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Apps: e2Sync, MenuStrip, Spider-Man 2, SimpleMovieX

11/19, 6:30pm

e2Sync, MenuStrip...

    e2Sync 0.9 is a utility to synchronize data between Entourage and and your mobile phone using Apple's iSync application. "e2Sync brings your Entourage Contacts, Tasks and Calendar items to over thirty cell phone models, as well as multiple Macs, your iPod, PDA, and .Mac." A latest public beta version is now available. [Download - 329KB]
    More iChat Smileys 2.5.1 includes 150 smilies for iChat, Adium, Proteus and Fire in more 15 languages. "Smilies" are small icons that can be used in text conversations to represent emotions. [Download - 2.2MB]
    MenuStrip 3.0 ($20) is a multi-purpose utility that can exist either in the menu bar or as a control strip placed anywhere on the screen. MenuStrip allows you to create any number of fully customizable drop-down menus full of files, folders and applications, as well as 'Action Buttons' that perform scripts of actions such as launching, hiding, or quitting applications. [Download - 455KB]
    Spider-Man 2 The Game follows the same storyline as the blockbuster feature film, and "places the gamer into the Web-slinging, Web-swinging world of the Manhattan metropolis." A demo version of the game is now available. [Download - 174MB]
    SimpleMovieX 2.0 ($12) is a basic movie editor that operates on any QuickTime-supported format. With SimpleMovieX, you can merge two movies into one, extract a fragment from a movie, resize a movie, and more. [Download - 418KB]
    fmSQL Synch 1.0 ($130) is a utility to synchronize data from your FileMaker and (SQL) web databases. Data is compared on a record by record as well as field by field basis. Existing databases can be configured for synchronizing with few modifications. [Download - form]

Adobe posts details on ASN Premium

11/19, 3:15pm

Adobe ASN Premium

Adobe today posted comprehensive information on the new Adobe Solutions Network (ASN) Premium level membership for print service providers on the ASN Web site. Registering online gives users easy access to an email application form for signing up or upgrading existing ASN membership. Benefits for Premium level ASN members include complimentary Adobe Creative Suite software, unlimited toll-free technical support calls to product and prepress specialists, eligibility for co-hosted seminars, on-site training, and participation in the product development cycle, enabling print service providers to articulate specific needs to Adobe.

Apple Store offers refurb Power Mac G5s, iMac G5s

11/19, 2:55pm

Apple Store refurbs

The Apple Store is offering several models of refurbished Power Mac G5s for up to 34% off of standard pricing. A dual-processor 2GHz Power Mac G5 (512MB/ 160GB/ SuperDrive/ GigE/ 56K) is $2,000, or "34% off the $3,000 standard pricing." A PCI-X version with a Nvidia GeForce 5200 CPU is $100 more at $2,100. Other models include the high-end dual-processor 2.5GHz Power Mac G5 (512MB/ 160GB/ 8x SuperDrive/ PCI-X/ Rad9600XT) for $2,800 as well as dual-processor 1.8GHz Power Macs with 256MB, 80GB, SuperDrive, and a Nvidia GeForce 5200 CPU for $1,700 (or $1,800 with 512MB of RAM and 160GB but without the GeForce 5200). Apple is also offering refurbished 17" iMac G5s--both the 1.6GHz combo ($1,100) and the 1.8GHz SuperDrive ($1,300). Prices on refurbished iBook G4s also start at $950.

Apple announces retail store in Toronto, Canada

11/19, 2:35pm

Canadian Apple Store

Apple has officially confirmed plans to expand its retail stores to Canada in a message to employees and members of the Canadian Apple reseller channel, according to AppleInsider. "Apple Canada is announcing today that an Apple Branded Retail Store location will be opening in Toronto, mid year 2005. Apple currently has ninety-six retail stores in the US, two in Japan, and one opening in London, England this weekend. The stores have been incredibly popular, attracting more than fifty million visitors since the first store was opened in May of 2001." The report also indicates that the officially announced location maybe in the previously confirmed Yorkdale Shopping Center located in Toronto, however, no specific location was noted by Apple. The company is expected to open more stores in Canada, including those in shopping malls in and around the Ontario area.

FuzzMeasure 1.0: MLS measurement software

11/19, 1:20pm

FuzzMeasure 1.0

SuperMegaUltraGroovy has released FuzzMeasure 1.0 ($50), the "first-ever" MLS measurement software package for Mac OS X. "MLS stands for Maximum Length Sequence, and it's a great way to measure the dynamics and impedance of loudspeakers. Using the hardware you already have, you're able to capture your own industry-standard frequency response graphs for speakers, rooms, filters, and much more!" FuzzMeasure can export all its measurement data to be used by scientific computation packages, such as Octave.

Coin-op download music may support Apple FairPlay

11/19, 11:45am

Coin-op download music

Inspired Broadcast Networks (IBN) CEO Norman Crowley has pledged to support all DRM-protected music formats, including Apple's FairPlay, when his company rolls out its fleet of pound-a-download digital music vending machines, according The Register: "Inspired Broadcast Networks (IBN) CEO Norman Crowley has pledged to support all DRM-protected music formats, including Apple's FairPlay, when his company rolls out its fleet of pound-a-download digital music vending machines. Formally launched in London this week, IBN's UDV roll-out will see coin-operated vending machines sited shortly in the capital's King's Cross and Waterloo railway stations."

