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Sneak peek at Transmit 3 at Macworld Expo

01/10, 6:40pm

Transmit 3 sneak peek

 Panic is offering a sneak peak at Transmit 3 at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The company will show the latest version of the FTP software at booth 1951 (located near Apple's booth). Panic also announced that anyone who buys Transmit 2, at the show or otherwise, from January 10th onward will qualify for a free upgrade to Transmit 3. Anyone who buys Transmit or Unison at the show gets a free t-shirt from Panic, while supplies last. The first ten people at the booth each day to bring proof of ownership for both programs (serial number) will also receive a free shirt.

Elektron: Radius server for Wi-Fi networks

01/10, 5:00pm

Corriente offers Elektron

 Corriente Networks has announced Elektron, a new Radius server software package for Wi-Fi networks. It is "the first RADIUS/802.1X server commercially available for Mac OS X," according to the developer. Elektron offers PEAP and TTLS support, and is targeted at small businesses WLANs. Elektron protects Wi-Fi networks by enabling Wi-Fi Protected Access Enterprise encryption and user authentication. Elektron provides compatibility with a wide variety of client systems, including Mac OS X and Windows XP, as well as popular wireless access points from makers like Apple, Linksys, and D-Link. Corriente is in the Networking/Server Solutions Pavilion (booth #849) at Macworld Expo.

MWSF Deals: Pixoria, Endicia, Advenio

01/10, 3:55pm

MWSF Deals: Advenio, more

 A number of companies are offering bargains during Macworld Expo: Pixoria has announced that during Macworld it will be offering Konfabulator at a discount of $20 for Mac and Windows users.... Endicia, maker of the postage printing label software for Mac, will be giving away two DYMO LabelWriter 330 thermal label printers per day during the expo (booth #639).... Advenio has announced "Missed Macworld" discounts on all of its products, including $5 off MacGourmet and MacXword, and $10 off SQLGrinder, using coupons IDs MACWORLDSF05MG, MACWORLDSF05MX, and MACWORLDSF05SG, respectively.

Keynote Theme Park releases “TecTile”

01/10, 2:45pm

TecTile for Keynote

Keynote Theme Park has released TecTile ($18), which expands on the "Mosaic Small" transition. The theme background is made up of individual tiles, each tile can be deleted or have it's opacity adjusted by the user to allow images to show through. Each tile is sized and positioned to match the flipping tiles of the mosaic transition. Image edges can softly fade in or have a hard, definite edge. There are a total of 30 default photo cutouts with many bleeding off the slide, which connect to the next for smooth transitions. Two contemporary fonts are included with this theme including a family of regular, bold, and italics for the body text.

Solio solar battery charger for iPod, other devices

01/10, 2:25pm

Solio solar battery

The Solio is a new device designed to harness solar power to recharge an iPod, mobile phone, or other handheld electronic device. Announced by Better Energy Systems at Macworld Expo, Solio fits neatly into a shirt pocket: "Activating the 5.8 ounce weather-proof Solio is as simple as attaching a cable and pressing a button. Its unique fan blade design allows it to achieve maximum solar area when in use, and to fold compactly to the size of an average mobile phone when stored. When there's no sunlight, the Solio can be plugged into its dedicated wall charger to recharge its internal battery." Solio also has a convenient interchangeable adapter system allowing an array of mobile devices to be charged without carrying multiple adapters. (Pricing and release date were not available.)

Briefly: ChiatDay honored, dinc! freebies, ...

01/10, 2:25pm

Briefly: ChiatDay honored

In Brief: TBWAChiatDay, which does advertising work for Apple, has been named the 2004 US Agency of the Year by Adweek magazine.... dinc! kicks off the new year with several new free limited edition fonts.... Matias has partnered with the makers of Keyboard Maestro to offer Macro software for its new OS X Keyboard.... New York research firm Vault has published new employee surveys on Apple - providing "insider" information on corporate culture, compensation and hiring practices at the company.

