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Strange Flavour\'s ToySight Gold to ship soon (images)

12/16, 6:20pm

ToySight Gold coming soon

Strange Flavour announced today that it has nearly completed development of ToySight Gold, an expansion pack for Strange Flavour's unique camera-controlled game. ToySight Gold will add new games, and improve on original games by adding G5-specific effects and features. One of the new games in ToySight Gold is FlySight, a multiplayer Rendezvous-compatible 3D fighter combat game, where players control the aircraft with their arms and fire the guns by shouting "Dagadagadagadaga" into the iSight's microphone.

Freeverse ships Robin Hood game for Mac OS X

12/16, 5:50pm

Freeverse ships Robin Hood

Freeverse announced on Thursday that Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood is now shipping for Mac OS X in North America. "Take on the roles of Robin Hood and his Merry Men and lead them to the battle field against the nasty Prince John Lackland. In doing so you are able to enjoy the fabulous English landscape of 1190 as well as the giant castles and funny characters." The game features more than 30 non-linear missions with an innovative "mouse gesture" based fighting system. Robin Hood requires a 300 Mhz G3 or G4 system, Mac OS X 10.2 or higher, 128 MB RAM, and an 8 MB videocard. It retails for $30.

NY Times weighs in on Apple\'s iPod, competition

12/16, 5:10pm

NY Times on Apple\'s iPod

Thursday's edition of the NY Times features two separate articles discussing Apple's iPod digital music players. The first piece sums up the design efforts of Apple's competitors and the measures they have taken in an attempt to compete with the iPod. "The result is a number of new music players, on the market or in the works, that have Apple in their sights. Some are similar to the iPod in features and capacity but cost less. Some have extras the iPod doesn't, like built-in FM tuners. And some offer an alternative to the iPod's rectangular shape, seeking to steal some of its less tangible hipness." In the second article, renowned Mac columnist David Pogue compares the iPod mini to its competition. He writes, "This month you'll be able to choose from four impressive iPod Mini competitors, courtesy of Dell, Rio, Creative and Virgin Electronics." However, he concludes that "On something that's as personal and frequently used as a music player, little things make a big difference, and it's in the Little Things department that the iPod Mini really shines."

MacSoft releases Halo 1.5 updater patch

12/16, 3:55pm

Halo 1.5 updater released

MacSoft announced today that the Halo 1.5 patch for Macintosh has been released. With the update, MacSoft has brought the Mac code up to sync with version 1.06 of the PC code, and added an "Advanced Pixel Shaders" rasterizer option that may be used on ATI 9600/9700/9800 and NVIDIA 6800 level hardware. Other improvements include support for USB gamepads and joysticks, GameRanger support, a simplified Hardware Shaders menu, and more. The release--available for the US retail version of Halo only--also packs several code optimizations and bug fixes.

Apple and Motorola may soon produce mobile phone

12/16, 2:55pm

Apple-Moto cell phone

Apple Computer and Motorola could soon show the mobile phone they are developing to play music purchased from Apple's iTunes online music store, according to Forbes. "We've said we have something coming on this in the first half of 2005 and we're definitely on schedule for that. Hopefully you'll be able to see more about it soon," said Eddy Cue, vice president in charge of applications at Apple. "What we've talked about is a something that is valuable for the mass market," Cue added. "It has to be a phone in the middle-tier of the market, not a $500-tier phone. It has to be very seamless to use. And we're very happy with the results." Cue reportedly declined to say whether CEO Steve Jobs would introduce the phone at next month's Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

Apps: Sticky Windows, iDive, TaskTime...

12/16, 2:45pm

Sticky Windows, iDive...

