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Iomega continues rollout of new hard drive lineup

12/21, 5:45pm

New Iomega drives

As noted this morning, Iomega today began shipping three triple-interface models of the newly redesigned Iomega External Hard Drive. All three models, which come complete with backup and disaster recovery software, include FireWire 800 connectivity for Mac users seeking the highest speeds available.

Apple subpoenas info from websites over Asteriod leak

12/21, 5:15pm

Apple subpoenas info

Apple has subpoened information from at least three websites to help it determine the indentity of the individuals it claims has leaked its trade secrets. The individuals, currently named as "John Doe" in a lawsuit filed by Apple earlier this month, allegedly leaked product trade secrets related to Apple's "breakout" box, code-named "Asteroid". Last week, Apple subpoened documents and information related to the articles on the unreleased and announced FireWire audio device. Think Secret,, and AppleInsider were among those sites that were subpoened for information, according to CNET

\"iPod + iTunes Quick Tips\" from Digimi Publishing

12/21, 5:10pm

\"iPod + iTunes Quick Tips\"

Digimi Publishing today announced the release of "iPod + iTunes Quick Tips," a new eBook that offers concise and understandable tips "meant to make your experience with Apple's digital music duo more fun and more efficient." Written by Larry Angell and Charles Starrett, the book contains 100 tips and costs $5. Topics include: the "Podcasting revolution," getting the most out of an iPod's battery, using iTunes as an alarm clock, scanning an iPod's drive for problems, and more.

Apple sues three for posting Tiger on Net

12/21, 4:25pm

Apple sues over piracy

Apple has sued three people for illegally distributing test copies of the next version of its Mac OS X operating system on file-sharing services, court records show. Apple claims in its suit that two different versions of Mac OS X, code-named Tiger, were made available on the Web on or about October 30th and December 8th of this year. The lawsuit is the second in recent weeks to thwart the release of its software and details of its unannounced products. Last week, details of Apple lawsuits against multiple people for recent product leaks were revealed.

Apps: Adobe Reader, DragThing, Macintosh Explorer

12/21, 1:55pm

Adobe Reader 7 update

    Added: BasaOne Classes 1.1 is a new set of classes from Basasoft for its Web Application Development environment BasaOne. The classes speed up development by providing pre-developed objects. This new release includes a full currency converter with database access, alert boxes, Finder window style boxes, enhanced checkbox and more. [Download - 700KB]
    Adobe Reader 7.0 (free) is the latest version of the Mac OS X application that enables users to view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The software now lets users submit Adobe PDF forms that are created with fillable form fields in applications such as and Adobe Form Designer, play back a variety of embedded multimedia content, display Photoshop Album slide shows, and read e-books. [Download - 19.8MB]
    DragThing 5.5.1 ($30) is a popular alternative Dock application for Mac OS X. This is a minor update that adds support for spring-loaded folders, and fixes countless bugs including problems with dragging clipping files, displaying layers, and more. [Download - 3.8MB]
    Macintosh Explorer 4.2.1 ($16) is an update to the integrated file browser and file management tool. Macintosh Explorer 4.2.1 fixes the find file feature which was broken in version 4.2, fixes a potential crash when deleting more than one file at once and adds a check for update feature at launch and from the Apple menu. [Download - 1.9MB]
    Xpress Keyboards is a new series of software instruments combining the sound of three famous vintage keyboards with maximum ease of use and affordability. A demo version of Xpress Keyboards for Mac is now available for download. [Download - form]
    VueScan 8.1.17 is a Mac OS X scanning program that offers compatibility with most scanners. The latest version fixes problems with auto focus and PIE scanners, compatibility with some Microtek scanners, and problems with gray scans on several models. [Download - 2.0MB]

8th Wonder of the World available from Freeverse

12/21, 12:45pm

8th Wonder of the World

8th Wonder of the World ($30), the sequel to Northland, is now available from Freeverse. "As usual... the Powers of Darkness and Evil have slowly begun spreading all over the world. Everything stands on the brink of eternal chaos as the world's leaders gather in the Council of Nations. They searched desperately to find a way to fight the Evil, but nobody knew what could be done. Then one of the wise men uncovered anchient scrolls which described a way to fight the Evil." A demo version is coming soon, according to Freeverse.

Popwire ships Compression Engine 2 for Mac OS X

12/21, 11:30am

Compression Engine 2

Popwire today began shipping its Server media coding software, Compression Engine 2, for Mac OS X. Compression Engine is a digital media coding system for broadcasting companies, media houses, ISPs and mobile operators who deal with large amounts of content. The Compression Engine 2 follows the well received Compression Master 3, which was the first Mac OS X tool on the market with support for Windows Media 9. Other new features are Real SureStream, MPEG-2 and DV transcoding.

Apple set to \'significantly exceed\' Q1 guidance

12/21, 11:20am

Apple to exceed guidance

Apple will significantly exceed its first quarter sales guidance, Credit Suisse First Boston says. Thee financial firm also raised the the target price for Apple to $70 from $40. "With this season's hottest CE [consumer electronics] product and a new product cycle in its flagship iMac, Apple is poised to significantly exceed its initial December quarter outlook issued on its fiscal fourth-quarter conference call in October," the research firm said. CSFB said its new target price of $70 represents a 34 times multiple on 2006 net operating profit after tax, "a level we believe more than adequately reflects Apple's long term prospects."

