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Apps: Ram Disk Creator, Hallon, iWrapper, Skype...

12/29, 1:15pm

Ram Disk Creator 1.0.1

    Ram Disk Creator 1.0.1 ($15) is a tool for Mac OS X to create RAM disks, a capability that was offered in Mac OS 9, but has not been available in Mac OS X. Version 1.0.1 has the ability to mount a RAM disk at any path, fixes a memory leak, and improves Mac OS X Sever compatibility. [Download - 504KB]
    Hallon 0.8 (free) can create bookmarks in many applications that otherwise would not offer bookmarking. "You can bookmark your favorite songs, an email that you have to reply to later that day, some documents that you are working on or the contact information of a friend whom you need to call before the end of the week." [Download - 278KB]
    iWapper 1.0 ($15) allows users to set up a WAP server easily. WAP (wireless application protocol) sites are a can be displayed on many mobile devices, including cell phones with GPRS/3G UMTS. [Download - 1.4MB]
    PictureSync 1.1 ($8) is a convenient utility that simplifies uploading photos to a Web site. PictureSync now has Webshots support, and the option to upload images directly to albums (Webshots) or photosets (Flickr). [Download - 510KB]
    Skype (free) is a program that uses the latest P2P technology to bring "affordable and high-quality voice communications" to Internet users. "If your Mac has a built in microphone you can start making calls with a simple set of headphones." [Download - 6.2MB]
    SubtleStatus 1.1 is an "unobtrusive info display" that lets users set the transparency and other options. "It is intented for iTunes info, though you can write you own AppleScripts for it."[Download - 606KB]

Kanguru offers 1GB mini USB 2.0 flash drive

12/29, 11:05am

Kanguru Mini Drive

Kanguru Solutions has released its smallest USB 2.0 Flash Drive: the ultra compact Kanguru Mini Drive is nearly 25% smaller than the previously released KanguruMicro Drive. The palm-sized device measures less than 3 inches in length and weighs only 21g. It is capable of storing up to 1GB of data and offers bus-powered and driverless operation. Leveraging its high-strength exterior aluminum housing, it has ability to resist up to 1000Gs of shock. The Kanguru Mini Drive works with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The drive is available in 128MB ($30), 256MB ($40), 512MB ($70), and 1GB ($120).

Macworld Expo SF to offer \"Live On Stage\" sessions

12/29, 10:45am

\"Live on Stage\" at MWSF

IDG World Expo today unveiled "Live On Stage," a new educational feature for all attendees at Macworld Expo in San Francisco (January 10-14). Live On Stage offers over 20 hours of free training classes by industry experts; it will take place on the exhibit hall's main stage beginning at 11:00 a.m. each day of the event. Live On Stage will also feature two Macworld Expo update sessions per day as well as the Macworld Best of Show Awards on the final day of the event. The Live On Stage program runs daily from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Day one (Tuesday January 11) includes four sessions that provide tips, tricks and demonstrations about the iPod digital music player.

MacPractice ships beta of practice management app

12/29, 9:05am

MacPractice ships beta

MacPractice this week began shipping the beta version of its new Mac OS X versions of its practice management software for doctors' offices, dentists and chiropractors. Announced earlier this month, the beta has been seeded to a group pre-selected, qualified customers. The new version features new MacPractice software installer as well as a data migrator to transfer their MediMac, DentalMac or ChiroMac patient records into MacPractice software. In the future, this migrator will make help users of any other practice management application to import patient data they have collected over years easily into MacPractice MD, DDS or DC. MacPractice says it expects MacPractice MD, DDS and DC to be out of beta and shipping in the 1st quarter of 2005 and that scheduling and e-Claims will be added in the 2nd quarter.

Steve Jobs: highest paid CEO in Bay Area in 2003

12/29, 8:50am

Jobs highest paid CEO

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was the highest-paid executive in the San Francisco Bay area in 2003, according to a new study noted by The Mercury News: . "Jobs received a salary of only $1 in 2003, but he traded in almost all of his stock options for $74.8 million in restricted stock, according to an analysis of 400 publicly traded companies in the Bay Area by San Mateo-based Equilar, which tracks executive compensation. Other Bay Area CEOs in the top five included John Chambers (Cisco, $47.7M), Meg Whitman (eBay, $42.6M), Stephen Bennett (Intuit, $29.9M ) and Craig Conway (PeopleSoft, $26.9M). Some high-profile executives didn't make the list for 2003. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is one of the world's wealthiest men, but he didn't receive any cash or stock last year." The report says that figures include salaries, bonuses, restricted stock, stock options and other compensation, but the value of stock options could change based on the stock's worth.

New Sony division to take on Apple, iPod dominance

12/29, 8:35am

Sony challenges Apple

Sony has established a new division called Connect Company to develop devices and services that challenge Apple, its iPod players and the iTunes Music Store service, according to The Asahi Shimbun: "For Sony, which virtually created the market for portable audio players with the Walkman, the new division represents an attempt to regain lost ground to latecomer Apple. Connect Company was established on Nov. 1 and brings together Sony experts from Japan and the United States. The division will enter into operations early next year and will eventually employ 300 to 400 workers. Engineers will work on new portable audio players equipped with hard disk drives like the iPod or with computer memory chips. The first product is expected to hit shelves by the end of next year. Connect Company will also operate music download services similar to iTunes that will be personal computer- and cellphone-compatible. In the future, the division is expected to offer video and game distribution services."


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