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Sun reclaims Apple exec for Solaris marketing

11/02, 6:50pm

Sun reclaims Apple exec

Sun Microsystems has hired a new vice president of marketing for its Solaris operating system, luring Tom Goguen from Apple Computer, CNet reports. Goguen had worked for Sun on the Solaris OS in the 1990s and most recently returned to company on Nov. 1. Sun plans to debut its newest version, Solaris 10, on Nov. 15 and intends to make the OS open-source software in an effort to lure new programmer interest. "Sun and Apple rarely compete directly in the computer marketplace, but Goguen's move could increase one corporate rivalry: hockey. The two companies have squared off annually in Sun Chief Executive Scott McNealy's favorite sport, and Goguen had played on Apple's team." At Apple, Goguen was director of server software in the company's Worldwide Product Marketing group.

Briefly: AAPL high, USB snowman, iTunes exclusive...

11/02, 6:40pm

AAPL high, USB snowman...

Shares of Apple rose as high as $54.08 in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading, the highest since Sept. 26, 2000, three days before Apple stock lost half its value amid lower-than-expected sales of Macintosh computers...PlamSource today announced Jean-Louis Gassée has been appointed Chairman of the PalmSource Board of Directors. Gassée spent nearly a decade at Apple before departing in 1990 to form Be, Inc...In addition to its two USB Trees, Addlogix is now shipping a $15 glowing USB powered Snowman with a built-in color changing LED that cycles through 4 different colors...Magnet, otherwise known as Norwegian folk/electro musician Even Johansen, is releasing a five-song companion EP to On Your Side--his latest album--exclusively on iTunes.

Mireth launches Mac SVCD Software Bundle

11/02, 2:55pm

Mac SVCD Bundle

Mireth Technology has announced the launch of the Mac SVCD Software Bundle, digital video software that gives you everything you need to convert, burn and play Super VCD (SVCD) on Mac OS X. The bundle includes Mireth's iVCD, all-in-one MPEG encoder/converter and VCD & SVCD burner, Mireth's MacVCD X Video Player, and Apple's Quicktime MPEG-2 Playback component. The Mac SVCD Software Bundle for Mac OS X is available as a software download or on CD-ROM, starting at $55.

\'Photoshop Elements 3 for Beginners\' DVD released

11/02, 2:40pm

Photoshop Elements DVD

KW Media Group has released their new DVD, "Photoshop Elements 3 for Beginners." The DVD features Scott Kelby, best-selling author of "The Photoshop Elements Book for Digital Photographers," who covers all the essential tools and key features in Adobe's consumer image editor, allowing users at all levels to get up to speed quickly and start using Elements 3 effectively. The DVD is priced at $40 and is available now.

Mini USB sound card supports 5.1 audio output

11/02, 2:25pm

Mini USB sound card

Miglia Technology has announced Harmony Express, a miniature sound card that connects to your USB 2.0 port. At approximately the size of a USB memory stick, Harmony Express installs easily and lets you fully enjoy the sound quality of your speaker system through its virtual 5.1 output jack. The sound card supports both the Mac and PC operating systems, without the need to install any additional drivers. Its small form factor also makes it ideal for notebook users who wish to connect to a 5.1 sound system. Harmony Express will begin shipping from Miglia on November 15 for $60.

WiebeTech ships Mac Recovery TrayDock SATA

11/02, 1:35pm

Mac Recovery TrayDock SATA

WiebeTech has released a Serial ATA version of its Mac Recovery line of products, which allows Mac OS X users to recover data from corrupt or crashed 3.5" Serial ATA drives. WiebeTech bundles its new TrayDock--SATA version hardware with a personal user version of Prosoft Engineering's Data Rescue software allowing Mac OS X users to easily extract data from corrupted drives. The TrayDock is a low-profile enclosure which has two daisy-chainable FireWire 800 ports and a USB2 port. Additional drive types supported are 2.5" notebook drives ($150) and 3.5" desktop IDE drives, which provide either FW400 ($150) or FW800/FW400/USB2 ($200) connectivity. The SATA version is $200.

Belkin introduces TuneBase FM for iPod mini

11/02, 11:30am

TuneBase FM for iPod mini

Belkin has introduced a new TuneBase FM for the iPod mini that lets users power, charge, and play music simultaneously. The TuneBase FM works from any cigarette lighter outlet in the car and offers 4 programmable memory channels for quick tuning. The adapter includes a custom-designed swivel cradle and can also deliver line-out sound quality with a cassette adapter or audio cable through 3.5mm audio output. The product will begin shipping in North America on November 22, 2004 for $80.

Apps: Slated, PopChar X, Ch CGI Toolkit, Octirama...

11/02, 11:15am

Slated, PopChar X...

