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Apple releases iMovie HD 5.01 update

01/27, 5:20pm

iMovie HD 5.01 update

Apple today released iMovie HD 5.01, an update to its recently released application (available as part of iLife '05). Introduced at Macworld Expo, the video editing applications brings support for HDV HD standard to home video. In addition, it offers dramatic performance improvements, the ability to create movies automatically, more powerful editing features, and includes an assortment of new audio and video effects and transitions. Version 5.0.1, available via thte Software Update in Mac OS X, addresses issues related to video and audio synchronization for DV projects and other minor issues.

Apps: DarkAdapted, GarageSale, SyBrowser, Rondo...

01/27, 2:40pm

DarkAdapted, GarageSale...

    DarkAdapted 1.3 (free) is a gamma control application program that enables users to modify screen gamma settings. Version 1.3 adds AppleScript support, keyboard selection of the Presets pop-up menu, and the ability to save and load Presets Files. [Download - 1.4MB]
    GarageSale 1.3 ($25) is a client application for eBay that allows Mac OS X users to create auctions using an intuitive Mac-like interface, integrated with iPhoto and offers WYSIWYG text editing. Changes in version 1.3 include support for 'Item attributes,' auction start time specification, a search field that lets you filter templates, and eBay Switzerland and Austria support. [Download - 1.5MB]
    SyBrowser 6.6 ($90) is a table browser, SQL generator and ER diagramming tool for OpenBase, FrontBase, MS SQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL databases. The latest version adds a pie graph showing data distribution, UTF-8 support, and more. [Download - 2.8MB]
    Rondo ($25) is a midi application with many features including a vertical piano roll with live scrolling and a pull down piano that will play along with the music. Other features include multiple columns for viewing any type of Midi data, per column track filtering and the ability to slow down and loop a piece of music. [Download - 2.9MB]
    Family Bank ($10) can help you manage financial transactions between family members. It was especially designed to help children learn how bank accounts and interest work, by allowing them to manage real money, under the supervision of their parents. [Download - 1.2MB]
    iStabilize 2.0 ($60) is a software video stabilizer for Mac. It stabilizes movies by removing unwanted shaky motion and smoothing the image path. iStabilize 2.0 brings several improvements, including a completely new designed motion tracker that provides better accuracy and performance, a new extrapolation filling method, and more. [Download - 1.6MB]

DigiCad 3D 8 adds support for curved distortion, more

01/27, 2:05pm

DigiCad 3D 8 released

DigiCad 3D 8 is a tool for dealing with images, drawings, photographs of building facades and maps. It operates either directly on raster images or by digitization. It is used in photogrammetry, cartography and, increasingly in architectural photogrammetry, offering powerful, easy-to-use instruments. DigiCad 3D includes features for elimination of perspective distortion, partial transformation, mosaics, and more. Version 8.0 allows irregularly curved surfaces to be straightened, can eliminate optical deformation caused by photo lenses, and features a new user interface. Pricing is $1,200 (CD documentation) or $1,350 (hard copy documentation) or $360 (1-year 'rental' license).

JHymn interview reveals Apple FairPlay DRM details

01/27, 1:45pm

Apple FairPlay DRM details has posted an interview with the current maintainer of the open-source hymn/jhymn project offers some interesting details on Apple's FairPlay DRM scheme, which it uses to prevent unauthorized copies of songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store: "hymn is a decryption program based on the work of Jon Lech Johansen , who first reverse-engineered Apple's DRM scheme (called "FairPlay"). The original author of the hymn code, which he released under the GNU General Public License, has never come forward, and prefers to remain anonymous. The current maintainer of hymn goes by the handle 'FutureProof,' [and] developed JHymn, a more user-friendly Java implementation of the original command-line version of hymn. His present goals for the project are to improve the JHymn user interface, and the effectiveness of its removing of the FairPlay DRM."

Apple offers developer info on free .Mac SDK

01/27, 1:25pm

Tutorial on .Mac SDK

The Apple Developer Connection has posted information on its free .Mac SDK, which includes the DotMac Kit, an embeddable framework that allows you to tightly integrate the Internet-based .Mac services with any application: "he SDK gives you everything you need to build applications that take advantage of the .Mac services. And if that weren't enough, by embedding the DotMac Kit into your application you also stand to collect a significant bounty on each new .Mac member you bring in." It discusses the components of the .Mac SDK, how it works, why you want to use it, and how you use it to build applications integrated with .Mac services as well as provides real-world examples of .Mac integrations.

