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TIME: iMac G5 offers iPod-like styling to lure buyers

updated 05:10 pm EDT, Tue September 7, 2004

iMac G5 design like iPod

Apple's latest computer is as cool and sleek as its best-selling music player, according to TIME magazine: "The best way to describe Apple's iMac G5 is to say it . It's what you'd get if you stretched the pocket-size music player until it was 17 in. wide and 2 in. deep, squished a supercomputer into the casing and mounted the whole thing on a metal stand. The resemblance is not coincidental. More people buy iPods than iMacs these days, and Apple admits that this third-generation iMac is its best shot at luring millions of iPod owners further into Mac world -- and inching up its current 3% share of the Windows-dominated market."

by MacNN Staff





  1. PookJP

    Joined: Dec 1969


    A Love Letter!

    Thanks, Time! :)

  1. Gorloth

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Time's Spin on iMac

    Beware people, Time makes Apple seem like a failure when compared to Windows. How about comparing it to a seperate slice of what maufacturer makes their own PC. What % is Dell?, what % is HP?, what % is Gateway? Lets make a % pie chart of how many times Windows crash vs OS X. Time must of been inspired by "John C. Dvorack" he's slicker than James Carvell.

  1. LouZer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: time spin

    Gee, and this is from a magazine that's pretty much pro-mac (they got the last iMac cover). Can you imagine what they'd say in anti-mac magazines.

  1. chulitomio

    Joined: Dec 1969


    No Spin, just hyperbole

    Um, the article is pretty much positive. Given the fact that 99.929% of those writing about Apple cannot make it though without saying something negative (the non-constructive type) this was not bad, as the author only went totally insane for one sentence:

    "Unlike a lot of previous Mac machines, on which you could almost fry an egg, the iMac G5's beautiful white surface does not get noticeably hot."

    My list of previous Mac machines that got noticeably hot:


    Yea, uh, if we're talking portables that's quite another story. However, comparing desktop to laptop heat production is useful if you're bored, or a moron, or a bored moron. It says "Mac Machines," leading the masses of other morons to deride the heat output of "a lot" of Mac machines. The original iMac form factor was warm to touch at times, but hot is a stretch of the wildest imagination. If used inside a volcano, I suppose it would fry an egg, possibly what the author meant, as he is excellent at vagary. The G5 produces the most heat of any Mac, and other than on the side closest to the heat sink, which feels like 1 degree over body temp, My dual is literally cold to the touch everywhere - only the exhausted air is warm.

    "Unlike a lot of previous journalism, Chris Taylor's iMac article does not get noticeably factual."

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