    Slated 1.0 ($9) is an iCal utility that automatically imports all your Evites into iCal. You enter the email address where you receive Evites and your password. Slated will then take care of the grunt work and import the Evite data into your iCal calendar. The software is free to evaluate it in a state of limited functionality for 30 days. [Download -312KB]
    PopChar X 2.2.1 ($20) is a handy tool for typing unusual characters without having to remember their keyboard combinations. The new version is a maintenance release that fixes a problem where PopChar X 2.2 could unexpectedly quit in rare situations. The upgrade is free for customers having purchased their license within the last two years. [Download -1.0MB]
    Ch CGI Toolkit 3.51 for Mac OS X is C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, shell programming and embedded scripting. Ch CGI toolkit is also a C++ toolkit for CGI programming in C/C++. It can run in Ch across different platforms without compilation. The software is free for commercial and personal use. [Download -350KB]
    Octirama is a full-featured, multi-band dynamics processor for 5.1 Surround Mastering for the Digidesign TDM environment. Octirama incorporates sophisticated four- and five-band processing for each of five channels, plus sophisticated bass management for precise control of peaks and loudness. This product is not yet available and pricing has yet to be announced.
    Vuescan 8.1.5 is the latest version of the software that enables users to easily produce better looking digital images from color snapshots, negatives, slides and documents. This revision adds support for the entire range of Canon scanners. [Download -2.0MB]
    Icon Machine 3.1 ($25) has been released, adding a preferences dialog with several customizable options. Icon Machine is a shareware icon editor for all icon sizes and color depths, with drawing tools, integrated mask editing, and the ability to import images from Photoshop. [Download -754KB]

Griffin begins shipping \'Bass Boosting\' iPod EarJams

11/02, 10:50am

Griffin iPod EarJams ship

Griffin Technology Inc said today that it has begun shipping its EarJams product. Introduced this summer at Mac Expo in Paris, EarJams snap onto your iPod's existing earbud-style headphones and significantly increase the bass output, volume level and comfort. A sonic enhancing cone transmits the sound directly into the ear. The $15 earphones also includes a small canvas carrying case and 3 sizes of EarJam pads.

Mac OS X the \'world\'s safest computing environment\'

11/02, 9:10am

Mac OS X, the safest OS

The mi2g Intelligence Unit said that the most comprehensive study it has ever undertaken reveals that the world's safest and most secure 24/7 online computing environment is proving to be the Open Source platform of BSD and Mac OS X based on Darwin, writes the thestar online. The study was conducted over the last 12 months, the deadliest yearly period in terms of malware -- viruses, worms and trojans -- proliferation targeting Windows-based machines, in which over 200 countries and tens of millions of computers worldwide have been infected.

myPower for iPod combines dock with extended battery

11/02, 8:40am

myPower for iPod

Tekkeon this week announced myPower for iPod, a new iPod case that combines a built in rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a portable dock case. The lightweight, all-in-one device costs $90 and provides 4th generation (4G) iPod and iPod Photo users with an extra 32 hours of extended play time, 3G iPod users with up to 20 additional hours, and iPod mini users with up to 28 additional hours.

Sonnet PodFreq now shipping with car charger

11/02, 8:35am

PodFreq adds car charger

Sonnet Technologies today announced that its $100 PodFreq FM transmitter for iPod now includes a car charger at no additional cost. The charger works in any standard +12V cigarette lighter/auxiliary power socket, and plugs into PodFreq's FireWire port to charge the iPod. Features include a replaceable fuse to prevent damage in case of a power surge or short circuit, an extendable, coiled cord, and an LED power indicator. PodFreq is a high-fidelity FM transmitter that connects to the iPod dock and is capable of broadcasting tunes from an iPod to any nearby FM radio. The device is compatible with all 3G and 4G iPods, but not the iPod mini.

Amazon debuts A9 toolbar for Firefox

11/02, 8:35am

A9 toolbar for Firefox subsidiary this week released a version of its Internet toolbar for the Firefox Web browser, according to CNET The toolbar will offer the same features to users of the Mozilla open-source software as it does for other browsers, including a "bookmarks" function, which lets users save favorite Web sites and access them from any PC, and "diary," which lets users save notes to themselves. The toolbar is compatible with the Mac OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

DVD documents Apple advertising history

11/02, 8:25am

Apple ads on DVD

Different District has announced the immediate availability of a DVD that includes all of the original Macintosh ads, from before 1984, to the present time."For only $9 users can purchase the DVD, and own not only a piece of Mac history, but a video tour through all 20 years of Macintosh." The disc includes over 270 of the greatest Apple ads, 5 keynote presentations, and takes users on a advertising tour from before the Macintosh started, in the early days of the Apple, all the way to the most recent iPod ads.


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