3D-Space VFS brings visual 3D file system to Mac OS X

01/10, 2:20pm

3D-Space VFS file system

Marc Moini has released 3D-Space VFS 1.0, a new visually-oriented 3D file system for Mac OS X. It features interactive 3D drawers with enough docking space for many files and applications. It also includes an easy visual launcher, high-performance OpenGL-based graphics, large-capacity drawers, multiple window sizes, 3D viewpoint tracking, and minimal background CPU and screen space use. "What sets 3D-Space VFS apart from previous attempts is that it does not just try to slap a 3D representation onto the existing arrangement of files and folders. ...3D-Space VFS uses 3D to create large new spaces where you can see all your favorite items in one place, and easily pick the one you want." A free trial of the $30 utility is available for Mac OS X 10.2.

Boinx releases Mousepose utility for presentations

01/10, 2:15pm

Boinx releases Mousepose

Boinx Software has released Mousepose, a unique tool that is designed for demos at tradeshows, presentations, trainings or high resolution displays. "With the Mouseposé application running in the background, hitting a user-definable hot key turns on the Mouseposé effect, dimming the screen and putting the mouse pointer into a spotlight that makes it easy to locate. The desktop behind it remains functional, so that applications can be used while Mouseposé is turned on." It is free and runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later. It requires a free license key for full functionality (requires valid email).

Open Door launches Envision Everywhere, Envision 1.1

01/10, 2:05pm

Open Door Envision

 Open Door (Booth 649) has announced its "Envision Everywhere" initiative along with updated Envision 1.1 software. Open Door's Envision software moves Web images beyond the confines of the Mac's Web browser, while Envision Everywhere extends the viewing functionality to flat-panel TVs, digital picture frames and even the iPod photo. Envision 1.1 adds support for Envision Everywhere, the ability to save images for use on Envision Everywhere entertainment devices, an "out-of-this-world" montage display option, new full-screen display modes (e.g., stretch and zoom), an integrated image search through the Google search engine, and an enhanced set of pre-built "Web show" files. It is a free update to the software, which is on special for $40 through the end of January.

Mac support for software, security deployment

01/10, 1:25pm

Mac support in enterprise

 ManageSoft today announced support for Mac OS X for the automatic deployment, updating and management of software and security patches. ManageSoft's support for the Mac OS X platform allows companies with heterogeneous environments to use a single solution to manage their desktop, laptop, server and handheld devices. Companies running Mac-only or hybrid environments can benefit from ManageSoft's unique client-centric and policy based smart-agent architecture, which provides capabilities such as "self-healing" and policy compliance helping to streamline IT service support and delivery. Macintosh support is available immediately.

Xerox Phaser EX7750 color laser printing system

01/10, 12:45pm

Xerox Phaser EX7750

 EFI and Xerox (Booth 1043) have announced the Xerox Phaser EX7750 color laser printer system, which includes the EFI Fiery EX7750 color server and the Xerox Phaser 7750 color printer. The EFFI Color servers is a workstation that processes print files and drives the printer. The printer supports a wide range of graphic arts and production applications in environments from short-run printing to in-plant print shops. It features Color Management Fiery ColorWise with auto trapping for layering graphics and Spot-On color technology for color accuracy, queue management and Raster Image Processor control for smooth workflow, and print resolutions of 600 dpi at 35 ppm print speed as well as a 1200 dpi high gloss mode. Pricing starts at $18,000.

Mindwrap offers Scantango document scanning solution

01/10, 12:30pm

Mindwrap offers Scantango

Mindwrap (Booth 1448) has released ScanTango, a specialized document scanning solution engineered for the small and home office market. Designed specifically for the Mac OS X platform, ScanTango helps organizations reduce their paper burden by quickly and easily converting documents to industry standard PDF or TIFF files. ScanTango supports high-speed, double-sided production-quality scanners engineered specifically for document conversion, with throughput rates of 20ppm or more--in both both black/white and color. In addition, users can easily create automated scan tasks that provide one-button conversion to PDF with multiple distribution destinations via email, Save to Disk, Print, Fax, and FTP. It is available for a limited for $150.

Sonnet offers PodFreq photo FM transmitter

01/10, 12:05pm

Sonnet PodFreq photo

 Sonnet (Booth 2528) today announced the new PodFreq photo, its premium FM transmitter for iPod photo. PodFreq photo is designed to accomodate the iPod photo's larger cases and offers the features and quality of the original PodFreq. It broadcasts tunes through any nearby FM radio device. PodFreq photo connects to iPod photo through the dock connector to take advantage of the low distortion line out signal and encases iPod photo in a durable, translucent shell which offers access to iPod photo controls and the headphone jack. It also features FireWire and mini-USB ports that enable syncing and charging iPod photo without having to remove it. PodFreq photo does not require batteries or software. It ships with a car charger.

