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News Archive for 04/10/21

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Ampede: multi-layer Illustrator support for Motion

10/21, 9:50pm

Ampede: Motion plugin

Ampede today released LayerLink, a software plugin for Apple's Motion video application that brings native multi-layer Adobe Illustrator support to Motion--which the company says is "on par with Adobe After Effects, the gold standard for Illustrator integration." With LayerLink, video graphics professional can now take advantage of Motion's realtime tools when using Illustrator artwork. LayerLink provides a new command in Motion's File menu: "Import Illustrator as Project...," keeping layer settings, names, and visibility intact. Users can scale, rotate, move, apply filters and animate each layer separately using any of Motion's tools. It is available for $120 with a limited-time $20 discount.

Apple, Jobs nominated for Billboard Digital awards

10/21, 8:30pm

Billboard Digital awards

Apple and Steve Jobs are among the finalists in the first annual Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards, which will be presented on November 5 in Los Angeles. Apple was nominated in three categories, including Innovator of the Year for iTunes (BitTorrent, Sony's Eyetoy, and XM Radio), Brand of the Year (EA Sports, Virgin Mobile, and XM Radio), and Best Music Service (Musicmatch, Napster, and Rhapsody) categories. Jobs was nominated as the Visionary of the Year (Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser and Sims creator Will Wright).

Tech: Google profit, Sony stores ...

10/21, 6:55pm

Google profits $52M

Evening tech news: In first report as public company, search giant Google posts third-quarter profit of $52 million, thanks to booming online-ad revenue.... Since opening its first store last year near Los Angeles, Sony has quietly opened stores in seven other cities. Some retailers that sell Sony products worry they will lose sales.... Intel said it has scrapped plans to enter the digital television chip business, marking a major retreat from its push into consumer electronics.

Apps: LocFactory Editor, Tiger Woods, BodyPaint...

10/21, 6:30pm

Tiger Woods, BodyPaint...

    LocFactory Editor ($50) is a dedicated Text Editor for Localizers and Translators, and is the first of three major new localization tools which TripleSpin will be releasing over the coming months. [Download - 4.8MB]
    Tiger Woods 2003 1.1.1a is the latest version of the golf game for Mac. This patch fixes a bug that prevented the game from launching on video cards with more than 128MB of video memory. [Download - 1.4MB]
    BodyPaint 3D Release 2 ($500) is the latest version of the bodypaint exchange plugin for many 3D animation programs. The new version adds compatibility with Maya 6 for Mac. [Download - see options]
    Acoustica CD Label Maker ($22) allows users to create their own CD/DVD labels and jewel cases with "the ultimate in ease and flexibility." The latest version adds support for the Epson R320 Printer. [Download - 2.3MB]
    Black Hawk Down Mac Patch 1 is the latest update to the action game for Mac. The update allows the game to run on certain PowerBooks that incorrectly report their CPU speed under Mac OS X 10.2.8. It also fixes a random crash. [Download - 1.4MB]
    NewsTicker 2.0 ($5) is the latest version of the headline tracking application for Mac OS X. Details of the latest release were not published. [Download - 701KB]

BabelColor 2.0 offers color coordinates translation

10/21, 4:30pm

BabelColor 2.0 translator

The BabelColor has released the second version of its color comparator and translator software. BabelColor 2.0 ($65), available for Mac OS 9/X, simultaneously displays color data and color patches from two RGB (Red-Green-Blue) spaces selected from 19--up from 13 in the previous version--pre-defined spaces, such as ProPhoto, eciRGB, Adobe (1998), and sRGB. Version 2.0 also adds two color decks to this selection: the first one simulating the chips found in the FED-STD-595B standard, and the second one showing chips disposed at fixed color intervals according to the Munsell HVC notation. It allows users to easily translate color coordinates back and forth between any RGB space or color deck.

Apple warns of incompatibility with older iTunes

10/21, 4:10pm

iTunes/iTMS compatibility

Apple has begun warning users with older version of iTunes that their dated clients will no longer be supported by the iTunes Music Store. According to an AppleInsider report, those with older versions of iTunes are being advised to update to the latest version of the software (4.6), as previous versions will soon no longer be supported. "Get the latest version of iTunes. You are using a version of iTunes that will soon no longer be supported. Upgrade today to take advantage of the latest application features and Music Store enhancements," according to a message displayed on computers running the older clients.

