6.0 that provides a floating color swatch palette. It allows the user to store as many colors as they want, features an integrated color picker, can send colors to the text and paint palettes, allows the user to choose a color from anywhere on-screen, and imports/exports version 1 Photoshop ".aco" files. [1.1MB]
    Archive 5.5 ($20) features performance improvements of up to 800 percent, an option to catalog just the user's home directory, and more. Archive enables users to "quickly catalog your disks and then when you need to find a file, just type in what you are looking for and it will return a list of all files that match your search criteria, what disks the files can be found on, and even detailed information about the files." [1.3MB]
    Marks Public Beta 3 is the latest evolution of the computerized gradebook for teachers. "It's like iTunes for your Mark Book. Formerly known as Xgrade, Marks will save teachers time by automatically calculating statistics, rankings, weighted and moderated marks for numerous tasks on the fly and much more." It now support email address import, hide/show of columns, task/class grading, and images/photos for each student. [340KB]

Briefly: Tiger goes FC, Mac Mini for embedded dev

03/29, 1:40pm

Mac OS X Tiger goes FC

In Brief: Mac OS X 10.4 has hit final candidate development status, confirming reports that the next-generation operating system is nearing release--possibly in the next few weeks.... OWC is now selling the iGuitar (starting at $760), which allows musicians to use their guitar as a computer input device...., an online community of Mac platform musicians, has published new interviews with two of its artist members whom have signed contracts with major international record labels.... Peachpit has released a new Apple-certified GarageBand 2 book/DVD guide ($30) from composer and master trainer Mary Plummer, featuring 20 hours of step-by-step lessons coupled with ample visual aids and dozens of real-world tips.... IBM DeveloperWorks has posted a An embedded view of the Mac Mini, Part 1, which takes a close look at the Mac Mini as an embedded development platform.

Hilton\'s iPod-ready alarm clock, virtual download

03/29, 1:15pm

Hilton iPod alarm clock

Hilton has announced its Hilton Family Virtual Clock, a virtual (desktop) replica of its new in-hotel alarm clocks that offers an audio input for users to attach their iPod or other MP3 player. The new Hilton Family clock features an easy-to-set alarm and four pre-set music selection buttons; it will be available in Hilton line of hotels, while a version without the audio input will be availalbe in Hampton Inn rooms. The online version is available for Mac OS X and offers several options for setting a personal alarm. The clock reminds users of its four-phase sweepstakes that offers 100 winners of a $10 iTunes Gift Certificate (Phase 1), 100 winners of a Hilton Family Alarm Clock with MP3 jack (Phase 2), 250 winners of Apple's iPod mini (Phase 3), and 10 winners of a Two Night Stay at a participating Hilton Family hotel (Phase 4).

SpamX 4.0 adds filtering to anti-spam reporter

03/29, 12:45pm

SpamX 4.0 adds filtering

Hendrickson Software today released SpamX 4.0, an update the company's software for spam source tracing and reporting. Version 4.0 adds the ability to filter email. The company says the company has been centralizing data collected by users of SpamX 3.3 or later; SpamX 4.0 leverages the central database (on the company's server) to allow clients to filter email that is in the users email server inbox, so that they can process it using SpamX without having to download it to their desktop email inbox. "With this offering, Sp@mX now provides a comprehensive anti-spam solution. It will filter a user's email so they don't have to see the spam, and report the source of the spam along with any 'spamvertized' URLs so that their spam level is dramatically reduced." It is available in both client ($20) and server ($400) editions. Upgrades are free for current users.

Web Crossing releases Content Blob Management plugin

03/29, 11:55am

New Web Crossing plugin

Web Crossing today announced a new Content Blob Management plugin, which makes site content management much more accessible to non-technical administrators. The plugin can create access-controlled "blobs" of content that easily drop into Theme cells within the standard Web Crossing Theme manager. It facilitates easy site content management and organization, offering easy updates for non-HTML experts; it installs in a few clicks directly from the "Shop For Plug-ins" link on an administrator's Control Panel. Content blobs can include Web Crossing Template Language (WCTL) scripting for dynamic content and optional "blob boxes" include titles and location-specific layout elements to ensure that repositioned blobs consistently look appropriate to their location. The plugin is available for free for a limited time.

