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Apple to bring iTunes to Motorola mobile phones

07/26, 9:30pm

iTunes on Motorola phones

Motorola and Apple today announced they are partnering to enable millions of music lovers to transfer their favorite songs from the iTunes jukebox on their PC or Mac, including songs from the iTunes Music Store, to Motorola's next-generation "always with you" mobile handsets, via a USB or Bluetooth connection. Apple will create a new iTunes mobile music player, which Motorola will make the standard music application on all its mass-market music phones. It is expected to be available in the first half of next year.

Macromedia releases Flash MX 2004 7.2 updater

07/26, 8:40pm

Flash MX 2004 7.2 updater

Macromedia has released Flash MX 2004 7.2, a free update to the company's multimedia and Flash authoring tools. According to the website, this second update to the Flash MX 2004 suite brings over a hundred bug fixes, improved documentation, better resource usage and performance, and improved components. Codenamed "Ellipsis," the update includes what the company says is a "massive" update to the documentation, including new chapters, twice as many code samples, and complete rewrites of a couple of chapters. It also includes a scrollbar component, a JSFL File API, an EventDelegate class, two complete sample projects, and ASO Cache Cleaning Commands (available from the exchange).

O\'Reilly Mac OS X Conference 2004

07/26, 6:35pm

O\'Reilly Conference

Registration has opened for the third annual O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, happening October 25-28 in Santa Clara, CA, where Mac developers, sys admins, digital musicians, and users can "master the must-have tools and goodies that Apple and other companies are churning out in the wake of Mac OS X's success." The conference offers practical sessions dealing with: getting up to speed on Unix, working the Mac into both sides of the firewall, networking, security, workflow, Quartz Extreme, Cocoa, Java, Xcode, Scripting with AppleScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

Apps: RhinoTyper, tesl8, CopyPaste-X, APC...

07/26, 4:50pm

RhinoTyper, tesl8...

    RhinoTyper 1.0 ($5) is a small utility that allows users to edit the file types and creator codes of files on their computers. RhinoTyper allows users to modify file types and creator codes in three ways: by matching a selected file to any other file on the computer, by choosing from a list of file types and creator codes for common applications, or by manually entering the file type and creator code. [Download - 1.2MB]
    tesl8 1.2 ($12) is the latest version of the "frustratingly fun" puzzle game with 24 challenging levels. The object of the game is to restore the puzzle to its starting form by flipping lines of adjacent tiles. Detail of the latest update were not published. [Download - 3.0MB]
    CopyPaste-X 2.0.1 is an update to the multiple clipboard editor/archival utility. Version 2.0.1 adds an improved find/replace function, enhancements to the spell checking mode, improved preferences, and bug fixes. [Download - 6.0MB]
    Lamp Express has released a set of AppleScripts for use with its popular eyeSignal Personal Notification Device. "The Scripts are ideal for individuals who want to write their own applications or to integrate eyeSignal functionality into database applications like FileMaker." [Download - 224KB]
    Panther Cache Cleaner 2.4 is a utility designed to provide easy access to numerous Mac OS X maintenance and utility options. Version 2.4 of PCC introduces the ability to run applications with root privileges. It adds the abilty to optimize Safari's rendering speed. [Download - 2.9MB]
    APCTracker 4.2 is a client application for managing APC devices. The update adds a redesigned interface, SMTP authentication, and bug fixes for all known errors. [Download - 2.9MB]

Two Apple executives exercise stock options

07/26, 3:55pm

Apple VPs cash out options

A pair of senior vice presidents at Apple exercised stock options for big payouts, according to "Avadis Tevanian Jr. and Jonathan Rubinstein -- cashed out a chunk of options last week. Tevanian sold 350,000 shares for $11.2 million, while Rubinstein sold 300,000 shares for $9.6 million. In April, Rubinstein sold a total of 700,000 shares for $19.4 million."

Jupiter: digital music grows; cheap players sought

07/26, 3:40pm

Jupiter: digital music

JupiterResearch revealed in its latest music forecast presented today at the Jupiter Plug.IN Conference & Expo 2004 that digital music sales will more than double compared to last year, reaching more than $270 million in 2004, and will grow rapidly to $1.7 billion in 2009, totaling 12% of consumer music spending. Meanwhile, U.S. shipments of MP3 players will grow over 50% in 2004 to well over 5 million, and will continue to grow almost 50% per year for the next several years. "A lot of the action in hard drive-based devices will be at the low end in terms of price and capacity that will help drive the market [...] JupiterResearch surveys show that 77% of consumers who would purchase a portable music player would want no more than 1,000 songs on a player at any given time, regardless of the size of their music collection."

