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DEVONagent 1.5, DEVONthink 1.9.2 updates released

02/02, 8:20pm

DEVONagent 1.5 update

DEVONtechnologies today released DEVONagent 1.5 ($35), the first major update in almost a year to the DEVONthink research companion software for Mac OS X. DEVONthink 1.9.2 ($40), a minor update to the notepad, outliner, and scrapbook software, was also released. DEVONagent 1.5 offers a revamped user interface to make Web research easier than in previous versions. DEVONthink 1.9.2 is a maintenance release that adds a new option to open groups within the current window, support for DEVONagent 1.5 and a few more QuickTime, XML and plain text file formats.

Briefly: Guru Awards, BasaOne discount, Sony Ericsson

02/02, 6:40pm

SonyEricsson Theme Creator

In Brief: The Guru Awards program, which honors excellence in Photoshop creativity, has extended the deadline for Guru Award submissions from February 1 to February 8.... Digital Criterion, a consulting company supporting Macs and Windows, announced that it is now serving over 15 cities, including it's newest location-- Kansas City.... Basasoft announced today that its first anniversary promo pricing for BasaOne, its Web Application Development Environment will end February 10.... Sony Ericsson has released the Themes Creator 1.60 development tool for Mac OS X.

Apple releases iPhoto 5.01 update

02/02, 5:15pm

Apple iPhoto 5.01 update

Apple has released iPhoto 5.01, an update to the recently released photo organizing/editing application that is bundled with iLife '05. Apple says the update "addresses issues with upgrading iPhoto 4 libraries, dragging albums into folders, importing MPEG-4 movies, and also includes a number of other minor fixes." It is available via the Mac OS X Software Update feature (but not yet available via the Web)

Monstor Drives offer 4GB of palm-sized storage

02/02, 3:35pm

4GB of palm-sized storage

US Modular has introduced two new palm-sized, disk-based storage devices. The Monstor Drive will be available in both 2GB and 4GB capacities, featuring quick file transfers via the onboard USB 2.0 port for up to 6.5Mps transfer speeds. Leveraging the latest micro-circuit technology, the device requires no external power and is both Mac/PC compatible. The drive features a 1500G shock resistance rating, ultra-lightweight/compact design (only 16 grams), a 4,200RPM mechanism, and driver-less operation. The Monstor Drive will ship later this month for $100 (2GB) and $170 (4GB). [corrected]

Call of Duty, iPresent It, First Tracks, burnitagains

02/02, 3:15pm

Call of Duty, Mouseposť

    Call of Duty 1.5 ($45) is a free maintenance update to Aspyr's popular game for Mac in which "you get to fight alongside your brothers-in-arms as history comes alive. In momentous battles from D-Day to Stalingrad, you'll find yourself in incredibly real terrain, caught in breathtaking life and death combat." [Download - 19.9MB]
    iPresent It 1.1 ($18) allows users to convert PowerPoint, PDF and Keynote presentations into slideshows for the iPod photo. This version adds Keynote 2 compatibility, build support when using Keynote 2, support for high resolution presentations, and tracking of presentations. [Download - 904KB]
    First Tracks 1.08 ($10) is a specialized Internet tracking and browsing application that downloads and consolidates weather information and slope conditions for skiers and snowboarders. Registration enables the application to store preferences and user settings. [Download - 278KB]
    burnitagainsam 1.4 ($15) is the latest version of the shareware app that allows users to append files to a CD-R that already contains data. Support for DVDRs is currently in development. [Download - 620KB]
    Boinx Mouseposť 1.1 (free) is a unique tool that dims the screen and puts a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer. Version 1.1 adds AppleScript support which enables interoperability with a broad range of remote control devices such as bluetooth enabled mobile phones (with Salling Clicker) and Keyboard Macro tools. [Download - 255KB]

Wolfire releases Lugaru for Mac

02/02, 1:20pm

Lugaru for Mac

Wolfire Software has just released Lugaru, its first Mac shareware game. The main character, Turner, is "an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. In his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village, he uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy involving the corrupt leaders of the rabbit republic and the starving wolves from a nearby den." Lugaru's primary feature is its unique combat system. Instead of relying on confusing button combinations to perform moves, Lugaru's moves are all logical and context sensitive. Lugaru is shareware, priced at $20.

Microsoft management frustrated by iPods on campus

02/02, 12:45pm

iPods on Microsoft campus

Microsoft's management is becoming more and more frustrated by the growing predominance of the iPod on its Redmond campus. Wired News says that the growing number of iPods on Microsoft's main campus: "To the growing frustration and annoyance of Microsoft's management, Apple Computer's iPod is wildly popular among Microsoft's workers. 'About 80 percent of Microsoft employees who have a portable music player have an iPod,' said one source, a high-level manager who asked to remain anonymous. 'It's pretty staggering.' The source estimated 80 percent of Microsoft employees have a music player -- that translates to 16,000 iPod users among the 25,000 who work at or near Microsoft's corporate campus. So popular is the iPod, executives are increasingly sending out memos frowning on its use."

Pepsi announces SuperBowl commercial for iTunes promo

02/02, 12:40pm

iTunes SuperBowl spot

Marking the 19th consecutive year that Pepsi has advertised during the SuperBowl, the company announced it will air four new commercials for Diet Pepsi and the Pepsi iTunes promotion during Super Bowl XXXIX. The spots will air in the first and second quarters over a total of two and a half minutes during Fox's telecast on February 6th. The Pepsi-iTunes giveaway will be promoted using a number of popular tracks from a series of music genres to "illustrate how winning a free song from the Pepsi iTunes promotion is as easy as opening a bottle of Pepsi." The company announced that it has completed one of the TV spots [click to view] and that the other is still in development.

