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Apps: SyBrowser, iView MediaPro, Graphing Calculator

11/18, 8:15pm

Graphing Calculator OS X

    Graphing Calculator 2.5 ($60) is now available as a native Mac OS X application. It requires Mac OS X 10.3.6. It is a " a tool for quickly visualizing math" and allows users to "graph functions in two, three, and four dimensions, explicit, implicit, or parametric.". [Download - buy]
    SyBrowser 6.2 ($90) is a table browser and alternative "isql" client for Sybase databases. The latest version adds FrontBase database support, "Bachman" style ERD features, and many bug fixes. [Download - 2.4MB]
    iView MediaPro 2.6.2 is a digital asset management solution for digital photographers who need to streamline their processes, shorten time to market, and eliminate costs from the production cycle. It now supports the Digital Negative Specification (DNG), the new public archival format developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated for digital camera raw files. [Download - 5.5MB]
    OsiriX 1.5 is a free application for post-processing in medical and scientific imaging. New features include segmentation, registration, orthogonal reslicing, OpenGL-based texture mapping, and more. [Download - 23.1MB]
    Cinematize 2.0.1 ($70) is the latest version of the DVD movie clip extractor for Mac. The new version includes several new features such as improved clip selection and complete Japanese language support, as well as some bug fixes. [Download - 1.1MB, demo]
    The HSC Calendar Templates ($20) allow users to modify and print professional 2005 calendar templates. It includes four sets of templates with twelve months each. "With the 2005 Templates you can fully customize the full year or per months templates, change font types/sizes/colors easily. Insert your own graphics within any template as a new layer. [Download - buy]

Apple to release digital U2 box set on November 23

11/18, 6:15pm

Digital U2 box set

Apple will release "the first ever" digital box set with collection of U2 album and songs on November 23. First announced along with the iPod U2 Special Edition, The Complete U2 includes the band's 15 official albums with more than 400 songs and over 25 rare, previously unreleased tracks. It also includes a digital booklet (PDF) containing band photos, album art and song lyrics. The U2 iPod, which has already begun shipping and is only available from the Apple Store, is bundled with a $50 savings voucher, allowing users to receive a discount of the digital box set, which will be priced at $150. [updated]

Apple releases updated iPod software for iTunes 4.7

11/18, 5:20pm

Updated iPod software

Apple today released its iPod Updater 2004-11-15, which includes iPod mini Software 1.2 for iPod mini and iPod software 3.0.2. for iPods with a Click Wheel. Apple says that the iPod Updater 2004-11-15 contains the same software versions as iPod Updater 2004-10-20 for all other iPod models. Version 1.2 of the iPod mini software includes compatibility with iTunes 4.7 and iTunes Music Store, shuffle and play song library with one click (using the Shuffle Songs item in the main menu), sync & go with improved disconnect performance, and the ability to create multiple On-The-Go playlists (as well as delete songs from the playlists), select reading playback speed for audiobooks, hear Click Wheel clicker through headphones. Version 3.02 of the software brings compatibility with iTunes 4.7 and iTunes Music Store and improved USB 2.0 connectivity.

Acme Made launches designer iPod cases

11/18, 5:15pm

Designer iPod cases

Acme Made has announced its line of designer iPod cases. The distinctive iPod cases combine high style with practical functionality to create what the company refers to as "designed protection." The cases are made with high-quality materials, including imported leathers, suedes, and a unique "cashmere-finished" micro-suede lining from Japan. The Wallet is available in blue, pink, and lime box leathers which complement the colors of the iPod mini, while the Traveler case comes in black or red leather. Both cases are available in mini and regular iPod sizes. Pricing starts at $50.

