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Jobs makes Apple relevant again with iPod\'s success

updated 03:05 am EST, Mon December 13, 2004

Apple\'s future secure?

Analysts are split on the so called "halo-effect" of iPod, despite its the success it has brought Apple, and the , according to "While the Macintosh computer line remains Apple's biggest revenue source -- combined Mac sales made up $1.23 billion of Apple's $2.35 billion in fourth-quarter revenue - the Mac's sales growth has slowed as all PC companies face longer replacement cycles and a shift toward notebook computers. In its fourth-quarter, Apple's PC sales grew just 3 percent over the $1.2 billion reported a year ago. While Apple is shining now, skepticism remains about whether Jobs can shake the shadow of previous decisions that proved nearly fatal to Apple in the past..."

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  1. msuper69

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    death reference

    They just HAD to get in a reference to the near demise of Apple.

  1. macimmortal

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    As was pointed out recently, IBM NEVER opened up their platform. Apple did NOT make any mistakes save for firing Steve Jobs. Under Jobs, Apple has an INCREDIBLE track record. These guys are just unimaginative hacks who are lucky if they have 1/10th of the business savy that Jobs does.

  1. testudo

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    Re: Unbelievable

    As was pointed out recently, IBM NEVER opened up their platform. Apple did NOT make any mistakes save for firing Steve Jobs.

    Well, I guess if you ignore the whole Performa fiasco, the Newton mess, OpenDoc, Taligent, Copland, Gershwin, Yellow Box, Rhapsody (how many times did they have to change Next to get to OS X, anyways?), the Cube (too expensive, but that's it there), not licensing the Mac OS, and then licensing the Mac and the Mac OS (hey, its all about timing, and they did it way too late, and the clones took apple customers, didn't really go after new markets like Apple hoped), The Powerbook 5300 (h***, you know it must be bad when Apple offers a trade-in program for discounts on new hardware), the late arrival of the iMac G5, supply problems up the wazoo, System 7.5.1 (or .2, one of those), the Lemmings commercial, "the Mac should be a closed system, no upgrades needed", the inside of the 9600 (torture city to change RAM - that was the 9600, wasn't it? I remember the 7100 wasn't that easy either), those 14" CRTs they sold, teaming up with Sears, Circuit City, and Best Buy (multiple times!), complete ignoring of the low-end consumer, the original Apple Portable/Luggable, selling computers without video cards (yes, you bought a $3000 computer, and you still had to spring for a video card so you could actually use it!), selling computers without a keyboard (!) (that's right folks, for years, Apple sold their computers without any included keyboard - I remember plunking down an extra $150 for the Apple Extended Keyboard II when I bought my 7100), those freakin' AAU network ports (or whatever you called them, again, my 7100 had built-in networking, but I still had to fork over $70 for a transceiver to actually talk to my network), lame 90 day and one year warranties on really expensive equipment (unless you spend even more $$$ on AppleCare to hike it up).

    So to say Apple doesn't make mistakes (with or without Jobs) is a joke. They make as many stupid decisions as any other company out there. [Hey, at least they didn't come up with Bob!]

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