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Mac mini\'s value is in its size: Washington Times

updated 10:00 am EST, Tue February 8, 2005

Mini\'s value in its size

The Mac mini's , says Mark Kellner of The Washington Times , who describes his experience setting up and using a Mac mini. Kellner also says that for the price, "even this slightly upgraded Mac Mini is still a bargain compared with other Macs in years gone by ... And don't forget that Apple's Mac OS X is a far, far more stable operating system than Windows XP, or that Apple includes a free copy of I Life '05, a suite of multimedia applications including ITunes, IPhoto, IMovie, IDVD and Garage Band with each model ... I wish, however, that Apple had included its Keynote 2 presentation graphics software and word processor/publisher Pages in the bundle."

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  1. theduffsronme

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The Moonies weigh in

    Apple could do without their approval.

  1. MacMoose

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    Mac Mini and Keynote


    If Apple started including the Keynote app and or their word processor app as a bundle for like an extra $39 or so... versus $79 for it standalone... that would rock... get an affordable Mac with everything you need, but I do understand if we want to see Keynote and iWork grow, they need to get revenues on them, but I think a bundle of all this would be awesome.

    2nd, I recently played with a Mac Mini at an Apple Store and felt it was a little sluggish on boot times for apps and all. I know I am used to a G5 dualie at work and home, but when I played with a friends Mini wiht 512 ram... wow.. They should at least make sure the in store models have more ram to show how good they can be, but then again, if someone plays with a in store model, buys one and then gets a model with only 256 ram... it could be a turnoff...

    Regardless... the mini rocks


  1. MCroft

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    upgrade pricing?

    So, assuming that sometime after Tiger comes out, it ships pre-installed on a mini, I'd get Tiger ($129) and iLife ($79) and (assuming they replace Appleworks with iWork) iWork ($79) and Quicken 2005 ($69), I can pay $499 and get $354 worth of software. Hmm. If I was going to buy that anyway, the Mini looks really cheap...

  1. hayesk

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    Re: upgrade pricing?

    I don't think they'll include iWork with the mini ever. They may include it on the PowerBooks and G5s one day.

    Still - what you get with the mini is still a great deal.

    As for upgrade pricing - I don't understand why some want even cheaper upgrade prices. Apple's software prices are extremely good - they're equivalent to other vendor's upgrade prices. Why does it matter that a new customer is getting the same deal? Why do people care what prices other people pay? As long as a new customer isn't getting a better deal, I don't see the point of being upset about it.

  1. technohedz

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    Apple Software Pricing

    I don't think Apple's software prices are on par with other vendor's upgrade prices. Look at any adobe or macromedia upgrade price compared to the original retail. Then look at the iLife price. The only thing Apple has going for it in upgrades is the family pack idea. Serializing, like iWorks, is just plain wrong because it implies no trust from Apple to their customer base...who politely don't steal music either. I by family packs b/c that's what I install on, but the overall individual price for upgrades is high. For a first time buyer the price might seem reasonable. Except...the up-to-date program doesn't even provide you up to dating when your machine is purchased less than a month before the new version of iLife is. If Apple wanted to improve their offerings they would warranty in software upgrades for 1 year (not Applecare it). iWork is a good deal compared to keynote 1 for the price, but I don't know why this reviewer wants Pages so badly. IMHO, that Application is terrible and both apps need a bit of basic UI redesign...which I'm surprised wasn't done for this r2. Upgrading your OS is about the only competitive thing an it is really competitive. OS X v Server is kinda wrong..just make on build. Of course OS X isn't crippled like XP home v pro.

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