NewerTech, OWC ship high-capacity PowerBook battery

11/18, 5:05pm

PowerBook battery ships

Newer Technology and Other World Computing (OWC) today announced availability of the NuPower AL15 high-capacity replacement battery for the 15-inch Aluminum G4 PowerBook. The 53.3 watt-hour NuPower AL15 battery is available for $130, offering "the longest run-time of any battery currently on the market for the Aluminum G4 PowerBook (1.0GHz, 1.25GHz, 1.33GHz and 1.5GHz models). The high-quality cells also allow for more charge cycles than other batteries, and the companies say that "stringent quality control measures make sure that the batteries will not be recalled as others have been."

Briefly: iBooks stolen, Virex for .Mac, soundtrack

11/18, 4:20pm

Florida iBooks stolen

In Brief: A new site by Disney dedicated to the Muppets features iPod-style poster images in its "Club Mayhem" section.... thieves mugged six Miramar High students at gunpoint in Florida and stole 'take-home' iBooks they received as part of the school's one-one-one initiative.... Aspyr this morning announced that it is set to release the "Stubbs the Zombie" soundtrack on March 15, 2005....Following today's closing by McAfee's of the public beta of Virex 7.5.1, Apple has quietly released Virex 7.5.1 to .Mac members. [updated]

MS blocks Entourage access for free Hotmail users

11/18, 12:15pm

MS Entourage/Hotmail

Microsoft has began requiring Hotmail customers to purchase premium subscriptions in order access email from desktop email clients. Users of Microsoft Entourage, which features direct integration with Hotmail, this morning began receiving alerts noting that they would need to purchase a paid Hotmail subscription in order to access their Hotmail accounts from within Entourage. As noted by MacNN in September, Microsoft said it would disable direct access to Hotmail from desktop clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, and Entourage in an attempt fight spam. "Microsoft says that spammers have been abusing the Outlook feature and creating false Hotmail accounts using an automated process from which they can send huge batches of unwanted commercial messages."

OWC debuts new Mercury Extreme G4 upgrades

11/18, 11:10am

Mercury Extreme G4 upgrade

Other World Computing (OWC) today announced its new generation of OWC Mercury Extreme G4 Processors. The new models are immediately available with reduced pricing and with speeds up to 1.4GHz. The 1.467-1.5GHz original model is also still available for $480. Featuring Smart-Bus technology, the new upgrades feature 256K of 1:1 on-chip L2 cache and 2MB of L3 cache; they are compatible with PowerMac G4 AGP Graphics (Sawtooth), Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio and Quicksilver models. Speeds include the G4/933MHz-1GHz ($230), which replaces the 867-933MHz model ($250); the G4/1.0-1.2GHz ($300), which replaces the same speed model that was previously priced at $320; and the G4/1.3-1.4GHz ($390).

Apple plans more retail stores in UK, Europe

11/18, 10:50am

More Europe retail stores

Apple today confirmed it plans new retail outlets across the UK and Europe, according to Macworld UK. Apple's senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson confirmed the company's plans, saying that Apple will be "'opening two new stores in the UK next year.' The new outlets will be situated at Birmingham's Bullring and Kent's huge Bluewater shopping centre. 'We want to open as soon as possible,' Johnson said, confirming the company to be 'working closely in Europe' to open additional outlets there." Johnson said that Apple chose to launch in the UK's busiest street, Regent Street, the Bullring and Bluewater, because Apple "wanted to be where the people go to be part of their lives."

FileMaker offers free Creative Pro Starter Kit

11/18, 9:20am

Creative Pro Starter Kit

FileMaker today announced FileMaker Creative Pro Starter Kit, a free bundle of five ready-to-use database solutions for creative professionals and managers. The Starter Kit solutions help creative teams manage everything from jobs and billings, images and collateral, clients and vendors. The free solutions are designed for creative teams in advertising agencies, direct mail companies, film and video production companies, photography studios, graphics design agencies, animation studios, publishing houses and TV studios and more. The free kit comes with a 30-day free trial of FileMaker Pro 7. In addition, FileMaker offers a Creative Pro website that features stories about many well known companies that have used FileMaker.

