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Microsoft updates Office 2004 AutoUpdate

09/20, 8:15pm

MS AutoUpdate update

Microsoft has released Microsoft AutoUpdate 1.1.1 for Microsoft Office 2004 via the Microsoft AutoUpdate application. "This update fixes an error in the AutoUpdate download progress bar, which did not accurately display the progress of the download. While this update is downloading, the progress bar might not accurately display the status. After the update is installed, the download progress bar will accurately display the status of future downloads." The update is marked in Microsoft AutoUpdate as being released on September 21 (tomorrow).

PowerLogix files lawsuit, seeks $1.5M in damages

09/20, 5:10pm

PowerLogix lawsuit

PowerLogix today announced that it filed last week a thirteen-count Federal lawsuit seeking in excess of $1,500,000 in actual damages, statutory damages and punitive damages for what it alleges was a conspiracy by former business partners and competitors to unlawfully appropriate its software, trade secrets and drive it out of business. The lawsuit, pending in the Austin Division of the United States Federal Court for the Western District of Texas, names WayPoint Distribution, Giga Designs, MicroMat Computer Systems, MicroMat, Soft 77. and Virtex Assembly Services as defendants. PowerLogix and its banking partner, Commerce Capital, L.P. have retained the Stratton Law Firm and Hance, Scarborough, Woodward, & Weisbart to represent them.

Digital Voodoo offers FCP HD 4.5, Panther support

09/20, 5:10pm

Digital Voodoo update

Digital Voodoo today announced an updated driver V7.3b4 for its entire range of SD SDI & Analogue video cards. The new driver brings support for Final Cut Pro HD 4.5, QuickTime 6.5.1, Mac OS X Panther 10.3.4 and the Power Mac G5. The Digital Voodoo products supported by this release are as follows are D1 64AV, D1 64, D1 64 Lite, D1 64RT, Iridium SD, Iridium AV, SD | Edit, and SD | Flex. The 64RT, SD | Edit and SD | Flex support Final Cut Pro HD 4.5's RT Extreme architecture and Photo JPEG for real time effects and offline editing respectively.

Apps: Watch It, Reaktor Electronic, MovieEdit, ...

09/20, 4:30pm

Watch It, Reaktor...

    Watch It 1.0 ($6) is a translucent resizable stopwatch and timer application for Mac OS X. It is very close in appearance to the application switcher. [Downoad - 464KB]
    Reaktor Electronic Instruments 2 ($120) is now available in stores worldwide. It is a collection of eight new instruments for Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Session. It contains three unique synthesizers, two drum machines and three versatile effect units. [Downoad - not available]
    MovieEdit3D 0.91 ($10) enables users to create 3D scenes showing multiple DV clips moving and rotating through 3D space. Version 0.91 lets users import image files directly and provides a number of user interface improvements. [Downoad - 620KB]
    Desktop Transporter 1.1 ($15) is an application that allows you to access your Macintosh displays remotely over a network, from a different Macintosh. It now supports copy-and-paste between local and remote desktops, and vice versa. [Downoad - 1.4MB]
    Screen Share 1.0b5 is a new, easy way to share your computer's desktop with your friends. Bosco's Screen Share runs on Mac OS X, Classic, and Windows, allowing you to share desktops regardless of platform choice. Bosco's Screen Share uses a peer-to-peer, serverless protocol and leverages standards such as JPEG image compression and TCP/IP. [Downoad - 1.5MB]
    ClokBox is a new time management tool, designed primarily to work with the TimeBox application. ClokBox is a central part of the TimeSuite time management system. This system is designed for use by organizations that need to track the time spent working by their employees/contractors/etc. ClokBox is the employee-side application. [Downoad - 4.1MB]

MakeMusic! ships Finale NotePad 2005 music software

09/20, 3:45pm

Finale NotePad 2005 debuts

MakeMusic! today released of Finale NotePad 2005, the latest version of the freeware application based on its Finale music notation software. NotePad allows users to create, play back, and print out sheet music. Finale NotePad 2005 offers a variety of powerful and timesaving features for educators, students and hobbyists including compatibility with Finale 2005 files and the ability to create assignments in Finale and share them with their students via NotePad.

MSN Music is better online music destination

09/20, 2:40pm

MSN Music vs. iTunes

Although Fortune says that Apple shouldn't be worried about Microsoft MSN Music--at least "not yet"--the expects Microsoft to "take a bite out of Apple's 70% market share," highlighting MSN Music's sound quality (160Kbps VBR WMA format), generous DRM, more device compatibility, and a better online music destination: "Microsoft has done a better job than Apple of creating a music resource center, with album reviews, artists' biographies and discographies, photos, news, links to tour schedules and tickets, song lyrics, and music videos."

Briefly: ADmitMac 2, Office 2004, iPod Garage Group

09/20, 2:25pm

ADmitMac 2, Office 2004...

