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IDC says Mac sales not affected by iPod

updated 06:20 pm EST, Tue January 18, 2005

IDC on \"halo-effect\"

The iPod music player has , according to analyst IDC. The Mac has lost market share even as resellers talked up the "halo-effect" of pull-through sales from the music player, IDC says. According to IDC, Apple's share of units shipped in Australia fell from 3.3 per cent in 2003 to 3.1 per cent in 2004. Apple corporate affairs manager Martha Raupp contests the IDC figures, however. "You've got to be kidding," she said. "We just reported the highest quarterly revenue and net income in Apple's history."

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  1. MacnTX

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Oh Really?

    Then how do they explain the fact that Mac sales were up 26% last quarter (2.5x the industry average) if there is no halo effect? Give me a break. These guys will really be eating some major crow in a few months once the Mac mini sales get factored in as well.

  1. waffffffle

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Simple explanation

    Apple IS selling more Macs, but the PC industry is still growing faster than the Mac is, hence Apple is gaining plenty of new customers while their marketshare doesn't increase.

  1. beeble

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Aus only

    Keep in mind that these numbers are local to Australia. It may just be that last year was a big "replace the drones" year for Australian corporations. They had a huge slow down in the IT industry that lasted several years starting at the end of 2000. Many companies have probably replaced aging PC drones in the last 12 months since the global economy has become far more certain.

  1. ADeweyan

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Here's the deal...

    ... those market share numbers include all computers sold, to large corporations, to government agencies, to schools, to consumers name it.

    Apple is not an Industry-wide player, but a niche player. I'd be willing to bet that in the niches where Apple is making a play (and they are launching a full scale assault on the consumer "niche"), there is an iPod halo -- even in Australia. I'd be willing to bet that their share of the market is increasing in key niches, even if it is falling Industry-wide.

  1. rok

    Joined: Dec 1969



    there has always been an extra markup for apple computers in australia. part of it is due to the extremely fluctuating aussie dollar (they need to keep the price at a point where large swings in dollar value can be handled without apple changing their pricing structure every month just fro them). also, there may be issues with higher costs for distribution and shipping, cross-referenced with the fact that there are not many population centers to which to ship... you've got sydney, melbourne, perth, um... canberra? h***, even canada has them beat for good markets. unless they make the sheepMac, australia's always going to be a difficult place to increase sales.

  1. JackNN

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Furthermore ...

    Part of the Australian problem has been that Macs have been limited to out-of-the-way Apple Centres that only the fans will seek out. That is starting to change, however, with Macs showing up in chain stores like David Jones, Domayne and Megamart.

    Also, as the story says, the figures were based on an estimate of Q4 sales, not the actual figures. And we all know that Apple had a growth spurt more than twice the industry average in that quarter, thanks mainly to the iMac G5. If those figures were factored in, the picture could be quite different.

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