UK supermarket to sell low-cost iPod alternative

11/18, 8:50am

Low-cost iPod alternative

Within the next few weeks, Apple's iPod is expected to face stiff competition from a cheaper alternative made by German white label manufacturer Medio, which is rumored to be available in UK supermarket chain Tesco, according to Red Nova: "the supermarket chain is gearing up for a pre-Christmas launch of the device, which will carry the supermarket's branding. The player will not be a low-quality clone of the iPod, but an alternative developed by technicians at Medion, which makes volume high-tech products such as PCs for HP....The player will be about the same size as the iPod Mini, and will store the same number of songs, roughly 1,000. The difference is that Medion's player will be able to download a wider variety of music files." Pricing may be lower than 100 pounds, signficantly cheaper than the iPod mini (179 poinds). Tesco has already taken aim at Apple with its new music download service, which features 500,000 tracks priced at 79p each.

MacFair 2004: 800 dispose of 5.5 tons of waste

11/18, 8:35am

MacFair 2004 recap

MacFair 2004, which took place November 12-14, drew over 800 Macintosh enthusiasts to Cerritos College over three days, bringing together 40 Mac related companies, 43 Mac seminars and 25 intensive Mac workshops. For the third year in a row, it was the largest Mac community get together in the southwest US. In addition, this year the Southern California MacFair 2004 made arrangements to provide attendees free disposal of their old computer equipment including monitors, CPU, fax machines, printers, servers, phone systems and virtually any office electronics product. In two days, attendees disposed of over 11,280 pounds of electronic waste.

London Apple Store to feature \'The Studio\'

11/18, 8:20am

London Apple Store opening

Apple today announced that its first retail store in Europe will open on Regent Street in London's West End shopping district Saturday, November 20 at 10:00 a.m. The Apple Store Regent Street will offer Eurpean customers the first opportunity to experience Apple's unique retail stores: "We're bringing the world's most amazing retail experience to London on November 20 with the Apple Store Regent Street," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "This new store will provide millions of people the opportunity to experience Apple's newest products like iPod photo and the iMac G5, and get help from the most knowledgeable Mac experts around." The store features a new "creative hub', which the company calls 'The Studio'. Customers can get free one-on-one help with their creative projects from highly trained Apple Creatives who specialise in photography, publishing, movie-making and music.

Elgato offers EyeTV 610 for digital cable TV

11/18, 8:10am

Elgato intros EyeTV 610

Elgato Systems today announced EyeTV 610, which it says is the world's first digital TV recorder for DVB-C, the upcoming digital cable standard. The EyeTV 610 offers the broadest selection within the entire industry for watching digital television, including the digital terrestrial TV standard in USA (ATSC) and for European and international markets digital Cable (DVB-C), digital Satellite (DVB-S) and digital terrestrial (DVB-T) standards. EyeTV 610 lets users watch, record and edit perfect PayTV and digital cable television (DVB-C) on the Mac. According to Elgato, Digital Cable (DVB-C) is widely available in Europe and currently has a base of approximately 10 million households. It is available for 330 where the DVB-C supported.

Digital Heaven debuts Multicam Lite for Final Cut Pro

11/18, 3:25am

Multicam Lite for FCP

Digital Heaven today announced Multicam Lite, a multicamera editing solution that can cut up to three cameras in realtime. The standalone application works in conjunction with Final Cut Pro (v4.1 and later) for the input and output of sequences via XML files. DV, DVCPRO25 or OfflineRT source clips can be directly manipulated using comprehensive trimming and camera swapping features. The resulting XML file can be imported back into FCP where all the cuts are automatically recreated ready for further effects work or output. Multicam Lite is currently in beta testing and is expected to ship in December for $300. The company also announced Multicam Pro, currently in development and expected to ship in the first quarter of 2005. It suppors up to 20 cameras and has additional features to cater to multicamera projects.


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