Groupcal 2.0 offers MS Exchange option for Mac users

10/21, 3:15pm

Groupcal 2.0 for Exchange

Snerdware has released Groupcal 2.0, which allows you to access and manage your Microsoft Exchange calendar seamlessly from Apple's iCal calendaring software. It can synchronize events and tasks, book people or resources for meetings, respond to meeting requests, view Free/Busy time and more. It now offers 2-way event synchronization, 2-way task synchronization, improved Free/Busy time adjustments, the ability to send/receive meeting invites, sharing of Exchange calendars, manage Exchange calendars with iSync devices and iCal, and other improvements. It requires Mac OS X 10.2. A single-user license is $65, while a 5-user license is $260.

iPod supply may be constrained during holidays

10/21, 3:05pm

4 million iPods in Q1?

Apple's Steve Jobs said last week that even though his company is pumping out more iPods than ever, demand might outstrip supply this holiday season. The company may ship as many 4 million iPods, according to AppleInsider: "We've taken our best guess, and we're building a lot, but the demand may be even larger," said Jobs, perched on a wooden stool during the grand opening of the company's mini store in Stanford, Calif. "So if you want to be sure to get an iPod this holiday season, I'd get one soon."

Contour debuts iSee hard-shell carry case for iPod

10/21, 2:25pm

iSee hard-shell carry case

Contour Design has introduced the iSee carry case for the 20GB fourth-generation iPod. The hard-shelled carry case offers an ultra-clear body made of plastic, horizontally mounted belt clip, and quick-release latch system. It features secure latche on either side of the case to ensure that the iPod stays sealed within and also allows you to conveniently remove your iPod from the case. The case features easy access to the click-wheel, headphone jack, hold switch, and dock connector, which also has its own dock port cover to block out dust. The iSee-20 is available for $20. A model for the 40GB "4G" iPod is also expected soon.

MacSpeech releases MouseAnywhere for iListen

10/21, 12:25pm

MouseAnywhere for iListen

MacSpeech today released a new add-in to its flagship iListen product that allows users to control the Macintosh cursor using their voice. Its new MouseAnywhere ScriptPak allows the user to position the mouse using commands like "Go," "Nudge," and "Move Mouse." The new ScriptPak also allows users to use their voice to click or drag the mouse while holding down a modifier key such as the Shift, Option, or Control keys. The MouseAnywhere ScriptPak is available now for $20 and requires iListen 1.6.5 ($100) and Mac OS X 10.3.

MYOB debuts AccountEdge 2005

10/21, 11:45am

MYOB AccountEdge 2005

MYOB US today announced MYOB AccountEdge 2005 and MYOB AccountEdge Network Edition 2005, its for small businesses, which offers new features and fully integrated electronic business services. It features MYOB Payroll Forms Service to print and electronically file over 250 US Federal and state tax forms, including forms W-2, W-3, 940, and 941 directly from the software. It now offers the ability to create/schedule reoccuring transactions from a single location, email customer statements and invoices in batches, a new Company Data Auditor, remote credit card processing for on-the-go charging of credit cards, and more. The single-user version is $300, while the network edition is available for $400. Upgrades are $140 (single-user) and $250 (Network Edition).

Digital Mind debuts 100GB digital music player

10/21, 11:15am

100GB digital music player

Digital Mind today announced the release of the world's first 100GB portable music player and storage device. The DMC Xclef 500, released earlier this year in an 80GB model, features a 20+ hour battery life, studio-quality direct encoding, voice recording, FM Radio (and FM recording), PC and Mac compatibility, USB 2.0 connectivity, a 12MB buffer, digital input, five-band equalizer, and support for MP3 and WMA file formats as well as also Ogg Vorbis, WAVE and ASF. It also has a multi-lines graphic LCD with EL back light that supports up to 7 lines of text. The portable music player uses standard 2.5" portable notebook drives and is available a no-drive configuration. The DMC Xclef is available in no drive ($150), 40GB ($250), 60GB ($300), 80GB ($350), and 100GB ($450) models. It ships with earphones, USB 2.0 cable, Li-Ion battery, carrying case, and line-in cable.

LaCie offers 800GB Ethernet Disk, external SATA drive

10/21, 9:00am

800GB Ethernet Disk

LaCie today introduced its 800GB capacity LaCie Ethernet Disk, allowing up to 25 users to instantly store and backup data across a network simultaneously. Administers can fully customize user access controls from any computer on the network using a web administration tool and files can be accessed via HTTP or FTP on Macs or PCs (using the built-in Windows XP Embedded software). The "sturdy and slender" d2 19-inch casing can be mounted in standard rack and supports monitors weighing as much as 40 pounds. Additional space can be added to the LaCie Ethernet Disk by daisy-chaining LaCie hard drives via the USB or FireWire port. It is available in 160GB ($600), 250GB ($800), 500GB ($1000), and 800GB ($1,500) models. The drives ship with silicon feet and bracket covers for standalone use, as well as power and Ethernet cables.

