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Report: Demand for key Apple products is strong

updated 10:15 am EST, Tue March 8, 2005

Apple demand strong

Research firm Piper Jaffray says that although "significant emphasis is being placed by the Street on March Quarter iPod unit estimates ... our focus is on the overall business." The firm says that its checks of 20 Apple specialist resellers and 30 Apple retail stores "left us more confident that demand for Apple's key products (most notably iMac, Powerbook, Mac mini and various versions of the iPod) continue to be ahead of expectations (exception is Power Mac)." Additionally, Piper Jaffray says it believes "true demand for the iPod shuffle and Mac mini will not be visible in the March quarter ... more importantly, we believe supply constraints on new products will ease in the June quarter." Moreover, "Apple Specialist Resellers are more optimistic than we have heard them in the last 3 quarters ... they expect the quarter to be at or above plan."

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  1. testudo

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    Well, maybe if they updated the PowerMac line a little more often, people would feel compelled to buy them more often, rather then wait until the next revision now (and, no, I'm not talking about people who NEED a new computer, I'm talking about those who WANT a new computer). I'm thinking about buying a new Mac, leaning towards a tower (since I don't want a computer with a built-in screen, and it seems like a waste to go with a mini as a new computer after three years). But since its been close to 9 months since the last update, and conflicting rumors on a new model being released (one week its "within the month", next week its "don't expect them anytime soon"), I'm just biding my time (which I know is a waste, because even if they announce new ones, they'll be three months delayed like normal, and once they do come out, there'll be the various reports of problems which will put more people on hold waiting for the kinks to get worked out, and then its "well, still haven't fixed the fan issue, I'm going to wait for the next rev").

    Apple just doesn't understand the consumer. They seem to have no desire to go after the 'I need the latest' market, or at least try to avoid the "I'm waiting for the next rev to come out" groups (like ME!) by being so scheduled on their releases. I've never heard anyone say "I want to buy a Dell, but their Dimension line is 82 days old so I'm waiting until a new model comes out". Why? (OK, besides the fact that I have no friends or acquaintenances.) Its because Dell keeps their machines up-to-date, changes their prices and deals weekly, and basically give their customers reason to buy. Why should I pay the same price for a 2.5GHz G5 today that someone paid the day it came out? You can't make me believe the total cost of the machine has been constant the whole time. And if they want people to buy, they should offer them some REAL deals (not stupid "Buy a really expensive computer with a really expensive monitor, get $400 off, or "Buy a computer, get a semi-free printer (total value $99)"), but something like "double your RAM" and/or "double your HD size" and/or "free upgrade on the optical drive" and/or "20% off your order". Mix and match to entice different prospective buyers.

    But, no, this would require effort on Apple's part to try to sell computers. And considering any effort to sell Macs is apparently too much. And we all know that all they care about is iPods (when was the last time Apple even had a TV commercial that wasn't iPod related, anyway?)

  1. Monstermind

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    Straight up.

    Where are the new desktops, ladies?? I'm jonesing for a new cheesegrater Mac.

  1. minimansion

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    Best comment...

    The first post is the best analysis i have seen of the PowerMac problem in years...

    I totally agree...

    You should send that comment directly to S. Jobs, they probably haven't even thought of it in that way. I always knew there was a problem, but I could never really figure out what it was...


  1. Cubester

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    Best analysis

    I must echo minimansion's sentiment. Not only is testudo's post the best analysis of the PM problem in years, but also one of the finest, if not the best examples of critical writing and commentary that I've come across this millenium.

    NO, better than that. It stands alongside great works such as Ulysses and the Illiad in the pantheon of creative brilliance. How lucky we all are to live in a time with such profound thoughts that overwhelm the senses.

    Testudo, the effulgence of your brilliant career obliterates time, which gave birth to the miracle of your existence.

    Thank you!

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