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Apple offers sleep fix for \"uniprocessor\" PowerMac G5

09/13, 9:55pm

Sleep fix for Power Mac G5

Apple has posted the latest version of the firmware to resolve sleep issues in its single-processor Power Mac G5 models. The Power Mac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Update 5.1.5f1 "improves general system reliability and restores sleep functionality," according to the documentation. The updater is downloaded into the "Utilities" folder (located in the global "Applications" folder) and requires users to quit all applications and manually run the updater, which will automatically restart the machine to install the updated firmware. It is designed for systems running Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later and supports most Mac OS X localizations.

Briefly: iPod/iTunes TV spot, Motion training,

09/13, 9:45pm

New iPod/iTunes TV spot

In Brief: Apple has posted its latest iTunes/iPod TV commercial: "Saturday Hip Hop" spot features Ozomatli's "Saturday Night" and silhouetted dancers on colorful backgrouns.... Digital-Tutors has released "Fundamentals of Apple Motion" training kit, the latest release in a series of training resources for Apple Users and the motion graphic design and production industries...., maker of the CLASS-1 and CLASS-BUG pro-grade broadcast video servers based on Apple Xserve, has opened a new sales office in Cannes, France to help expand its services in Europe....Concepts Unlimited Service Pack 1 adds Electric Image FACT file support for rendering and animation to the application suite designed for precision modeling.

Apple revises security update for ftp, web issues

09/13, 9:25pm

Apple security update fix

Apple has posted a revised version of the security update issued last week that fixes ftp- and web-related problems introduced with its first incarnation. Security Update 2004-09-07 v1.1 delivers the same security enhancements for IPSec, OpenSSH, Safari, tcpdump, and more, but also corrects the path to the configuration directory in lukemftpd, the built-in ftp server in Mac OS X and fixes the Safari version number in Mac OS X 10.3.5 only to offer better compatibility with sites that use an old version-checking mechanism. It is available for both Jaguar Client and Panther Client as well as both Jaguar Server and Panther Server (and for Mac OS X 10.3.4 users as well).

Apple to open store in Pleasanton, CA on Sept 18

09/13, 5:30pm

New CA Apple retail store

The Apple Store Stoneridge Mall is expected to open in Pleasanton, CA on Saturaday, September 18. It is located at One Stoneridge Mall Road on the first level in between the two Macy's--with the closest entrance at the Sweet River Grill. Apple's store grand opening will feature a T-shirt Giveaway to first 1000 people to visit the store as well as a Grand Opening Sweepstakes to win a Digital Lifestyle Collection valued at nearly $2350.

Apple ships iMac G5 orders

09/13, 5:00pm

Apple ships iMac G5 orders

Apple today began notifying customers of their iMac G5 shipments. The new iMac G5, announced at Apple Expo Paris, is shipping in limited quantities to both retail stores and directly to customers. One MacNN reports receiving shipment confirmation of his 17-inch iMac G5, slated for delivery later this week. AppleInsider says that both configurations are currently shipping directly from Apple to end users and to flagship Apple retail stores.

Tech: Gateway\'s future; Amos virus, PayPal rules...

09/13, 4:20pm

Tech: Gateway, Amos...

Evening tech news: Gateway's newest gamble will be to ditch consumer electronics and focus on its original offering, PCs, according to The Wall Street Journal.... Using the Windows Speech Engine, the Amos virus greets Windows XP users on start-up, makes a dubious claim, then bids farewell in Turkish.... PayPal, the online payments arm of eBay, on Friday said it will soon "fine" people up to $500 for uses related to gambling, adult content or services, and buying or selling prescription drugs from noncertified sellers.

AJA Video Systems announces Kona LS, more...

09/13, 3:00pm


AJA Video Systems announced today Kona LS, a new Standard Definition capture card for professional post-production on the Power Mac G5 with Final Cut Pro. Kona LS is the newest member of AJA's family of desktop video products for editing on the Power Mac G5.

LaCie offers 100GB portable FireWire/USB drive

09/13, 2:25pm

LaCie 100GB portable drive

LaCie today introduced larger capacities of its Mobile Hard Drive, Design by FA Porsche as well as added new FireWire/USB combo versions of the drives. The company added a 100GB model and a new line of dual-interface drives. The ultra-portable drive weighs less than a deck of cards (7 oz), while select models are equipped with a fast 7200rpm speed mechanism for higher performance. The updated LaCie Mobile Hard Drives will ship in later this month with prices starting at $160--with all necessary cables including FireWire (6-to-6 pin), Hi-Speed USB 2.0, and a USB power-sharing cable as well as SilverKeeper and Silverlining software for Mac OS 9/X.

