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M-Audio to distribute iDrum drum machine

10/27, 7:40pm

M-Audio distributes iDrum

M-Audio today announced an exclusive distribution deal with GlareSoft, developers of iDrum--a fully programmable drum machine designed exclusively for Mac OS X. iDrum integrates seamlessly with GarageBand, Logic, Digital Performer and other applications that support AudioUnit plug-ins as well as runs as a stand-alone application. iDrum is completely skinnable, offering the ability to change skins on the fly. iDrum features an array of sound-shaping DSP functions such as filters, amp envelope, and crunchy old-school drum machine bit-reduction as well as individual controls for a wide variety of parameters. It is now available for $50.

Briefly: AAPL at 4-yr high, no iTMS in Ireland, ...

10/27, 7:30pm

AAPL at 4-yr high

In Brief: Shares of Apple stock closed up $2.33, or 4.87%, at $50.30, setting a new four-year high.... Several readers note the lack of a localized version of the iTunes Music Store for Ireland. to which Apple said "We are not announcing any new stores beyond Canada in November at this point of time. We are committed to expanding the iTunes Music Store globally and will announce new countries as and when they come on board."... Dracosoft is offering special Halloween pricing ($8) on Amazed 1.1, its maze game for Mac OS X, through end of October.... Apple yesterday offered a crowd of developers, consultants and IT managers here another preview of Mac OS 10.4 Tiger at the O'Reilly Media Inc.'s Mac OS X Conference.

iPod Photo, XM MyFi satellite radio: both fall short

10/27, 7:30pm

iPod Photo vs. XM MyFi

MSN's Slate discusses how the new iPod stacks up against XM's new portable satellite radio, also introduced earlier this week: "My instant take on today's game of whiz-bang one-upmanship is that both companies lost.... This new iPod Photo is the same iPod we're already sick of hearing about. The 2-inch color screen isn't the start of any digital revolution--all it does is turn your iPod into a camera phone that can't take pictures or make phone calls. XM's MyFi isn't as disappointing as a gadget. Just a week ago, I was wondering why there wasn't a satellite radio that I could wear on my hip;" however, the author notes the lack of custom playlists and selective delivery of news: "So, XM offers live breaking news, but you're stuck with what they pick for you. Apple gives you all the storage space you want, a cocoon against the outside world, and a mostly useless color screen."

Apple fixes Apple Remote Desktop security for Panther

10/27, 7:00pm

Apple security update

Apple's Security Update 2004-10-27 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users, including an updated Apple Remote Desktop: "If the Apple Remote Desktop Administrator application on another system is used to start a GUI application on the client, then the GUI application would run as root behind the loginwindow. This update prevents Apple Remote Desktop from launching applications when the loginwindow is active. This security enhancement is also present in Apple Remote Desktop v2.1. This issue does not affect systems prior to Mac OS X 10.3." Readers also note that the QuickTime 6.5.2 is also now available via the Software Update (after being posted on the Web yesterday).

Digidesign debuts Pro Tools 6.7

10/27, 2:15pm

Digidesign Pro Tools 6.7

Digidesign today announced Pro Tools 6.7 for its Pro Tools|HD and LE systems. The software expands the company's audio and MIDI feature set to deliver tempo-dependent audio placement, tempo-dependent automation, graphic tempo editing, precise control of meter changes, MIDI step input, enhanced support for instrument plug-ins, MIDI Detective, and Beat Detective LE. Pro Tools 6.7 also adds true cross-platform parity for simplified session transfer with major MIDI functionality enhancements to Windows. Pro Tools 6.7 requires a Digidesign-approved Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools|HD Accel, Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack or Mbox system running on Windows XP or Mac OS X. It is a free update to owners of Pro Tools TDM v6.4 or later and $175 upgrade for others. The download will be available early next month on the Web and from local dealers in mid-November.

Apple ends limited iBook optical drive upgrades

10/27, 1:55pm

iBook upgrade program ends

Apple is ending a limited time offer that gave customers who own iBooks with a combo optical drive the opportunity to upgrade their optical drive performance by swapping out their existing failed optical drive for a faster performing optical drive, according to AppleInsider. "Only like-for-like combo optical drives will now be accepted by Apple for exchanges," the company said in a message to relevant parties in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Apple began the optical drive enhancement program in January, after discovering that a batch of faulty optical drives had found their way into a mix of iBook configurations. The discontinuation of the program is effective immediately.

Power Tools Conferences return to Macworld Expo SF

10/27, 12:20pm

Power Tools Conferences

IDG World Expo today announced that the Power Tools Conferences will return to Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco on January 10-13, 2005. Mac users can choose from 15 separate Power Tools Conferences, each providing two days of intensive training on a specific application or tool. The Power Tools Conferences are separated into two series spanning four days. Mac users can choose to attend two different conferences (Mon/Tues or Wed/Thurs). Power Tools Conference attendees will learn from consultants users with proven expertise on a variety of topics, including Adobe CS, Motion, Mac OS X, AppleScript Studio, DVD Studio Pro, Dreamweaver, Professional Photoshop, FileMaker Pro 7, Mac OS X Security, Advanced Final Cut Pro 4, Developing Dashboard Widgets for Tiger, PDF Workflow, and Corel Painter.

