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Apple joins Blu-Ray Disc Association Board

updated 11:30 am EST, Thu March 10, 2005

Apple on Blu-Ray Board

The will become a member of the consortium's Board of Directors. The BDA was created to broaden support for Blu-ray Disc -- the next generation optical disc for storing High Definition movies, photos and other digital content. Blu-ray Discs will have five times larger capacity than today's DVDs, with a single-layer Blu-ray Disc holding up to 25GB of data and a double-layer Blu-ray Disc holding up to 50GB of data, while current DVDs hold 4.7B on single-layer discs and 8.5GB on dual-layer discs. In February, the BDA said its membership grew beyond 100 companies.

"Apple is pleased to join the Blu-ray Disc Association board as part of our efforts to drive consumer adoption of HD," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Consumers are already creating stunning HD content with Apple's leading video editing applications like iMovie HD and are anxiously awaiting a way to burn their own high def DVDs."

The BDA said that Apple has been a leader in driving consumer adoption of DVD authoring since January 2001, with the introduction of its SuperDrive, the industry's first high-volume CD- and DVD-burning drive, and its revolutionary iDVD and DVD Studio Pro software applications. The release also said that Apple is also helping bring High Definition (HD) to market with a complete line of HD content creation tools for consumers and professionals alike including iMovie HD, Final Cut Express HD and Final Cut Pro HD editing software.

Additionally, the next release of Apple's next generation QuickTime 7 will feature the MPEG developed H.264 Advanced Video Codec (AVC) which has been adopted for high definition DVDs. Apple will release QuickTime 7 in conjunction with the release of Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger," the fifth major version of Mac OS X that will ship in the first half of 2005.

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  1. history1me




    Blue Ray Won! Now I can go back to my peaceful existence.

  1. paulc

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Undoubtedly this could mean that the HD format will prevail over Blu-Ray! Most everything I've read seems to point to HD winning as it does not involve major re-fitting for making machines and media... thus it was thought to have a lead over the greater capacity of Blu-Ray. We all know that rarely does the better technology prevail (look at VHS vs. Beta).

  1. mouseketter

    Joined: Dec 1969


    This Sounds Exciting...

    This sounds exciting. However it is unfortunate that Microsoft and Intel killed any kind of HD DVD technology sense their announcement last week that the will not be supporting High Definition DVD.

    Microsoft said not in any future update in Windows XP, Longhorn or in the up coming Xbox 2.

    Both Microsoft and Intel admitted that the new Home Media software and hardware could not in it's present form support High Definition of any kind. Intel added that maybe in the future if the market is there to support it.

    But so what if Microsoft and Intel doesn't support it. The public won't. With Hardware (e.g.; players) expecting to cost over $900 and with pre-recorded media costing over $50.00 it is going to be a hard sell to the Walmart going general public.

    HD-DVD will be DOA

  1. SomeToast

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: This Sounds Exciting

    "[...] and with pre-recorded media costing over $50.00 [...]"

    Paramount's announced pricing for HD-DVD titles is $20-30 (their "standard" DVDs list for $15-20). Other studios' pricing is expected to be similar.

  1. dlindsay17

    Joined: Dec 1969


    nice move


  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Re: HDDV will be DO

    Yeah, I'm sure they said the same thing about DVDs in general. With players costing 500-1000 dollars, and disks costing $30-50, and limited availability, there's no way DVD would take over VCRs. I mean, you can do more with VCRs (tape shows) then you could with DVD players.

  1. Truepop

    Joined: Dec 1969


    xbox and ps3

    since microsoft hasn't said they are going to put hd-dvd in the xbox 360 and sony will most likely (or has) said blu-ray will be in the ps3, I could see blu-ray winning because those that buy a ps3 will already have a player

    As far pricing, if blu-ray disc cost 20-30 bucks then it will be a long time before I start buying movies in that format...

  1. birdman

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: HDDV will be DO

    Actually, testudo, that's why my parents just bought a combo DVD/VCR, so they can tape shows when they're not home. :) Until digital recorders come down in price and become as simple (or simpler) to use as VCRs were, they'll probably stay that way (and of course, VCRs have the added benefit of being able to give the tape to someone else, like a friend or the local public access cable channel :) ).

    I'm curious about access times with Blu-Ray. It's great you can fit all this high-quality content there, but if it's slow and choppy, who cares? (Try playing a 640x480 Quicktime movie off a CD-ROM...) As it is, DVD-Rs take a while to mount on the desktop and navigate, whereas CD-ROMs are nice and quick. Using that comparison, I shudder to think how long it would take to navigate a Blu-Ray disc hard drive backup.

  1. dashiel

    Joined: Dec 1969


    the better technology

    i think for once, we might see the better technology win out, if only for one reason - playstation 3. while joe six pack will sit back and wait for prices on HD-DVD abd blu-Ray players to drop and/or wait to see which format will win. gamers will be buying the PS3 in droves and creating a massive user base that HD-DVD won't have. unless of course the new nintendo system grabs back some of its lost luster.

    also interesting. yet another tie between apple and sony with specific mention of h.264. this new shakeup could mean the end of what (if anything) apple and sony might have been cooking up, or it could kick start it.

  1. beeble

    Joined: Dec 1969



    The PS2 included a DVD drive. Most early adopters were buying them to get the ability to watch DVD movies because a PS2 was cheaper than any DVD player on the market. I expect the same will happen if PS3 contains Blu-Ray. It'll be really cheap compared to the $500-$1000 price range that players will start in and will rapidly create a strong user base for the format.

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