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2009 offers \"skins\" for Mac mini

03/13, 11:40pm

Skins for Mac mini has launched its removable, adhesive backed vinyl skins for the Apple Mac mini. The company says its Mac mini skins are manufactured with the highest quality materials and are precision cut to insure a perfect device fit. "Consumers can choose one of over a thousand different designs or upload their own photo or artwork to be transformed into an Mac mini skin." SkinIt Skins are made from vinyl that uses a non-permanent adhesive, which allows users to simply peel off the Skin when its time for a change. They are available for $20 each with a $3 extra charge for custom designs. The company offers dozens of standard designs and says that Premium and Sponsored Designs will be available soon.

Microsoft to scrap MSN Internet client for Mac

03/13, 11:25pm

MSN Internet client

Microsoft will no longer support the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software client, effective May 31st. Instead of accessing MSN services using the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software, which is a local email client and dashboard for browsing MSN services, customers will now access MSN services and features via their preferred browser and by setting up a MyMSN page to serve as a portal to their favorite online destinations. Customers will retain their current MSN email address, address book, account data and mailbox size. They will simply access their e-mail account online from their MyMSN page or by connecting to the MSN Hotmail service. "Microsoft's Mac BU remains committed to the Mac platform and its customers, as evidenced by forthcoming products and enhancements that include the .PST Import Tool, MSN Messenger for Mac Version 5.0 and Service Pack 2 for Office 2004 for Mac."

Apple protests iPod knockoff display at CeBIT

03/13, 11:10pm

iPod knockoff at CeBIT

Apple and its lawyers were unsuccessful in getting Taiwanese manufacturer Luxpro to remove its Super Shuffle from the company's booth on the CeBIT show floor. Apple's lawyers were successfully able to convince the company to remove the device from the display on Friday, but Luxpro once again showcased the iPod knockoff on Saturday, according to heise online. Both Apple showfloor representatives and lawyers were ultimately unsuccessful in getting Luxpro to pull the Super Shuffle, which is almost visibly indistinguishable from Apple's iPod shuffle (slightly larger and offers more features).

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