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Briefly: Jobs at SoHo, ADC tutorial, Sony PDA dead

02/22, 5:05pm

Jobs vists SoHo store

In Brief: Steve Jobs' surprise visit to the Apple Store SoHo made headlines, with one employee commenting on Apple's corporate secrecy and another pushing his sales pitch.... An ADC tutorial describes working with Apple Remote Desktop 2 data, which it says is stored in a PostgreSQL database.... Syngress has released "Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage" ($40), which features a foreword by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and offers details on building the original Apple computer from scratch with roughly $100 worth of hardware.... Sony will no longer sell its Clie line of PDAs--eight months after the company said it would no longer sell new models of PDAs outside of Japan.

Apple releases Security Update 2005-002

02/22, 4:40pm

Security Update 2005-002

Apple has released Security Update 2005-002 via the Software Update utility in Mac OS X. The update delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Mac OS X users. The update includes the following components: Java Web Start, JavaPluginCocoa.bundle, JavaScriptCore, and Core Java classes. Apple says the update addresses an issue where an untrusted applet could gain elevated privileges and potentially execute arbitrary code: " A vulnerability in the Java Plug-in may allow an untrusted applet to escalate privileges, through JavaScript calling into Java code, including reading and writing files with the privileges of the user running the applet. Releases prior to Java 1.4.2 on Mac OS X are not affected by this vulnerability."

iPod photo ship times slip at Apple Store

02/22, 3:25pm

Possible iPod update

Apple this weekend quietly extended the wait times for both its iPod photo models from the same business day to 2-4 business days at the Apple Store. This comes after recent rumors that Apple might lower the pricing of its color-screen equipped iPod Photo range this week. Meanwhile, Banc of America says it expects a price cut in the next two weeks, which "should help Apple's market share." The firm also said it expects Apple to continue to gain market share in the MP3 digital music player market for the next 2-3 quarters as its iPod shuffle player gains momentum. MacNN sources also note that Apple has requested some dealers return their stock of iPod photo players and U2 Special Edition iPods. A reason for the recall was not given. As reported yesterday, a Motorola executive recently hinted at a bluetooth-enabled iPod.

pzizz generates relaxing \'nap\' audio

02/22, 1:30pm

pzizz \'nap\' audio

Developed by Xeric Design on behalf of Brainwave, pzizz is a new application that combines several proven techniques to "give you the most refreshing and revitalising nap possible." It combines Neurolinguistic Programming with enchanting music, voice, sound effects and a binaural beat to induce a "wonderfully relaxed state." pzizz generates naps from 10 to 60 minutes, allows users to independently adjust music and voice volumes, and supports mono and stereo voice effects. pzizz exports 'naps' to any QuickTime compatible format, including MP4, making it easy to build a library of unique sound pieces (downloadable to an iPod).

Delkin eFilm CardBus adapters improve OS X support

02/22, 1:25pm

Delkin CardBus

Delkin Devices today announced enhancements to its line of eFilm CardBus adapters. CardBus adapters enable memory cards to work in the PC Card slot on most laptops, and uses the high speed CardBus PCMCIA standard. New drivers are now available for the CompactFlash CardBus 32-bit PCMCIA adapter. The new drivers significantly increase the CompactFlash CardBus's transfer speeds. Delkin Devices also announced the company's new 5 in 1 eFilm CardBus adapter. The $50 5 in 1 adapter is first to provide CardBus transfer speeds to the xD memory card format. Mac support for the CompactFlash CardBus adapter has been available for over a year. Delkin has now extended that support for the first time to the other popular memory card formats supported by the new 5 in 1 CardBus adapter.

Boris Red 3.02 supports templates, new NLEs

02/22, 1:15pm

Boris Red 3.02

Boris Red 3GL is a $1,600 plug-in solution that provides integrated broadcast-quality features for titling, compositing and 3D effects directly inside nonlinear editing systems. Red also includes the Red Engine for standalone rendering. Boris FX today updated Red to version 3.02, adding a new Template Mode, support for Canopus Edius Pro 3, Media 100 HD and Pinnacle Liquid Edition systems, video out from the standalone Red Engine, and a new preference lets users customize the colors of the Red interface. The update also reduces the installer size for faster download and installation, offers support for parameter name translations into several languages via an XML dictionary, and the installer on both platforms has been localized into several languages.