Concepts Unlimited 2 SP2 updates conceptual CAD app

02/02, 11:30am

Concepts Unlimited 2 SP2

CSi today released Concepts Unlimited 2 Service Pack 2, the seventh release of its flagship product for conceptual computer aided design. The service pack also includes updates to Concepts 3D and Concepts 2D. The CSi-Concepts family of products targets professional design communities who need fast, flexible, and intuitive tools for turning ideas into precise CAD models. Service Pack 2 includes over 30 changes with the software, including an updated modeling kernel updated to support Spatial's ACIS R13 SP7; updated IGES, STEP, PROE, and CATIA v4 translators; and corrections for sharing perspective data with Adobe Illustrator. The company says that Concepts Unlimited is unique on the Mac market because it can bridge data sharing between enterprise engineering solutions and the Mac.

Aspyr to release Zoo Tycoon Deluxe bundle in March

02/02, 11:10am

Zoo Tycoon Deluxe bundle

Aspyr today announced that it will publish Zoo Tycoon Deluxe, a bundle that includes Zoo Tycoon, and the Marine Mania and Dinosaur Digs expansions. "In Zoo Tycoon, you'll be challenged to build the most healthy and vibrant zoo possible. With an easy to learn interface, you can begin planning your strategy and building your ultimate zoo the moment you start the game, which is a good thing since you'll need to build, manage, and maintain a zoo with over 200 animals, exhibits, and zoo materials." Marine Mania adds killer whales, manta rays, and other exciting marine animals, while the Dinosaur Digs expansion pack allows you to evolve the zoo with more than 20 prehistoric beasts, 100 building materials, and 6 challenging scenarios. Zoo Tycoon Deluxe is expected to be released in March for $50.

Briefly: PowerBooks shipping, Macworld Tour canceled

02/02, 8:20am

New PowerBooks shipping

In Brief: Apple has begun shipping its updated PowerBooks to customers, as noted by a shipment confirmation from the Apple Store for an order placed early Monday morning.... Apple officials continue to say that producing a G5-based notebook is a "design challenge" and extremely difficult.... The O'Reilly Open Source Convention, currently soliciting proposals, is scheduled for August 1-5 in Portland, Oregon.... A congressional committee said that a 3 percent tax on telecommunications tax could be extended to all Internet and data connections this year.... IDG World Expo has postponed its "Macworld On Tour" conference, which was scheduled to take place March 9-10, 2005 in Kissimmee, FL, saying that it was unable to generate sufficient interest.

Apple cuts iPod prices in Korea

02/02, 8:10am

Korean iPod prices cut

Apple yesterday announced that it will lower the price of its iPod in Korea, following cuts by other manufacturers last week. The JoongAng Daily reports that the discounts are only for Apple's hard-disk drive music players and exclude the flash-based iPod Shuffle: "Local representatives even asked the media to 'keep quiet' about the price cuts, saying that headquarters feared opposition from other Asian countries. Kim Ji-hyun, a spokesperson for Apple Korea, said that the company wants to change people's perception of the brand as an expensive one." Samsung officials said that Apple may be using Korea as "the battleground because they want to get their grips on the local market here before they deal with Korean MP3 makers abroad." Apple lowered its 20GB iPod pricing nearly 14 percent from 418,000 won to 363,000 won.

THQ announces game sequel to The Incredibles

02/02, 7:40am

\'Incredibles\' game sequel

THQ has announced that it will publish a follow-up to The Incredibles video game title, based on Walt Disney Pictures' presentation of a Pixar's film. Scheduled for release this fall, the new title will support PC/Mac computers as well as other popular gaming platforms, such as PlayStation 2/PSP, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Game Boy Advance/DS. THQ says that domestic shipments of The Incredibles game title have exceeded 2.5 million units, finishing as the overall best-selling new property of 2004 in the U.S. (according to The NPD Group). "This next installment in the videogame series will give millions of fans worldwide the opportunity to interact with Mr. Incredible and many other beloved Incredibles characters in a brand new adventure this fall."

Pixelglow offers macstl portable SIMD toolkit

02/02, 7:15am

macstl SIMD toolkit

Pixelglow Software today released a major new version of its flagship programming library macstl. The C++ header library is designed to "bring the Macintosh into the world of modern generic programming." macstl is a portable SIMD (single instruction multiple data) toolkit for developers that features fast transcendental and integer division functions, complex number arithmetic and cross-platform programming in an easy-to-use syntax. It requires Mac OS X 10.3 or Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 and supports Apple Xcode 1.5 + gcc 3.3, Metrowerks CodeWarrior 9.3 and Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003. The library is open-source and free when derived code is reciprocated; for others, licensing is $100 (Personal) or $500 (Corporate).

e2Sync 1.1 syncs Entourage X data using Apple\'s iSync

02/02, 6:50am

e2Sync 1.1 syncs Entourage

e2Sync today introduced e2Sync Personal v1.1, which delivers the ability to sync Microsoft Entourage X data (as well as MS Entourage 2004 data) using Apple's iSync application. "For the first time Entourage X users can now take advantage of iSync with all Entourage contacts, calendar, and tasks data being shared with any iSync compatible device." iSync-compatible devices include many of today's popular cell phones, Palm-powered PDAs and all Apple iPods that feature displays. e2sync Personal is a "genuine" iSync conduit, allowing synchronization with iCal, AddressBook, and .Mac and allowing users to keep two copies of Entourage in sync with eachother using .Mac and iPod users to sync info with Microsoft's popular productivity suite. e2Sync Personal is $40.


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