Aladdin Systems changes name to Allume Systems

07/26, 1:40pm

Aladdin changes to Allume

Aladdin Systems today announced that it changed its name to Allume Systems. The name change was a condition of Aladdin Systems' settlement of a trademark lawsuit with Aladdin Knowledge Systems. The entire Aladdin Systems' product line, including StuffIt, SpamCatcher, Spring Cleaning, and Internet Cleanup, will be rebranded under the Allume Systems name over the coming year. "Allume is dedicated to its mission to deliver everyday solutions that are easy to use and technically advanced."

Advanced Web Ranking 3.0 tracks site positions

07/26, 1:10pm

Advanced Web Ranking 3.0

Caphyon has announced the release of Advanced Web Ranking 3.0, a tool that helps check a Web site's position on all major search engines. "Checking your Web site position is a very time consuming task. For example, if you have 10 keywords that you want to monitor, and you want to check the top 20 positions for 10 search engines, you need to perform about 200 individual searches." This version features a new way of matching the URLs using regular expressions, the ability to display change information in the Overview report, and many improvements to the printable reports.

Tech: New HP iPaq, Google IPO price, Yahoo photos...

07/26, 12:35pm

New HP iPaq, Google IPO

Afternoon tech news: HP's new iPaq combines mobile phone technology (T-Mobile in the US) with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless networking; Google has set the per-share price tag for its IPO in the range of $108 to $135, which raise up to $3.3 billion and would give the company as much as a $36.3 billion market capitalization; Yahoo has launched a free service that will let users transmit pictures from their camera phones directly to their Yahoo Photos accounts and will work with any of the 5 major carriers; Efforts by the US authorities to counter cyber-crime and terrorism have been criticized in an official report that says the Department of Homeland Security's cyber-strategy suffered from poor coordination and communication, as well as an inability to set priorities.

Targus introduces new wireless devices

07/26, 12:25pm

Targus wireless devices

Targus today introduced the Wireless Multimedia Presenter and WIreless Calculator Keypad for laptops. The Wireless Presenter combines mouse, laser pointer, presenter, and media tools into one device that works up to 50 feet away, while the Wireless Calculator Keypad is the industry's first full-size wireless numeric keypad with an integrated calculator. Both devices are available now for $80 and $50, respectively.

Preview of new flight sim released

07/26, 11:40am

Preview of new flight sim

Don's Games has released a preview of its new WWII era flight sim, OSX SkyFighters 1945 w/MB. The game features stand alone play or network dogfights, "great feel of flight," a Mission Builder, quick dogfight set up or mission play, and customizable aircraft paint jobs. The game will sell for $30 when it ships.

MacMod kicks off mod competition

07/26, 11:35am

MacMod competition

MacMad has announced The Great Mod Challenge 2004, a competition for Mac users interested in putting together original software or hardware modifications. Winners will awarded in four categories: internal mods, external mods, peripheral mods, and software mods. Submissions are due by August 31.

Real promises universal compatibility for music files

07/26, 8:45am

RealNetworks\' \"Harmony\"

RealNetworks today announced its Harmony Technology, its DRM translation system that allows consumers to securely transfer purchased music to many popular secure music devices, including Apple's iPod (as noted yesterday evening). Harmony technology will be demonstrated on Tuesday July 27th at the Jupiter PlugIn conference in New York City, while a beta version of RealPlayer 10.5, offer consumers a chance to test the technology, will be available on Tuesday. RealNetworks says that Harmony Technology will be available later this year in other music products from RealNetworks including Real's market-leading Rhapsody(R) subscription service. "Generally speaking, Harmony supports any device that uses the Apple FairPlay DRM, The Microsoft Windows Media Audio DRM, or the RealNetworks Helix DRM, giving RealPlayer Music Store support for more secure devices than any other music store on the Internet."

Apps: OsiriX, ZodiaCalc, PreFab UI Actions, youPod...

