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Apple releases iPod Updater 2004-08-12

08/12, 10:15pm

iPod Updater 2004-08-12

Apple on Thursday evening released iPod Updater 2004-08-12, which includes iPod software 3.0.1 for iPods with a click wheel. The company says that the updater contains the same software versions as iPod Updater 2004-07-15 for all other iPod models. According to the release notes, iPod Software 3.0.1 provides improved connectivity with some FireWire cards using the VIA chipset, improved performance with the optional external battery pack, improved power management, and improved connectivity with FireWire hubs, and with 4-pin FireWire ports. The updater will also correct a glitch that would awake iPods when a user removed the headphone jack while the hold switch was turned on. iPod users may obtain the 10.6 MB updater through Apple's Software Update mechanism. [Apple's Software Update also called this 'iPod Updater 2004-08-06 and said it was v3.02]

Griffin RoadTrip: charger/transmitter/cradle for iPod

08/12, 6:25pm

Griffin RoadTrip for iPod

Griffin Technology today announced the Griffin RoadTrip, an all-in-one iPod charger, FM transmitter, and cradle. The compact device allows you to play your iPod or iPod mini music through your car's FM stereo, while simultaneously charging and positioning the unit for easy access. The RoadTrip plugs into any auto power outlet or lighter adapter and provides an adjustable cradle to charge and hold any docking iPod, including the new 4G iPods and the iPod mini. The RoadTrip also features a detachable Transmitter Module and cable that can broadcast users' Mac or PC music to any FM stereo. It will begin shipping September 1 for $80.

D-Link debuts Wireless Pocket Router/AP

08/12, 5:35pm

Wireless Pocket Router/AP

D-Link today announced the D-Link Wireless Pocket Router/AP, a portable wireless 802.11b/g networking solution for business travelers wanting to access and share hotel Internet connections, wirelessly connect Ethernet devices or secure shared information from potential hackers. The D-Link Wireless Pocket Router/AP is smaller than the average PDA, measures 3.25" x 2.5" x.75" and ships with a convenient carrying case; it can also be powered over USB if power outlets are not available and offers access to three wireless modes via switch on the device: Router/Firewall, Access Point and Wireless Client modes. It will ship in mid-September for $100.

Briefly: Bluetooth sharing, Motion/iPod reviews, WiFi

08/12, 4:35pm

In-depth Motion review

In Brief: "WWiSE" is a new consortium collaborating on 802.11n wireless networking proposal that will WiFi data transfer throughput in excess of 100Mbps, while Belkin announced new WiFi devices that use pre-802.11n MIMO antenna technology to provide four times faster speed and coverage area than 802.11b/g...One reader has provided instructions on sharing an internet connection via Bluetooth with a Nokia 6600 under Mac OS X 10.3.5...Creative Cow's Peter Wiggins takes a thorough look at Motion from Apple, offering "insight into the creative capabilities, workflow and speed of Motion."... PC Magazine's largely positive review of the new iPod says it offers 'incremental progress' in the evolution of the MP3 player.

Imagineer debuts monet, mokey for Mac OS X

08/12, 4:10pm

monet, mokey for OS X

Imagineer Systems has announced the availability of its two post-production products on Mac OS X. Debuting at Siggraph, monet is a new unique post-production tool offering a start-to-finish solution for replacing elements in moving images. Imagineer says it will also be previewing a future version of monet that can share projects with the compositing system in Shake. The company also re-launched of mokey for the US film and television post-production markets. Imagineer's mokey offers a toolset for tracking, object removal, matte creation, stabilising, grain management, lens distortion, and colour keying to visual effects artists and editors. Both monet and mokey 3.12 for Mac OS X will begin shipping in September.

Designer iPod cases gathered in CITY magazine

08/12, 1:45pm

Designer iPod cases

Verbose Coma takes a look at a forthcoming CITY magazine spread showcasing Luxury iPod cases from high fashion designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Paul Smith and more. "Dior started the luxury case trend nearly 3 years ago when they launched a limited edition iPod case for the original 5GB model. Since then, there have been dozens of companies vying for our custom - with cases made of everything from plastic and aluminum to crocodile skin to faux fur [...] CITY has championed the iPod since it's original release in 2001, showcasing accessories for style conscious music lovers everywhere."

MacSoft ships Neverwinter Nights expansion packs

08/12, 1:40pm

Neverwinter Nights packs

MacSoft's latest Neverwinter Nights expansion packs are now available from the Apple Store. Both expansion packs for the role playing game offer new monsters, spells, prestige classes, weapons, and more. Shadows of Undrentide takes you to a remote mountain village to train under Master Drogan, a dwarf mage, while Journey to Underdark takes place in and below a city called Waterdeep, where the wizard Halaster built an underground dungeon known as Undermountain. The expansion packs require a full version of Neverwinter Nights and run on Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later. Each pack is $30.

Apple Store Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan opens Aug 28

08/12, 1:35pm

Apple Store Shinsaibashi

Apple has announced the grand opening of its new store in Osaka, Japan. The second store in Japan, Apple Store Shinsaibashi, will open on Saturday, August 28th at 10 am. The first 1500 people to visit the store receive a free Apple t-shirt and Apple is also offering the special grab bags: "Purchase one of 250 Grand Opening gift bags for just ¥30,000, filled with approximately ¥90,910 worth of Apple products. A few bags will also have a special surprise inside."

InMath 1.5 offers equation editing in InDesign CS

08/12, 1:10pm

InMath 1.5 for InDesign CS

InMath 1.5 is the latest version of the plugin that allows users to create and edit mathematical expressions within Adobe InDesign CS and InCopy CS. Using the applications' native design tools, authors can directly edit complex mathematical expressions. The plugin offers a Wizard mode for automated expression creation, InMath style management, and more. Version 1.5 adds visual feedback; full and unlimited InCopy CS--InDesign CS roundtrip support; several new, valuable templates; and an enhanced "Operator" tool for switching between display and text styles. A single license starts at $600.