LaCie launches range of storage solutions at MWSF

01/10, 11:55am

LaCie storage solutions

 LaCie (Booth 1843) today announced new storage solutions, including a 2TB RAID FireWire 800 subsystem for video pros, a unique direct-disc labeling technology on d2 DVD burners, a realtime MPEG-1/2 encoder that can instantly convert DV files to MPEG file format, a portable 40GB hard drive for direct playback of multimedia files on any standard TV, a new mini "plug 'n play" networkable drive designed for small businesses, a larger 1TB Ethernet Disk for sharing data with up to 25 people, a new color profiling solution for professionals, and more.

Mindwrap ships Optix Server 7 for Mac

01/10, 11:40am

Optix Server 7 for Mac

Mindwrap (Booth 1448) has announced version 7 of its Optix Server. Optix 7 features significant upgrades to Optix Workflow to improve metadata handling and to streamline work lists. The Optix suite offers document and information management via super-fast scanning, indexing and text search as well as user levels, web-based access, and cross-platform support. It leverages Sybase database server to deliver a client-server system on the Mac for both small offices and entire enterprises. Optix 7 also includes server logging enhancements for reporting and auditing. In addition, it reduces the reliance on client-side Java to allow even easier deployment.

Gefen debuts Dual Link HD solutions, cables, more

01/10, 11:30am

Gefen Dual Link HD

Gefen today announced several new cables and peripheral/display sharing devices at Macworld Expo, including Dual Link DVI solutions that support Apple's 30-inch Cinema display, a combo USB/FireWire/video cable, an upgraded KVM extender to support the G5 and Apple's newer Cinema displays, pre-packaged video extensions kits for Apple's HD displays, and new FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 repeaters designed to extend the limits of standard cabling.

Apple launches IT Professional portal

01/10, 11:20am

IT Professional portal

Apple today launched its IT Professional portal, which provides a comprehensive information source for IT Managers and technology professionals. This site contains profiles of companies using Apple technology with an IT flavor, features articles on how to get the most out of Apple's products in an IT environment, and offers information for government, education, and high-performance computing markets, as well as news, events, and seminars. It also includes a linke to a Security Guide for Mac OS X, which was released by the National Security Agency.

Mac Boingo integrates multiple WiFi providers

01/10, 10:40am

Mac Boingo

Boingo Wireless today announced Mac Boingo, a version of its Wi-Fi hot spot access software that enables Mac OS X users to log on at thousands of Boingo Roaming System locations with a single username and password. The Boingo Roaming System integrates 12,000 hot spots from roaming partners such as Wayport, STSN, Surf & Sip, etc. The software automatically signals a user when a hotspot is available and can optionally configure the software to launch a separate application upon login. It also features a built-in self-updating directory of all Boingo locations, providing the name, address and phone number of Boingo Hot Spot locations. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. It is $8/day or $22 per month to subscribe (with the first month free).

Near-Time Current offers personal content management

01/10, 10:35am

Near-Time Current preview

Near-Time today released a preview version of Near-Time Current, a personal version of Near-Time's Flow collaborative content management system. Leveraging a standards-driven architecture, it allows individuals to create and manage online content. A document can be developed in Current from many sources simultaneously; it features an integrated text processor with automated extraction of web content via the integrated web browser. Current supports QuickTime, photos, html pages, and mp3 files as well as Smart Folios. The preview release is free, while the release version will be $30.

Virgin debuts 256MB Wearable MP3 player for $99

01/10, 10:25am

256MB Wearable MP3 player

Virgin Electronics today unveiled the new 256MB Wearable MP3 Player. The silver-dollar-sized wearable MP3 player weighs half an ounce can hold four hours of digital music. The Wearable 256MB Player holds roughly 80 songs and 128MB MP3 Player holds about 40 songs, according to Virgin. The players are bus-powered and require no additional software. They feature two simple buttons to turn the player on and off, skip songs and control volume. The Wearable MP3 Players ship with an armband and stylish white earbuds. The 256MB Wearable MP3 Player is $100, while the 128MB version, introduced last year, is $80.