RapidWeaver 3.1 adds FTP publishing, CSS templates

03/29, 9:55am

RapidWeaver 3.1 released

Realmac Software today released RapidWeaver 3.1 for Mac OS X, adding direct FTP publishing, unlimited sub-menus, CSS-based website templates and better iLife integration. In addition to adding over 30 new features, the company also improved the application's site creation process. Based on XHTML and CSS, each created site now validates using W3C's online validator. RapidWeaver also includes a host of page styles designed for people to share their thoughts, photos, movies and files. Page Styles include Blogging, Contact Form, File Sharing, Movie Album, Photo Album, Styled Page and many more. It is available for $35 and supports publishing to .Mac or FTP. releases Candy 2 theme

03/29, 9:45am

Candy 2 theme has released Candy 2, a new version of its popular theme for Keynote. Candy 2 is built specifically for Keynote and takes advantage of some of the new tools in the upgraded application: new to the package is Candy Blue, a companion theme based on a gradient blue background that matches the Candy feel. "Several of our users mentioned to us that they love the extras in Candy, but didn't always want the striped look for their presentations, so we created Candy Blue as an alternative to the standard striped Candy theme." Cand 2 is available for $27 or as a $10 upgrade for current Candy owners.

Logos Bible Software coming to the Mac

03/29, 9:20am

Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software today announced a Macintosh version of the company's digital library software. Due later this year, Logos Bible Software will make thousands of Bible reference eBooks available to Macintosh users. "Literally thousands of digital titles never before available on the Mac will be available the day we ship Logos Bible Software for the Mac...Pastors, scholars, and students of the Bible can build their own digital library from a growing list of 4,000-plus titles from a hundred different publishers." The Mac version will read the same book files as the PC version and will include categories, such as Bibles, original language texts, morphological databases, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, grammars, maps and more. It will ship in December 2005.

CS Odessa offers Project Documentation Suite bundle

03/29, 9:15am

New CS Odessa bundle

CS Odessa has launched its Project Documentation Suite for Mac OS X. The bundle includes LeadingProject 1.1, professional project management tool and ConceptDraw V, business and technical diagramming software. "Together these tools cover project documentation stages from planning to visual presentation and save their users $249 in comparison with separate purchase...Thus Projectct Documentation Suite is useful not only for project managers or business leaders but also for IT specialists and consultants, system administrators, engineers, software and database developers, marketing and sales managers." The suite is available for $350.

WiebeTech Combo Adapters offer multidevice connection

03/29, 9:10am

WiebeTech Combo Adapters

WiebeTech today a set of Combo Adapters for attaching a variety of small disk drives to virtually any computer system using the Forensic ComboDock, which allows write-block access to the drives through high-speed FireWire 800 (FW400 compatible) or the regular ComboDock which allows read/write access to drives. The Combo Adapters allow users to mount a variety of hard drives to their computer system; most feature a CNC machined aluminum protective enclosure. The adapters will ship in mid-April for $100 (Toshiba 1.8" drives--used in iPods, SATA drives, MicroDrives/CompactFlash), $90 (Hitachi 1.8" drives, PCCARD drives), and $50 (2.5" Notebook drives). All seven adapters are available for $500.

Iomega debuts three professional storage solutions

03/29, 9:00am

Iomega storage solutions

Iomega today announced three new professional storage products: the Iomega NAS 200d w REV, the Iomega NAS 300r server, and the internal Iomega REV 35GB SATA Drive. The 200d Series 320GB Drive with Iomega REV storage ($1,900 for 320GB and REV drive) offers a full-featured NAS services and its removeable REV 35GB storage backup in a single desktop box. The new REV 35GB Internal Drive with SATA interface ($380 with one disk) offers the speed and cabling advantages of the Serial ATA. Other REV models feature USB, ATAPI, FireWire, or SCSI computer interfaces. Finally, the company's Iomega NAS 300r Series Storage Server is available in three rack mount models with capacities ranging from 320GB to 500GB. The 300r integrates seamlessly into existing Windows networks and features hot-swappable 7200-rpm drives and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 database support as well a dual Gigabit Ethernet connection and an Ultra 160 SCSI interface for archival backup. The products are expected to ship in April.