    Sticky Windows 1.0.1 ($15) is an utility for Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther" which extends the tab browsing experience to the Desktop, transforming your windows into tabs. The new version adds support for systems with multiple screens, new preferences, Auto-hiding tabs, improved windows management. The release also marks the debut of a new software update system. [Download - 884K]
    iDive 1.2 ($70) is a digital video management application that succeeds in combining innovative indexing and visualisation of digital video tapes with powerful annotation and search capabilities. The new version adds support for the capture of DV footage from the camera, new compression capabilities for captured footage using any of the installed Quicktime codecs, and a new clip splitting functionality. iDive 1.2 also includes support for displaying footage with a 16:9 aspect ratio, while delivering seamless integration with iMovie, Final Cut Express/Pro. [Download - 1.9MB]
    Mobile High Speed 3G 4.10 ($75 EUR) automatically configures a Mac OS X system to use a mobile phone or PC Data card for a fast connection to the Internet. The new version adds support for more than 18 new mobile phones and PC Data cards recently released by major network operators. Additionally, the Internet connect wizard now supportes more than 100 devices and includes more than 200 3G, EDGE and GPRS connection settings for most network operators worldwide. [Download - 8.4MB]
    TaskTime 3.2 ($15) provides a straightforward method of tracking time spent on jobs you do for your clients. It can generate personalized invoices which can be emailed, printed, and saved to disk. The new version includes bug fixes, adds session log printing, and allows invoices to be saved and sent in PDF format. The software also delivers a new preference option to send invoices as email via Mail or TaskTime. [Download - 2.5MB]
    Yummy FTP 1.0.5 ($25) provides an innovative FTP and SFTP browsing and transferring experience, with a level of functionality only found in alternatives costing almost twice the price. The new version adds full VMS support, the ability to set User and Group attributes using SFTP, an option to hide Trash can icon, and interaction with FTP URL files, interarchy, Fetch and Vicom FTP Bookmarks. [Download - 2.3MB]
    XamSuite 1.0 ($25) is a set of three applications that will let you save sets of multimedia questions for presenting them to a user as a computer generated exam or preparing written exams. A set of native Cocoa applications, XamSuite takes advantage of the latest and very powerful Mac OS X technologies, making it a very robust but at the same time easy to use solution. The application requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later. [Download - 3.1MB]

NewerTech replacement battery for 1G, 2G iPods

12/16, 1:45pm

1G, 2G iPod battery

Newer Technology Inc. and Other World Computing today introduced a new high-capacity 1800mAh Apple iPod replacement Lithium-Polymer battery for all first and second-generation iPod models. This new 1800mAh NuPower battery model offers 46 percent more capacity than the battery Apple installed into first and second-generation iPod models, and is available for the same $30 price the original 1600mAh battery was offered at. The ultra-high capacity 2100mAh NuPower offering 70 percent more capacity for the same models also remains available for $40. The iPod batteries also include two non-scratching installation tools and a detailed instruction manual to guide users smoothly through the installation process. Note: product page not yet accessible.

KeynotePro announces Barcelona Keynote theme

12/16, 1:30pm

Barcelona Keynote theme

KeynotePro today announced the release of its Barcelon Keynote theme, an exploration of classical design, bringing aged paper and coarse, loosely trapped blockprint color together with crisp type and the timeless icon of world travel--the postcard--into a style that is both raw canvas and a well-worn tome. "Custom ink-spot bullets, warmly textured chart fills and traveled, crumple-edged postcards overlay the canvas in a timeless blend of style and metaphor spanning 31 Slide Masters in both 800x600 and 1024x768 sizes." Along with the basic theme, Barcelona also includes a selection of object-based extras, including Ink and Coffee Stains, as well as free-floating Postcard objects that allow you to create your own photo-based layouts with ease. Barcelona is available for immediate download for $20, or in a Bundle with 2 other themes for $50.

MP3 Surround converts multi-channel audio to MP3

12/16, 1:00pm

MP3 Surround 1.0

Fraunhofer Institute today announced the availability of an evaluation copy of MP3 Surround 1.0 for Mac OS X. With the new software, Mac users can convert their multi-channel material to MP3 Surround and play it back on an included MP3 Surround player. The format works at data rates comparable to those used with stereo MP3 material. MP3 Surround is fully backwards compatible, MP3 Surround files can also be played back on any existing MP3 software or hardware device such as the iPod. In the last two weeks, Windows users have downloaded the software more than 200,000 times. Beginning today, the company is the same evaluation software to Mac users through its website. The website also includes MP3 Surround demo songs and technical background information.

ConceptDraw Creative Manager bundle offers savings

12/16, 12:40pm

ConceptDraw bundle

CS Odessa has announced the release of ConceptDraw Creative Manager, a bundle of its ConceptDraw V and ConceptDraw MINDMAP diagramming and brainstorming products. ConceptDraw Creative Manager enables project managers, consultants, sales people and other professionals to effectively brainstorm and develop ideas with their teams. It also provides a means to create pro-quality business and technical diagrams, make convincing proposals, reports and presentations both on-screen and on-line. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a personal assistant for discussing ideas, making decisions and planning projects. It enables users to present information in a simple, visual way by building trees of ideas or Mind Maps. The bundle offers 20% savings on both products and costs $400.

