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iTunes for Ireland stymied, still up in the air

10/29, 9:50pm

iTMS for Ireland delayed

Apple's plans for an iTunes Music Store in Ireland were stymied at the last minute by a disagreement with the Irish Music Rights Organization (IMRO), according to a Macworld UK report that says that negotiotions are stil in progress: "It appears Apple originally planned to open for business in Ireland this Tuesday, when it extended its service across Europe. These plans, however, were stymied at the last minute by a disagreement with the Irish Music Rights Organization (IMRO).These disagreements have now been resolved, according to Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI) sources, who told Macworld: 'We (the Irish recording industry) expected iTunes in Ireland on Tuesday, just like the other ones.' However, a spokesperson for IMRO told Macworld this morning: "We are currently negotiating with Apple," confirming that 'negotiations haven't concluded, yet.'"

Google plans desktop search tool for Mac OS X

10/29, 7:50pm

Google search tool for Mac

Google plans to release a version of its desktop search tool for computers running the Mac OS X operating system, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt said on Friday. Schmidt did not set a timetable for a Mac version, saying it had to be rebuilt from the ground up because of the fundamental differences between the Mac OS and Windows. Google released a Windows version of the desktop tool earlier this month. The software lets users search email, files, web history, and chats. It also allows users to view web pages they've seen, even after disconnecting from the internet.

Apps: Pyramid, MacLoggerDX, radioSHARK, Yasu...

10/29, 7:10pm

Pyramid, MacLoggerDX...

    Pyramid 1.3 is a "visual thinking" and outlining application for Mac OS X. New features added include smart object alignment guides, image resizing, text find and replace, and an enhanced tutorial. The full version of Pyramid sells for $30. [Download - 428KB]
    MacLoggerDX 4.0 logs into your favorite Telnet or TNC DXCluster and as DX Spots are received, tunes your radio to the spot, looks up the call and displays the DX station on the real time grey line Map with distance and bearing from your station. This update adds a VUCC Awards Panel, check for data folder at startup, bug fixes, and more. [Download - 9.3MB]
    radioSHARK 1.0.3 ($100) is an update to the AM-FM radio software for Mac. The free software update dramatically improves AM reception, adds blue light 'switch' and more. [Download - 4.3MB]
    Yasu 0.7 (dontationware) is a Mac OS X maintenance utility that enables system administrators to perform a specific group of maintenance tasks quickly within a few clicks. The latest version of Yasu is a maintenance release that optimizes internal performance and addresses an issue related to how a workstation reboots once finished. [Download - 341KB]
    Strider is a new RSS reader for Mac. It lets users manage dozens of RSS feeds, archive feeds to keep, and present them in a textual form or HTML representation. The shareware is fully functional for the first 30 days and licenses start at $12. [Download - 604KB]

Forums: New G5 problems, iBook rebate, more...

10/29, 4:05pm

Forums roundup for Oct 29

Topics of discussion on the MacNN forums today include: One member's poor experience with a new Power Mac G5 2.5GHz from Apple.... buying a refurbished PowerBook from Apple.... Speculation about reasons behind new Power Mac G5 delays.... Amazon is offering a significant rebate on the 12" iBook G4.... speculation about a flash-based music player from Apple.... opinions comparing Powerpoint to Apple's Keynote.

\'Music is just the beginning\' for iPod

10/29, 12:30pm

More than music for iPod

The iPod may be used for more than music someday, according to one columnist's vision of the device. Arik Hesseldahl of says that the iPod could lead to a revolution in personal storage devices that could revolution information organization and retrieval: "When most people look at the iPod and devices like it, they see a shift in how music is being packaged and sold. But I'm starting to think we're seeing the onset of a more profound change in the kind of information we track and how we use it. Music is just the beginning."

CNBC, WSJ name Steve Jobs as \'Leader in Innovation\'

10/29, 12:20pm

Jobs wins another award

CNBC and The Wall Street Journal today announced the winners of the CNBC/Wall Street Journal Executive Leadership Awards last night during a gala awards ceremony at New York City's Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Hosted by CNBC's Maria Bartiromo and John Fugelsang, the inaugural event honored four of the country's most "esteemed, top-level business leaders" in four categories, including Apple's Steve Jobs as the 'Leader in Innovation'. Other winners included eBay's Meg Whitman as the "Business Leader of the Future," American Express' Kenneth Chenault as 'Leader in Business Practices,' and Proctor & Gamble's A.G. Lafley in 'Overall Executive Leadership.'

Briefly: Apple refurbs, Apple in Norway, AAPL rises

10/29, 10:50am

Apple refurbs, Apple in NO

In Brief: The Apple Store has refurbished iBooks starting at $700 as well as 12-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch PowerBooks.... On the 6th of November, Apple Center Office line, the largest Apple retailer in Scandinavia (over 300 square meters) will open in downtown Oslo (Norway).... Shares of AAPL on Thursday closed at a four-year high yet again, rising $1.89, or 3.8 percent, to close at $52.19.... iPod Hacks has posted several resolutions of its new desktop wallpaper, the "iPod-O-Lantern," which offers "an iPod hauntingly carved into its side, rather than the typical scary face."