Digital Heaven ships Multicam Lite for Final Cut Pro

01/10, 10:10am

Multicam Lite for FCP

Digital Heaven is now shipping "the first" multicamera editing solution for Apple's Final Cut Pro: Multicam Lite ($300) allows video editors to cut up to three cameras in realtime. The standalone Mac OS X application works in conjunction with Final Cut Pro (v4.1 and later) for the input and output of sequences via XML files. It features support for DV, DVCPRO25 or OfflineRT source clips and offers a comprehensive suite of trimming and camera swapping features. MultiCam produces an XML file, which can be imported back into FCP where all the cuts are automatically recreated and ready for further effects work or output. A free save-restricted demo is available.

Apple to offer delayed QT video of Expo keynote

01/10, 9:55am

Delayed video of keynote

 Apple will not provide a a live satellite feed or Webcast for Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld Expo. However, Apple is expected to provide a Video-on-Demand (in QuickTime) later in day. Several web reports indicate that the release will be at 6:00PM PST. Despite several circulating rumors, Apple likely avoided a realtime QuickTime broadcast due to the excessive costs associated with the realtime broadcasting: "live webcast video streams of events such as Jobs' keynote presentations, on average, are costly and yield few benefits to Apple as a company. As a result, in recent years Apple has scaled back on realtime webcasts in favor post-event video-on-demand steams, which reportedly costs the company much less."

iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker helps publish data

01/10, 9:45am

iApp Server 1.0 for FM today released iApp Server 1.0 for FileMaker Pro 7, a new application server middleware tool that installs as an Apache 1.3 module on Mac OS X. It enables custom web publishing with FileMaker Pro 7 client via the built-in Apache server in Mac OS X. Users can quickly and easily build dynamic, database-driven web sites. It offers support for relational and portal fields; browsing, sorting, creating and editing database records; and executing ScriptMaker scripts via any custom web browser interface. It supports HTML template files as a native file format with simple tags for inserting field and variables from FileMaker. The $500 license includes support for 5 concurrent users. A plugin for 4D WebSTAR V is expected "soon."

FmPro Migrator offers Access-to-FileMaker 7 migration

01/10, 9:40am

FmPro Migrator 2.91

 .com Solutions (Booth 749) has released FmPro Migrator 2.91 ($100) with new drag and drop support for Microsoft Access-to-FileMaker 7 migrations, allowing users to easily convert one or more Access 97 or Access 2000 database files. FmPro Migrator instantly reads the metadata from each Access database file and creates the required FileMaker 7 migration scripts. FmPro Migrator offers support for data type matching, field to column renaming, table creation, FileMaker field size determination and data transfer for 8 different database servers. It can automatically convert MySQL, Oracle (8, 8i-9i, 10g), Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and FrontBase databases.

FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 offers new features

01/10, 9:35am

FileMaker Recruiter 2.0

FileMaker today announced FileMaker Recruiter 2.0, a ready-to-use application that helps professional recruiters easily manage searches, identify and track candidates, and communicate with clients and hiring managers. Version 2.0 features a complete re-design for FileMaker 7 (required), a new user-controlled multi-window environment, built-in security with predefined privilege sets, support for importing from email client address book, more powerful reporting functions, and quick view of outstanding actions. Upgrades are free, while the full version is $450. A special FileMaker 7 upgrade and Recruiter 2.0 bundle is $300.

auto.des.sys to showcase form.Z 5.0

01/10, 9:20am

formZ 5.0 for Mac OS X

 auto.des.sys (Booth 2117) will showcase form.Z 5.0, an update to its hybrid solid and surface 3D modeler that offers a new open architecture as well as numerous new tools, features and general enhancements. First announced in December, it includes advanced and basic methods for extending the application through either plugins or scripts. Version 5 also brings native Mac OS X support (discontinuing support for Classic), improved copy & paste between windows, better font support, improved shadows and interactive OpenGL rendering, a new new Doodle line renderer, four new primitives of ruled parametric surfaces, a new hand-drawn sketch rendering mode, and more.

Apple to introduce iTunes Music Store for Australia?

01/10, 9:05am

iTMS for Australia?

