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Apps: Batch, PDF Browser Plugin, Studio Manager...

03/03, 7:35pm

Batch, Studio Manager

    Batch 1.5 ($16) allows batch processing of images, offers an image browser, can create slide shows, and can generate image indexes. The new release includes a new feature called imagemarking, for treating images differently based on their designation. [Download - 2.7MB]
  • PDF Browser Plugin 2.2 adds PDF viewer functionality to your Web browser using Quartz technology built into Mac OS X. Version 2.2 improves stability, increases accuracy of standard size on most displays, and offers optional display of real page numbers in addition to page labels while scrolling. [Download - 2.7MB]

  • Studio Manager 7.0 ($400) is a FileMaker-based management tool created specifically for designers and other creative professionals. Instead of the previous 28 files, Studio Manager 7.0 is now a single file which makes a dramatic difference in file loading, backup, and user access. [Download - form]
    Ch 5.0 ($400) is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, shell programming and embedded scripting. The new release supports multi-threading in embedded scripting and provides Borland Builder project sample for embedded Ch. [Download - form]
    Spark 2.0.1 (free) is an easy shortcuts manager that allows users to create Hot Keys to launch applications and documents, execute AppleScript, control iTunes, and more. Users can also export and import Hot Keys libraries, or save a library in HTML format. [Download - 2.3MB]
    Yasu 1.0.2 (free) is a Mac OS X system optimization utility developed with System Administrators who service large groups of workstations in mind, enabling them to perform a specific group of maintenance tasks quickly within a few clicks. The latest version fixes a bug with the authentication field not and introduces an Italian localization. [Download - 1.2MB]

Briefly: Apple CFO at conference, Napster vs. AAPL

03/03, 6:35pm

Apple CFO at conference

In Brief: Apple will provide an audio broadcast of Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer's presentation on March 8 (2:45 PM PST) at Morgan Stanley Semiconductor & Systems Conference 2005.... People using wireless net hotspots will be able to make free phone calls as well as surf the net, as wireless provider Broadreach and net telephony firm Skype prepare to rollout the service at 350 hotspots around the UK.... Napster's modest increased revenue guidance for its fiscal fourth quarter (by $1 million to $15 million) pushed its stock upwards, while dragging down Apple stock.... Netscape has released the first beta of the revived Netscape 8 browser (for Windows only) based on Firefox--with a focus on security and user privacy as well as rendering with both Mozilla's Gecko and Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser engines.

New add-on icon sets for Porcelain stock icon series

03/03, 5:50pm

New add-on icon sets

The Iconfactory has released two new add-on sets for the Porcelain stock icon series ($350). Porcelain: Database Add-On is an extension of the original stock icon set and includes icons covering such specialized concepts as tables, scripts, records, and many others. The second set, Porcelain: Multimedia, extends the original collection into the audio & visual realm with icons covering concepts such as mixing, effects, video and many others. Porcelain Database & Multimedia each contain 52 unique icons in multiple sizes and formats. Each set is available today for $180. In addition, when customers purchase any Porcelain collection, they also receive a layered Photoshop file that offers pre-designed sets of navbar and button graphics.

NYU cautions against wearing iPod earbud headphones

03/03, 5:45pm

NYU warns iPod users

New York University is warning its students against wearing the earmark white earbud headphones that ship with Apple's iPod, according to AppleInsider. The university is reportedly warning users against using the white earbuds because of saftey concerns: "The tiny, white earbud headphones have become a telltale sign for thieves looking to hijack iPods in the fast-paced streets of Manhattan. This week members of the campus community began plastering NYU dorms with posters warning students not to wear the standard iPod headphones.....There have been an increasing number reports from students who've been held up by city crooks demanding that they hand over their iPod."

AccountMaster updates two key apps for Mac OS X

03/03, 4:35pm

AccountMaster OS X

AccountMaster has released Mac OS X-native versions of two of its popular software titles. AccountMaster Dental Laboratory prepares invoices, arranges and prints statements, and handles accounts receivable review and evalution. This product was developed specifically for small dental laboratories. Invoices can be completed when the work arrives in the lab or after the work is done. Invoices can be printed individually or in a group and can include tooth shade, tooth number, alloy brand, and other useful information about the prosthesis. Similarly, AccountMaster Chiropractic records appointments, generates statements, automatically prepares HCFA-1500 insurance forms, and manages accounts receivable. Appointment records are created using patient information automatically supplied from the Patient file.

PlayPod 1.0: podcast client, RSS news viewer

03/03, 3:10pm

PlayPod 1.0 public beta

IGG Software has released the first public beta release of PlayPod 1.0, a new podcast client and RSS news viewer. It enables users to automatically receive podcasts (audio broadcasts) and RSS news feeds (from sites like MacNN) via a single interface. PlayPod 1.0b has an integrated podcast directory, iTunes and .Mac integration, and feed groups. It also offers podcast previewing and scheduled downloads. PlayPod comes pre-loaded with feeds and podcasts from several content providers, including MacNN's news feed. A 10-day trial of PlayPod is available, with subsequent registration costing $17.

