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Apps: Haxial Calculator, PhotoFixLens, Media Rage...

12/14, 6:20pm

PhotoFixLens, LimeWire...

    Haxial Calculator ($15) is a high precision mathematical assistant that evaluates normal (infix) expressions to any accuracy. Results can be viewed in normal, fraction or scientific forms and the option of working in a different radix no longer restricts users to the decimal system. [Download - 438KB]
    PhotoFixLens 2.0 ($70) is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that correct all kind of lens distortions. Version 2.0 includes several important improvements such as the ability to correct perspective distortion. [Download - buy]
    Media Rage 1.5 ($25) is a collection of tools for audio enthusiasts, with the ability edit information stored in MP3, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis audio files. Version 1.5 adds a "Track Numberer" tool, warning when clicking Reset Controls button, and more. [Download - 2.4MB]
    Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.5.3 ($50) is a powerful tool for generating and displaying many types of dialogs in FileMaker Pro 7. Version 3.5.4 is a maintenance release with fixes for minor bugs. [Download - 972KB]
    LimeWire 4.2.6 is the latest version of the free file-sharing software for Mac. Version 4.2.6 fixes international languages to not display block characters in table headers and tooltips, and removes redundant listing of English in 'Change Language' menu option. [Download - 5.2MB]

Briefly: Somatic System, Servoy bundle,

12/14, 3:25pm

Servoy Bundle

In brief: Iconfactory artist David Lanham has updated his popular Somatic System set for CandyBar with new folders, toolbar icons and a few other tweaks.... Adobe's combination of PDF, XML and J2EE creates Intelligent Documents that can dynamically interact with core applications and "integrate people into business processes".... Servoy has introduced the Getting Started Pack ($400), a special software and training bundle to get started quickly with Servoy for a much lower price than normal... MacSpeech announced today it has released a new training video on CD for its popular iListen program called "iListen Watch and Learn - Getting Started".

iPod firmware update breaks Real\'s Harmony

12/14, 2:45pm

Apple vs. Real goes on

Apple has quietly updated its iPod software so that songs purchased from RealNetworks' online music store will no longer play on some of the Mac maker's popular MP3 players, according to a report by CNET "The move could render tunes purchased by many iPod owners unplayable on their music players. For the last four months, RealNetworks has marketed its music store as the only Apple rival compatible with the iPod, following the company's discovery of a way to let its customers play their downloaded tunes on Apple's MP3 player." Apple had previously warned users of the possibility that RealNetworks' "hacker tactics" may lead to problems, declaring that Harmony-based songs--those created with RealNetworks' technology--would likely "cease to work with current and future iPods." The report says that Apple confirmed that the software released with its Photo iPod will not play music purchased from RealNetworks' music store.

Ultralingua launches Grammatica 6.0 for Mac OS X

12/14, 2:30pm

Grammatica 6.0 for OS X

Ultralingua today released Grammatica 6.0 for Mac OS X, a significant update to its grammar and spell checker. In addition to Mac OS X compatibility, version 6.0 offers a new interface, faster performance, the ability to check multiple languages from one program, the ability to check grammar and spelling in other editable applications, and much more. The bilingual grammar and spell checker supports English, French, Spanish, and German, offering sophisticated grammar suggestions and exhaustive spelling corrections, including a dictionary with hundreds of thousands of entries in each language. Users can check words in the text window of any editable program as well as reference conjugation of verbs, analyze syntax, interact with Ultralingua dictionaries, and add custom words. Pricing starts at $30 and upgrades at $20.

LeadingProject: new software for project managers

12/14, 2:15pm

CS Odessa LeadingProject

CS Odessa today released LeadingProject 1.0, a professional project manager tool that enables users to effectively manage multiple projects, share tasks and resources and create projects of unlimited size and length. It is designed as the first application in the company's line 'Leading' product, which company says are designed to facilitate the tasks of professional project managers and business leaders. LeadingProject helps visually plan and track progress of several concurrent projects, e.g. development projects or marketing campaigns; create detailed product schedule and effectively coordinate production and sales efforts. Itincludes tools for producing Gantt charts, calendars, and more. It is available for $250.

