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ShutterBug 1.0.2 improves slideshow feature, more

02/03, 7:20pm

ShutterBug 1.0.2 update

XtraLean Software has released ShutterBug 1.0.2 ($30), an update to the powerful Web album creation tool for quickly publishing stories and photos to the Web. It offers unique WYSIWYG template creation and a simple approach to online content publishing, requiring no HTML knowledge or need for multiple programs. Version 1.0.2 is a free update that brings many new enhancements, including improvements to the Slideshow, embedded thumbnail links, and the ability to have different thumbnail sizes mixed and matched in the same photo album.

Apps: biOpen, HyperEngine-AV, WebHome, Direct Mail...

02/03, 5:05pm

biOpen, HyperEngine-AV...

    biOpen 1.5 is a sequence analysis and structure visualization tool based on a plug-in architecture. Major improvements were made in 3D visualisation of protein structures with this update. [Download - form]
    HyperEngine-AV 1.5 (free) lets you create professional-quality movies with great flexibility. Version 1.5 removes the licensing fee, and fixes a number of minor bugs. [Download - 10.9MB]
    WebHome 2.1 ($130) is a content management system that helps users run a dynamic website for a business or organization. This version incorporates a large number of bug-fixes and "smoothing of rough edges" from the 2.0 release. [Download - 14.3MB]
    Hardware Monitor and Temperature Monitor 2.4 (€7) allow users to read out all available hardware sensors in a Macintosh. Version 2.4 adds support for many new hard disk models, support for some previously undetected sensors of the Xserve, and bug fixes. [Download - 1.2MB]
    Direct Mail 1.4.1 ($25) is mailing-list management and bulk email software for Mac OS X. This version is a bug-fix release addressing the following: message encoding problems, crashes deleting groups and addresses, incompatibilities with Entourage, and interface bugs. [Download - 807KB]
    FormMate 1.2 ($30) enables users to fill out PDF files on the computer. Version 1.2 adds continuous scrolling, thumbnails, export to PDF, a GoTo toolbar item, and the capability to print only the added forms. [Download - 2.6MB]

FireWire Depot announces new line of products

02/03, 3:40pm

FWD offers G-Drive/G-RAID

FireWire Depot announced today that is now shipping G-Technology's new G-Drive and G-RAID storage systems including the G-RAID-320G ($400), G-RAID-500G ($600), and G-RAID 800 ($1200). G-RAID supports dual-stream uncompressed video playback with real-time effect and audio over the entire storage capacity. G-DRIVE ($150-$550) is a new line of 160GB-400GB professional storage solutions engineered for demanding applications including audio and video editing, image archiving and high-speed data backup. FireWire Depot also announced the G-Technology G-DRIVE mini, a new line of portable storage solutions available in March, with 60GB-100GB.

Briefly: Mac mini overclock, Radiant StockIcons set

02/03, 2:55pm

MacPractice DDS, more...

In Brief: Leo Bodnar has published instructions on overclocking the Mac mini (which voids the Apple warranty).... MacPractice has announced the integration of the forthcoming MacPractice DDS with comprehensive aMac Digital Radiography System and intraoral imaging solutions for general dentists and specialists, allowing patient's x-rays acquired with aMac to be accessed from within MacPractice.... Big Nerd Ranch's first Cocoa Bootcamp of 2005, slated for March 21-25, is a five-day intensive class designed for any skill level of Cocoa programmer.... Radiant: Database Add-On ($180) is an extension of the original stock icon set from, offering specialized concepts as tables, scripts, records, and many others....Gefen has added two high definition audio/video switchers and an upgraded splitter to its line-up of home theater solutions.

ScreenTime releases mProjector for Flash conversion

02/03, 2:55pm

mProjector for Mac OS X

ScreenTime Media has released mProjector, which converts Macromedia Flash MX files into powerful, full featured applications - or simple compelling standalone widgets. Flash programmers using mProjector can create Mac applications which utilize menus, the file system, and internet connectivity as well as use standard Mac OS X windows, or play "windowless" in frames of any shape. mProjector includes a powerful set of "mFunctions" that extend Flash functionality, by including File system functions such as read, write, delete and rename, etc. mProjector for Mac OS X is $200.