Apps: Corregon, PhotoBooth, Alarm Timer, ...

10/21, 8:40am

Corregon, PhotoBooth, ...

    Corregon 1.0 ($20) is a new puzzle game in which players match colored marbles to clear the game board. "As marbles are cleared, the board collapses, often leaving one or two orphaned marbles at the end of the game. However, careful planning will yield an empty board." Higher levels include more marble colors, blocking walls, shifting boards, cloaked "invisible" marbles, and other twists. [4.6MB]
    PhotoBooth 1.0 ($20) allows users to print full or cropped pictures, directly from their iPhoto library, while ensuring the printed image conforms to the picture size specified. The size of the image can be chosen from a variety of standard photo sizes and full previews are available. A 20-day trial is available. [148KB]
    Alarm Timer 1.0 ($5) is a useful repeating timer, and simple alarm clock for Mac OS X 10.2 or later. It can be used as a reminder to get up and take rest, time your egg, an exercise timer or even run an AppleScript after the time is up. "What makes Alarm Timer different is that you can have it signal to you continuously, without the need to constantly close dialog boxes." [376KB]
    A enhanced version of NI's REAKTOR Instrument Collection I ($70) includes the drum machine "Rhythmaker", the lead synthesizer "Titan", the bass synth "Grobian", the pad synth "Atmotion", the envelope controlled multieffects unit "EnFX", the dub delay "Longflow" and the filter bank "Anima". The reissued version is now optimized for Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Session, and contains various enhancements to the instruments.
    PC-Mac PasswordVault v3.3 ($20) is a password manager which securely stores website usernames and passwords, Internet banking data, and more. It improves security by only allowing service passwords and the master password to be unmasked temporarily, protecting them from observation. New custom build options include forcing the user to enter a master password on startup, as well as a custom Help button to display organization-specific info. [Classic, OSX]
    DesktopRSS 1.1 (free) lets you manage easily all your RSS channels so that you have a quick access to all the latest news. It can automatically check whether recent news are available. A complete listing of MacNN RSS feeds includes both long and short titles in several different categories. [928KB]

Briefly: Apple marketing, IBM G5 processors, ...

10/21, 8:10am

IBM to boost G5 production

In Brief: Apple is running a 3G mobile iPod marketing campaign with leading mobile 3G company, 3.... IBM said it will significantly increase its microprocessor production during the current quarter, which should improve G5 chip availability.... DV Graphics has released an understated, yet well-designed set of icons to help urge people to vote.... Apple will soon end support for older versions of its iTunes jukebox software that attempt to access the company's online music store.... Ambrosia has announced the availability of a collectable board game incarnation of the popular Escape Velocity: Nova computer game.

LaCie debuts 21-inch LCD with CRT-grade color

10/21, 7:45am

LaCie debuts 21-inch LCD

LaCie today announced a new high-end series of LCD monitors for graphics professionals. The new 21.3-inch LaCie 321 LCD Monitor utilizes SA-Superfine TFT technology, which it calls "the most advanced LCD panel technology available today." The LaCie 321 Monitor offers a color gamut previously achievable only on CRT monitors, according to the company. The monitor displays 72% of the NTSC video standards gamut and features 10-bit gamma correction for smoother color gradation, DVI/VGA inputs, a high contrast ratio of 500:1 and a brightness of 250 cd/m2 as well as viewing angles of 176-degrees and up to 1600x1200 resolution. It also features height-adjustment, tilt, swivel, and pivot capabilities (requires ATI Radeon 9800) as well as a LaCie monitor hood. It is due in November for $1,700, including a three-warranty.

Ambrosia announces Darwinia for Mac OS X

10/21, 7:30am

Darwinia for Mac OS X

Ambrosia Software today announced its latest gaming title, Darwinia for Mac OS X and also says it is seeking beta testers: "Combining fast paced action with strategic battle planning, Darwinia features a novel and intuitive control mechanism, a graphical style ripped from 80's retro classics, and a story concerning a tribe of video game sprites trapped in a modern 3D game world. The world of Darwinia is a surreal and Retro place, filled with epic fractal vistas and populated by iconic video game sprites from the past twenty years of computer games. The world is locked in warfare and on the verge of self-destruction, as the once peaceful Darwinians are besieged by a massive Red Viral onslaught."


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