07/26, 8:30am

OsiriX, ZodiaCalc, youPod

    OsiriX 1.3 updates the free and open-source 3D image processing software for medical imaging. This new version has been optimized with the Shark tool from Apple and is 3 times faster for Volume Rendering and 10 times faster for Multiplanar Reconstructions. It displays DICOM images produced by medical equipment (MRI, CT, PET, PET-CT, ...) and confocal microscopy (LSM and BioRAD-PIC format) as well as other standard formats. [22MB]
    ZodiaCalc 1.2 is an astrology application that offers free functions for for natal charts as well as an expert mode (50) for Solar revolutions, lunar revolutions, progressed charts, enhanced search on charts, and Aspect's orbes adjustement. [Classic, OSX]
    PreFab UI Actions Beta 2 implements "universal attachability" for AppleScript in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and newer, which allows users to attach an AppleScript script to a native Mac OS X application. "From then on, the script will be triggered automatically every time the user performs the actions you specify in the target application... [scripsts can respond to all manner of user actions, such as opening or closing a window, selecting a menu item, editing a text field and many others." [1.2MB]
    GRE Word Master ($10) is a new test prep application for the Graduate Record Examination thtat helps students prepare for the GRE by quizzing them with the words that they are most likely to encounter on the actual exam. The full version runs on Mac OS 8/9/X and includes over three hundred words and definitions from the high frequency word list. [Classic, OSX]
    youPod 1.0 ($15) is a iPod sync utility that "lets you take your real AddressBook and iCalendars with you, as well as your bookmarks for Safari, Firefox or Explorer. you can even take your Keychain, so you don't have to remember all of those passwords and logins." [660KB]
    Themer 3G (beta) allows users to easily install and switch between themes in Mac OS X. It provides support for both .dlta and .xscheme theme formats, now features Icon Set Previews, offers a better system restore, and new LiveServices for searching for and downloading themes and updating to the latest version. It also supports multiple theme trackers. [330KB]
    ServiceGuy 3.0 (freeware) is a utility that can be used for deleting, moving, copying files, offering few advanced features not found in the Finder. Liberer 1.0 ($5) is a shareware part of ServiceGuy that can be used to remove or add files from/to your library (either your home or the all-users one). It adds new advanced Finder and Dock preferences and support for both absolute and Unix paths. [1.4MB]

Chronos debuts SOHO Labels and Envelopes 1.0

07/26, 7:50am

SOHO Labels & Envelopes

Chronos today announced SOHO Labels & Envelopes 1.0, its new application for creating and printing labels and envelopes on Mac OS X. The "complete kit" includes a searchable database of 13,000+ designer-quality photographs and photos of objects and vector clip art images as well as 50 Bitstream fonts, design tools, special (customizable) effects, image masks, smart fields, integration with Mac OS X Address Book and more. It supports over 1000 popular label and envelope stocks and ships with dozens of ready-made designs and templates. Users can easily add USPS POSTNET barcodes to expedite shipping or choose from over 10 different barcodes for inventory and equipment labels. It will be available on August 16 for $30 (electronic) with a $10 discount for pre-orders.

Tribeworks releases iShell 4 for multimedia authoring

07/26, 7:40am

Tribeworks ships iShell 4

Tribeworks has released iShell 4, its multimedia authoring tool for developing auto-run, interactive CD and DVD ROMs. Developers can leverage iShell's object oriented authoring environment to deploy content for kiosks and the Internet as well. This release adds one-click deployment, integrated CD "burning", and increased protection of media assets utinzing a new "Wrap" feature which allows developers to protect their code and content from end users. iShell also features XML support, timeline/animation editors, cross-platform scripting, MPEG4 A/V support, a visual debugger, Unicode text support, support for QuickTime, and more. Pricing starts at $500 per platform or $800 for multi-platform deployment (Windows, and Mac OS 9/X).

Briefly: Apple VP keynote, U2 at iTMS, Creative\'s bid

07/26, 1:05am

Apple VP keynote

In Brief: The online music industry expo Jupiter Plug.IN will feature keynotes by BMG, ZelnickMedia, and RealNetworks executives as well as Eddy Cue, Apple's VP of Applications and Internet Services, who oversees Apple's iLife applications, including iTunes, the iTunes Music Store, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD, as well as .Mac and the online Apple Store... U2's Bono says the group will release its new album on Apple's iTunes music service if the contents are made available via the Internet after a copy of the new album was stolen two weeks ago... Singapore's Creative Technology is embarking on an ambitious campaign to rival Apple and Sony as it last week launched its direct challenge to Apple's iPod, the 20GB Zen Touch portable music player... The Edinburgh-based Wolfson Microelectronics is expected to reveal that its profits more than doubled in the first half of the year, boosted by continued demand for products such as Apple's iPod.


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