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PowerLogix unveils G4 CPU upgrades, new Cube cases

updated 10:40 am EST, Wed January 12, 2005

G4 upgrades, Cube cases

today announced two new CPU cards for Power Mac G4s: the PowerForce G4 '47 utilizes a PowerPC "G4" 7447A processor, features speeds up to 1.7GHz, and offers unique design features that provide stability and improved compatibility. The second-generation PowerForce G4 '57 uses the latest version of the PowerPC "G4" 7457, which offers slightly slower clock speed, but includes 2MB of L3 cache per CPU. PowerLogix says that both draw significantly less power than previous G4 microprocessors for cooler, more reliable, high-performance operation. PowerLogix and OWC also announced that they have begun shipping new white and black versions of the acrylic PowerCube enclosures for $140.

The PowerForce G4 '47 features one power supply for each CPU, ensuring
reliable operation even under extreme conditions and also resulting in cooler
operation. It also features a sophisticated power supply that supports three input voltages (5v, 12v, or 28v) and converts these inputs directly into the CPU core voltage. When installed in a Power Mac G4 Cube, the Dual PowerForce G4 '47 also features exclusive VRM Bypass circuitry to allow installation of dual-CPU upgrades. PowerLogix says that this previously was not possible.

"With the new PowerForce G4 '47 card installed, the Cube's original VRM is no
longer the power source for the CPU. Instead, the CPU card uses its own
power supply circuit. This greatly extends the life of the VRM, as the
demands on the VRM are significantly less. In addition, the CPU power
supply, since it is located on the card, is cooled by the internal Cube
heatsink and the Cube's airflow. The original VRM, conversely, is located in
one corner of the Cube, and has virtually no airflow."

The PowerForce G4 '47 is the same form factor as Apple's original single CPU card and will work in every 100MHz- or 133MHz-bus Power Mac, which the company says is the only single/dual CPU card design that can boast 'universal compatibility." The card features automatic speed detection and also includes realtime thermal monitoring to help prevent overheating.

The PowerForce G4 '47 will be available in both single- and dual-CPU models running at 1.2GHz, 1.4GHz, or 1.7GHz. They are expected to ship in 3 weeks. The PowerForce G4 '57 supports all 100MHz-bus Power Macs, including the Power Mac G4 AGP, Gigabit Ethernet, Cube. It will be available in one week in both single- and dual-CPU versions running at 1.2GHz or 1.4GHz. Pricing has not been set.

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