In Brief: Tomorrow, September 21, at 1:00 p.m. EDT Thursby Software Systems will be featured a live webcast explaining and demonstrating the features and benefits of ADmitMac 2.0.... the next meeting of the Atlanta Macintosh User Group will feature a presentation on the new Microsoft Office 2004 and Virtual PC 7.... The iPod Garage User Group will hold its monthly online meeting today (Monday, September 20th) with Special Guest Mark Prewitt of, and a featured discussion topic regarding the impact of HP on the iPod universe.... Marketcircle has opened a new group online specifically for DayLight.... P-Edge today announced the new Game Server Configulator (GSC) for Aspyr's Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, the GSC Serverlist, and a update for Game Server Configulator for Call of Duty.

StuffIt Deluxe 9.0 boosts speed, adds backup

09/20, 1:35pm

StuffIt Deluxe 9.0 ships

Allume Systems (formerly Aladdin Systems) today announced StuffIt Deluxe 9.0, the newest version of its file compression, access, and organization software for Mac OS X. This new version offers faster file compression and decompression, a more intuitive user interface, and enhanced backup features for storing files on multiple CDs/DVDs, and other storage media. The new version also provides enhanced connectivity options, allowing users to save archives directly to FTP servers or their .Mac iDisk. The full version is $80 with upgrades priced at $30. It requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later.

Apple to open second San Francisco store on Saturday

09/20, 1:30pm

Second Apple Store in SF

Apple today announced the grand opening of its second retail location in San Francisco. Apple Store Stonestown, located at 3251 20th Avenue next to Gap Kids, will offer 1000 people to visit the store receive a free Apple Commemorative T-shirt. The flagship Apple Store San Francisco is more centrally located near Union Square. Earlier today, we noted this week's Kansas City (MO) store grand opening as well as a second retail location in the UK.

Corel Painter IX due in Oct, free trial available

09/20, 1:15pm

Corel Painter IX

Corel today announced Corel Painter IX, an update to its powerful "Natural-Media" painting and illustration software. Due next month October, Corel Painter IX offers improved speed (up to 10x times), new/enhanced brush control palettes, frame rate control for animation, customizable shortcut keys, a new "Oils Painting System", snap-to-path painting, improved Digital Watercolor, a new Quick Clone tool, improved Photoshop and Wacom tablet support, better color management, improved help, and more. Corel Painter IX includes libraries of unique gradients, nozzles, patterns, stock photos, paper textures, and brushes, including the new Artists' Oils brush category as well as The Corel Painter IX Handbook free training video content. It is available for pre-order today for $430 (full), $230 (upgrade) or $100 (education). A free trial is also available. offers Motion video tool for Mac users

09/20, 1:00pm Motion for Mac announced today ESPN Motion for Mac users, its popular video tool for watching sports on the Web. Previously available only for Windows-based computers, ESPN Motion delivers high-quality video content multiple times daily. Motion was created through cooperation with the Walt Disney Internet Group and allows more than two million active users per month to view original content, highlight and clips from ESPN studio shows without buffering or streaming. ESPN Motion also allows advertisers to run television commercials online. Mac users can also visit ESPN Motion Showcase, an online destination for creating custom video playlists (via single click or drag-and-drop control). ESPN Motion for Mac operates optimally in the Safari, Netscape/Mozilla and Firefox Internet browsers, but also operates on a limited basis in Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh. It requires a Flash 6 plug-in.

Fink 0.7.1 offers fixes, KDE 3.1.4, GNOME 2.4

09/20, 12:40pm

Fink 0.7.1 released

The Fink project has released a new binary distribution of its open-source project to bring a large library of freely available software to Darwin and Mac OS X. Fink 0.71 allows users to easily install and run over 1650 open-software applications, including KDE 3.1.4 and GNOME 2.4. The release offers improved documentation, new localizations (French, Japanese and simplified Chinese), speed improvements to the package manager, and more. Available under the GPL, the project offers both a GUI-based installer as well as full source packages via CVS.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic due Oct 1

09/20, 12:10pm

SW: KOTOR due Oct 1st

Aspyr today announced that is now shipping the Mac version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The first major Star Wars role-playing game is expected in stores nationwide by October 1. Licensed from LucasArts, KOTOR was developed for the Mac by Aspyr's internal development team, Aspyr Studios. KOTOR takes place in the popular Old Republic timeframe, 4,000 years prior to the Star Wars films, in an era dominated by an epic conflict between Jedi and the evil Sith. "Your actions determine the fate of an entire galaxy as you build your party, travel to seven enormous worlds, interact with new Star Wars characters and creatures and even create your own lightsaber." It will be available for $50 and runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or later on a G4/G5-based Mac (1GHz or faster).