Briefly: PowerBook G5 hints, Mac mini BTO redux, ...

01/27, 11:55am

PowerBook G5 hints?

In Brief: One report says that hints at Apple's website (based on embedded HTML code referencing the yet announced product) may foreshadow the introduction of a PowerBook G5.... Following up on our note about lowered BTO Mac mini pricing, several readers note that Apple has corrected its 8x SuperDrive BTO option on the Mac mini to a 4x SuperDrive (as noted in our update to the orginal story).... DashboardDeveloper is a new community for developers of "widgets", mini-applications for Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger.... A Linux Geek Embraces Mac OS X talks about on ExtremeTech editor's experience switching to (and staying with) the Mac.... Affirming that the US contractor and developer market is primarily Windows-centric, Graphisoft has announced that its latest ArchiCAD Residential BIM application will be initially available for Windows only.... Aspyr is now offering pre-orders of Sims Party Pack ($50), a four-title bundle (The Sims, The Sims Hot Date, The Sims House Party, and The Sims Livin' Large) that is expected next week.

Sonos ships Sonos Digital Music System

01/27, 9:40am

Sonos Digital Music System

Sonos today announced that its Sonos Digital Music System has begun shipping to pre-order customers in the United States. The Sonos Digital Music System is dubbed "the first and only" multi-zone digital music system with a wireless, full-color LCD screen controller that lets consumers play all their digital music, all over their home, and control it all from the palm of their hand. The company says it expects that all pre-orders will be filled within 10 days. Sonos is offering an introductory bundle of two Sonos ZonePlayers and a Sonos Controller for $1,200 with additional ZonePlayers available for $500 and additional Controllers for $400. It is now available for purchase online and will be offered at consumer electronic retailers across the US over the next several weeks.

Mac mini: \'a slick little budget computer\'

01/27, 9:30am

A slick little budget Mac

The USA Today is impressed with the Mac mini's universal compatibility and its versatility. In his latest review, Edward Baig writes "This might be dubbed a BYOS computer, as in 'bring your own stuff.' You can, as I did, use whatever equipment you've got lying around. The beauty of the Mac [mini] is that it recognized my PC peripherals, without my having to reboot or load software. In a way, buying a Mini is analogous to flying a no-frills airline that makes you pay for a sandwich. So you board the plane with your own." In his review, Baig cites only two minor complaints: a single, but unsatisfying built in speaker, and a shortage of USB ports. This thing is assuredly not a coaster. It's the slickest little budget computer I've seen."

bluebroc debuts iMac workspace furniture

01/27, 9:15am

iMac workspace furniture

London-based bluebroc ltd. has introduced a new line of innovative IT furniture, which offers integration with an iMac: "The concept is simple -whether gaming, surfing the web, working or watching a movie, the C-Station is designed for comfort and relaxation. The C-shaped workspace wrapped around the ergonomically designed chair provides space for a remote control, mobile phone, book and drink. In addition, a Mac system can be installed with adjustable flat screen monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse for the ultimate work or relaxation space." The website features photos with an arm-mounted iMac G5 and Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Pricing starts at 2600 for the fabric C-station and 2900 for the leather C-station.

Apple\'s \'Made for iPod\' program worries some

01/27, 9:05am

Apple\'s \'Made for iPod\'

Apple's quiet introduction of a "Made for iPod" program has several smaller iPod accessory manufacturers worried; however, Apple says that it is no plans to enter the accessory market--beyond the $29 water proof case that it announced at Macworld Expo--and says the "'Made for iPod' program seeks to formalize how accessory makers work with Apple -- while also preventing consumers from getting stuck with knockoff products that don't perform as advertised. ... Accessory makers that have been briefed about Apple's plan say it will help more than hurt....Made for iPod is essentially a way to make sure all electronics accessories work properly with the iPod. It doesn't apply to nontechnical products, such as cases or polishes. Those who agree to follow Apple's technical specifications will be able to include a 'Made for iPod' logo on their packaging," which should start appearing within a few weeks, according to the report.


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