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Jobs: Apple to lead with excellence, simplicity

updated 01:35 pm EST, Wed January 12, 2005

Jobs on Apple\'s future

In an interview on CNBC following his keynote address on Tuesday, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs talked up the company's latest products, while commenting on Apple's direction for the future. "If there is one word that categorizes the culture at Apple concerning products, its 'excellence,' Jobs said. "We didn't want to make one more flash player, we wanted to make one of the smallest and lightest and best ones in the world. And that's where iPod shuffle comes from." During the interview, Jobs also previewed the new Mac mini, saying it was named after smaller-sized iPod mini, which has proven to be so successful. "We think [the Mac mini is] going to remove even one more barrier for people switching, you know so they can try out a Mac for the most affordable price point ever."

Jobs said he believes the personal computer is transforming itself into the media hub of consumers digital life, but was hesitant to agree that Apple was evolving into a full digital media company. "The computer world is moving more towards media, and media is moving more towards computers with the advent of digital music," he said. "So they are kinda meeting at the middle. I think Apple's core expertise outside of phenomenally good engineering is really to figure out how to make complex technology easy to use by us mere mortals."

Jobs was also questioned in regards to an apparent $3 sell off of Apple stock on what is traditionally the Mac makers biggest media day. "You know I've given up a long time ago trying to predict stocks on a day to day basis," he said. "You have to look at them a little longer term and I think Apple stock has been performing pretty well for longtime stockholders."

Responding humbly to questions of whether Apple single handily had part in change music industry, Jobs said, "I think if you asked the music companies, that is what they would say. They've been super supportive of us and we're working closely with them to come up with even more innovative ways to get music discovered and get it to the market."

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