Silhouette Roto available as AE plug, standalone app

02/22, 12:15pm

Silhouette Roto

Silhouette FX has released Silhouette Roto, available now as a plug-in for Adobe After Effects. The plug-in is also compatible with Apple's Final Cut Pro. Rotoscoping (roto) is the process of manually extracting or isolating a portion of an image. It is one of the most fundamental tasks in visual effects. Beziers and b-splines are provided along with flexible and easy-to-use tools for drawing, reshaping, and transforming shapes. Shapes can be rotated, scaled, skewed / sheared, moved and corner pinned in a single mouse click. Silhouette Roto offers a multi-frame editing mode that ripples changes across a user definable range of keyframes. The plug-in version supports 8- and 16-bit depths. Silhouette Roto is for $400 as a plug-in, and $600 as a standalone application.

Delta Force expansion pack available for pre-order

02/22, 11:55am

DFBHD: Team Sabre

Aspyr Media today posted more information on Delta Force-Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre, an expansion to the original Delta Force-Black Hawk Down (DFBHD) game title. "Delta Force has been re-deployed to take out targets in South America and the Middle East. As the U.S. military's preemptive strike force you must work with your team to get the job done." Team Sabre takes the Delta Force players into the jungles of Colombia in search of drug lords as well as to battle terrorist factions in and around Iran's island oilfields. It contains a number of new multiplayer features, including fully controllable vehicles that let players wage war on land, sea and from the air. The product requires the full version of DFBHD, Mac OS X 10.2.8, and a 1GHz G4/G5 processor; it is available for pre-order now for $20 and is scheduled to ship in March.

Apple awarded Brandcameo Lifetime Achievement

02/22, 11:45am

Brandcameo Award

Apple has been awarded BrandChannel's Brandcameo Lifetime Achievement Award for Product Placement. "From its seminal 1984 mini-movie ad for the Mac (spoofing Orwell's 1984) Apple has been prevalent in our entertainment, if not in our actual lives. As early as 1986, hits 'Short Circuit' and 'Star Trek IV' used Macs. Ten years later Apple appeared in three of the top five grossing films. By 1998 Apple computers were in more than 17 major films. Apple's sleek machines now appear in romantic films like 'Something's Gotta Give' to slasher flicks like 'Seed of Chucky,' to comedies like 'Dodgeball' to children's films like 'Garfield.' Apple's placement across genres, from serious dramas to child- and tween-targeted films like 'Sleepover,' assures the brand a target audience of those who not only influence mom and dad's purchasing habits, but also those who are mom and dad. The brand's pace is unlikely to slow down in 2005, as we can already see in 2005's 'Constantine" and 'Fever Pitch.'"

Magic Bullet Suite 2.0 adds new filters, presets

02/22, 11:45am

Magic Bullet Suite 2.0

Red Giant Software today announced the availability of Magic Bullet Suite 2.0 ($500-$800). Comprised of 18 After Effects plug-ins, the new software application delivers a complete production pipeline for processing digital video footage for output to DVD, TV, or film. Users can de-interlace and de-artifact footage, apply film treatments, crop footage to any standard format, and ensure compliance with broadcast TV standards. Version 2.0 includes Misfire, 13 filters to accurately mimic film grain, splotches, scratches, and projection artifacts. Additionally, it offers 23 new preset film treatments, G5 optimization, and standard HD capability.

iTunes may have \'notable\' impact on earnings in 2005

02/22, 11:40am

Piper Jaffray on AAPL

Piper Jaffray today reiterated an "outperform" rating and $100 target price on Apple, saying the company's iTunes music-download service could begin to have a "notable" earnings impact in calendar 2005 and 2006, according to The research firm expects that iTunes revenue will account for 3.6% of revenue in calendar 2006, estimating that iTunes downloads for calendar 2005 could reach 513 million versus the current estimate of 387 million and that 2006 iTunes downloads could reach 1.0 billion versus the current estimate of 542 million.

Marketcircle releases DayLite Mail Integration 1.0

02/22, 10:25am

Marketcircle DMI 1.0

Marketcircle has announced the release of DayLite Mail Integration Module 1.0, the official release following several public preview versions. Designed specifically to tightly integrate Apple Mail with DayLite, DMI automatically sends the contents of an email message directly into DayLite's powerful SQL database. DMI also provides the ability to create Tasks, Appointments, Opportunities and Projects from within Mail. DMI can be used in a single or multi-user environment to retain contact history and to streamline daily workflow. DMI is available for a 30 day trial and can be purchased for $40 per user.

Apps: Presentation Prompter, Disctop, DiscBlaze, ...

02/22, 9:50am

Disctop, DiscBlaze...

