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U2\'s album leaked, possible early release on iTunes

updated 05:20 pm EST, Mon November 8, 2004

U2\'s album leaked

Pirated versions of for the recent iPod ad they were in for Apple, but they will get royalties on the special edition U2 iPod.

by MacNN Staff




  1. Monstermind

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Hey, Bono...

    Your mother. All your music are belong to us.

  1. jimothy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    They asked for it!

    Literally! The conspiracy theorist in me (he's small, but he gets out sometimes) thinks U2 may have done this on purpose to create publicity. I mean, if you say you'll release your album early if it winds up on the file stealing networks (the truthful name for so-called "file sharing networks"), you're pretty much daring somebody to post the album.

  1. HeatherEcsedi

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The problem is...

    Since I'm now able to purchase music from the iTunes Music Store in my country, I wish I could say this is going to bring if not an end, at least a slow down to piracy but I was very disappointed with the sound quality of songs I bought on the iTMS. I've never downloaded music much from Limewire, but I wish the iTMS could offer its own ease of use PLUS the sound quality of pirated mp3 which overall is much better.

    This being said, I think it's pretty naive for a band or an artist to hope their/his music will not be available on peer-to-peer networks. Copy-protected CD technology doesn't work, not on the Mac for sure. I own several CDs which supposedly cannot be played on the Macintosh. Not only can I play them all but I've never had any problem ripping them to mp3 - for my personal use must I say. And yes, I think this was a publicity stunt.

  1. srrojo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    iTMS and 'Goodwill'

    The fact of the matter is that 20 years ago (when people were dubbing tapes and CDs) the music industry had a different relationship with the consumers. There was such a thing as 'goodwill' where dubbing and trading was largely ignored because people -would- (sometimes eventually) buy the legit product to support the artist. In Econ classes we learned that goodwill was hard to measure but necessary to commerce.

    Now that the consumer is the enemy, and the music industry is attempting vendor bandages like the iTMS. It won't work. This is the Valenti - VHS debacle all over again. Let's not all forget that the Music Industry was, once, in the past 'illegal' itself (not paying royalties to the inventors of the phonograph). Now they're criminalizing behavior that has gone on since the start of it all (sharing music, be it analog or digital). It'd be a laugh if it wasn't so tragic.

    If you bother to search for an upcoming album by name + torrent on Google, prepare to be... shocked? Please.

    Note to Bono. Yeah, nice publicity stunt. You only get to blame File Sharing once. If they show your interview 10 years from now on VH1, you'll look like a fool, though.

  1. porieux

    Joined: Dec 1969


    sound quality

    > I wish the iTMS could offer its own ease of use PLUS the sound quality of pirated mp3 which overall is much better.

    REALLY? That's not my experience at all.

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