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Prudential: more G5 chip delays possible

08/16, 7:10pm

More G5 chip delays?

Prudential Equity Group said the availability of G5 chips for Apple could be "worse than anticipated" due to manufacturing delays from IBM, according to Forbes: "Following a series of recent checks on Apple, we believe that availability of the company's 1.8GHz and 2.0GHz G5 processors may be worse than initially anticipated," it said. "Apple had previously stated that it expected to have shortages of its 1.8 GHz and 2.0 GHz processors through July, with supply catching up in August. We now believe that IBM may be having difficulty meeting its revised supply commitments." Prudential maintained its "neutral weight" rating and $27 target price, noting that the constraints may lead to further delays for the G5 iMac and possible delays for PowerMac G5 shipments.

NewTek offers LightWave [8] Training Edition

08/16, 5:25pm

LightWave [8] Training Ed

NewTek today announced the LightWave [8] Training Edition, a limited-time product that provides over $400 in training materials free to new LightWave 3D purchasers. Through a special arrangement with the publishers, purchasers of new licenses of LightWave will be able to receive six books, four training videos, and the DVD Kaze: Ghost Warrior, which includes extensive extras on how the independent CGI film was produced. It is available with an Electronic Manual for $1,600. The LightWave [8] Training Edition Special includes 3 Coupons for $400 in free training materials. Purchasers receive the training materials by redeeming the coupons directly with the publishers. Upgrades from earlier versions are $500.

BakBone ships NetVault for Mac OS X

08/16, 5:25pm

NetVault for Mac OS X

BakBone Software has announced that it is now shipping NetVault for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. The backup and restore software utilizes a modular design to deliver maximum performance while supporting flexible implementation strategies, according to the company. NetVault's event notification enhancements and policy-based job management features offer increased automation and enables administrators to define, manage and monitor jobs from remote clients. A flexible notification feature features the ability to define event contexts and triggers. (Pricing not available.)

MCE ships second generation QuickStream DV

08/16, 4:50pm

MCE updates QuickStream DV

MCE Technologies today began shipping the next generation QuickStream DV, a portable, camera-mountable, self-powered digital video (DV) capture and storage solution. The updated device now offers the ability to playback recorded clips over FireWire--directly to the DV camcorder's LCD monitor. It also offers SureCapture technology, which ensures continous video recording by buffering up to 6 seconds of video in the QuickStream DV's video buffer: "this 'pre-video' is added to the front of the clip once the 'Record' button is pressed, guaranteeing you will never miss an important shot." The new QuickStream DV is available now in 1.5hr/20GB, 3hr/40GB, 4.5hr/60GB, and 6hr/80GB models for for $600, $730, $850, and $1000, respectively.

Thursby ships ADmitMac 2.0 with new functions

08/16, 4:00pm

Thursby ships ADmitMac 2.0

Thursby Software today announced it is now shipping ADmitMac 2.0, which "provides all the necessary tools for deployment, configuration and Mac-client management in Windows Active Directory and NT Domain environments with no schema changes." Version 2.0 offers full compatibility with Apple's Workgroup Manager, allowing administrators to manage users and groups using Active Directory as their directory service. The Workgroup Manager plug-ins allow you to integrate Mac OS X Server MCX settings with an Active Directory domain server and a new AD Commander can access and update the Administrative Tools on your Active Directory Domain from a Mac. It also includes an updated deployment application that can build an ADmitMac install package with custom configuration scripts. It is $120.

NetXposure ships Image Portal X, Hexafoo DAM apps

08/16, 3:55pm

Image Portal X, Hexafoo

NetXposure today shipped the latest versions of Image Portal X and Hexafoo. The company's Digital Asset Management solutions provide a centralized repository to store, organize, repurpose and distribute large libraries of digital files. The web-based and sold with an unlimited user seat license. Image Portal X offers Java Advanced Imaging for automatic generation of variations of image files based on different color modes, sizes, and file types. It includes Web Services, WebDAV, and LDAP support. Pricing starts at $15,000. Hexafoo, offering only thumbnail generation, is $5,000 with add-on modules for services, WebDAV, and LDAP available as well. Version 3 of each application now includes check-in/check-out functions, auto-tasking, batch tasking and PDF proofing.

IDG to launch \'Playlist\' magazine on August 24

08/16, 1:30pm

\'Playlist\' magazine

IDG's today announced its new Playlist publication, a digital music magazine for Windows and Mac users, will be available on August 24, 2004. Created by the editors of Macworld magazine, the newsstand-only issue will spotlight digital music technology, the digital lifestyle, and music artists. Playlist is designed for everyone from the novice music consumer and fan to the digital-entertainment professional. "Playlist will meet the diverse needs of music enthusiasts. The in-depth editorial coverage will include tech-oriented articles, interviews with cutting-edge music artists, and of course, plenty of playlists from musicians and music fans alike."

Apps: ImageBuddy, SQLitePluginPro, WebLight, ...

