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iTunes phones to debut this week

updated 01:45 pm EST, Mon March 7, 2005

iTunes phones

This Thursday, Motorola is expected to announce that will provide integration with Apple's popular music software. The company, which has been demonstrating embedded versions of the iTunes client on several prototype handsets, has caused wide-spread speculation about which phones would be the first to feature iTunes. It now appears the company's new Razr and Pebl lines may be the first to offers models with the technology. The new iTunes phones that will allow customers to play their existing iTunes songs, and possibly buy new ones. But a potential roadblock for Motorola and Apple to offer content acquisition on the device may be the wireless operators like Sprint, who are interested in setting up their own online stores. Analysts agree that carriers will ultimately get the first shot at selling songs on phones.

by MacNN Staff




  1. Alric1

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Memory card slot

    That will be the deciding factor. The new Sony Walkman phone will play AAC files and has a Memory stick duo slot. The only way Moto can compete is if they include a form of memory slot...


  1. freakboy2

    Joined: Dec 1969


    non sensical

    phone companies getting first shot at selling music?!

    man who writes this drivel? Are they serious?

    Scenario: a great song comes out from the chemical brothers. I want to hear it. So i pick up my phone and order it onto my phone, so i can listen to it on my phone?

    or i download it on itunes and i can play it on whatever i want?

    these industry people are so completely clueless. It's just incredible to me.

  1. jwdsail

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Not sure I believe this..

    From what we had heard so far, iTunes was to be available on Moto's mid range phones. Razr and Pebl are *not* mid range phones... The v620, and v635 fall into the high end of what I consider mid range. The v535, v547, v620, and v635 would be far more likely candidates in my mind. Another thing to take note of is that internally, the Razr is essentially a v600. If the Razr runs iTunes, there *should* be a way to get it onto the other phones at some point...(I hope)

    Shrug. I guess we have to remember that this is Moto we're talking about. Common sense doesn't always apply. Otherwise Moto phones would support iSync via bluetooth and Salling Clicker. Sigh. As it stands now we have to choose between MacOS X functionality (Sony Ericson) and decent RF (Moto).. Come-on SJ, kick some sense into these people!

  1. zzarg

    Joined: Dec 1969


    why limit yourself ?

    Okay, iTunes is great, but there are a bunch of phones out there and about to arrive that play back MP3. No DRM, usually with memory card support and better OSX support than any Moto phone currently on the shelves
    The Moto/Apple tie-up seems to be about marketing and $ extraction and less about actually working together.
    As mentioned about... no decent BT support, no iSync capabilities worth talking about (even on the Symbian based phones with SE seem to have no problems getting into the iSync fold)
    If they want to lead by demanding $, maybe we should lead by actually demanding interoperability between products to establish some credibility !
    I'm getting an A1000 through work... and it looks like it'll be less capable than my current T610 in sync capabilities with OSX. Go figure !

  1. dootbran

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Why limit yourself?

    As long as the new phones can play AAC & MP3 files not from the iTMS it looks like it could be great for someone that already uses the iTMS & really wants music on their phone. For them using a non-iTunes phone would be limiting.

    Not everyone has isync as there first priority. Yeah it sucks that you can't just sync up w/ BT but I thought I read there were some workarounds to still upload your vcards to the phones.

    Like jwdsail said, both SE & Moto have there advantages. I guess the decision that you make will rely on where your priorities are.

  1. beeble

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Do they still make...

    I have a camera for taking pics. I have an iPod for listening to music. I have a laptop for email and chat. Do they still make a phone where I can just make a phone call with a normal sized finger so I don't hit four buttons at a time and without spending three hours reading a user manual? Do they make one that has more than 15 minutes of battery life anymore?

    I haven't bought a cell phone in about 5 years because the phone companies don't seem to want my business. They are only interested in providing one device that does everything, but nothing well. My old phone took me 30 minutes to learn everything it could do. It's battery would last all day and all night with fairly heavy use. It was small and light but built like a tank.

    Most areas of technology actually progress with time. What's with the cell phone industry?

  1. JEB

    Joined: Dec 1969



    My impression, downloading to a cell phone would be hella' slow. Yah?

    But, to have a phone that works like an iPod shuffle, that would minimize the stuff I carry around . . . .

  1. ender

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: non sensical

    Perhaps you underestimate just how much control cell phone carriers maintain over your phone, and how much leverage they have over the phone manufacturers to force them to disable features on the phone you purchased. There are probably things your phone COULD do, if your carrier allowed it. But those features are locked out because the carrier wants you to use a more expensive option FROM THEM. Trust me, if your carrier doesn't want you to download music from iTMS direclty to your phone, you won't. You'll have to buy your music from them instead. If they don't want iTunes itself running on your phone, it won't; and there will be nothing you can do about it.

    As long as you have to buy your phone from your carrier, you are at their mercy. Imagine if you had to buy your TV from the cable company, and then they told you it wouldn't work with another cable company so you are locked into their service. THAT is exactly what the cell phone companies do. I long for the day when I can go to Best Buy and get ANY phone I want and then subcribe to ANY carrier I want without them locking my phone and disabling features. But that ain't gonna happen until the law forces them to do it.

  1. e2Sync

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Battery life on phones

    It's clear you have not bought a phone in 5 years, because todays phones often has standby times of 2 WEEKS and talk times of 5-6 HOURS.


  1. ender

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Battery life on phone

    Actually, I've got a Moto V551, and I'm lucky if the battery lasts 5 days with NO talk time usage. If you check online discussions, you'll find others who have found Moto's battery estimates to be wildly exaggerated!

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