    Presentation Prompter 4.1 ($65) is a maintenance update to the premier teleprompting application for Mac OS X. The update adds the ability to easily adjust prompting speed, and fixes issues with mirrored monitors, next and previous bookmark jumping, and the invert text and background color preference option. [Download - 326KB]
    Disctop 1.1 (free) animates the insertion of a CD or DVD on the desktop. New in this version is the support for Amazon Japan to download CD cover art, search is no longer limited to music, Mac mini support, and a much improved coverart lookup panel. [Download - 2.7MB]
    DiscBlaze 4.3.6 ($30) is an update to the CD/DVD burning software for Mac OS X. The update brings the ability to burn CDs in simulation mode, run without a burner connected, switch between Aqua and Metal interface, and more. [Download - 2.2MB]
    StudioEase 5.1 ($60) is an all-in-one administration package for recording studios and musicians. Version 5.1 features improved export options, easier navigation of audio tools, independent addresses for clients and invoicing, and more. [Download - 4.2MB]
    TableStyles and CellStyles 1.0 ($100) are two new plug-ins that bring powerful table styling features to Adobe InDesign CS. With TableStyles and CellStyles, artists and designers can easily maintain a single style applied to any number of tables. [Download - form]
    ImageMagick 6.2.0-0 (free) is a suite for the creation, modification and display of bitmap images. Images can be cropped, colors can be changed, various effects can be applied, images can be rotated and combined, and text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bézier curves can be added to images and stretched and rotated. [Download - 5.5MB]

Epson ships Stylus Photo RX620 all-in-one device

02/22, 8:50am

Epson Stylus Photo RX620

Epson today began shipping its Stylus Photo RX620, a all-in-one device that combines a photo-quality printer with scanner, and copy functions. The Stylus RX620 features a six-color ink system, a built-in 2.5-inch color LCD, USB connectivity, card slots supporting 11 memory card types, variable-sized ink droplets as small as three picoliters, up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi resolution, BorderFree printing, direct printing from flash media, and more. The built-in scanner offers 48-bit, 2400 x 4800 color scanning as well as the ability to scan or make reprints from 35mm slides and negatives. The printer can produce a 4"x 6" color print in about 39 seconds and offers up to 17 ppm monochrome printing. A front-mounted USB port allows easy connectivity to a variety of external storage options, and an optional Bluetooth Print Adapter enables convenient wireless printing. It is available now for $300.

Briefly: Silhouette ad awarded, shuffle review,...

02/22, 8:40am

Silhouette ad awarded

In brief: "It's really quite ridiculous how simple and effective the new iPod Shuffle is. This variation of the wildly popular digital music player again has launched Apple to the forefront of digital music technology," says SpiderWorks today announced the eBook release of "AppleScripting the Finder" ($10) by Ben Waldie.... Jennifer Rade, who designed the costumes for Apple's iPod "Dance" commercial, was awarded at the seventh annual Costume Designers Guild Awards on Saturday.... Apple has published an article on medical researcher Vertex and its use of Mac OS X.

Apple proposal: alternative to web forms standard

02/22, 8:30am

Apple submits web spec

Apple is part of W3C splinter group that is soliciting final comments on Web Forms 2.0 specification for creating forms on the Web. The specification "brings a new entry into the race to take forms software to the next level, complicating efforts to create an open standards foundation for emerging Internet applications that could shape the competitive landscape in software development for years to come," according to ZDNet. Web Forms 2.0, supported by Apple along with Mozilla Foundation and Opera Software, is being offered as an alternative to several other proposals, including W3C's XForms, Microsoft' XAML, and Macromedia's Flash MX.

Wozniak speaks out against Apple in Tiger lawsuit

02/22, 8:10am

Wozniak on Tiger lawsuit

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hopes that Apple will drop its case against one student for illegally distributing early builds of Mac OS X Tiger, the next version of the company's operating. Drukenblog reports that Wozniak will contribute to the students' defense fund, questioning Apple's position in the case: "This is an unintentional oversight and the interviewed student appears to be one of the most honest people on this planet. I have to question who is most right in this case. I wish that Apple could find some way to drop the matter. In my opinion, more than appropriate punishment has already been dealt out. In this age of professional spammers and telemarketers making fortunes, we're misusing our energies to pursue these types of small time wrongdoers. I will personally donate $1,000 to the Canadian student's defense."

Elemental Audio debuts Finalis audio plugin

02/22, 7:20am

Finalis audio plugin

Elemental Audio Systems today announced Finalis, the latest addition to its line of professional audio plug-ins. Finalis is a "brick wall limiter" that employs sophisticated processing techniques to provide smooth, sonically pleasing peak limiting and loudness maximization. Supporting the RTAS, VST, and Audio Unit (AU) audio plug-in formats, Finalis is compatible with a range host applications including Digidesign Pro Tools, Apple Logic, MOTU Digital Performer, and Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo, and Wavelab. Finalis is available for $160-with an introductory discount of $20 available until April 14, 2005.


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