Addonics debuts Saturn Hard Drive Enclosure family

02/03, 2:25pm

Saturn Hard Drive Kits

Addonics Technologies today announced the Saturn Hard Drive Enclosure family of products, the first drive enclosure kit that enables any SATA hard drive to connect to a computer via USB, FireWire, CardBus/PCMCIA, SATA or IDE interface. Saturn is also the first storage solution that allows any 3.5" SATA hard drive, or any size IDE hard drive (3.5", 2.5" or 1.8") to be used as removable drive via the same drive bay. Designed using a modular concept, the enclosure components can be mixed and matched for virtually any storage application.

iApp publishes FileMaker databases via Apache

02/03, 2:20pm

iApp Server 1.0 released today released iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker Pro 7, a new application server middleware tool that installs as an Apache 1.3 module on Mac OS X. iApp enables custom web publishing with FileMaker Pro 7 client, allowing users to quickly and easily build dynamic, database-driven web sites. Leveraging Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Saved Actions, it mimics the easy-of-use traditionally associated with FileMaker, according to iApp offers support for relational and portal fields; browsing, sorting, creating and editing database records; even running ScriptMaker scripts via any custom web browser interface as well as easy-to-use HTML template files as its native file format. It is $500 (with support for 5 concurrent users).

iPulse 2.1 adds G5 support, configurable status bar

02/03, 12:35pm

iPulse 2.1 system utility

The Iconfactory has released iPulse 2.1 for Mac OS X, an update to its compact system utility for monitoring your Mac. Versions 2.1 offers a new configurable menu "Status" bar, support for the G5's on-chip temperature sensor including readings in Fahrenheit and Kelvin, increased support for Griffin PowerMate, the ability to save status/info window settings in iPulse jackets, increased compatibility with Apple's Exposé, and more. In addition, the iPulse Jacket Gallery has been updated with 6 new appearances including those that support the new Status Bar settings. iPulse Jackets allow users to easily/quickly change the look and feel of iPulse. It is a free upgrade to the $13 utility.

Can Apple sustain its momentum?

02/03, 12:30pm

Apple\'s future uncertain?

Apple's recent success has some investory thinking twice about the company's ability to maintain its standing, after the company's roller-coaster ride in the 1990s, according "Apple's stock is soaring and its revenue is booming. The computer maker has a hit product and is getting loads of favorable press. So what's wrong with this picture? Nothing, if you ask investors who have enjoyed a run-up of 24% in the stock this year after a 200% surge in 2004. But more-skeptical observers might note that Apple's been here before. And even some of those bullish on Apple's future admit to some doubts about whether the company can maintain its momentum."

Kanguru redesigns Quicksilver external drives

02/03, 10:35am

Redesigned Kanguru drives

Kanguru Solutions today announced a redesigned version of its Kanguru Quicksilver external hard drive. It now features a cutting-edge design with a high-strength exterior alloy casing that allows for improved heat dissipation during prolonged use. The new design also offers options for users to lay the product horizontal or stand vertical to economize storage space as well as a vibrant Kanguru LED that glows electric blue. The drive is able to withstand 200Gs of shock, incorporates a 7,200RPM drive, and offers up to 400GB of storage capacity. Vresions are available in both USB 2.0-only and Combo interface (FireWire/USB 2.0) starting at $130 and $140, respectively.

Briefly: Apple lawsuit, PanicGoods, VVI giveaway

02/03, 9:10am

Apple lawsuit, PanicGoods

In Brief: Forgent Networks announced a trial date has been set for its digital image compression patent infringement case againast 41 defedents (including Apple, Dell, HP, Google, etc)... VVI is offering an opportunity to win free data acquisition hardware and software in a monthly giveaway.... The PanicGoods store offers nine t-shirt designs that cover a broad spectrum of general Mac and computer nerdery, including the popular Mac OS X-inspired "Spinner" shirt, and the very niche-market "Hi. I Make Macintosh Software" shirt.... One reader has posted a tutorial to help resolve problems users were having downloading the recently released iPhoto 5.01 update.

Apple reduces prices on refurb, new Macs

02/03, 8:35am

Apple Store deals

Apple has reduced pricing on a number of its new and refurbished products at the Apple Store as well as offering the previous generation flat-panel iMac G4 for as low as $800 and a 1GHz eMac for $530. It also reduced pricing on its refurbished Power Mac G5 models by $100, added a refurbished 30-inch Apple Cinema Display for $2,600, offers new 12-inch PowerBooks starting at $1,300, and is selling refurbished AirPort Express music device/wireless router for $100. The Apple Store offers the 17-inch SuperDrive-enabled iMac G4 (1.25GHz/256MB/80GB) for $1,100 or the Combo-drive enabled 15-inch iMac G4 (1GHz/256MB/80GB) for $800.

Napster unveils new music service, anti-iPod campaign

02/03, 8:00am

Napster takes on iPod

Napster on Wednesday unveiled a portable version of its music subscription service, backed by a $30 million ad campaign that takes aim at Apple popular iPod player, according to Reuters: "Napster's promotion includes a Super Bowl television spot urging fans to compare the costs of spending $10,000 to buy and transfer 10,000 songs from Apple's iTunes store to an iPod, with the $15-per-month fee to carry songs from a catalog of over a million tracks on Napster-compatible players."


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