Tune Belt offers open-style armband for iPod, mini

12/14, 1:30pm

Armband for iPod, mini

Tune Belt has introduced an "open view"-style armband carrier for Apple's iPod and iPod mini. The designs fit the iPods either "right side up" or "upside down"--so that the LCD screen reads right side up when on the arm. Other design features include a clear protective window cover that users play right through to operate the Click Wheel, openings to access the hold button and to insert the headphone jack, a flap to secure excess earbud cord so it doesn't get tangled during activity and a mini pocket for the earbuds when not in use. The armband strap is easily adjustable with one hand up to 20 percent. It is available for $18.

Apps: Cocktail, RAW Developer, ConvertIt Pro, Jiggler

12/14, 1:05pm

Cocktail, RAW Developer...

    Cocktail 3.5 ($15) offers new features, changes, improvements and bug fixes, including a built-in un-installer, updated help, speed optimizations (included improved startup time), sleep settings for Mac laptops, more display options, more cache cleaning options, sound notifications, and more. The general purpose utility for Mac OS X Panther offers numerous maintenance tools and interface tweaks through a GUI. [1.6MB]
    RAW Developer 1.1 ($70) is a new RAW image conversion application for photographers. It offers advanced image processing algorithms and a fully color managed 16-bit per channel processing pipeline for high quality image output, including fully customizable tone curves, Lab color space sharpening, flexible black and white conversion options, hot/dead pixel filters, noise reduction, EXIF meta data support and numerous file output formats. RAW Developer supports over 100 digital camera models. [924KB]
    ConvertIt Pro 2.2 ($17) is a unit conversion program containing over 2300 unit conversions including currency. It features a scientific calculator, custom unit definitions, automatic updates, pi calculation, scratch pad for saving and quickly accessing frequently used conversions and online definitions. It has up to 10,000 significant digits of accuracy for the mathematical professionals. [1.4MB]
    Jiggler 1.2 (free) is adds more options to the utility that "keeps your Mac awake through those lengthy tasks when it would rather fall asleep, by jiggling your mouse periodically. No more having to open System Preferences to change your sleep time and your screensaver delay, only to have to change them back again at the end." [132KB]
    Bubblomania X 1.01 ($15) is a fast arcade/action game: "Colorful bubbles are floating up the screen, and you have to pop them by moving the pin on top. Some bubbles contain goodies like lasers, bombs or an extra pin, while others give bonus points. There are magic bubbles, with psychedelic colors, which can dramatically alter the gameplay and several other bubbles, like the occasional killer bubble." [15MB]
    TextMate 1.02 ($49) is a new text editor with an Aqua GUI, automation features (e.g., recordable macros), snippets and column typing, heavy shell integration, folding of code blocks, opening of files in tabs, vast customization possibilities and much more. Version 1.02 bring more than a hundred changes, including printing and ODB Editor Suite support. [1.3MB]

Goldster Audio debuts Concertino iPod speaker system

12/14, 12:30pm

Concertino iPod system

German manufacturer Goldster Audio introduced the Concertino, an iPod speaker system that features a tube based audio-amplifier and full range speakers. "What makes Concertino unique is his perfect sound in spite of its amazingly small size and its modern form. In addition, it blends perfectly into contemporary ambience. Concertino is 'designed for iPod' in every respect." The enclosure is created from solid aluminium and hardened glass and is finished with hand-applied multi-layered paint. It is compatible with all iPod models as well as AirPort Express. The 3,200 package includes a mini-stereo to RCA cable, a power cord, 4m of special triple core speaker cables (with professional screw connectors).

IntelliScanner Wine Collector offers easy management

12/14, 12:20pm

Wine Collecor solution

Intelli Innovations today unveiled IntelliScanner Wine Collector, the company's integrated hardware/software package for automatically identifying and organizing personal wine collections. By simply scanning the retail bar code found on any wine bottle with the bundled Bluetooth wireless or USB reader, Wine Collector enters relevant wine info (varietal, winery, country, type, color, region, etc.) with Internet-enabled AutoFill capabilities. Wine Collector includes a barcode reader and companion wine software for Mac OS X that features "Maturity Tracking", advanced tools for ratings/tasting notes, and export functions. It is available for pre-order for $180 (USB) or $280 (Bluetooth) and is expected to begin shipping on January 10th.

