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DFP: iPod shuffle is next big thing

updated 12:35 pm EST, Tue January 18, 2005

iPod shuffle to hit big?

Countering some of the negative remakrs by Apple's competitors, one technology columnist believes that Apple's new iPod Shuffle is "about to be the ." Detroit Free Press columnist Mike Wendland says that the shuffle feature will drive its popularity: "Now, critics contend that's a reverse psychology thing, aimed at covering up a big drawback in the Shuffle -- the lack of a display screen that lets you see and choose the songs you play. But the criticism doesn't take into consideration the way most people I know use personal music players. Shuffling is the way most of us like to play CDs. We like randomness. The lack of a display screen is a nonfactor, I believe. The Shuffle offers the simplicity and ease of use that Apple engineering is so justly famous for."

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  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Doesn't this guy understand anything? Who's going to read this article, when he's saying nice things about Apple? There's no page hits in nice things. He should be slamming the shuffle for various reasons! Then he'd get some hits! And then another story on mac zealots!

  1. njfuzzy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    This is how I use mine

    This is exactly how I use my 3G 40 GB, and how I used my original 5 GB before that, 99% percent of the time.

    I set up a few smart playlists (newly added, 3-5 stars, 4-5 stars). Then I just play them on shuffle, skipping any song I don't feel like hearing.

    The result is exactly like having my own personal, magical radio station. All of the songs are songs I like, I don't hear anything I don't feel like, and I never know what will be next.

  1. hayesk

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: idiot

    Just like you do, right. ;-)

    I clicked on his page to give him the hit. Everyone else should too.

  1. nagromme

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I shuffle

    I have an 60 GB and I mainly play just ONE playlist and shuffle it. Don't like a song? Hit Skip. If I didn't need the data space and photo slideshows, I could use an iPod Shuffle and not even know the difference most of the time!

    And I wouldn't complain about the tiny size, either :)

  1. nagromme

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I have to say, though, I've used my HD iPod during physical activities that were pretty jarring, and NEVER heard a skip in my life.

    I like the durability factor with flash players--more drop-proof!--but as far as hearing skips... it's a non-issue in my experience. Is audible skipping really a problem for HD player users? I never hear anyone make that complaint, even though they mention that as a feature of flash players.

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