AWS Guitar Tuner 2 adds alternative tuning, more

11/19, 11:00am

AWS Guitar Tuner 2

Alex Wilson Studios today released an update to its freeware AWS Guitar Tuner 2. Version 2 features a complete redesign, nine alternative tuning options, more keyboard shortcuts, and a three-octave note player, and also includes a supplemental set of "Digital Pitch Pipes" for portable nonchromatic tuning via any MP3- or AAC-playing device, such as the iPod. AWS Guitar Tuner 2 is available as a free, ad-supported application or as a ad-free version for a $1 donation; the "Digital Pitch Pipes" supplement is also $1. Users can also tune online for free without downloading the software.

Robin Hood game title goes \'gold\', due in two weeks

11/19, 10:45am

Robin Hood game title

Epic Interactive today announced that "Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood" for the Mac has gone 'Gold' and has been sent to duplication. "Play the role of the hero Robin Hood or the roles of his faithful vassals and take them to the battle field against the nasty Prince John Lackland. In doing so you are able to enjoy the fabulous English landscape of 1190 as well as the giant castles and funny characters." Published by Freeverse in the US, it features 30 non-linear missions, nine different with specific abilities and qualities, mouse-driven sword action, and more. The $30 title, available for pre-order now, is expected to ship within the next 2 weeks.

Aspyr ships MTX: Mototrax

11/19, 10:45am

Aspyr ships MTX: Mototrax

Aspyr today announced that MTX: Mototrax is now available in retail stores. Licensed from Activision and developed by Beenox Studios, MTX: Mototrax delivers "thrilling, mud-slinging, fast-paced racing action at 60 frames per second. Players become further involved in their quest for track domination with authentic environmental effects, realistic sound engines and a pulsating rock soundtrack developed for the game. Slipknot, Dope or Pennywise, among others, blare from your sound system as you race through such locales as the Hawaiian Islands, the Bayou and the Australian Outback. The more money you earn as a racer, the better gear you can buy." The $20 title requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 and a 1GHz G4/G5 processor.

Briefly: PortalPlayer IPO, .Mac discounts, Iconize Me

11/19, 9:05am

PortalPlayer raises cash

In Brief: iPod chipmaker PortalPlayer's initial public offering raised a more-than-expected $106.25 million on Thursday after the chip maker's shares were priced above the recently increased range....Radical Breeze is offering 35% discounts to .Mac members between now and December 31st as well as offering two new discount software bundles: "The Data Pack" (5 data-centric applications for $40) and "The Visual Pack" (3 graphics/video applications for $25)....DV Graphics will be giving away twenty Iconize Me! Premium packages ($35 value), ahead of the company's plan to launch a revamped version of its Iconize Me! service in the coming weeks.... MacExpo plans a dedicated Mac event in Amsterdam, which is scheduled from April 19-21, 2005 at the RAI Centre and will take place along with the business-focused TINE event there.

Wozniak praises Jobs, Apple for technology leadership

11/19, 8:40am

Wozniak on Jobs, Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak offered words of praise for Steve Jobs' and Apple's technology leadership. In an interview at the 8th annual CRN Industry Hall of Fame event at the Computer Museum in Mountain View, Calif. , Wozniak said "Apple is the best bar none at developing technology that 'fits how a human being is and thinks. I still see that going on at Apple more than any other company in the world.' Wozniak, who developed the Apple II, said he still stays in touch with Jobs, but doesn't advise Apple on new products or initiatives. 'I may someday,' said Wozniak. 'I love Apple. I love what [Jobs] is doing,'" according to a CRN report.

Primera intros BravoPro Disc Publisher

11/19, 2:20am

BravoPro Disc Publisher

Primera Technology today announced its BravoPro Disc Publisher, which is designed for hands-free, automated production of up to 100 CDs or DVDs. An advanced robotic mechanism is used to transport discs into the built-in 52x CD-R recorders or optional Pioneer combo DVD R/CD-R recorders. After recording, discs are transported to the integrated printer and printed in full color at up to 4800 dpi print resolution. It also offers improved tray in/tray out speed, print speed and DVD recording speed. Two CD or DVD drives are integrated for maximum throughput using either a 52x CD-R drive ($3,500) or Pioneer's new DVR-108 ($4,000) for 16x DVD-R, 4x dual-layer DVD+R, and 32x CD-R burning. In addition, it also prints CDs and DVDs direct-to-disc at up to 4800 dpi print resolution. The drive is bundled with CharisMac Discribe 5.2 Mastering Software and offers USB 2.0 connectivity. A printer-only version is $2,500.

Blackmagic releases DeckLink for Macintosh v4.7

11/19, 2:10am

DeckLink for Macintosh 4.7

Blackmagic Design today released DeckLink for Macintosh v4.7, a free software update that provides Varicam capture and over-cranking support on all DeckLink HD models. This new software update also adds a new hardware based HD down converter on DeckLink HD Pro 4:4:4 models that allows simultaneous playback in both HD-SDI and SD-SDI and SD analog component video. Also available is 14-bit 5x over-sampled composite NTSC/PAL video output on DeckLink HD Pro models. Blackmagic Design offers 4 models of dual rate HD-SDI and standard definition SDI video cards. Starting at a $600, DeckLink HD is billed as an entry-level SDI card for both HD and SD. It is available as a free update from the company's website.


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