pro Fit 6.0 adds Quartz rendering, color plots, more

12/14, 8:30am

pro Fit 6.0 for Mac OS X

QuantumSoft today released pro Fit 6.0 for Mac OS X, which the company says is a "major" update of its tool for the analysis and presentation of numerical data and mathematical functions. Version 6 brings Quartz rendering of drawings and plots, built-in support for PDF, PNG and TIFF formats, improved EPS export, hatching, tranparency,and multi-line text labels. Other significant new features include built-in support for color plots, contour plots and box plots, dynamic updating of plots, Unicode support, multiple undos, unlimited text size, syntax coloring for functions/programs, improved fitting algorithms with automatic initial parameter guessing, and an Xcode-supported plugin architecture. Upgrades are $55 for registered owners of v5.5 or v5.6. A full license is $95.

Media 100 HD video editing solution released

12/14, 8:25am

Media 100 HD for Mac

Optibase's Media 100 today released Media 100 HD for the Mac, a solution for 10-bit uncompressed SD and HD video that allows editors to mix both types of SD and HD content in the same programs. The company says that the new system is the only system in its price class that supports a single timeline for both SD and HD media, 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio media, uncompressed and compressed media, digital analog video, and real-time mixing--without rendering--of a variety of codecs, including M-JPEG, DV, Animation, and other QuickTime codecs. In addition, Media 100 HD is shipping with all-new Media 100 Version 10 software, the company's "biggest" Mac-based release.

Apple launches latest iPod photo, U2 iPod in India

12/14, 8:15am

New iPods in India

Apple today launched its latest iPods in India. Press Trust of India reports that Apple's new iPod photo and iPod U2 Special Edition are available through iPod resellers and through the Applecentre in Bangalore and says the company is looking at selling them through channel partners and music and electronic goods outlets. Both models of the iPod photo--the 40GB and 60GB--are available, however, the report did not diclose pricing. Apple's iPod website for India currently only lists the latest 20GB and 40GB iPods, though the company also recently introduced the iPod mini in early August, a few weeks after the global launch in July.

Apple touts iPod for education

12/14, 8:00am

iPod for education

Apple is touting its iPod as an powerful learning tool, following the success of several initiatives that have utilized the iPod in the classroom. Apple's new UK website offers several real-world examples of integrating an iPod into the classroom. "Whether in the form of music, talking books, modern language materials or archive recordings from history, audio resources have always had an important role to play in the classroom. However, until recently, most classroom audio content was stored on CDs or cassette tapes, so finding the resource you needed was a time consuming process, and digitizing it for use on a classroom computer was not a straightforward task." Recent reports have highlighted the use of iPods to help language students in universities and secondary schools as well as large-scale deployment to college freshmen for storing lesson plans, recording lectures, and more. Apple offers several real-world examples for literacy, music, geography, history, careers, and art.

Toshiba\'s new drive paves the way for 80GB iPod

12/14, 7:45am

Toshiba\'s 80GB iPod drive

Toshiba today paved the way for 80GB iPods when it announced a 80GB 1.80-inch hard drive, which it says it expects to ship in third quarter of next year, according to The Register. The announcement comes one year after it introduced the 60GB version of the same drive, which is now found in the high-end iPod Photo. "The Japanese manufacturer didn't mention any customers by name of course, but having supplied Apple with micro hard drives to date, it seems likely the relationship will continue with the new, higher capacity." The report notes that the new generation of 40GB drives, expected to ship with the ultra-high capacity 80GB version next year, will be thinner, which will likely continue to the trend of the thinning form-factor of the iPod over successive generation releases by Apple.

Chronos StickyBrain 3.1 offers Palm sync

12/14, 12:45am

StickyBrain 3.1 update

Chronos today announced the release of StickyBrain 3.1, a major update to its third generation note manager for Mac OS X ($40). StickyBrain 3.1 becomes the "first and only product in its class" to offer Palm handheld synchronization in addition to its iPod synchronization. StickyBrain 3.1 is a free update for registered users of StickyBrain 3. In addition to Palm synchronization, StickyBrain 3.1 adds 14 new features and over 30 enhancements, bug fixes, installer improvements, and performance increases. Some of the more important new features include: an internal contextual menu for changing note attributes on single or multiple note selections, the option to create notes in specific folders without an open viewer window, text drag and dropping, and more.


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