Apple on Tuesday is expected to introduce the Australian iTunes music store, according to The Age: Australia would be the 16th country in which the computer and consumer electronics maker has opened an outlet... it is believed the maker of the iPod digital music player has flown senior executives from California to Sydney for tomorrow's announcement....The long-anticipated Australian launch of the service that elsewhere has revived Apple's flagging fortunes would pre-empt the imminent introduction of a Microsoft-ninemsn joint venture to sell music over the net and would go head to head with existing services from Telstra and Destra."

CommuniGate Pro 5 to support Microsoft Entourage

01/10, 9:00am

CommuniGate Pro 5

Stalker today announced that that the next version of its flagship product, CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications v5.0 will offer integrated support for Microsoft Entourage. Expected to ship in early spring 2005, it will bring support for e-mail, contacts, shared folders, calendaring and group scheduling features--all within the familiar Entourage interface. In addition, enterprises operating in a mixed environment of PCs and Macs will be able to take advantage of CommuniGate Pro's existing support for Microsoft Outlook via MAPI connector to leverage the groupware and messaging capabilities with Entourage users having the same capabilities.

blinkx 2.0 desktop search tool for Mac now available

01/10, 8:55am

blinkx 2.0 desktop search

blinkx today released a beta version of blinkx 2.0, which brings the next-generation search technology to Mac OS X. As noted last week, the software changes the paragigm of searching by automatically offering users relevant context-based search results--from both locally indexed content and the web. The company's software offers both implicit query (context-based automatica searches) and Smart Folders for the Mac environment. Smart Folders automatically update their content as new information becomes available, based on the ideas contained within the content of those files. (The software is expected to be available later today.)

BakBone offers Netvault for Mac OS X

01/10, 8:45am

Netvault for Mac OS X

 BakBone Software (Booth 617) today announced Netvault for Mac OS X, a new storage backup solution designed for data centers, education and digital media departments. The suite offers both server and client support for Mac as well as Application Plugin Modules including Oracle 10g and MySQL. BakBone says it will showcase several unique backup configurations using NetVault in various enterprise environments. The software features a Virtual Tape Library, which operates and functions just like a physical tape library, offers Policy-based Job Management for single clients or groups, user level access, and more. It is compatible with the Xserve, Xserve RAID and Xsan.

NewSoft launches PageManager 7, BizCard Reader, more

01/10, 8:40am

NewSoft at MWSF

NewSoft (Booth 749) today launched several new products, including its Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe OCR software for scanning and organizing documents; its BizCard Reader 5 reader that offers software and a USB scanner for converting buusiness into a searchable database; and also a new digital photo slideshow suite that allows users to create and burn custom slideshows with effects, transitions, titles, and more.

Netopia to preview Timbuktu 8.0 with Rendezvous, SSH

01/10, 8:20am

Timbuktu Pro 8.0

 Netopia (Booth 749) will preview Timbuktu Pro 8.0 at Macworld Expo this week. The remote control software for Mac OS allows network administrators and IT managers to control distant computers and send files, instant messages and voice intercom over any LAN, WAN, Internet, or direct dial connection. Version 8.0 includes integration with Rendezvous; extends Timbuktu Pro's own multiple security levels by using system user accounts to create a new type of secure connection that leverages Apple's existing security; improved encryption and data compression using SSH; and new Push Installer to install Timbuktu Pro on remote computers. It is expected to ship in late February.

Apps: Delicious Library, TaskTime3, Basecamp, ...

01/10, 8:00am

TaskTime3, Basecamp, ...

