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BusinessWeek: \"Apple is looking juicier\"

updated 08:00 am EDT, Fri October 1, 2004

\"Apple is looking juicier\"

Apple's with the introduction of the iMac G5, the success of the iPod, surging laptop sales, its successful retail initiative, and delays in Microsoft's delivery of Longhorn, according to BusinessWeek: "A $1,300 Cadillac in a world dominated by $700 Chevys, the iMac G5 appeals to just 5% of PC buyers, says NPD Group Inc. But the new iMac, along with Apple's popular notebook computers, could help the company find modest market share gains that could have an outsize impact on sales and earnings. If Apple can boost its global market share in PCs by just a half-percentage point, to 2.5% by 2006, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, it could boost revenues over current estimates by 24%, to $12 billion, and earnings by 23%, to $491 million."

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  1. awcopus

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Pendulum Swings

    So this week the future is bright... and next week the future is bleak... and today the "reason" the market moved in one direction was X, and tomorow a new reason will be found for movement in the opposite direction and X won't even come up.

    The last few years have been remarkably prolific for Apple and we're all benefitting. But honestly, Apple's share of new sales is smaller than its overall market share globally, and either way, these are not percentages of a static pie but rather one increasing in size all the time.

    As long as Apple is making enough money to keep innovating and offering cool products at reasonable prices, I'll be happy.

    (And If only there were no chip supply constraints on the G5...)

  1. jscotta

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    You are so right! That and allow me to work seamlessly in a world of "other" computers whatever they may be.

  1. Eriamjh

    Joined: Dec 1969


    future looks bright?

    Sure. If Apple can actually ship product. 2.5GHZ G5s are only a trickle. Who knows if the iMac G5s will start having supply problems.

    If only Apple could build what they design...

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