FireWire Depot introduces the uRAID 19\" 1U

12/21, 10:45am

FireWire Depot uRAID

FireWire Depot today announced the uRAID, a 1U 19" 1394b rack mount RAID 0 system using the Oxford 912 chipset. "The uRAID enclosure defines a new level of high performance and high capacity storage in a minimum volume 1U rackmount chassis and is extremely cost effective." It offers up to 1.6 Terabytes of data storage in 1U rackmount chassis capable of transfer sustain rates of over 110MB/sec (using dual channel FireWire requires TWO FireWire 800 PCI cards or a native FireWire 800 port and a FireWire 800 PCI card, and Software RAID). uRAID also features Direct Air technology to ensure ideal hard drive temperatures, allowing uRAID to be operate continuously without worry of thermal run-away over-heating and prolonging hard drive life expectancy.

Free Pandromeda MojoWorld 3 Viewer for Mac

12/21, 9:50am

MojoWorld 3 Viewer

Pandromeda has announced the release of MojoWorld 3 Viewer, a free graphics application for exploring, rendering and animating artwork based on MojoWorld 3 technology. "MojoWorld 3 Viewer has a unique world-generation engine that represents an entire planet with unlimited detail, which you can immediately modify and animate." MojoWorld's fractal technology lets the user point the camera in any direction, from any location, and render a scene in unlimited detail. Artists can modify planets with the Hyperspace Mixer, or randomize parameters for the entire planet. The MojoWorld 3 world-generation engine powers both commercial 3D world generation applications, MojoWorld 3 Standard Edition ($200) and Professional Edition ($480). Pandromeda also recently released MojoWorld Focus ($50), an image composition product for digital camera enthusiasts.

Apps: Corona, Illustrator CS, Lux, ShutterBug ...

12/21, 9:45am

Corona, Illustrator CS...

    Corona 2.0 ($65) is an update to the general accounting solution for Mac. It can be used as a simple check register, or for invoicing, purchasing and payroll. The new version implements purchases and accounts payable, a dynamic price list, job number referencing, and payroll tax withholding tables and rates (US) for 2005. [Download - 5.9MB]
    Adobe Illustrator CS 11.0.2 ($500) is the latest update to the vector graphics application for Mac. This version offers two bug fixes where: llustrator CS unexpectedly quits when saving or printing if Norton Utilities is installed, and Illustrator CS unexpectedly quits when opening a palette or dialog box. [Download - 1.9MB]
    Lux 4.5 ($20) is a world domination game for Mac. Changes in this version: include: enhancements to the built-in Map Editor, improved the security for network games, more features for the LuxAgent SDK, and the addition of a Spanish translation. [Download - 3.8MB]
    ShutterBug 1.0 ($30) is a lean and powerful Web album creator that utilizes XtraLean's Edit-in-Place technology and other features such as "ImageWell-Inside" for editing photos on the fly, Thumbnail Zoom Tool, and more. It enables users to design and publish content to the Web without any knowledge of HTML. [Download - 782KB]
    iCamShare 2.0.1 ($15) is a Web camera application for sharing videos and pictures with family and friends via .Mac, email, and other applications. Version 2.0.1 fixes an incompatibility with Apple's Motion. [Download - 745KB]
    DVDManager 1.4.1 (free/donation) is a utility designed to help users "manage the workflow" of their DVD collection. This maintenance update of the software takes into account the IMDb modifications that occurred recently. [Download - 564KB]

Competitors look for slice of MP3 player pie

12/21, 9:15am

iPod holiday competition

This holiday season, many electronic makers are "going after a slice of Apple's pie" in the digital music player realm, reports The New York Times. Industry analysts estimate that currently more than nine of every 10 high-capacity players sold in the United States are iPods. In fact, some Wall Street analysts predict Apple will sell four million digital music players this holiday season. iPod competitors include Creative's 20-gigabyte Zen Touch, while five-gigabyte Zen Micro hopes to take away from iPod Mini sales. Virgin, Dell, and Rio also have iPod Mini competitors.

Briefly: ATI earnings, Iomega ships drives, ...

12/21, 9:00am

ATI announces earrings

In Brief: ATI has announced record financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2005, with revenues of $613.9 million, up from $469.7 million from the year-ago quarter.... IT-Enquirer has published an interview with Extensis regarding their integration of Font Reserve with Suitcase and the company's vision on font management.... Iomega today began shipping three triple-interface (USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and FireWire 800) models of the newly redesigned Iomega External Hard Drive, available in 160GB ($200), 250GB ($280), 400GB ($430).

BeLight announces Business Card Composer 3.0

12/21, 8:40am

Business Card Composer 3

BeLight Software has announced Business Card Composer 3.0, the latest version of the do-it-yourself business card tool, to be released in January 2005. The package is a complete boxed solution containing the software, two CDs with 23.000 clipart images and the Premium-quality Avery paper for 100 business cards. Version 3 also includes over 500 profession-oriented designs. Everyone who buys the current version of Composer from December 21st to January 21st, will receive the 3.0 update immediately after release, free of charge. Pricing ranges from $30 to $40.

DVDThemePAK releases iDVD Holiday collection

12/21, 8:35am

Holiday ThemePAK

DVDthemePAK this morning released a new Holiday ThemePAK collection of ten menu themes for Apple's iDVD 4.0 software. This new $40 ThemePAK includes Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July, and Easter Themes. Each theme includes completely custom button designs and composite graphic backgrounds. This new ThemePAK contains 8 animated themes and 2 still background themes. A new St. Patrick's theme is also available if purchased before Feb 1st, 2005. End users access the themes from the same menu as the pre-installed themes or they can be listed separately.


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