    Delicious Library 1.1 ($30) improves performance, printing, import/export, new context menus, quick-links in list view to access web info, and more. The applicationcan be used to catalog and share home libraries of books, movies, music and video games. Version 1.1It also supports 30fps iSight barcode scans, photorealistic digital shelves, AddressBook/iCal integration, etc. [9.5MB]
    Connoisseur 1.0 ($15) is a new utility for managing recipes. It offers an iTunes-like interface, 50 default recipes, on-the-fly unit conversion, an integrated online catalog of hand-picked recipes, iPod/PDA export of ingredients/shopping lists, text-to-speech support, grouping/organizing functions, searching/sorting, and more. [920KB]
    TaskTime 3.3 ($15) offers a straightforward method of tracking time spent on client jobs. It can generate personalized invoices as well as offers project status tracking, Address Book integration, project expense tracking, flat rate billing, and scheduled and manual data backup. It offers improved invoices, including auto numbering, dates, more client details, overdue balances, and more. [2.6MB]
    Basecamp is web-based project management tool that features both iCal and RSS support. It has been updated to include SFTP file sharing, SSL encryption on Plus and Premium plans, time zone support on both global and client-specific levels, and more. Basecamp is optimized Safari and Firefox and was developed using Ruby and MySQL on a Mac. A free trial is available, and plans start at only $12/month.
    Fire 1.5 (free) updates the open-source, multi-protocol chat client (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, and IRC). It adds 3 styles of tabbed chatting (to more efficient organize multiple connections, IM windows, etc.), styled text chats (iChat-like balloons, etc.), and Rendezvous messaging. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [5.4MB]
    GraphClick 2.2 ($8) is a graph digitizer software which allows to automatically retrieve the original (x,y)-data from a scanned graph or chart. It features automatic curve dectection; inear/logarithmic/inverse scales, error bars, multiple format support (GIF/TIFF/PDF/Photoshop), support for deformed images, multiple data sets in a single document, and more. [691KB]

LANDesk Management 8.5 offers improved Mac support

01/10, 7:30am

LANDesk Management 8.5

LANDesk Software today announced increased Mac support for its enterprise software. LANDesk Management Suite 8.5 adds patch remediation capabilities, enhanced software distribution and remote control capabilities functions for Mac OS X. The software offers inventory discovery and asset management, efficient software distribution, software license management and remote control and problem resolution. New 'Patch Remediation' enables IT administrators to systematically secure and protect their Mac users against potential malicious attacks such as worms and viruses that target flaws in operating systems and applications.

Sonance iPort adds support for iPod photo

01/10, 7:20am

Sonance iPort with video

 Sonance today added support for the iPod photo to its iPort, its in-wall docking station for the iPod. The updated system will provide a video output, allowing photos and slide shows stored on the iPod photo to be displayed on TVs and monitors anywhere in a home entertainment system. The iPort with video enhancement is expected to be available in February and will support the iPod Photo and the 40GB Click-Wheel Pod, 20GB Click-Wheel iPod and iPod Mini; it is compatible with all of Sonance's systems, components, and accessories. The iPort now expands remote control to almost all of the iPod's functions, including accessing Playlists and Albums, and operating the player's Mute, Repeat, and Shuffle functions.

PictureTalk 4.6 adds QuickTime recording, new tools

01/10, 7:10am

Pixion PictureTalk 4.6

 Pixion has released PictureTalk 4.6 and will offer a free beta version to attendees at this years Macworld Expo this week. Designed to run natively on any operating system, PictureTalk enables Web-based meetings: any document, presentation, application, Web page or desktop can be viewed and shared with multiple attendees in an unlimited number of locations. Version 4.6 includes support for QuickTime-based recording of events; new and updated annotation tools including text, shapes; pre-defined and/or custom stamp tools; support for public meetings as well as private meetings; the ability to push (pre-uploaded) videos across a web conference to all viewers.

Studiometry 2.1 adds contact logs to biz app

01/10, 7:05am

Studiometry 2.1 released Software releases has released an update to its organizational tool for studios and freelancers: Studiometry 2.1 adds a new Contact Logs feature, localization support, Studiometry tips, and greatly improved networking. Users can also track every phone call and email from within the application and convert them to a billable expense or a To Do item. Studiometry is a complete solution for small to medium companies to store client data, project data, to-dos, timers, invoices, payment data, and more. It is a free upgrade; the full version is available for $80 (single-user).

Apple resellers will not picket Macworld Expo

01/10, 2:20am

No picketing at MWSF

A group of US retailers said they will not picket as expected at this week's 2005 MacWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, despite their two-year-old lawsuit against Apple for allegedly with-holding products, according to iTNews: "Thomas Santos, president of MacAdam Computing, a San Francisco Apple retailer who is one of six suing Apple -- and part of a group that routinely stages protests at Apple events -- said no picketing would take place at the show. He said the group wants to keep a low profile pending a 25 January hearing in Santa Clara County Superior Court, San Jose, California. 'Last year, Apple circulated my picture at the show, trying to keep me out of the keynote,' Santos said.


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