New M-Audio-branded apps: Key Rig, Drum and Bass Rig

03/29, 7:00am

New M-Audio-branded apps

M-Audio has launched its own branded line of software applications. The first two products include Key Rig, a virtual keyboard rack, and Drum and Bass Rig, a virtual bass and drums rack. Key Rig is a single virtual rack housing four modules, including the SP-1 Stage Piano module with grand pianos, Wurlitzer, classic electric pianos, and more. Other modules include the Polyphonic Synthesizer, Electromagnetic Organ, and General MIDI Module. The Drum and Bass Rig also includes four modules: Loop Creator, Bassline (monophonic bass synthesizer with a arpeggiator/step sequencer), Real Drums (custom drum kits), and Electric Bass. Both applications are available for $130 each. Both products, compatible with both Mac/PC environments, operate in either stand-alone mode or with most popular sequencing hosts.

Apps: SaveMe, Sketsa, Time Out!, ASE, TitleCleaner

03/29, 6:55am

SaveMe, Sketsa, Time Out!

    SaveMe 1.1 ($20) updates GoldfishSoft's utility for adding auto-save to all Mac OS X programs. Version 1.1 brings interface and documentation improvements, compatibility with non-English programs, bug fixes, automatic version checking from within the program, and automatic startup on user login. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later. [684KB]
    Sketsa 3.0 ($50) is a cross platform vector drawing application based on SVG, the graphics format and technology based on XML and developed by W3C. Users can create vector graphics that can be scaled and printed at any resolution. The Java-based application features various tools for optimizing content creation, including a property palette, DOM editor, source editor, resources editor, SVG specific shape tools, transformation tools, and additional illustration tools. [5.8MB]
    Time Out! 1.2 (free) is a handy break reminder tool. Users can configure the length of each break and the time between each. Version 1.2 adds much-requested fields in the preferences to more accurately set the fade in, break, fade out, and work times, plus other improvements. It requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [942KB]
    Sybase's Adaptive Server Enterprise 15b2 has been released, offering support for 64-bit integer SQL data types, unsigned integers, hierarchical XML, schema validation, SQL preview/JS integration, improved performance tuning options, and more. The company is offering a number of free giveaways for developers to register and test the software. [form]
    TitleCleaner (15) can be used to quickly clean titles from Final Cut Pro XML, eliminating duplicate/extra spaces, additional carriage returns, and more. TitleCleaner automates the tasks with a few clicks and also allows users to perform a custom "Find/Replace" within the text of the generators in the XML as well as batch renaming of clips based on the titles themselves. [form]
    CrushSQLPlugin 1.0 (free) is the first public release of the plugin that allows the Java-based CrushFTP ftp server to load its users from a SQL table. It works with any SQL server, offering an alternative to the CrushFTP GUI. The source code is included. [12KB]

SASS 1.4 offers Internet-based financial data lookup

03/29, 6:40am

SASS for stock analysis

Intuitec Software has released a major update to its stock analysis software: SASS 1.4 brings the ability to retrieve financial data for US and Canadian public companies from the internet, save it to a standard .ssg file format, and retrieve stock symbols for public companies in 12 countries. It also brings help tags, improved date calculations, better year-2000 compliance (for older dates), and more. Intuitec's SASS carries out a "Fundamental Value Based Analysis of a publically traded company's historical and current financial data," offering a visual analysis of the changes in a company's growth trend, helping determine whether the stock is on sale, fairly priced, or overvalued. It is available for Mac OS 9/X for $70.


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