Steve Jobs profiled as one of \'greatest innovators\'

10/27, 12:15pm

BusinessWeek profiles Jobs

BusinessWeek has a short profile on Steve Jobs as part of its anniversary celebration in which it is presenting a series of weekly profiles of the greatest innovators of the past 75 years: "Jobs's contribution? More than anyone else, he brought digital technology to the masses. As a visionary, he saw that computers could be much more than drab productivity tools. Instead, they could help unleash human creativity and sheer enjoyment. A marketing genius, he conceived of elegant products that captured consumers' imaginations. And as a relentless perfectionist, he came up with creations that actually delivered on their promise -- raising the bar for rivals. 'From the time he was a kid, Steve thought his products could change the world,' says Lee Clow, chairman of TBWA/Chiat/Day and Jobs' longtime ad man."

Briefly: Apple ships iPod Photo, recycling at MacFair

10/27, 12:05pm

Apple ships iPod Photo

In Brief: Apple today began shipping its 60GB iPod Photo, according to one reader who received shipment confirmation of his order from the Apple Store.... The Southern California MacFair 2004 has made arrangements with ease e-waste to provide attendees free disposal of their old computer equipment from Nov 13-14 at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California.... WiebeTech LLC, has posted a white paper which analyzes the course of FireWire evolution over the last few years and predicts the future of storage technologies.... Cocoa Dev Central has published a new two-part tutorial demonstrating how to write solid, well-formed Cocoa code using Objective-C.... AppleInsider has more details on yesterday's Special Music Event presentation.

Analyst expects higher iPod sales, raises estimates

10/27, 10:05am

iPod to drive AAPL Q1

Merrill Lynch has raised its December quarter estimates on Apple, after the company unveiled its iPod Photo--earlier than the research firm expected--and announced the iPod U2 special edition: "Merrill said the prices might seem high for the new iPod models, 'but that was the initial reaction to the iPod Mini.' The firm said Apple believes it is seeing an iPod "halo effect" on the Macintosh computer business and is gaining share in targeted markets." Merrill, citing increased iPod shipments, raised the estimate for the fiscal first quarter ending December to earnings of 42 cents per share on revenue of $2.95 billion, up from earnings of 40 cents per share on revenue of $2.85 billion.

Apple opens \"Pandora\'s box\" for pricing digital music

10/27, 9:45am

Apple opens Pandora\'s box

Columnist John C. Dvorak says that Apple's iPod/U2 bundled music announcements open a "Pandora's box" for pricing for digital music, saying that Apple's pricing simple bundles U2 music at its cost in order to sell more iPods, according "The industry is gah-gah over this deal because it appears to lower the price of music on a cost-per-song basis. In fact, this is an illusion. While new music that is sold on a downloadable basis tends to send about 65-cents to the record companies, other deals can be struck for old music... Old cuts, when licensed for a compilation, range in price from 4-cents a track to 18-cents a track with today's average hovering at about 13-cents...Thirteen-cents-a-track almost exactly accounts for the $50 premium on the U2 iPOD which sells for $349. The same iPOD without the music is $299 and quite profitable at that high price. Essentially Apple is giving the buyer the music at its cost to sell more iPODS."

Apps: Digby\'s Donuts, iVideo, Machine Wash II,...

10/27, 4:10am

Digby\'s Donuts, iVideo,..

    Digby's Donuts ($20) is a new new puzzle game that "invites players to serve catch, stack, and flip colorful donuts into the donut case to earn tips. In Franchise mode, players follow Digby around the country as he opens donut shops, and the challenges increase -- with burned donuts that have to be thrown in the trash, wild flying donuts in bonus levels, and more." It also features arcade mode, built-in high score trackin, and more. [6.1MB]
    iVideo 2.5 ($20) updates the movie organizing utility that organizes and plays digital movie files. Version 2.5 adds a new "Sharing" feature, which allows you to seamlessly share movies across a local network. It allows multiple library support as well as offers three types of libraries to choose from, a live searching feature, and more. [1.4MB]
    Machine Wash II Image Filters ($32) offers 60 new filters to texturize, age, and weather layered artwork in Photoshop: "Use the Machine Wash II Image Filters whenever you're working with a design that could use a tactile textured look. Logos, apparel, advertisements, brochures, websites, plus so much more."
    LayerLink 1.1 ($100) updates the software plugin for Apple's Motion; it brings native multi-layer Adobe Illustrator support to Motion, providing a new command to import an Illustrator file as a Motion project, preserving layer settings, names, and visibility intact. Version 1.1 adds full support for Illustrator CS and contains numerous usablity enhancements. [1.5MB]
    MacJournal 2.6 (freeware) offers an enhanced user interface, exporting, and blogging functions. The program offers helpful features for creating, modifying, and managing a personal journal and offers features such as toolbars, spell checker, font and color panels, localization, drawers, etc. [640KB]
    FmPro Migrator 2.35EE ($100) from .com Solutions Inc. has been updated to add repeating fields extraction from FileMaker to MySQL as well as adds the generation of Perl CGI scripts for FileMaker 7 databases. FmPro Migrator quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and FrontBase. [2.8MB]

Apple debuts new U2, Photo iPods; expands EuroTunes

10/27, 1:15am

Apple music event news

At its Special Music Event with U2, Apple yesterday introduced its U2 iPod Special Edition (20GB model for $350) and iPod Photo (40GB and 60GB models). The company also launched a U2 Digital Box Set with the complete archive of the band's songs, expanded the European iTunes Music Store to nine new countries, announced the November launch of iTunes in Canada and Nov 20 opening of the London Apple Store, launched a new iPod Store, and introduced new Apple iPod sock carry cases. Jobs pushed the iPod Photo as the 'next big thing' while downplaying video. In addition, Apple released iTunes 4.7, a new iPod Updater, and QuickTime 6.5.2. Apple is also offering a continuous rebroadcast of event highlights via satellite and in QuickTime.


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