Briefly: Kerry Conran, iPod Mini giveaway, iThemes...

09/13, 2:15pm

iPod Mini giveaway

In brief: If Paramount hadn't given first-time director Kerry Conran $40 million to make the action movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, he'd still be making home movies on his Macintosh.... Small Tree announced they will be giving away a free iPod Mini with the first 50 orders for its 10Gb Ethernet adapters.... Big Shot Software announced today the availability of iThemes, a new set of Keynote themes and Microsoft PowerPoint templates.... The November 2004 EuroRevCon will feature Sunday evening and daily discussions with Rev CEO Kevin Miller, two full days of Rev presentations and discussions by experts, and more.

Buena releases Swatch Buckler 1.0 for After Effects

09/13, 1:40pm

Swatch Buckler 1.0 for AE

Buena Software today released of Swatch Buckler 1.0 for Adobe After Effects 6.0, which provides After Effects users with a floating color swatch palette with integrated color picker. Swatch Buckler presents the user with a floating palette containing a set of color swatches that can hold as many colors as your computer has memory for. It also includes an integrated color picker for choosing new colors. It has the ability to read and write Photoshop color swatch files, and provides an eyedropper tool that allows the user to choose colors from anywhere on screen. In addition, it lets users sort their colors by luminance, hue, saturation, and value, or red, green, and blue color channels. It is available for $25.

NI Traktor DJ Studio 2.6 to ship in November

09/13, 12:45pm

NI Traktor DJ Studio 2.6

Native Instruments has announced Traktor DJ Studio 2.6, the next version of its professional DJ software. The update will bring fully compatible with the latest version of Stanton's vinyl-controlled DJ system, FinalScratch 2. Version 2.6 also offers several new features like live broadcasting via Internet, live audio input with on-the-fly audio recording, a revised filter section, added support for WMA and AAC audio files, browser favorites, playlist history, and several other enhancements. The free update is expected to ship in November. The full versionis $230. NI also announced that the worldwide distribution of Traktor DJ Studio is now being handled by Stanton Magnetics.

Beatles\' settlement: \'biggest in legal history\'?

09/13, 12:35pm

Apple vs. Apple

Apple Computer may end up paying Apple Corps, the Beatles' company, a very large sum of cash as part of a settlement over the use of the Apple trademark, according to Variety: "Word among the legal community is that an out of court settlement could be imminent and that it will massively dwarf the $26.5 million paid to the Fab Four's company in 1991 in a row over trademark use. One lawyer told Daily Variety, 'People are expecting this to be the biggest settlement anywhere in legal history, outside of a class action suit. The numbers could be mind boggling.'"

Aspyr: Homeworld 2 goes \"gold\", due by end of Sept.

09/13, 12:30pm

Homeworld 2 goes \"gold\"

Aspyr today announced that the Mac Homeworld 2 has gone gold and is expected to begin shipping at the end of September. "The Hiigarans and their leader Karan S'jet may have been looking forward to years of peace once they finally reached their Homeworld of Hiigara, but that was not their destiny. Homeworld 2 follows the journey of Hiigarans as they travel to the oldest regions of the galaxy in their Mothership to confront a tremendous enemy from the ancient corners of the galaxy and discover the truth behind their exile." Homeworld 2 requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later and PowerPC G4/G5 (800 MHz or faster. It is available for pre-order for $50.

Sonance debuts in-wall docking station for iPod

09/13, 10:20am

Sonance iPort for iPod

Sonance today introduced the Sonance iPort, an in-wall docking station for the iPod that integrates the player seamlessly into any multi-room audio system as a source component. Compatible with Sonance's full line of IR control systems, amplifiers and accessories, the iPort turns any room into an iPod concert hall. "It's a great solution for existing multi-room systems as well as for new installations. In one room, or in every room in the house, just walk over to the iPort, drop in your iPod and your entire music library is now part of your home audio system."

FileMaker offers new Volume Licensing Bundles

09/13, 10:15am

FileMaker Volume Licensing

FileMaker today announced three new FileMaker Volume Licensing Bundles designed for small businesses, work teams and enterprise departments. FileMaker's Small Team Bundle ($2000) provides four licenses for FileMaker Pro 7 as well as one year of FileMaker Maintenance, which includes access to updates and upgrades published during the year. FileMaker's Department Bundle provides 10 licenses for FileMaker Pro 7, plus one license for FileMaker Server 7 and one year of FileMaker Maintenance for $3,500. FileMaker's Extended Team Bundle ($5000) includes 10 licenses for FileMaker Pro 7, plus one license for FileMaker Server 7 Advanced, which allows 100 remote users to connect -- via the Web -- to various types of shared data.