Massive Assault now shipping for Mac OS X

09/20, 11:00am

Massive Assault

Virtual Programming and Freeverse Software today announced that the unique strategy game, Massive Assault, is now shipping to retailers in North America. Massive Assault is a fully 3D turn-based strategy game set in a futuristic world of, missiles, mechs, and mayhem. The title features 26 different land, sea and air units, 3D landscapes and 6 different planets. "With Massive Assault you can play against the top-notch AI, or with your friends via hot-seat or over the internet. The game combines the best elements of turn-based war gaming with a unique 'secret ally' political feature that can disrupt even the best laid battle plan." It is available for $40 and runs on Mac OS X 10.2.

Small Tree ships copper gigabit network adapters

09/20, 10:10am

Copper gigabit PCI cards

Small Tree Communications is now shipping its copper-based gigabit solutions for Mac OS X. The copper-based, gigabit Ethernet PCI server adapters feature either 1-, 2- or 4-independent ports and leverage the company's exclusive Mac OS X driver technology for fast networking. The copper gigabit Ethernet adapters are 133MHz, 64-bit capable PCI-X cards. The single- and dual-port cards Intel PRO/1000 MT Adapters are compatible with G4/G5 Power Mac and Xserve systems, while the quad port card is compatible with all Xserve and G5 Power Macs. The cards support standard Category 5 Ethernet cable (up to 100 meter connection lengths).

Apple to open Kansas City store, new UK location

09/20, 10:05am

Apple store in Kansas City

Apple today announced that its new Apple Store Country Club Plaza in Kansas City will hold its grand opening later this week. Missouri's second store is scheduled to open on Saturday, September 25th at 10:00 am CT. The store was first noted on MacNN in early August. The state's other store is located in Des Peres, MO. Apple is also now hiring for the Apple Store Bullring in Birmingham, UK, its second retail location in the UK. (The first is expected to open in London in November).

Maxtor debuts One Touch II external FireWire drive

09/20, 9:50am

Maxtor One Touch II drive

Maxtor today introduced its OneTouch II external storage drive, which offers an exclusive version of Dantz Retrospect software for easy backup, a Maxtor DriveLock security feature for added data protection and powerful restore capabilities, including historical backup recovery. The drive offer one-touch backup with no setup required, password-protection for the contents of the drive, improved restore functions to allow users to instantly revert their drive to a previous system state, a new user interface, the ability to create a bootable backup, and a new, sophisticated, contemporary look. It is available in both 250GB ($330) and 300GB ($380) capacities with a 7200rpm mechanism with 16MB buffer and both FireWire/USB 2.0 connectivity.

Apps: iStumbler, OnSync, fScanX, Goalkeeper, ...

09/20, 7:50am

iStumbler, OnSync, fScanX

    iStumbler R89 is a free, open source tool for Mac OS X 10.3 for finding wireless networks and devices with your AirPort- or Bluetooth-equipped Mac. It offers a realtime display of signal strength and extensive debugging information. Release 89 updates the plugin interface to support logging and other cross-plugin communication as well as improves the Log plugin which can now selectively display notifications based on user preferences. [148KB]
    fScanX 1.0 ($150) provides native Mac OS X 10.3 support for the USB-based Fuji fi-4120c, a 600 dpi, sheet-fed scanner. It includes a command-line utility for use in scripting and an AppleScript Studio application with a graphical interface. Future versions will include support for double-sided scanning, the scanner's SCSI interface, and TWAIN.
    Evidence Eradicator 1.1 ($40) is a system utility that helps protect privacy by erasing/deleting specific files on your Mac. Version 1.1 offers significant security increases related to additional file erasure, including support for iChat/Proteus/ICQ chat history as well as many other recent files from other applications. [1.0MB]
    OnSync 1.7 updates the Mobile Contacts Synchronizer for Mac OS X that offers support for Mac OS X Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Eudora and Now Contact. Version 1.7 brings support for more Samsung mobiles (SPH-A680, SCH-A530, SCH-A670, SPH-A670), speed improvements, updated compatibility, and other changes. [1.4MB]
    ABDialer 2.0b ($12) updates the software-only phone dialer for Mac OS X Address Book with a new interface, global menu, and more. The software supports Bluetooth phones, internal/external modems, international dialing, integration with third-party applications, Mac OS X services, credit-card dialing, and more. [2.2MB]
    The Goalkeeper ($20) is a soccer sim game title that allows users to create their own goalkeeper, choosing between characteristics such as handling, reflexes, jumping and charisma skill. It supports three gaming moded and allows players to choose a starting team from six different European leagues. [2.9MB]

Briefly: iMac G5 in UK, photos from Apple opening...

09/20, 7:15am

iMac G5 in UK, US

In Brief: Apple's new iMac G5 will be making its public debut across the UK in a series of 'iMac G5 Discovery Days' at Apple resellers across the UK... Several readers have spotted the new iMac G5 in retail Apple Stores across the US... A MacNN reader has posted photos from the grand opening of Apple Store Stoneridge (Pleasanton, CA)....eMusic will relaunch its music subscription service on Wednesday with an independent appeal dramatically different than its bigger rivals.... Listening to an iPod through antique radio speakers-via an FM transmitter--is considered aural magic to some.


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