John Lennon Bus, Spin Doctors to attend Macworld Expo

12/16, 12:10pm

Spin Doctors at Macworld

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, a unique non-profit state-of-the-art mobile recording and multimedia studio, will be at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, January 11-14. The Bus was created seven years ago to provide free workshops for school age children and teens throughout the country and to introduce an array of opportunities within the music, audio and multi-media industries. Free tours are offered at all of the Bus' stops, which include schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, concert tours, festivals, and conferences. The one-of-a-kind Bus features Apple's industry leading audio and video solutions including GarageBand, Logic Pro 7, Final Cut Pro 4, and DVD Studio Pro 3.

Briefly: Power5 chip, Veritas buyout, iTMS Canada...

12/16, 10:00am

Power5, Veritas buyout...

According to InfoWorld, with the recent introduction of IBM's Power5 processor and that company's move to sell-off its PC business, Apple's future processor plans could include the Power5....Computer security giant Symantec Corp. is buying storage and backup program maker Veritas Software Corp. in a $13.5 billion deal that will create the world's fourth largest software company....Macleans Magazine--Canada's homegrown equivalent to the Time Magazine--this week features a "Back Page" column devoted to the arrival of Apple's iTunes Music Service in Canada....REAL Software announced today a special holiday offer for Macintosh users--purchase REALbasic 5.5 and get a free copy of Office Power Pack, the productivity booster for Microsoft Office automation.

Ultralingu announces Grammatica 6.0

12/16, 9:35am

Grammatica 6.0 released

Ultralingua announced today the release of Grammatica 6.0 for Mac OS X, a significant advancement for the powerful grammar and spell checker co-published with Meta-Agent Software. The new version delivers a new easy to use interface, faster performance, the ability to check multiple languages from one program, the ability to check grammar and spelling in other editable applications, and more. Also, for the first time, Grammatica is now available for German on the Mac OS X platform. Grammatica is available to order online starting at $30 and upgrades for $30. A free trial with a 15 day evaluation period is also available on the company's website.

Apps: Cheetah3D, Office, Peek-a-Boo, TimeClock...

12/16, 9:20am

Cheetah3D, Peek-a-Boo...

    Cheetah3D 2.0 ($70) is a lean, fast and elegant 3D modeller and renderer for Mac OS X with an easy learning curve. The new version delivers improvements to both the renderer and modeler. It now supports HDRI backgrounds, radiosity, ambient occlusion and area lights just to call the most important ones. Cheeta3D 2.0 also sports user interface improvements and new file loaders. [Download - 9.9MB]
    Office 1.5.1 ($30) for Mac OS X "Panther" that is an easy-to-use solution for configuring, installing and utilizing the proven open source GNOME Office. This minor update brings AbiWord to version 2.2.0, Gnumeric to 1.4.0 and Dia to 0.94, and is the first version of the OpenOSX product to include an optional preview Cocoa version of AbiWord. The product is available immediately for $40 on CD-ROM, with download-only delivery available for $30. [Download - Buy]
    Peek-a-Boo 2.2 ($20) is a utility to monitor and manage all of the processes running on your Macintosh. In the new version, the Process Throb window can now be viewed as an overlaid transparent fullscreen window. Users may use a new hotkey to toggle between a transparent fullscreen window and the normal window. A free demo of the software is available for download. [Download - 1.0MB]
    TimeClock Professional 5.0 ($200) is a major upgrade to Redcort Software's employee time and attendance software for Mac and Windows, which takes the work out of tracking worker hours, overtime and leave. In the new version, the user interface and administrative functions have been simplified for users and managers alike. Additionlly, the client-server architecture was engineered from the ground up to make connecting time clocks so easy that almost anyone can setup a Virtual TimeClock network. [Mac OS X - 2.8MB] [Classic - 2.7MB]
    4D WebSTAR V is an update to address a security vulnerability recently discovered on Mac OSX HFS+ volumes. This security update prevents the potential use of the 4D WebSTAR V Web server to retrieve hidden file contents from within Web site folders. The update requires 4D WebSTAR V 5.3.3. [Download - 303KB]
    VueScan 8.1.14 ($60) software enables users to more easily produce better looking digital images from color snapshots, negatives, slides and documents. The new version now produces accurate, true to life colors on all Epson and Canon scanners via a custom-developed IT8 color calibration technique. VueScan 8.1.14 also significantly improves the speed of display refreshes and saving files. [Download - 2.0MB]

iTunes Music Store downloads top 200 million songs

12/16, 8:45am

iTunes 200 million songs

Apple today announced that music fans have purchased and downloaded more than 200 million songs from the iTunes Music Store. The 200 millionth song was part of "The Complete U2" and was purchased by Ryan Alekman from Belchertown, MA. "iTunes has now sold over 200 million songs, making it the world's number one online music store by far," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "We're thrilled to be making music an even more popular gift this holiday season with iTunes and iPod."