Public Library loans iPod shuffles for audio books

03/03, 1:20pm

iPod shuffle at library

This week the South Huntington Public Library on Long Island, New York, became one of the first public libraries in the country to loan out iPod shuffles, reports Wired News. For the past three weeks, the library ran a pilot program using the portable MP3 devices to store audio books downloaded from the Apple iTunes Music Store. They started with six shuffles, and now are up to a total of 10. Each device holds a single audio book. The few library patrons that have checked them out seem to have had positive experiences. "It's changed the books on tape from a car-only experience to a bring-it-with-you experience," Lee Jacknow, 61, a retired professor of engineering said.

iPod shuffle Gel Shields ship next week

03/03, 1:00pm

iPod shuffle Gel Shields

Pacific Rim is offering a protective gel case for the iPod shuffle, available in white, pink, charcoal, blue, and lime. The iPod Shuffle Gel Shields are available for $11 individually or $25 for a three-pack. The iPod Shuffle Gel Shield kits include a cover for the main body, and a colored end cap. The protective shields are thin enough to allow viewing and operation of the buttons on the front on the iPod shuffle. Made of silicone, "it will protect your music player from bumps, scratches and sticky fingers." The iPod Shuffle Gel Shield single and three-packs will begin shipping on Tuesday, March 8th.

Keynote Themes 4.0 gains 5 new themes

03/03, 11:35am

Keynote Themes 4.0

Jumsoft has released Keynote Themes 4.0, now with 27 professional-grade themes and up to 24 layout masters specifically designed for each theme. Jumsoft more than doubles the number of themes standard in Apple's Keynote. The new version "instills users with a whole lot of confidence that not everyone else will be using the same theme." Keynote Themes 4.0 was designed to be compatible with both Apple Keynote 1 and 2 (iWork '05). It retains 22 versatile themes from an earlier version and adds 5 new ones: Photography, Color, History, Movies and Nature. Keynote Themes 4.0 is $45 for new users or $20 to upgrade from the previous version.

Newer, OWC debut high-capacity battery for 4G iPod

03/03, 10:55am

4G iPod battery

Newer Technology and OWC today introduced a new high-capacity 750mAh replacement battery for all fourth-generation ("4G") Click Wheel iPod models. The NuPower 4G battery model offers the "maximum capacity possible" with 20 percent more capacity than the factory-installed battery shipped with 4G iPod models. The company also sells 2100mAh and 1800mAh iPod batteries, which offer up to 70 percent more capacity for first- and second-generation models, and the 850mAh iPod battery, which offers 30 percent more capacity for third-generation models. NewerTech 4G 750mAh iPod battery, available for $26, includes non-scratch installation tools and instructions for installation.

Transaction 1.0 helps with online sales management

03/03, 9:50am

Transaction 1.0

Maxprog has introduced Transaction 1.0 ($60), an online sales manager for software developers. Transaction is an easy-to-use, full featured and multi-purpose interactive data analysis and reporting tool intended to help control online sales. Transaction can serve several small to medium management needs for either private users, software developers or small businesses making keeping track of online sales easier. Through its all-in-one interface users can easily create new products and customers or add new transactions or expenses quickly. Transaction does require technical knowledge, can generate custom reports and queries, uses a fast SQL database engine, and offers ten types of charts, including earnings, units, and growth.

Apps: WireFusion, SoftRAID, accessTunes, Readerware

03/03, 8:55am

accessTunes, WireFusion

    accessTunes 1.0 ($15) is a new program that provides always-on music sharing via iTunes and the Web. accessTunes starts sharing your iTunes Music Library as soon as you turn on your computer, making it available as a shared iTunes library on the local network, and accessible from anywhere in the world via the Web. [2.6MB]
    WireFusion 4.1 ($2000) allows 3D artists, Web developers and programmers to easily create interactive Web3D presentations from their X3D and VRML models. The new version offers several new features to improve Web3D and X3D handling. [form]
    SoftRAID 3.1.3 ($150) provides a software RAID backup solution for Mac OS X. Version 3.1.3 fixes bugs and also incorporates several changes which bring the product closer to full Mac OS X 10.4 compatability. [4.2MB]
    AB Transfer 1.0 (20) reads, converts and imports contact data from files to the Mac OS X Address Book. An upcoming "pro" version will allows users to import data from database sources such as FileMaker, MySQL or generic ODBC sources. [1.5MB]
    Puzzability's Puzzle Trifecta ($10) is a unique collection of 100 interactive puzzles accessible from a Web browser. The Java-powered games are comprised of three popular types of puzzles culled from the Puzzability vaults: 20 "Blockbuster" sliding block puzzles, 40 "Say What?" quote puzzles, and 40 "Step by Step" word ladders. [1.5MB]
    Readerware 2.92 ($85) is the latest version of the tool for book lovers, collectors, researchers, or anyone who has to catalog and maintain a library. The new version includes a new image position preference, batch mode barcode reader support, improved ISBN/UPC error handling, and more. [4.0MB]

Briefly: Safari \"phishing,\" iPod closeout...

03/03, 8:35am

Safari phishing

In brief:: Max Ziebell explains how the deceptive practice known as "phishing" (the act of making one website appear to be another) is still possible with Apple's Safari browser using IDN-Domains.... is selling the previous generation iPod Photo (with all accessories) for $430 (60 GB) and $340 (40 GB).... Apple will attend and exhibit at MacExpo Deutschland this June, according to organizers of the event.... The Apple Store retail outlet dominated a monthlong online survey about what stores shoppers would like to see at the Twenty Ninth Street shopping center when it opens next year.

Bookends 8 gains new look, better Web integration

03/03, 8:20am

Bookends 8 released

Sonny Software has announced the release of Bookends 8, a Mac-only full-featured bibliography/reference and information management application for professionals and students. Bookends 8 is a major update that offers more than 50 new or enhanced features. It sports a brand new look, simple-to-create yet powerful groups with instantaneous live searching ( la iTunes), close integration with the Internet with direct searching of hundreds of libraries around the world, and a built-in HTTP server that provides direct access to anyone on any platform. Bookends 8 retails for $100 ($70 for students). A free evaluation copy of Bookends 8 can be downloaded.


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