Apps: PHP, ToDo X, DAQ, Platypus, AppleJack ...

08/12, 1:00pm

Apps: PHP, ToDo X...

    PHP 5.0.0-13 for Mac OS X is the latest version of the Web development environment. The updated package fixes installation problems experience by some people with the previous release. [Download - 20.5MB]
    ToDo X 1.6 ($15) is a dedicated to-do list application for Mac OS X. Version 1.6 adds a number of user interface refinements and user-requested features, and is a free upgrade for registered users of earlier versions. [Download - 227KB]
    DAQ Plot 9.5.7 allows users to view data from sensors and laboratory equipment with voltage connectors. The update increases the number of channels and curves shown from 4 to 16, adds a curve-width adjustment, and adds DAQ hardware multiplexing on one USB connector.
    Platypus is a developer tool for creating application wrappers around scripts (applications that execute a bundled script). The new version adds a 'Runs in Background' option when creating applications, unique bundle identifiers for each created application, an Edit Types window, and a Help menu for the documentation. [Download - 511KB]
    AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X that allows users to troubleshoot a computer even if they can`t load the GUI, or don`t have a startup CD handy. This release fixes the long-problematic issues with diskutil hanging when run on systems with 10.3.x installer. [Download - 64KB]
    Firewall Builder 2.01 is multi-platform firewall configuration and management tool. Version 2.0.1 is a maintenance release that corrects bugs found in the previous version. [Download - options]

Britannica debuts Ultimate Reference Suite 2005

08/12, 12:55pm

Britannica Reference 2005

Britannica has released an update to its multimedia reference library designed for both children and adults: Encyclopaedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2005. Featuring over 100,000 articles, the suite is available on DVD and CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh computers. The new version adds more video clips (for a total of 3 hours); Britannica BrainStormer to visually browse articles using a web of logical relationships; and better Mac Integration. Britannica's 2005 reference suite offers a new Mac-friendly UI with updated scroll bars, icons, window borders and other design elements. It due later this month for $70 (before $20 mail-in rebate).

Microspot releases Modeler 3.5 for Mac OS X

08/12, 12:40pm

Modeler 3.5 for Mac OS X

Microspot Ltd. has released Microspot Modeler 3.5 for Mac OS X. Modeler is an interactive 3D modeling application that makes it simple to create and render models in real world dimensions and view the results as you are working. It can be used on its own or as a companion product for Microspot Interiors, enabling users to create their own furniture items and accessories. Modeler has six simple and four more complex modeling tools to create basic shapes and a 3D text tool. These shapes can then be changed using modifier tools and further enhanced using color, lighting and textures. It is available for $130 (boxed) or $115 (electronic). A 40% discount is being offered to existing Interiors owners.

SOYO announces 20GB mobile 1.8” hard drive

08/12, 12:35pm

SOYO Cigar HD20

SOYO has announced the Cigar HD20, a mobile 1.8" hard drive with a USB 2.0 interface and 20GBs of storage capacity. The Cigar Pro 2 HD20's USB 2.0 interface is backward compatible with USB 1.0. The device is powered by the USB port and does not require a battery or power adapter. The rugged magnesium casing protects data physically with 'G-shock' absorbing capability. The drive measures 4.02 x 2.36 x 0.43 inches and weighs 2.8 ounces. It retails for $200.  

StockIcons, IconBuffet debut new icon collections

08/12, 10:50am

Manhattan UM icons

Firewheel Design and IconBuffet have unveiled Manhattan: Upper Management ($80), a stock icon collection for Web designers and developers building Content Management Systems. The collection features over 70 intricately detailed icons in two sizes and a variety of industry-standard formats for Mac, Windows, and the Web. Update:: The Iconfactory has released "Sprite", a new collection designed using simple shapes and gradients: "The hand-drawn style of the collection lends credibility and immediacy to any project." Standard ($350) and scalable EPS ($250) versions are available.

PhoneValet 2.0f offers better message management

08/12, 10:30am

PhoneValet 2.0f update

Parliant Corporation today released a free software upgrade with significant enhancements. PhoneValet 2.0f brings full message management features over the phone, including the ability to listen to, save and delete recent messages, as well as capabilities for management of historical messages listed in PVMC's permanent call history. It also adds supported for email servers requiring encryption and password authentication, bundles integration scripts allowing logging of incoming calls directly into Now Contact and Up-to-Date's database, and also provides a remote-control script to call in and check today's Now Up-to-Date events. A full version of the hardware/software solution is available for $200.

Online Apple Store adds more options to search engine

08/12, 1:00am

New search at Apple Store

The Apple Store has revamped its search engine, improving its speed and offering multiple new ways to sort the results, including by price (highest/lowest), "Best Match", or Name. The results show a mini-icon of the results as well as offer customers the ability to refine their search by price range, product category, and manufacturer. Apple has also posted a survey asking for feedback on its new search engine.

New blue-laser Afterburner drive stores 23GB

08/12, 12:55am

23GB FW800 Afterburner has introduced its new 23GB FireWire 800 DVD AfterBurner dives, the latest generation of blue laser-based Professional Disc for DATA (ProDATA) drives as well as new FireWire 800 repeaters and new FireWire 800-based hardware RAID solutions. Based on blue laser technology, the AfterBurner stores up to 23GB of native capacity per rewritable or write-one, read-many (WORM) single-sided media, delivering an advanced optical storage and archiving solution for professional data-intensive applications. It is available now with pricing starting at $3000.


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