PowerBookRestore offers 24-hour turnaround on service

12/16, 8:30am

24-hour PowerBook repairs

TechRestore announced today that they have launched a new repair and upgrade program for PowerBook and iBook laptop computers. The new program, PowerBookRestore, provides 24-Hour turnaround on service from locations worldwide. PowerBookRestore offers both a complete, door-to-door overnight service for U.S. customers, as well as a Self-Restore program for customers wishing to send in their system on their own and for international Mac users. The Full-Restore repair program cost is just $100 for 24-hour turnaround, or $80 for 48-hour turnaround, which includes all overnight shipping charges, the RestoreBox and the complete diagnosis. The Self-Restore program is just $20 for the diagnosis and return shipping. offers iPod speaker system, other products

12/16, 6:20am

iPod speaker system today announced the release of its Resonator Earphone Speaker System. Designed to complement Apple's iPod, the Resonator allows iPod owners to let friends listen to the current track by inserting the provided earbud earphones into the Resonator. The Resonator then amplifies the sound from the earphones, functioning as a portable and light-weight speaker. also released several products, including the newly re-designed ZeroShock 12-inch Notebook Sleeve for 12-inch iBooks and PowerBooks, the Shell Case for standard-size iPods, the Screen Cleaning Pet series, the Quad AC Outlet Extension Cable, and the High Resolution Mouse Pad.

PowerLogix secures funding, partners with OWC

12/16, 6:20am

PowerLogix secures future

PowerLogix today announced it has secured a secondary round of funding to assist with product development, production and marketing programs to expand sales of the PowerLogix product lines. Additionally, PowerLogix also announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Other World Computing, which provides PowerLogix fulfillment and distribution services. Backed by OWC, PowerLogix' technical support and warranty services will be available through the PowerLogix Support area. "Customers should be pleased that product availability, as well as customer service and support, will be better than ever. In addition, there is now a solid basis for continuing our tradition of innovative products," according to a company representative.

pdatrends offers SkinArt case for iPod, mini

12/16, 6:05am

pdatrends offers SkinArt

pdatrends has launched a new range of iPod SkinArt cases for the Apple's fourth-generation iPods (both the 20GB and 40GB models) as well as the iPod mini. SkinArt is a "special silicone case that is designed to protect your iPod from minor dents and scratches while still maintaining the slim form factor and shape of the iPod. [It] features an open top to accommodate accessories, allows full access to the iPod controls and docking port." It is available in variety of colors for $13 in a limited time Christmas promotion.

iPod shortage around the US?

12/16, 6:05am

iPod shortage

An article in the The Wall Street Journal today says that iPods are becoming scarce at retailers around the country. The report says that,, and other online retailers are now out of stock and "Apple is contending with what appears to be an immense demand for the gadget," and it suggests that Apple is dealing with manufacturing and distribution constraints due to the iPod's 'near-cult status.' Consumers are buying iPods faster than they did the Sony Walkman by its sixth year, and analysts expect Apple to sell more than 4 million iPods this holiday season. 'To try to meet the high demand, we're making and shipping iPods as fast as we can,' Apple said in a statement. 'So, if one store has run out, you may find iPods in another authorized iPod reseller.' iPod minis are selling for as much as $380 ($130 above retail) on eBay's auction site." [subscription required]

Canto offers free download of myCumulus 6

12/16, 6:00am

Canto myCumulus 6

Canto today that it will provide the English version of Canto myCumulus 6 as a free download for a limited time. The exclusive "Christmas offer" will be available from December 18-26, 2004. myCumulus, the "light" version of Canto's Cumulus digital asset management solution, is designed for DAM beginners and for organizing personal media such as photographs, mp3s and other personal files. It offers the same features and functionality as the full version of the popular Cumulus Single User, but limits the number of assets that can be organized. Canto myCumulus can manage two catalogs simultaneously--each containing up to 2000 digital assets. It offers email integration, file-format conversion, fast/complex searching, and more. Upgrades to the Single User (unlimited assets) are $50.


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