TEN debuts flexDock mini for Apple\'s iPod mini

10/29, 10:35am

TEN debuts flexDock mini

TEN Technology has introduced the TEN flexDock mini for Apple's iPod mini. It features a dock on an adjustable arm that plugs into standard cigarette lighter sockets in most automobiles worldwide. The flexDock mini will securely hold and power the iPod mini. TEN Technology says it provides "the most flexible yet secure way to use the iPod mini in the vehicle. The dock on a flexible metal arm allows easy and secure positioning of the iPod mini for convenience and safety while in the car. The dark grey color of the flexDock mini will match most car interiors." The flexDock mini plugs into standard cigarette lighter sockets in most cars, charging the iPod mini; it also features a 3.5mm line-out jack on the plug for use with the included cassette adapter or most self-powered FM transmitters (not included). It will be available in November for $50.

NI debuts Traktor Beatport Player, Guitar Rig 1.2

10/29, 10:25am

Traktor Beatport Player

Native Instruments today also launched Traktor Beatport Player, a free audio player software for users of the Beatport online music store and announced Guitar Rig v1.2, an update to its digital guitar studio. Developed in close cooperation with partner company Beatport, the versatile Traktor Beatport audio player is based on the Traktor DJ Studio and features two decks with waveform displays, pitch faders, a crossfader, playlist features, and a music library and browser.

NI debuts Absynth 3 synthesizer, due in December

10/29, 10:15am

Absynth 3 synthesizer

Native Instruments today announced Absynth 3, the latest reincarnation of its synthesizer. Version 3 is now fully surround-enabled, offering comprehensive and versatile multi-channel implementation, a powerful new oscillator functions, an improved editor, and additional integrated effects as well as live input functions for realtime sound management. It also brings flexible MIDI parameter control and a revised user single-window interface. The new "live input" mode can process up to three external stereo signals at once, routing each into a separate oscillator channel for individual treatment with versatile filter, waveshaping, envelope and effect sections. It ships with more than 1000 presets--including 256 brand new ones. It will ship in December for $340.

Apple VP Ive speaks at London\'s Design Museum

10/29, 10:05am

Apple VP Ive on design

Apple vice-president of industrial design, Jonathan Ive, made a rare public appearance at London's Design Museum, where he spoke frankly about Apple and his design career, according to a Macworld UK report: "So many students ask me about design movements and technology - but those things change", Ive told the audience, saying that he believes success as a designer is about, "focus and caring". Looking back, he said: "I remember throwing stuff away and starting again, because I thought it could be a lot better. I worked hard at college. I understand that if you are prepared to keep going, if you really, really care, I think that's fundamental."

Ultra Analog virtual analog synth now available

10/29, 7:50am

Virtual analog synth

Applied Acoustics has released its Ultra Analog virtual analog synthesizer for Mac OS X described as a "unique and powerful virtual analog synthesizer that is fast, easy to use and remarkably versatile." Based on the company's physical modeling synthesis engine, Ultra Analog VA-1 provides alias-free synthesizer components with outstanding dynamics and unmatched sound quality. It offers a high-quality preset library, realtime calculation of sound, 32-bit floating point internal processing, sample rates up to 24=bit/192kHz, an integrated audio recorder to capture performance on-the-fly, import/export functions, unlimited undo/redo, full audio/MIDI support, and more. The $200 syntch is available as a standalone version and supports DXi, VST, Audio Units and RTAS (Mac OS only) plug-in formats.

M-Audio debuts Pulsar studio microphone

10/29, 7:40am

M-Audio debuts Pulsar

Avid's M-Audio has introduced Pulsar, the latest in the company's line of studio microphones. Pulsar is a medium-capsule professional cardioid condenser microphone designed primarily for recording and miking instruments. The company says that Pulsar's design is optimized for recording acoustic instruments such as guitars, piano, strings, brass, and woodwinds and can also be used for percussion and drum overheads, as well as capturing room ambience for electric guitar and drum tracks. The Pulsar is equipped with a 3-pin XLR connector and requires +48 volt phantom power; it features a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. It is now shipping for $130.

Authentium ESP Antivirus for Mac OS X released

10/29, 7:25am

Authentium ESP Antivirus

Authentium announced today the release of Authentium ESP Antivirus for Mac OS X. It utilizes the Authentium ESP extensible service platform framework as well as its Command Antivirus technology. It includes scanning features, its F-Prot Professional scanning engine, and other heuristic virus detection procedures developed by Authentium researchers. The software scans for both Mac and Windows viruses, helping protect mixed-platform environments. It is available for $50 and runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Radical Breeze releases RadicalSafe, DeskDoodle

10/29, 7:25am

RadicalSafe, DeskDoodle

Radical Breeze today released two new applications for Mac OS X. RadicalSafe securely stores various kinds of information, such as serial numbers and passwords. It Includes optional Blowfish encryption, password generation, custom categories, easy information copying and more. DeskDoodle allows users to draw directly onto their screen (above or below running applications). Users can take notes, stamp pictures, use it for presentations, and more. Both are available in the Radical Breeze 10 Pack, which contains all of the company's applications for $35. Each is also available separately for $5.

Steve Jobs as CEO of Disney?

10/29, 2:25am

Jobs as CEO of Disney?

Editor Steve Forbes says that Apple/PIxar CEO Steve Jobs is the best candidate to succeed Michael Eisner as CEO of Disney: "Jobs knows high tech, Hollywood and finances as few Hollywood moguls do, and he knows the critical importance of creativity. Jobs' understanding of technology would be crucial.... Jobs understands that when we get true broadband in this country, the Internet will radically change radio and TV broadcasting, just as it's already changing telephony and the distribution of music and videos."


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