08/16, 12:00pm

ImageBuddy, WebLight

    ImageBuddy v3.1.0 ($20) is the latest version of the digital image layout program. The update adds support for Image Borders and Customizable Multi Sided Image Drop Shadows to Contact Sheets along with a number of small improvements and bug fixes. [Download - 2.7MB]
    SQLitePluginPro 1.3 ($120) is a fast and reliable replacement for REALbasic's built-in database engine. This version fixes a build problem with the MachO plugin, included a tutorial on converting databases, and adds AttachDatabase method to SQLiteDatabase. [Download - 1.9MB]
    WebLight 4.0 is an affordable, easy to use tool that can check Web sites for broken links, HTML markup problems and URI relationships. Version 4.0 allows independent sites to be organized as projects, simplified set-up, and improved performance. [Download - 2.9MB]
    Sweet MIDI Player is a program for playing and modifying all types of MIDI files. "Use its mixer-like interface to easily edit the control messages, transpose the music, change the tempo, mute desired MIDI channels, and save the end results to disk." Sweet MIDI Player features 192 ticks per quarter note resolution. [Download - 265KB]
    KaraTunes puts all your lyrics data in one single database, letting you save, modify, and search lyrics with an easy-to-use interface. Version 1.2 adds a "play" to the View Lyrics window, and Google lyrics search now uses the default Web browser. [Download - 3.4MB]
    RollingCredits 1.0.1 ($10) is designed to allow the user to create attractively-formatted, movie rolling credit lists in a word processing environment and output them as high-quality Quicktime movies for import into iMovie or other video editing applications. The update fixes a problem with rendering very long credit lists. [Download - 2.4MB]

Briefly:, dual-2.5GHz G5, AE problems

08/16, 11:40am

Dual-2.5GHz G5, AE problem

In Brief: The Filipino online Mac community,, celebrated its first birthday on August 14, 2004...ResQ Systems and LoadPod announced today that they have started a new customer loyalty program for iPodResQ and LoadPod customers...One reader has posted photos of the new liquid-cooled dual-2.5GHz Power Mac G5...Apple has posted information on troubleshooting problems with AirTunes and Apple's AirPort Express device, noting that putting devices in 802.11b-only mode may solve some of the problems.

Aspyr ships Spider-Man 2: The Game

08/16, 11:35am

Spider-Man 2: The Game

Aspyr today announced that Spider-Man 2: The Game is shipping for the Macintosh and will be available in stores nationwide by August 20. Licensed by Activision, Spider-Man 2: The Game is the follow-up to 2002's hit Spider-Man videogame; it "places the gamer into the web-slinging, web-swinging world of the Manhattan metropolis. Gamers become Peter Parker's alter ego, Spider-Man, soaring through a highly detailed, 3D New York City. As Spider-Man, players must protect the city of Manhattan through 19 compelling missions in six distinct environments." It is available for $30 and runs on Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.

Lasso Pro 7 upgrade amnesty, new lower pricing

08/16, 10:50am

Lasso 7 upgrade amnesty

OmniPilot Software today announced a new upgrade amnesty program for its recently acquired Lasso product line. The program offers upgrades from any Lasso version to Lasso Professional 7 for $300 during the month of August. The company says that users who take advantage of the offer will also receive 60 days of free support. In addition, OmniPilot has announced a new reduced pricing structure for the Lasso product line. Lasso Professional 7 is now $650 (was $1000), while Lasso Studio for GoLive and Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver are now $200 each. "Our goal is to become the corporate alternative to open source, single platform, or OS specific solutions and we believe this pricing structure should make the Lasso product line very competitive."

Apple VP Schiller to deliver Apple Expo keynote

08/16, 10:40am

Apple Expo Keynote

Apple VP Phil Schiller will deliver the keynote presentation at Apple Expo in Paris on August 31, reports Macworld UK. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who in previous years has presented the keynote, is currently recovering from surgery to remove a rare form of pancreatic cancer and plans to return to work in September.

Iogear ships 64MB mini mouse

08/16, 10:25am

Iogear 64MB mini mouse

Iogear has introduced its USB Memory Mini Mouse 800, which packs 64MB of flash memory into an 800 dpi optical mouse. The mouse features two buttons, a scroll wheel, and a retractable cable. The new mouse is available immediately for $50 and comes with a three-year warranty.

Macromedia ships Contribute 3, Web Publishing System

08/16, 8:30am

Contribute 3 and WPS ship

Macromedia today starting shipping Contribute 3, its software for letting everyone in an organization publish to websites, as well as its new Web Publishing System that employs Contribute 3, Studio MX 2004, and Contribute Publishing services to deliver a complete, scalable web content management solution. Contribute 3 is available for $150 ($80 upgrade, free trial) while pricing for the Web Publishing System starts at $2,500 for the starter 10-pack.

Netopia rolls out eCare 4.0 support solution

08/16, 8:20am

Netopia eCare 4.0

Netopia today introduced eCare 4.0, an upgrade to its virtual support solution for service providers and enterprises. eCare 4.0 is completely Web-based and requires no software pre-installation, although a plug-in for Mac users is required in order to use the Desktop Assist, Desktop Observe, Invite Assist, and Invite Observe services. Version 4.0 adds support for Safari, session recording, and the ability to customize support information into an unlimited number of reports. eCare 4.0 is available as a subscription-based, hosted solution and as a stand-alone server product. The server "should run on any platform that supports Apache Web Server and the Resin Java servelt engine." For pricing information, contact Netopia.

Taiwan to get Apple retail stores, 7-11 to sell iPods

08/16, 7:20am

Taiwan retails tores

Apple plans to open a flagship retail store in downtown Taipei as well as two franchised stores in the city, reports the Taiwan Daily News. The article, first noted by Macworld UK, adds that Apple also plans to sell silver iPod minis through 7-11 stores in the country. No time frames are given.

WSJ: Digital rights management and media\'s future

08/16, 7:05am

WSJ: DRM and the future

In an article titled "The New Digital Media: You Might Have It, But Not Really Own It," The Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required) takes a look at the current incarnations of digital rights management (DRM) and what the future might hold. Citing Apple's iTunes Music Store as an example, the article notes that one of Apple's recent DRM changes -- increasing the number of computers capable of playing songs to five -- was retroactive, and applied to all songs, not just those purchased after the change took effect, demonstrating the power of DRM. "However, there's nothing preventing Apple from making its DRM retroactively more restrictive -- though the company says that's unlikely."


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