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Apple\'s iTunes retains 70 percent marketshare

updated 07:50 am EDT, Wed October 13, 2004

iTunes at 70% marketshare

According to new data from the NPD Group, iTunes for digital downloads between December 2003 and July 2004, the last month for which data is available. According to CNET, "Apple's 70 percent market share--a number often touted by Jobs in his speeches--appears to have remained relatively consistent despite the entrance of other companies. According to the NPD Group, the closest rival over the 8-month period leading to July 2004 was Napster, with an 11 percent share. RealNetworks, MusicMatch and Wal-Mart each had a 6 percent share. Even iTunes' growth may have leveled off, however. The number of people using any paid download service peaked at about 1.3 million individuals a month, and afterward fell to about 1 million a month by July, according to the NPD Group."

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  1. LagunaSol

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I stopped buying

    I was buying a decent amount of songs until I finally decided I was buying a product with no shelf life. 128 kbps just isn't enough, period. Some songs sounded OK, others sounded horrible. Nor is 192 kbps enough. If I'm going to buy music, I want the full enchilada. Give us lossless tracks and I'll start buying again. Until then, I'll just continue to work on my classical music collection (on CD) through BMG.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    More c***!

    Oh, this is a bunch of c***. Napster and Real easily must have 50% of the market. h***, Napster's brand name alone is worth 15%. Do you all think Roxio would be stupid enough to sell off a profitable business and keep Napster if it would only muddle through with a measly 5% share or something?

    And real has their whole 'freedom of music' campaign, and its millions of zealot followers, in their corner.

    What does Apple have? I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Steve's illness a few months ago was actually some carpal-tunnel syndrome problem caused by incessant clicking and mousing on the ITMS, downloading music over and over again to try to keep Apple's market share up.

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