Maxtor offers new 250GB, 300GB SATA drive kits

09/13, 9:00am

Maxtor SATA drive kits

Maxtor today announced its new Maxtor SATA Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits. It features a 16MB buffer and 7200RPM drive mechanism for maximum performance. The new Ultra16 Hard Drive Kits come with a high-performance Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive and offer capacities up to 300GB. The new Ultra16 drive offers a 150MB/sec interface speed and SATA II features including Native Command Queuing (NCQ) for more intelligent hard drive operation, and runs quietly with a fluid dynamic bearing motor. They ship with an installation guide offering step-by-step instructions, a SATA cable and mounting screws. The drives, which work natively with the Power Mac G5 or with SATA PCI card in a Power Mac G4, will be available in 250GB ($240) and 300GB ($280) capacities in the fourth quarter of this year.

Iogear debuts Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo

09/13, 8:45am

Iogear Wireless Combo

Iogear today introduced a new Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo, which allow users to work up to six feet away from the USB receiver connected to any PC or Mac. In addition, the optical mouse provides enhanced accuracy on most surfaces and minimal hand movement with its 800 dpi resolution. It also includes rechargeable batteries, allowing users to simply recharge the mouse by placing it in the holding tray. The ultra thin, lightweight keyboard offers "hotkeys", which users can customize to virtually any system or other action. Both RF-based devices are ergonomically designed and come with the company's standard three-year warranty. It is immediately available for $60.

Conoa EasyShapes 1.5 offers spherical warping

09/13, 7:50am

Conoa EasyShapes 1.5

Conoa has released Conoa EasyShapes 1.5 plug-in set for video compositing and motion graphics, which brings the ability to wrap, unwrap and inversely wrap a sphere (in addition to the unique cylinder warpage features of the previous version). The new spherical capability allows users to warp a video layer into a sphere in both the forward and backward directions. Additionally, it also offers new controls for adjusting the polygonalization of the distorted spheres and cylinders. EasyShapes also features texture mapping, reflections, refractions, Phong shading, specular highlights, reflection mapping, bump mapping, multiple material models and more. It works as a plugin for AE 4.1, FCP 3, Combustion 3, and more. It is a free update to the $110 plug-in set.

Apps: Imprint, Illumination, iURL, Halo, ...

09/13, 7:40am

Imprint, Halo, iURL, ...

    Imprint 1.41 ($20) prints labels and envelopes from the Mac OS X Address Book (or other source). It supports barcodes and graphics as well as Services for control from third-party apps. Version 1.4 improves envelope printing support, adds return address graphics, and adds many new preferences. [803KB]
    Illumination 1.5 ($20) updates the disk cataloging utility that allows you to index and search through any volume. Version 1.5 brings the ability to search from a web interface, add notes to discs and search by date. It runs on Mac OS 10.3 or later. [1.6MB]
    iURL 1.2.3 (20) is a universal URL management system designed to be the one central place, which stores any kind of URL, including local (file://), and internet (http://, https://, ftp://, aim://, etc.). It offers "smart groups", keyword filters, a download manager, and a new QuickTime preview, and more. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later. [1.5MB]
    Battlefield 1942 Mac Public Beta Patch 1 adds better joystick controls, more stable networking code and PunkBuster support, and several other fixes. This is a public test version of the patch. An official final version of the patch is expected to be released soon. [4.2MB]
    Halo 1.05.3 is for the English retail version of Halo only and restores Mac/PC play. MacSoft says the Mac code has been synchronized with version 1.05 of the PC code (Build 610) and that gamers with the new NVIDIA 6800 video hardware may play Halo using either the NV Shaders or ATI Pixel Shaders modes. [3.4MB]
    Compare Folders 1.2.6 ($10) is a utility designed to take two folders and tell you which files are the same, which are new, and which have been modified, etc; it adds Item Actions such as Lock/Unlock, Delete, Rename, Open, Show in Finder, and Get Info as well as an improved interface, complete drag & drop support and better performance. [612KB]

Headshack releases chartConstructor 2.0

09/13, 7:15am

chartConstructor 2.0

Headshack has released chartConstructor 2.0, a Mac OS X native project management package. ChartConstructor can be used to create both Gantt and PERT charts to plan and track the progress of projects. Version 2.0 adds several new features such as custom calendars allowing greater control over resources, the ability to assign multiple resources to each task, control over the appearance of PERT objects and more. It is a free upgrade to all registered users. A single user license $45. It runs on Mac OS 10.2 or later.


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